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  1. Amazon HQ2

    If Amazon comes, I think transportation will follow it. If it comes to Tree Hill, we'll extend the Pulse to it. Any option would be good for RVA, but I think the Tree Hill one would be best for the longterm since it would move the center of population density closer to downtown. Urban development will just spring up around it. On the other hand, the boulevard location is much more exciting.
  2. Richmond Developments

    It looks like a bunch of the apartment buildings on Chamberlayne are going to get rehabbed.
  3. Richmond Developments

    I noticed some more construction in Northside/Highland Park/Chestnut Hill area. There are about 52 units of affordable housing to be constructed on the southern tip of Chestnut Hill. They will be priced under $200k. Here is the google street view of the inchoate construction site. In the Highland Park area (near Ann Hardy Park) there are some contemporary townhouse going up. I believe they're supposed to start in the low $400ks. That's crazy to see in that area! It appears that there is some more (though not as nice) newly built houses in Highland Park too. Driving through the Brookland Park area, it seems you can't go down a block without seeing a rehabbed home for sale or construction workers renovating a home. I think that area is going to come together very nicely in a few more years. I think what we will see happen is that the gentrification will close in from the East and West on Meadowbridge road.
  4. VCU Developments

    For the new VCU building, you can already see the beams from I-95.
  5. Richmond Developments

    Some good news for Northside today. Westminster Canterbury ‘Tower’ gets a facelift ($5m upgrade) Downtown attorney makes $3M real estate play in Brookland Park The lawyer is also planning on putting some real money into upgrading the apartments, which is great to hear for that corridor.
  6. Richmond Developments

    I'm glad to hear RVA's bike share is doing well. I saw a zoning change notice near my apartment yesterday. The lot at the corner of Venable and 18th (North side of Venable) is under consideration for a zone change. My roommate's mom, who works in the real estate department of a downtown law firm, said that it is supposed to be a Golds Gym. Perhaps not the most glamorous development, but I think that it is pretty significant that a chain company is looking to invest North of Venable!
  7. Richmond Developments

    Unfortunately, I just don't think that RVA has the labor pool for 50k people qualified for $100k+ jobs.
  8. Richmond International Airport

    Where do y'all get your airline tickets? I'm going to meet some family in Jacksonville, FL for Christmas. I'll be going from RIC - JAX round trip.
  9. Scores of New Hotels for Downtown Richmond

    10-story Hyatt Place hotel planned for Canal Walk in downtown Richmond From the renderings, it looks like they might have retail right on the canal too!
  10. Richmond Developments

    It looks like there is going to be some infill on Monument Avenue: Two residential developments taking root on Monument Avenue
  11. Richmond Developments

    Philip Morris sells land for 1M-square-foot industrial deal That sounds a lot like what the ABC is looking for in their new Distribution center. I wonder if the builder is shooting for them as a tenant?
  12. Richmond off-topic postings

    I think a huge factor in Richmond's population in the future is the school system. There is a huge demographic--middle income families--that RVA is missing out on. If one of the school districts get a k-12 school set that performs well, I think we'll see a huge bump in development from families and induced demand around that district for empty nesters. If you look at someplace like Chesapeake, you see so much of the development happening around Great Bridge, Hickory, and Grassfield High boundaries.
  13. Richmond off-topic postings

    Does anyone have any information on the CNB lobby? I'm very excited for it to open, but they sure are taking their sweet time!
  14. Scott's Addition Development

    This article from September provides a bit more details. If those details are still accurate, some things to note. There will be 30,000 square feet of commercial space The parking deck might be demolished and replaced with more housing units (more density) There are between 175 and 225 apartments expected in the development Some apartments will be market rate. Others will be income limited, for example two person households with an income of $28,000 to $58,000.
  15. Richmond Developments

    The carytown bus barn is coming along well.