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  1. I think you may not be QUALIFIED enough to make that statement. Where is your PhD in Psychology?
  2. Yes, Americans are dumb as rocks, right? We are too stupid to understand anything or learn any information.
  3. I am a proud Tesla owner and am willing to pay my fair share with a Millage tax. It's not fair that folks pay gas taxes and I only need to pay my power bill. It's not right that I can use the federal roads for free while gas cars can't.
  4. We should know where money is flowing to. I never said the opposite. The hypocrisy on both sides is baffling. Biden okaying the NBA boycott and Mcconnel okaying companies giving political donations. Both choices infuriating the opposite party. John Adams George Washington
  5. So it's okay for the MLB to boycott GA, but it's not okay for Duke to give to the GOP? So much hypocrisy on both sides. Thank the heavens i'm a Independent.
  6. Are you saying the poster is not educated enough to understand the bill because they may not be a Lawyer? The average reader can read 100 pages in 2.8 hours.
  7. Grumbles at a mileage tax while posting this. LOL
  8. Again, We ALL need to make a monetary investment to the Government for the sake of the environment. I praise Buttigieg's tax increase proposal. Sorry, but Trump isn't the President anymore. Taxes will go up and I will pay mine honorably. where is the federal mileage tax on EV owner's power bill?
  9. They do. They use power and that comes from mostly non-renewable resources. As well as Gas drivers. We ALL need to make a monetary investment to the Government for the sake of the environment. I praise Buttigieg's tax increase proposal.
  10. The average gas user drives almost double of what you stated. Buttigieg hit the nail on the head. We do need a per mile tax for EV's and Gas cars. We need to disincentivize driving in all forms to stem Global Warming's effects.
  11. Buttigieg: A mileage tax 'shows a lot of promise' https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/545098-buttigieg-a-mileage-tax-shows-a-lot-of-promise It looks like folks in Rural/Suburbs and EV owners are about to start paying their fair share for road usage.
  12. Even the mention of council entertaining a Moratorium is going to damage the Counties reputation amongst Developers. This quote stuck out: https://www.thestate.com/news/upstate/article250140729.html I guess they should envy California and all their moratorium's that enabled demand to outnumber supply and cause a affordable housing and homeless crisis, right? Most of the developers are not millionaires or billionaires, they are mom and pop persons.
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