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  1. Today's CBJ "Where Charlotte clocks in on a list of annual real estate markets to watch" by Jenna Martin Excerpt: "The Emerging Trends in Real Estate report each year highlights the U.S. markets with the top overall real estate prospects. And for several consecutive years now, Charlotte has been a fixture on that list of the 10 top markets to watch. In the 2022 report, released today, the Queen City places at No. 6 in the ranking of markets to watch — those which are demonstrating strength in growth, homebuilding outlook, affordability and job prospects." ... "The report is produced by
  2. The giant bunnies are back, catty-cornered from First Ward Park - "Intrude" by Australian artist Amanda Parer, Sept. 26 - Oct. 12. "Intrude" is free to visit, and it's open from 10 a.m. to midnight through Oct. 12. Link: https://www.wfae.org/arts-culture/2021-10-01/giant-bunnies-are-back-in-charlotte-prompting-selfies-and-even-a-wedding
  3. Today's CBJ, "The 25 hottest housing markets: How the Covid-19 pandemic has shaped where people buy homes" by Ashley Fahey Excerpt: "The housing market has been on absolute fire, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic." "Some of the markets we've ranked as the "hottest," based on the formula and our analysis, likely won't be a surprise. Sun Belt cities like Austin, Texas, and Charlotte, North Carolina, have seen a surge in population, even prior to the pandemic, bolstering the housing markets of those cities. Several Sun Belt markets also ranked among the top metros for job growth d
  4. According to today's CBJ, since its opening in July, 2021, 47% of The Ellis apartments in uptown have been leased and 41% are occupied. With regard to the incomplete Homewood Suites by Hilton adjacent to The Ellis, today's CBJ says: "In 2018, LMC sold about 0.43 acres next to the apartment development to Concord Levine Hotels LLC for $3 million. That company is planning to bring a hotel, a full-service bar and a restaurant to the property. Construction is scheduled to start at the beginning of October with a completion date in summer 2023." The following is a description of the
  5. At dusk, you can see furniture and lights in approx. 30% of the 196 luxury residential units on the top 12 floors of the 29-story tower. Image - Wikimedia Commons / City Dweller 2 Links: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:FNB_Tower_Charlotte_Completed.jpg https://www.thereedcharlotte.com/ (The Reed Apartments in Charlotte)
  6. Today - Romare Bearden Park - 12:25 p.m. The Singers - Agnus Dei - Samuel Barber - YouTube (click skip ad) https://www.youtube.com › watch 8:27 The Singers, Matthew Culloton, conductor perform Agnus Dei by Samuel Barber. The Choral Version of his ... Apr 6, 2016 · Uploaded by maestroz25
  7. O, that Sheep may safely graze in First Ward Park
  8. Today's CBJ, "Consultant: Investing in equity crucial for Charlotte's growth, ambitions" by Erik Spanberg Excerpt from interview with Chris Beynon, MIG's Chief Development Officer, which played a leading role in the 2040 Vision Plan: Spanberg: "You don’t decide what’s built or not built, but you’re studying Charlotte and uptown and seeing it closely and talking to influential people. You have a lot of big potential projects in the vision plan, such as capping 277 and building a signature park on the other side on the north end, all kinds of trails and connectivity. Which physica
  9. Today 11:20 a.m. - Ah, the labors of Sisyphus! Another week, another glass pane.
  10. Today 4:12 p.m. - drilling / soil samples at W. Stonewall St. and S. Tryon St.
  11. I agree with @KJHburg that either a hotel or residential tower is likely to be built atop the Belk Theater's 5-story glass base at some point in the future, similar to the Hearst Magazine Tower in NYC. In the latter case, the original 6 story limestone-clad base was constructed in 1928. It was supposed to be the base of a larger tower, but that was canceled due to the Great Depression. Then, in 2006, 40 hexagonal glass and steel stories were added to the 6-story base making a total of 46 floors reaching a height of 597 feet/182 meters. The Hearst Magazine Tower is located at 8th A
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