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  1. Building at corner of Brookland Park and North Ave lists for $1m on LoopNet. There was a fairly crappy convenience store that occupied the majority of the ground floor there. Other than the theater, it is the building with some of the largest square footage on the Brookland Park Corridor. I hope it gets put to good use for something. Also a new hair salon opened at the corner of BPB and Garland. Their Instagram unfortunately doesn't show off the outside, but it shows off the cool chic inside which is highly visible because of the large windows. Additionally, another lo
  2. I was checking out the Richmond BizSense commercial property reporting KCG Development purchased 12.27 acres right next to where that development is going. Their website shows they do a lot of mixed-income and affordable housing. I think this project can go either way, but it would be nice to see one on the Richmond side of the border go well.
  3. I really hope the demand for Breeze continues to increase and they can increase their flights. I have a trip to NOLA and would have loved to go with them, but the days and flights just did not line up so I had to go with Delta & a layover in Atlanta.
  4. Is it me or does development news feel slow when Richmond BizSense highlighted story of the day is an eye glass store going in Short Pump mall? On a related note though, I really wish we had a shopping district in the city where stores like Warby Parker could go instead of Short Pump.
  5. Walmart did have a Walmart On Campus on Grace Street that was an urban shop. It was a part of a deal with VCU. Unfortunately it only lasted a few years though. But it shows that big box stores are willing to take chances in urban areas even as small as RVA. While I'm not sure RVA will get a style target they have in 1st tier cities, I think as part of a larger Diamond RFP/development plan we could get one that is transit oriented and with a minimal surface level parking footprint. Even if it isn't exactly the type of store we want, it being in the city is going to help encour
  6. I wonder who will take the old UPS building on Broad that was converted into an office. It's for sale on LoopNet. There was a tech company that bought it and renovated it into a pretty cool office. They purchased it in 2015 for $812k. I'm guessing they went completely remote and are trying to unload it. At $5.1m it will be interesting to see who grabs it.
  7. I would have liked to see the building rehabbed, but a $53m mixed-use building right there is amazing. It really sets down a stake on the other side of the train tracks as a place to be rather than fringe city apartments. I'm hoping between this area and the Chamberlayne/VUU area we'll start to see some Manchester level development. They're sandwiched between Battery/Ginter Park, Seminary, Bellevue, The Fan, and Scott's Addition. So with all the development going in them, and the established neighborhoods surrounding them, I think they are primed to blow up. I would really love to see
  8. They pretty much linked it to the Navy Hill project. Why would they build it downtown rather than Henrico now?
  9. RTD posted some cool graphs that show the RVA and area real estate markets. The increase in real estate valuations has made it economical to renovate a lot of the abandoned houses in my area. It also helps pad the city's tax coffers and increase demand for local businesses in the neighborhood as the total expendable income increases from more people being in the area.
  10. Loopnet says that 11.5 acres in Highland Park southern tip are under contract. Currently it is zoned commercial. That area is changing quick. But I'm not sure it's quite soon enough to garner the support needed for the type of commercial buildings they are suggesting. I can't see the exact date it went under contract. However, the listing was created October 2019 and last updated 7/13/2021, so I'm betting the 13th is when it went under contract.
  11. One thing that really separates RVA from some other cities is that it used to be one of the largest cities. That means we have amazing historic housing stock. It has "great bones" if you will. If we look at cities that were also great in the past, many of them are losing population still. Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis,etc . RVA on the other hand is gaining residents. Also cities like Charlotte, which seems to get a lot of press on here, historically were a small town. They have an amazing skyline to look at, but they don't have cool historic neighborhoods with victorian h
  12. I think Jackson Ward is one of the best long-term places to be. That section of Broad right next to it is primed to blow up. I think once Gilpin gets redeveloped, that section of Broad will be revitalized. It will be between the coolest corridor in the city and the biggest new re-development area in recent history.
  13. Hey guys! I have not spent much time looking through the Charlotte forum on here, but I'm a regular over on the Richmond, Virginia one. I'm a big fan of RVA, but I'm thinking of possibly moving to Charlotte at some point because the parents of the girl I'm dating live here and she would eventually like to settle here. I'm very much a city person. I want to live in a walkable area. My girlfriend like a bit more calm. She wants to have a peaceful outdoor space, so a condo would not work for her. A small backyard would be nice. Currently we are dog sitting in her parents h
  14. The old Arby's on Broad is finally replaced by a Starbucks. While I would like something with height and mixed-use, it's nice to see one less abandoned building on the corridor. Having a nice Starbucks there instead of an abandoned building really helps change the perception of that corridor.
  15. It looks like some of the properties along Lombardy are for sale. Near the corner of Seminary and Lombardy (in blue) an old animal "motel" is for sale on LoopNet.. It was shut down after accusations of animal cruelty in 2018. The red lot has a for sale sign in front of it but I don't see it on LoopNet yet. I found this page that says it is under contract. The apartments in purple also appear to be on the market. I wonder what is realistic for those? Perhaps they can be renovated. At a $2.9m asking price, it might be a bit much to bulldoze and build denser?
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