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  1. NY+SC=NC

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Early morning Does anyone know what that is?
  2. Rarely seen angle .. And one more
  3. NY+SC=NC

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

  4. NY+SC=NC

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Was nervous about posting a pic since all of the other posts look so professional, but here goes... This is from a few nights ago. Also, isn't it amazing how dense the skyline looks when all the towers are the same height.
  5. Idk if its the color, font, or combination of the two, to me, it makes the building look like a hotel.
  6. NY+SC=NC

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    Ok, but I mean how where it gets smaller before the pyramid. It seems like there are more floors than what I see in the renderings. Like you said tall fat building, with a short neck is what I was expecting, but the neck doesn't look as short. Maybe I'm just hoping they snuck one in on us... One can only hope lol
  7. NY+SC=NC

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    Is it me or does the project look taller that what the renderings show?
  8. NY+SC=NC

    Dimensional Place (Common Market South End site)

    Dont mean to sound greedy, but I wish this could have been twice, maybe three times taller. I really like the look coming down Tryon. From the Westside (Freedom Dr) It would really extend the skyline if it were that much taller. But, its not so I guess this point is moot.
  9. NY+SC=NC

    Tryon Place - Crescent project at Tryon and Stonewall

    When Tryon Place was 1st announced "back in the day" it was described as transformational. So much in fact that just the announcement transformed Stonewall. Yet, its one of the last to be built on Stonewall. Idk, that thought just popped into my head. Sorry if slightly off topic.
  10. NY+SC=NC

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    So, I spent the last 17 days in Kenya. One of the P.O.Cs I was working with asked where in the states I was from. I said North Carolina for simplicity. She responds with which part? When I said Charlotte, her eyes lit up. When I followed up with, "you know of Charlotte?" She says, "Of course! Charlotte is very famous." She even said that if she were to move to the states Charlotte would be a nice place to live. I was floored.
  11. NY+SC=NC

    Scaleybark Station Area Projects

    Just learned that the Circle K at the corner of Scaleybark and S. Blvd isn't renewing their lease. They'll be closing in May. Considering QT right up the street, I wonder if there really is a need for a single gas pump station? I wonder what could or should be there next. Any ideas?
  12. NY+SC=NC

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    So, riding through Upper South End I came to the realization that old Charlotte has officially changed. Before now, to me, all the projects never truly changed how the street appeal felt. I'd say the only other things that made the "feel" change was the light rail project the then called Bobcats Arena build and Bearden park area. Maybe even the rejuvenation of Midtown, especially around CPCC. But, yesterday I felt like I was visiting somewhere else. I don't think I've ever witnessed so many people milling around, walking dogs, just living life on foot without some type of catalyst other than just because. Then top that off with all the construction and visualizing the fact that it just going to increase.... soon in fact. It was an amazing experience. Growing up, my friends and I used to talk about what Charlotte needed to be more city like. We'd say "If only there was a river going through Uptown." Or "if only there were more towers or store fronts facing the street." Then here we are today, we don't have a river, but we do have the greenway, we definitely have an increase of towers and from the look of it the sidewalk facing retail is just around the corner. To be alive during this transformation is something to behold. I can't say I never imagined this becaused I definitely did. It's seeing my imagination happen that's blowing my mind. I can even say my expectations have been exceeded in some ways. I look forward to the future, my only worry is that this brand new Charlotte won't feel like home anymore. Or is that just me?
  13. NY+SC=NC

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    I know I'm late, but Wednesday the family and I decided to check out the extension. In my humble opinion other than the Noda stop and UNCC, It's like all the other stops are pointless. University City is a pedestrian nightmare. Nothing and I mean nothing looks anything close to walkable. Narrow sidewalks, steep hilly dropoffs, HUGE parking looks, businesses so far off the street that they look like you'd need an uber to get there. The challenges to create TOD look daunting to say the least. S.Blvd never felt as suburban as Ucity, but after riding the lightrail vs car, I dont think Ucity has ever felt so suburban. I couldn't even imagine using this as a mode of transportation to get to work up there. Cold winter days and hot summer days would be torture. The only plus on a hot day would be the wind from the cars zooming by while aimlessly wandering on those cement walking trails they call sidewalks. And just forget about traveling after dark. I'll reevaluate in ten to fifteen years if I live to see it. But, the ride itself was... peaceful. Very Carowinds Monorail like.
  14. NY+SC=NC

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    Looking at the progress today I noticed just how much bigger or wider this building is compared to DEC. Which is amazing since DEC already has a wide silhouette. It's like the fat person standing next to the fatter person to appear thinner. That probably wasn't very P.C.