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  1. They have several more buildings in their Mooresville HQ projected in their master plan. They must be fishing for incentives before picking the obvious.
  2. In a attempt to create a shoulder lane, CRTPO(Charlotte) is voicing opposition because "it gives the perception there is a problem with the express lanes". They are the same ones that voted in the $3,000 annual toll lanes. CRTPO knows more than the transportation secretary or NCDOT apparently for a non-municipality road https://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/ncdot-may-convert-shoulder-into-traffic-lane-on-portion-of-i-77/941130168
  3. I don't know what DOT experience you have, but I have never in my life heard this.
  4. More wisdom, like the magical mass transit system that exists from Mooresville to anywhere in Charlotte! Property taxes in the Lake Norman area are not insane like it is in Charlotte. Some people who could not afford the high taxes, moved to tax friendlier areas. This drew money away from Charlotte. Solution: toll I-77 and essentially put a $3,000+ annual tax on those people. They actually removed lanes by converting the HOV lane into a toll lane.
  5. You can quote me on this but this project will go bankrupt. Spending $3,000+ a year for TOLLS is INSANE. That's almost 3 rent payments in some areas. But we have a magical mass transit system that exists from Mooresville to anywhere in Charlotte. So much Wisdom!
  6. So adding a insane costly toll road will solve the problem for the poor. Got it. Let's tax and toll them more into poverty.
  7. Poster said it was fair. It's not, unless your making big bucks. Nobody cares about the poor anymore. Thanks for the "advice".
  8. Really? Someone living in Mooresville and working in Charlotte paying $13.10 daily is fair? That's $65.50 a week. You don't see these prices in Tampa and hard-pressed to even find them in Miami. But they can finish 85 without tolls.
  9. Those prices look like a discount compared to the 77 toll lane prices. I feel really bad for LKN residents that work in Charlotte. Going to hit the area hard economically.
  10. I don't think this would be too bad! i'm excited for this development!
  11. I'm talking about before and the founding's and development of these cities. There is no comparison in the fact that Charlotte took much more risk in her early stages of growth and grew to a metropolis as these risks paid off. Columbia is playing catch up. Charlotte's on tap to become one of the biggest cities in the United State's. I could not be more proud to call Charlotte my hometown.
  12. This. Without the investment in urban living and centralized tacit knowledge centers and farmers forward thinking in railroads in uptown, Charlotte would resemble Columbia today. Charlotte is a progressive city at its core and that will never change.
  13. I'm pretty sure he moved on from that idea and invested in Mooresville's golf course. Would be nice to see those towers built though.
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