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  1. Developer adds another apartment building to its plans for Six Points
  2. It looks like they're finally breaking ground on the Henrico Plaza development. I'm hoping this will prompt a bit more development on the Henrico side of Mechanicsville Turnpike, as opposed to the Hanover side. Right now many people on the north and east of the city are hit with driving pretty far from the city (or to the other side of the city) to get to something like a Publix, Target, Golds/Crunch gym, Best Buy, etc. I think many of these would be great in the Diamond area, but for the ones that we aren't going to get by with limited parking, it would be nice if they went close to everyone on Mechanicsville Turnpike near the city. It is super close to Church Hill, Shockoe, Highland/Brookland Park, etc.
  3. After doing a bit more research into trying to find out who the descriptive "2928 North Ave LLC" is, I found it is Canvas Development. The PO Box that is listed on the contact address for the property is the same as for 2916 North Ave. Here is a Richmond Bizsense article talking about Manchu moving into 2916 North Ave. It states that Canvas Development was the developer who renovated and rented the property to Manchu. It also looks like Canvas Development is doing some work in Byrd Park, which makes me hopeful that they'll do something with the Brookland Park & North Ave building soon.
  4. It looks like the building at the corner of Brookland Park & North Ave just sold. Along that corridor, it along with the Theater and Bank building are the three most prominent buildings. All essentially sit empty right now. The bank sits in legal limbo with a lawsuit between the city and the person they gave it to for redevelopment. The theater was purchased by a developer who has redeveloped a few buildings already and broke ground this month on converting a self-serve carwash to a mixed use commercial & residential project. The building at Brookland Park & North Ave was home to a convenience store and a shoe repair shop. The convenience store is there no longer. I wonder which of the three will be first to be successfully redeveloped and what will go there‽ I think that plus the opening of the new mixed-use development will be a real milestone for the area.
  5. The warehouse that was planned near the raceway is coming along and pretty massive.
  6. It looks like the 711 Dawn project is being slightly reduced. I still think it's an ambitious plan considering where it's going. The VUU/Chamberlayne and Diamond areas are the only two large undeveloped sections of the city left. While it may not be the largest development, I'm still surprised to see it going where it is. Hopefully it spurs newer and larger developments in the area.
  7. A firm can always subcontract. I would assume financing to be a larger issue. For example, let's say some group is willing to throw down big to build a ballpark, shopping, and apartments with shared structured parking or other connections where it would be hard to do if there are individual projects. They could then hire a firm with experience building ballparks to build the ballpark. For example, the arena front he Navy Hill project that was so connected to retail, the hotel, office space, etc. I couldn't imagine it would be as feasible with multiple firms doing individual projects. If someone says they'll go big or go home, I hope we choose to go big.
  8. Richmond Bizsense reported on 711 Dawn March 3rd 2021. I wonder how long before they actually break ground. It's a project I'm specifically very excited for because it's pretty close to my home. Another one I'm excited for is the mixed use project on Brookland Park. which looks like they broke ground on one of the lots today! I'm excited to see what retail ends up going in there.
  9. I've noticed a small change since the new year that I think tells a lot about the upcoming year. In 2021 and previous Richmond BizSense generally did 3 stories per day. In 2022 so far they're doing 4! Not only does that mean more interesting things for us to read but also their prognostication that there are going to be more things for them to write about in 2022!
  10. There is a site up with renderings of the condos across from Hardywood. It looks pretty great. Also prices starting over $500k. If the market really takes to that, I think that will really propel demand for development in the area.
  11. One gas station on the corner of the Lowe's lot was sold and is being turned into great apartments. The gas station on the other corner is for sale. I'm hoping we can have a repeat!
  12. I feel like RTD and RBS catfished me. It's like women tell me about on the dating apps. Guys will put in their profile that they're 510', but when you meet them in person they're really 425'. Then if you're 410' and on some hills/heels you're still taller than them. Anywho, the CoStar HQ is still a great addition. It's going to bring a lot of well paying jobs and accelerate residential development in the city.
  13. I reached out to the Richmond BizSense writer (they're all so great!) and he responded that the development is still "100 percent" on and they're just advertising a small lot near the road for a restaurant.
  14. It looks like the Henrico Plaza project might fall through. There was a great 580-home development planned at old Henrico Plaza Shopping Center site. However, I noticed the site for the planned redevelopment popped up on loop net.
  15. I'm glad they got the rezoning through, but I hope they don't sit on it for years. There are quite a few things I would like to see started too. VUU has yet to break ground on the motel site. A proposed mixed use near Tabol brewing right off the Chamberlayne corridor has yet to take off. They haven't even started demolition. No ground has been broken on the townhomes proposed for south Highland Park. The old building on that land has yet to be demolished either. A mixed use project on Brookland Park Blvd has yet to break ground. Also the old theater and bank on Brookland Park continue to sit abandoned with no announced work to be done. I really hope these things actually go through. There are also a slew of properties up for sale on Lombardy near Chamberlayne. There is also one of the most prominent properties on Brookland Park for sale. I would love to see something new announced at one of these properties.
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