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  1. RiverYuppy

    Richmond off-topic postings

    It looks like the new VCU Master Plan will be coming out soon. I'm excited to see what is in store!
  2. RiverYuppy

    Richmond Developments

    That would be an amazing project. What would be bigger news is if he could sell 20 condos at over $1m in the Museum District. It would be the Champagne glass tap heard around NoVA investor dinner tables.
  3. RiverYuppy

    Richmond Developments

    The land on Broad Street in front of UMFS is going to be developed into mixed-use!
  4. RiverYuppy

    Richmond off-topic postings

    A national construction company is leaving its home in the suburbs for Scott's Addition!
  5. RiverYuppy

    Retail in Richmond

    I think a big reason Dick's left was because it was the end of a 15 year lease that Dick's didn't sign. The original tenant along with the lease was acquired by Dick's. Perhaps what Stony Point needs is a rebranding and more diverse shops. That area isn't going to be able support a mall dedicated to fashion labels. It needs to be a walkable mall with tenants closer to a mix of what you see in Short Pump and the Pedestrian Mall in Charlottesville.
  6. RiverYuppy

    Richmond Developments

    I haven't looked recently. Does anybody know if the apartments slated to replace the metal recycling site abut 64 is actually going to come to fruition? Having it happen on both sides would be amazing! As a bonus hopefully the VUU building will be finished soon. I only wish VCU's Northside facility had a bit more height to it so it could be more prominent on that section of 64 too. EDIT: I just remembered the old pet dairy facility is also in play. I'm super excited to see how that section of 64 transforms now!
  7. RiverYuppy

    Richmond Developments

    $33 million apartment development underway in Jackson Ward with 154 units planned A short summary for those who don't have a subscription:
  8. RiverYuppy

    Richmond off-topic postings

    Colonial Downs eyeing former Kmart site in South Richmond for possible off-track betting parlor. With all the improvements being made on the other side of the interchange there on Midlothian it would be nice to see some development on the city side.
  9. RiverYuppy

    Richmond off-topic postings

    11 acres of land along 64 in the North side of RVA just got listed for $1.2m. It would be nice to see some good development there since it has such visibility when people are entering the city through 64.
  10. RiverYuppy

    Richmond Developments

    First National Bank just sold for $39.25 million! Hopefully that will spike the interest of others thinking about investing downtown.
  11. RiverYuppy

    The Tri-Cities Area

    Sale of Old Towne Petersburg apartment rehab nets $21M A pretty big price tag for Petersburg!
  12. RiverYuppy

    Manchester Development

    Any nice development there would be amazing. I would love to see nice tall apartments that people commuting to RVA can see every day and think "huh, maybe I should live in the city instead of commuting past such nice apartments."
  13. RiverYuppy

    VCU Developments

    The RTD article doesn't give any information not given in that link. Also, the building looks pretty cool for me. I'm very excited for this.
  14. RiverYuppy

    Richmond's Suburban Developments

    A $750 million mixed-used development is in the works for Hanover County.
  15. RiverYuppy

    Richmond Developments

    Great news! Virginia ABC gets OK to move on HQ deal.