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  1. CriticalT

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    What is this large temp structure being assembled on the corner of 8th and Brveard across from 1st ward park/uncc building?
  2. CriticalT

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    The outdoor dining, windows and sign really catch people's attention. There are few places that a passerby looking to eat dinner or weekend lunch will notice as well as Rock bottom in uptown. In recent years they've rode the coattails of the brewery rep and even mention on the their "Charlotte's oldest brewery." It is a big space, they a very large outdoor section in the back too, i'm not sure if was or can be used at night, because of the townhouses in the courtyard.
  3. You're correct. Fence is to the curb on 8th except for a 15-20 foot area seemingly left just for her. Coincidentally about where she is standing 1 year per google maps.,-80.8371169,3a,75y,8.02h,46.12t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sKZCB3GrosEjDLKqBexzfyQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  4. CriticalT

    Southend Living

    I counted nearly 50 scooters parked in an orderly fashion on the trail outside Suffolk on Sunday at 5pm. Maybe a dozen more lime bikes. It’s only going to get better and worse in the spring.
  5. CriticalT

    Southend Living

    There are crosswalk signals being installed on South Blvd at Rensselaer Ave and Kingston Ave. Rensselaer has had an pedestrian island for some time but now there are overhead signals.
  6. CriticalT

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Have we talked about Pharr Mill Brewing in Harrisburg? I dont remember this from last summer but apparently they're getting close to opening per a facebook update.
  7. CriticalT

    Charlotte Knights AAA Ballpark in Third Ward

    Uhhh, Alot of people in LA are from other parts of the country. LA in October, November and December is paradise compared to 65% of the other NFL cities. There are about 3 people going to Charger games because of the intimate stadium. Everyone else is going because it was a vacation game and cheap. The White Sox aren't moving. The Rays might. But still the best AAA stadium will always be the worst MLB stadium. Jerry Reese was right. Unfortunately Charlotte will just be used as leverage for the next 10 years. Hopefully we won't get Amazon'd
  8. CriticalT

    Carolina Panthers

    Tepper says he would be surprised if team is not practicing indoors next summer.
  9. I'm surprised, they recently expanded their space. Glad Sauceman's made it, they were out there alone for what felt like forever.
  10. CriticalT

    Ideas for Creating Culture, Temporary and Permanent, in Charlotte

    I've noticed a few wrapped recently. Near Tremont on South Blvd next to Tyber Creek and by the Vet at Ideal and South. Those are colorful. East blvd and South was the first i know of a couple years ago: I didn't see the finished project but the crosswalk at Camden & Park Ave was getting a rainbow of colors added to during OpenStreets last weekend. Little things like this arent going unnoticed.
  11. CriticalT

    Charlotte MLB Team Speculation

    It dawned on me I didn't know who owns the Knights. Don Beaver. Apparently a low key owner from Troutman, NC and went to App State and made his money in nursing homes. He owns the Knights as well as Hickory Crawdads and until a couple years ago he used to own the New Orleans Zephyrs (AAA). Apparently sold the New Orleans minor league team because it was difficult as an out of towner and focused too much on health care business - 18 short term/long term nursing home facilities in the Carolinas. He lives in Conover in an insane home and also owns approximately 10% of the Pittsburgh Pirates.
  12. CriticalT

    Drive for 'Center City' retail

    The showmars in independence center - 101 n tryon - that was adjacent to subway is closing this Friday.
  13. CriticalT

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Anything to report on the American Beerworks at 1708 South Blvd?
  14. CriticalT

    SouthPark Mall

    H&M seems out of place at SouthPark.
  15. CriticalT

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Studio Cellar - never been there but i thought they were popular and added something interesting the to area. They last posted to Instagram just a couple days ago. That building has so much character and potential. I think there are two salons, a bible store, UPS store that always seems busy and a something lame like an architect taking up space.