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  1. Thanks, that's wonderful. I think it'd be a great opportunity for the Q.C. to make an appealing debut on the national stage, and Charlotte merits the attention.
  2. Charlotte was incorporated in 1768. She's going to be 250 years old in 2018. What plans are there to celebrate this historic milestone for the Q.C.?
  3. What a spectacular and evocative photo! It reminds me of my grandparents old farmhouse in Mineral Springs in Union County in the 50's. Rt. 51 and Carmel Road then and now - what a phenomenal transformation from a bygone arcadian landscape to suburban office parks. Simply amazing.
  4. The pin oaks that line Tryon Street are magnificent today. Hard to believe their absence in the photos of the QC in the 1970's.
  5. The loss of Charlotte's historic African American business and residential districts (First and Second Wards) is carefully documented in an article written by Dr. Thomas W. Hanchett on the Charlotte Mecklenburg Landmarks Commission website. The article is entitled "The Center City: The Business District and the Original Four Wards". It's 28 pages long, but a nice read with photos. Sorry, I wasn't able to insert an interactive link. The website is: http://cmlandmarkscommission.org. Click on "Local History" at the top. Next click "Click here for Histories of Neighborhoods". Finally click "Center City Charlotte".
  6. Charlotte's image is on the threshold of a dynamic and exciting liftoff as described in this story by Jason Thomas that appeared in today's (02/10/2016) Charlotte Agenda. https://www.charlotteagenda.com/36586/top-5-uptown-projects-changing-the-face-of-the-city/ What a beautiful and glalmorous city she's becoming! Charlotte Just 2 Years Away from the Quarter Millenium Mark. Charlotte was incorporated in 1768, which means that the QC will be 250 years old in 2018. Does anyone know whether Charlotte's civic officials, business community, arts community, sports community, LGBT community, and all the other stakeholders, have begun to plan a big birthday party for the QC's 250th Anniversary? Can't wait til they pop the champagne!
  7. Really thoughtful explanation. Helps me understand it a lot better. Still picking the egg shells off my face
  8. I'm deep into a life-long love affair with Charlotte, a lovely citiy with so much potential to become a major global city. I think about Charlotte all the time even though I haven't lived there in years. Sadly, it says a great deal about education in the QC that Brian T. Moynihan, CEO of Charlotte's pre-eminent banking empire, BOA, refused to move his family to the Queen City citing the quality of the schools as the reason. I was heartbroken!
  9. I couldn't agree more. Sitting here in Cambridge, with Harvard and MIT minutes away, I believe nothing is more important for the future growth, prosperity and reputation of the City we all love, Charlotte, than what Silicon Dogwoods just said. If the QC wants to be an attractive and respected global city, UNCC must have the funding and support required to become a renowned university.
  10. There has been speculation that the QC's annual growth rate may have declined slightly in the past couple of years. What recent data do we have regarding Charlotte's rate of growth? Why is it that Charlotte's per capita income ($41,645) appears to be lower than many of its peer cities (e.g., Austin ($44,760); Jacksonville ($43,149); Miami ($45,377); Nashville ($45,759); Raleigh ($43,947); Richmond ($46,118); and OK City ($44,280))? (N.B.. figures as of 2013 from The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2016)
  11. Good catch! The annexation bill was passed in 2011, not 2012.
  12. It's well-documented that Charlotte's explosive growth in the last quarter of the 20th century and early 21st century shook up the nation's urban hierarchy, with responses frequently ranging from envy to derision emanating from places as far flung as Raleigh, Chicago and San Francisco. But, imho, Super Bowl 50 may just be a transformative moment for Charlotte. If the Panthers beat the Broncos this coming Sunday in San Francisco, it'll bring pride, joy and distinction not only to Charlotte but also to the entire southeast region. There is a chance (arguably small) that the old aristocratic dowagers of the region (i.e., Richmond, Charleston, Savannah, New Orleans) just might embrace upstart Charlotte and welcome her into their exclusive clubhouse because the QC made them proud by association. Let's hope so.
  13. Mecklenburg County covers 546 square miles (including 22 sq. miles of water), and Charlotte covers 303.4 square miles or 55.56% of the county. What impact(s), if any, has the 2012 Annexation Reform Act had on Charlotte's population and future growth prospects, and on the stability of its municipal finances? The census bureau's schedule of new estimates indicates that metropolitan statistical area (MSA) populations will be released in March 2016, and that estimates for incorporated city and town populations will be released in May, 2016. Does anyone know the precise dates in March and May when the MSA and City estimates will be published (following the usual 48 hour embargo period)?
  14. Grodney writes: For zip code 28202, which matches 277 pretty well, this pdf from the charlotte chamber says 2010 was 10,995, 2015 was 12,351, and 2020 estimate of 13,509. Chamber doc: http://charlottechamber.com/clientuploads/Economic_pdfs/Zip_Demographics/CLT_basic_demos.pdf Interactive zip code map: http://maps.huge.info/zip.htm Charlotte's population in 1890 was 11,557. At that time, presumably, most of the population lived within Charlotte's original 4 wards (i.e., within the 277 loop). Compared to the 1890 population, why is it that just 794 more people live in Uptown / Center City as of 2015, especially in view of the fact that Charlotte's total population has increased exponentially and as of 07/01/2014 exceeded 800,000 people?
  15. The zip code level data was great. I could see that the 28202 boundaries are a very close match to the 277 loop. Very useful.
  16. What is the total population of Uptown Charlotte currently? I've seen estimates for Uptown / Center City ranging from a low of 15,000 to a high of 25,000, but often the estimates appear to include not just Uptown Charlotte but adjacent areas outside the 277 loop including the South End along the rail trail and South Blvd. I also saw an Uptown / Center City figure approaching 40,000 in a Charlotte Agenda story recently, but it appears that the area counted included parts of Midtown and South End. What's the population that lives inside the 277 belt loop?
  17. Hi. What is the total population of Uptown Charlotte currently?  I've seen estimates for the Center City ranging from a low of 15,000 to a high of 25,000, but often the estimates appear to include not just Uptown Charlotte but adjacent areas outside 277 including the South End along the rail trail and South Blvd.  Thanks. 

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