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  1. DJCortesRVA

    Richmond: Economy/Business/Real Estate Not sure if this was shared yet, but can't wait to have my lunch break with Garnetts
  2. DJCortesRVA

    Richmond off-topic postings

    I took the 61 yesterday morning during the demolition, and every and myself watched out the window as the operator of the claw ripped through Old McDonald. It was glorious, if only they'd do it to the new one located catty-corner.
  3. DJCortesRVA

    Richmond Region Transportation This is bike/transportation relevant, so I'll just post here. The new Capital Trail Bike Shuttle is having an introduction/opening event at Triple Crossing in Fulton on Sunday from 2:00pm-? This will offer cyclists (and maybe pedestrians) transportation to and from various points along the trail so folks won't have to worry about getting back to their starting destination. it doesn't launch til some point in April, so they're just promoting it Sunday and giving more information.
  4. DJCortesRVA

    Manchester Development

    Talk about Manchester development; here's an article by the Valentine with lots of images and an in-depth history of Manchester's growth as its own city and then a part of Richmond's Southside. Manchester: From Sister City to South Richmond Here's a picture of the old 9th St. Bridge, the James River Free Bridge.
  5. DJCortesRVA

    Richmond Bicycle-Related Developments & News

    Here are some PDFs of the new bike lanes exemplified from the recent meeting. Subscribe to Sports Backers' Bike Walk RVA page for more news!
  6. DJCortesRVA

    Richmond Bicycle-Related Developments & News

    Thanks for the share. I am quite sure that studies have shown that the addition of bike lanes increases accessibility to sidewalk businesses... plus they aren't planning on reducing parking lanes, just travel lanes.
  7. DJCortesRVA

    Richmond Developments

    Ooo la la. Didn't know they were going to have a rooftop pool. Wonder when the season extends and how that will function in terms of accessibility.
  8. DJCortesRVA

    Richmond Bicycle-Related Developments & News Kim Gray decides to delay acceptance of grant money for bike lanes on 1st and 2nd a month. Community conversations should be arranged, but these plans have been in the bike master plan since 2015... Thoughts? Personally I would love if the bike lane that take from 2nd to the Belvidere Bridge were extended through the city to my apartment.
  9. DJCortesRVA

    Richmond Bicycle-Related Developments & News

    Something like this would have been a lovely addition to the BRT in making Broad St. an inclusive multimodal street.
  10. DJCortesRVA

    Richmond Bicycle-Related Developments & News Good news for the cap trail!
  11. Thought a thread for bicycle-related infrastructural and program developments seemed appropriate. Post any news related cycling in Richmond. Also, feel free to share any articles that were previously shared in broader threads here on bicycles. Just resharing the article on the bike-share program coming to Richmond because I came across another curious article (see 2nd link) on how Milwaukee's bike-share program teamed up with their Housing Authority in order to ensure accessibility to lower- and low income neighborhoods.
  12. DJCortesRVA

    Richmond Developments not sure if this has been shared here yet.