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  1. Some opening and closing in downtown Norfolk: Opening soon: ABC Store is moving along at 143 Granby St (old Smoothie King location). Looks like it could be open very soon. Perhaps week or so. Granby Station Food Hall at 100 Block of Granby. Due open late June or early July Chicho's Pizza at 320 Granby St (old FM or Backstage location). Opening in Aug Chesapeake Bay Market at 300 E. Main... last word I heard opening late Aug. I have my doubts as nothing appears to be happening. Inside has been untouched. Recently Closed: Muscle Maker Grill at 147 Granby St is currently closed. Humboldt Steel at 150 Boush St is closed.
  2. I attended a grand opening in Ohio several years ago and it was a MAD HOUSE. The lines throughout the store felt like a musemum. I'll give it at least 3 weeks before heading to.
  3. I was in Cincinnati when thiers opened and they had shuttles to and from remote parking lots for the first several weeks. It was a madhouse but I suppose it eventually quieted down.
  4. I'm curious.... What is a fiber company?
  5. Possible new Barcade coming to downtown Norfolk at 258 Granby St. The Circuit Norfolk. One is currently in Richmond. https://www.thecircuitarcadebar.com I love the concept and believe it would be a hit.
  6. The Neon district does not have the people to support this IMHO. How is the 100 block of Granby not a prominent location?
  7. The downtown Civic League would probably shut that down. They have opposed the last two restaurants that have applied for late night hours.
  8. ORF flyer

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    I believe this would make a great outdoor style cafe with the overhang. Very roomy and out of the rain. Unlike much of Granby St.
  9. https://southsidedaily.com/2017/09/22/familiar-name-moving-into-the-vacant-harrys-bbq-location-on-granby-hair-of-the-dog-norfolk-biz-nws/
  10. Congratulations to you then. I guess I should move out of downtown since I don't like the street activity there.
  11. Applebee's on Monticello Avenue open on Monday October 9th. The place looks decent but I'm curious how it will do next door to the 7-Eleven. There is also a new place going in next door to 219 Bistro on Granby. A poke place ( raw fish salads/bowls) and deserts. Edible Arrangements used to be there.
  12. The scaffolding and barriers were removed today.
  13. Residents were able to begin to move in this past weekend. Still not finished with the exterior. It's going at a snail's pace right now.
  14. ORF flyer

    Norfolk Pictures

    UrbanIce is the name I believe. Serving ice cream, crepes and coffee. I stopped in a few nights ago and they wanted $6.50 for a dish of ice cream. They are set up to operate like Stone Cold.
  15. Just returned from Waterside.... my thoughts: Very Nice and very busy! I enjoy the openness of the Market. Had dinner at Blue Moon. Ate the fish & chips and it was ok at best. While we ate outside, we could only order drinks outside and had to go to the bar to order food and they packaged it up in to-go packages. The wait staff were very nice but you could tell they were overwhelmed. One odd thing I found was no entrance into PBR from the market. I may have missed it, but it appears you only enter from the front outside??? Will return tomorrow night when I can stay out a bit later. I'm expecting a madhouse.
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