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  1. Remote work always had it's risks. You can set someone up in India with a laptop and their company charges the american company a significantly less rate than a American. The indian's I worked with were working from home too, which probably saved the american company more money on top of that. Some American workers are even taking a pay rate cut, but still charge more more than India.
  2. A lot of companies are offshoring to India now. I worked for a Indian company and you wouldn't believe the business pipelines they have. Hopefully onshoring comes back and produces jobs for the area.
  3. I'm all for Psychiatric hospital's coming back with strict government oversight compared to no oversight before. If someone's a danger to themselves or others, they shouldn't be in jail, but a place that can rehabilitate and evaluate them.
  4. Landlord's need to lower rent in the Cities. Cities are in a affordability crisis now with incomes not keeping up. I don't know how that would be resolved. Hat's off to the person who solves it!
  5. NC's come a long way since the Bathroom Bill fiasco IMO.
  6. They got moved to hotels away from the CBD. I saw a bunch of folks by one and they went in and out it. Hopefully they house them in the winter too and this isn't just a temporary summer tourist thing.
  7. What's going on in this world? Scary times... https://www.yahoo.com/news/cashier-wisconsin-walgreens-refuses-sell-132457089.html
  8. They just said there's alot to do in the city compared to others. I think they were referring to entertainment and nightlife. They couldn't stop talking about how beautiful southpark is.
  9. Whenever my colleagues have to go to Charlotte for business they are always excited. The enthusiasm Charlotte brings is phenomenal.
  10. They want to make sodomy illegal next which would make all Gay people in NC automatically a class 1 Felon with Jail time and have to register as Sex Offenders. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2022/06/29/texas-sodomy-supreme-court-lawrence-paxton-lgbtq/ https://www.findlaw.com/state/north-carolina-law/north-carolina-prohibited-consensual-sexual-activity-laws.html
  11. This corporate welfare given to Billionaires at the expense of taxpayers is disgusting. Reminds of this Silicon Valley episode:
  12. David Tepper's GT Real Estate Holdings LLC files complaint against York County in Delaware bankruptcy court https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2022/07/15/gt-real-estate-york-county-adversary-proceeding.html
  13. No anger here, just disappointed for the SC taxpayers that the funds were possibly not used for their intended purpose which is fraud. A judge will have the determine if that's true or not. That money could have gone to the homeless and veterans or other infrastructure improvements.
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