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  1. 10-4 thanks for the clarity.
  2. For this or another tower in CLT?
  3. What's going on with the modular hotel? I feel like I haven't seen any movement on this part of the site in several weeks.
  4. Sigma

    SouthPark neighborhood Projects

    There's also a crane on Park Road at Southminister retirement community!
  5. Sigma

    Charlotte Parks - the big picture...

    I love this idea, I find memorial stadium to be vastly underused and is a maintenance cost. Heck, the topography would make it rather easy to dam up and make a pond lake where memorial currently is (see attached). I'm not sure how to overcome Hawthorne and Charlottetown whether tunnels (which your average person finds sketchy) to bridges (which are costly). But i think this whole stretch could be something pretty awesome with some cleanup, modernization, connectivity, and a larger water feature or lawn where the stadium is. I just noticed on aerial GIS there are indeed tunnels under both roadways.
  6. Sigma

    BB&T-SunTrust - New Charlotte Headquarters

    Any chance it is SunButt?
  7. Sigma

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Three spirits demise was threefold (get it): 1 the location was meh. Too far from a light rail station to be worth taking and too far from other breweries to walk it. Having a front porch view (and smell) of Cargill probably doesn’t help here either. 2 the building they were in was also a problem, they had too much space and thus were paying too much rent. When they had enough space to build out an escape room and tried using this to drive customers I was concerned. Additionally being a 70s tiltup conccrete building doesn’t give you that cool vibe like a brick industrial building with exposed wood ceilings regardless of how you decorate it to look like a pub. Drab building. 3 their beer wasn’t memorable. I only went there two or theee times. There was only one beer I recall enjoying more than the rest. I think focusing on British ales was not a good move. Your average millennial and customer just wants to drink IPAs. It’also troubling when a British brewery starts producing Belgian style ales.
  8. That’s pretty interesting. I figured this would be an office only type project if anything maybe hotel...
  9. That's a lot of grade separation... $$$$
  10. So what's the over/under for how many people on this forum have Accella on a browser and are hitting refresh all day?
  11. The future is here:
  12. Sigma

    BB&T-SunTrust - New Charlotte Headquarters

    Very true. To that point, I'd rather have the F500 HQ of a frugal company that stays profitable and out of trouble and builds a 20-30 story not so flashy HQ than end up with a Wachovia c. 2008 type of situation.
  13. Sigma

    BB&T-SunTrust - New Charlotte Headquarters

    I think we will certainly see them construct something new. They stated $100M will go into a tech center here in Charlotte. Would love to see it tied into an HQ building.
  14. Sigma

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    I'm probably one of the few fans on this forum...
  15. Sigma

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    Too many haters out there... Fortunately, we have another All-Star weekend is May 18th!