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  1. Friday's WSJ had an article on Trump's Real estate ventures. There are alot of unhappy people in Tampa with a condo tower he announced 3 years ago. As Trump explained, alot of the ventures he just lends his name and does not have anything to do with the development. In Tampa, he was paid over $2 Million and gets a small piece of the sales but he has no control over the delay.
  2. just to piggyback on what has already been mentioned, a friend of mine that works at First Charter stated that it is pretty much a done deal that First Charter will be at this site
  3. According to the article, the developers are going to keep a huge fireplace that is inside the church. Apparently it will be part of the inner courtyard
  4. Anybody have an update on Mattie's Diner that was going to open in this area?
  5. Is anybody familiar with this project.This is a building dated from 1928 that is being converted to condos. The location is right off Central Avenue in the area of Swing 1000. I was riding my bike through the area and this building attracted my attention, judging from the interior it appears this project will not be done for a couple of months. Any ideas on pricing and size?
  6. Beezer has some townhomes for 150k there. http://www.newhomesource.com/search/commun...MR174&cid=23212 THe rode my bike from uptown on the greenway and it takes you right to the neighborhood(no streets to get on), the area is up and coming in my opinion.
  7. Anybody have any thoughts on this development? This looks like a chance to get a decent sized house close to Uptown.
  8. Wouldn't the Hal Marshall site be considered a prime spot? That way the city could donate the land instead of CASH.
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