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  1. Great pictures PH, what a great day you had at your disposal in Memphis. Beautiful blue skies and sunlight.

    Man, what makes the Sterrick such a great skyscraper? What do you call those decorative detail-thingies adorning its flanks? I wonder why the architect/developer went to the trouble and expense of creating all those sculptural motifs and embellishments? Didn't they know about the practicality/cheap-assness of modernist glass curtain-walls and unadorned, exposed concrete?

    The "Cotton States" building is another beauty, I'm glad to see it gaining a new lease on life.

    What's the history on that Byzantine/stone-clad corner building? You mention that it's residential, is it a conversion or new construction?

    when skyscrapers were first built, they were built to show off. the commanded respect and thus got cool details that made them nice.

    in the 50's-60's when international style came about, developers didnt want their buildings to stand out. to show off and thus the ugly box was born. in recent years(since the 1980's roughly) buildings have been getting more and more detail again.

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