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  1. So, around this point of construction my friend and little cousin were just hanging out uptown when I had a great idea. "Hey! Lets go to the top!" So, that's exactly what we did. We hopped onto the elevator with a few construction workers, decked out in all their PPE. As we were whisked up into the sky, one by one the elevator emptied until it was just us. Then the ride stops, before the doors opened, the sound of wind was already clearly heard. The doors slid open and we were then immediately greeted by howls and a sight very few have ever seen. Charlotte from over 800 feet in the air. And we weren't flying. Like I said, this picture is pretty close to where the building was structure wise at that time. The windows were not - I repeat - were NOT installed yet. My friend wasn't anywhere near as excited as I was. Before I knew it, I was looking over the edge... Crazy right!? Just when the idea of how dangerous our adventure was setting in a panicked voice yells out, "How did you kids get up here!? You're gonna get all of us fired!" Somehow it was like he had all three of us by the ear walking us back to the elevator. But, before he sent us down he gave us a nugget of info I'll never forget. He said, "if one of you were to jump before we headed back down, the elevator is so fast the rest of us would make it down soon enough to see the landing." Also crazy! Anyway, sorry for the long post. This picture just brought that memory back up.
  2. I'd imagine that if this broke ground there would be a rush of options to follow. Like you said, the Silver line coupled with something like this could produce a sizeable amount of foot traffic. Maybe could produce a dare I say, store front corridor... One can hope, right?
  3. Capping it, removing it, what happens then to Hwy 74?
  4. I'm no expert by no stretch, but how about instead cut a wedge out down the middle of the street...( I hope you're able to visualize what I describing). Kind of like what was done by UNCC. Would that be cheaper than tunneling? Eh, that probably wouldn't work either. Idk, it's kind of frustrating how disconnected SP will be in the near future with it being still so close to a major mass transit line. A monorail would be cool, even if just an updated (faster) version of the one that used to be at Carowinds.
  5. A photo of a photo being taken of Legacy Union.
  6. Early morning Does anyone know what that is?
  7. Was nervous about posting a pic since all of the other posts look so professional, but here goes... This is from a few nights ago. Also, isn't it amazing how dense the skyline looks when all the towers are the same height.
  8. Idk if its the color, font, or combination of the two, to me, it makes the building look like a hotel.
  9. Ok, but I mean how where it gets smaller before the pyramid. It seems like there are more floors than what I see in the renderings. Like you said tall fat building, with a short neck is what I was expecting, but the neck doesn't look as short. Maybe I'm just hoping they snuck one in on us... One can only hope lol
  10. Is it me or does the project look taller that what the renderings show?
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