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  1. They're actually doing work on the inside of the whole foods building too. It would be nicer if there was a quicker timeline on the CarMax office though. They're saying 18-24 months. I'm glad to see more jobs moving to the city though. It seems that the companies are finally catching on that they need to have offices in the city if they want to get good talent.
  2. This is amazing. How many apartments are there supposed to come online now? Greystar's 350 unit apartment The Summit has 166 units Scott's Collection will have 60, 80, and 250 unit apartments (390 total) Scotts View will have around 350 units The Quality Inn to be converted to 117 units That puts us at around 1,375 new units to come online for Scott's Addition! That is going to transform the neighborhood.
  3. PMI is actually headquartered in Switzerland. They're just incorporated in NYC. Also Altria was originally HQed in NYC and moved to RVA.
  4. Henrico-based Altria is in talks with Philip Morris International on possible 'merger of equals' The newly formed company would have a combined market cap of over $200 billion dollars. For reference, Dominion's market cap is currently $63 billion. I would love to see moving the HQ of the new combined company into a new tower downtown!
  5. 11 stories in Scott's Addition. Could you have imagine being told that 10 years ago? This is amazing news.
  6. Nice! I figured there wasn't one considering the sign on the building just says "HOTEL." It would be great for Petersburg if they follow through.
  7. There is a sign in front of the abandoned hotel building in petersburg now. Not sure how serious it is considering there isn't a named hotel lined up to fill it.
  8. He's referring to supply and demand. An investor who might be otherwise looking to build an apartment complex elsewhere in the city might be less inclined if they see 2,600 new units coming online. If the market demands 3,000 units be built and the city designates 2,600 go in Navy Hill, then that's 2,600 less that go elsewhere. Creating the Navy Hill development doesn't mean the city gets to have 5,600 new units of housing. I wish the city could do it without the stadium. However, I think the value add of having a whole new very dense neighborhood is worth it. My main concern is the private investment portion. The new locks apartment building downtown cost about $60m. One billion dollars would be 16-17 of those. I see the number of about a billion dollars in private investment, but I don't see that level of development. I would like to be better assured that we really are getting a billion dollars in private investment and not some bloated figure.
  9. I agree it feels like it has picked up. I wonder what is causing their lower estimates. I looked up the methodology and they said it is essentially 2010 base + births + migration - deaths, where migration is mainly determined by tax filings. I wonder if gentrification bringing in all the empty nesters is pushing down the birth rate and impacting the statistic somehow? Also, maybe students distort the stats because many don't have tax filings. We do have 4 universities with a combined enrollment between 35-40k. I would love to see 235k+ in the 2020 census. They also estimate Norfolk to have gone from 242k in 2010 to 244k in 2018. However, visiting there it feels a lot smaller than RVA. I was honestly surprised to look up their population and see a higher number than ours.
  10. I can't find where, but I remember reading over some commercial real estate leasing notices and saw the census was getting some office space downtown. It got me thinking about the 2020 census. The census bureau said we had 204,214 people in 2010. It estimates 228,783 in 2018. However, if we look year to year the estimates seem to indicate that growth started to slow around 2016. What do y'all think about the slowdown in population growth compared to that earlier in the decade? What do you think the official count will be in 2020? Any other statistics you're interested in? Jobs, age, income, units of housing, etc?
  11. I support the idea of a referendum in theory. I think one of the primary issues I have is that there is so much misinformation regarding the project. Half the people I have spoken to (offline, in real life) think the city is financing $1.5 billion of development and giving it to the developers and taking that money straight out of the school budget. I would be much more in support of the referendum if I thought it could adequately explain the details and have people make informed decisions.
  12. According to the General Registrar, the petition to make all TIF have 51% of funds go to schools didn't have enough valid signatures to make it onto the ballot. From RTD
  13. I haven't spent much time in Charlotte. So, I was surprised when a friend who lives there visited RVA and said he thought RVA felt much more like a city than Charlotte. I guess population isn't everything.
  14. It looks like there will be $1.1 billion dollars in private investment. How many of the previous private projects that we were excited about would we have to add up to get to $1.1 billion? For comparison the 12 story locks apartment building is $58m.
  15. Nice, it looks like there are two proposed office buildings. The 60,000sqft one shown in the above posts. Also a 21,000sqft one on the East side of that retail. Ideally people who work there would be more interested in living Downtown or in Shockoe, which would be good for apartments in those areas.
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