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  1. I thought this was a picture from Scarowinds...
  2. Forgive me if this has been discussed recently, but are there plans for any sort of ornamental LED lighting (ie duke/legacy/barings)? With the texture of this building, lighting could be pretty fun.
  3. This Vue will get even denser with Duke and Honeywell sprouting up.
  4. Love the pictures (and aviation, I'm a geek for it). Looks like you got out of CLT in the nick of time! My sister's flight to CLT was diverted to Knoxville yesterday.
  5. Sigma


    I disagree. I believe there is more space for (re)development than people realize in SP. For example, most of the developments along Rexford are quite aged and paired with very low densities, are likely no longer the highest and best uses of the sites. There are some other examples along Congress as well. There are a lot of surface lots in SP, specifically surrounding the mall, that I believe we will see developed.
  6. I just hope they replace the overlook when they build the 4th parallel, love going to that spot.
  7. Not surprising that techies want to live in the larger more urban city TBO. Would you rather live/work/play in Southend or Uptown, or drive to work in the RTP from 9-5?
  8. This is by far my favorite light scheme for this building. I think it looks best with the white lighting.
  9. I think Tryon Place is steel constructions.
  10. Would be nice to see a better transition/integration of Lynx station with bus, if this is possible for the redevelopment.
  11. The tap room / restaurant concept probably attracts more customers as well.
  12. Random fact of the day; Beulah is an unincorporated community west of Mt. Airy.
  13. I'd probably like it more if the brick were darker/more red, maybe... Its thick, this is going to look very dense from many angles.
  14. LU1 is a stretched out version of Capitol Towers - Southpark with a pyramid rather than domes. It's not value engineering, it's just a rubber stamp architectural design by the same developer...
  15. The modular hotel section reminds me of this:
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