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  1. Bat'leth

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    Not sure how you can support your statement that the flatiron building at 7th & Pecan will be lost because of the Nimbys. The Elizabeth neighborhood supported the rezoning. We're just waiting for Faison to build it.
  2. Bat'leth

    Faison Development, 7th & Caswell

    Your comment about promised goods is spot-on. It's no secret that construction costs have been rising - should have been factored in to their budget. Judging from some conversations I've had with neighbors when out for a walk, and emails I've received from other neighbors, I'm predicting a very ugly meeting. People are getting upset that the site was wiped clean and left to sit, now Faison is pleading poverty.
  3. Bat'leth

    Faison Development, 7th & Caswell

    The neighborhood agreed to the developer's original request for about 120 apartments on the site. This was approved as part of the rezoning, and Faison told the neighborhood that they were ready to move forward & build it. Faison has now reduced the apartments count to around 60. This was not requested by the neighborhood - they chose to do it.
  4. Bat'leth

    Faison Development, 7th & Caswell

    My understanding is that Chris Branch and his assistant Jason were pushed out of the project and it is being handled by someone else at Faison. I also understand that they've gotten rid of the original Architect and handed it off to a firm named Klein Design to take a scapel to it.
  5. Bat'leth

    Faison Development, 7th & Caswell

    Email sent out to neighborhood last night: Dear Neighbors: You are invited to an important meeting being hosted by the Elizabeth Community Association next week. Please see below for details. When? Thursday, May 24 from 6:30-8:00 PM Where? St. John’s Baptist (corner of 5th and Hawthorne) in BROACH HALL [located in the rear of the church] Who? All residents and business owners in Elizabeth are welcome and encouraged to attend. We would like participation and representation from every street in Elizabeth! What? Faison, the developer of the property at 7th and Caswell, will be presenting possible changes to their project. Why? The purpose of this meeting is to hear a presentation by Faison in which they will present a project update, timeline and potential changes to their project design for this important location in the heart of Elizabeth. This is your chance to ask questions, assess their proposed changes and make your recommendations known. What else? Yes, this project has already gone through the re-zoning approval process. However, prohibitive construction costs have this developer back to the drawing board with a modified design. ECA and Faison both seek your input on these proposed changes.
  6. Bat'leth

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    I understand that they are saying that they budgeted $18 million for the project, now it is coming in at $22 million, so they've hired another Architecture firm, and are trying to re-design & cut a lot out of the building. I don't think the Elizabeth neighborhood is going to take this very well.
  7. Bat'leth

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    According to an email, Kinsey met with developers, asked for changes. They made the requested changes, and she still voted against. Copies distributed showing the latest elevations are attached 7th Caswell 1.pdf 7th Caswell 2.pdf
  8. It complements the side elevation of the Gibson Apts down the street, facing Central Coffee.
  9. Same problem exists at 7th & Pecan
  10. Bat'leth

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    Changes made by Faison to address concerns about density & under-parking the facility: 1. Reduced # of Apts from 123 down to 100. 2. Parking: increased ratios to 1 space per apt bedroom, Restaurant: Park at 10 spaces per 1000 sf. 3. Addressed concerns about scale/massing by breaking project into 2 buildings along 7th St. The above items were brought up by the neighborhood several times in the months prior to the public hearing, but were not addressed. Condition agreed to months ago: At time when plans are submitted for permit review, Faison will issue a set of building plans & elevations to the Elizabeth Community Association so that they can verify that final design is in compliance with rezoning docs and things have not been "VE'd" out. Faison will hold a pre-construction meeting between Faison, Contractor, & neighborhood residents to discuss items such as noise, parking, deliveries, etc. This will also help Contractor by making expectations clear, and establishing points of contact within the neighborhood so contractor knows who to call if a problem with a neighboring property owner comes up. The $25K donation was never requested or sought out by the neighborhood, but was proposed by Faison, and can be used for any neighborhood improvement project.
  11. Bat'leth

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    Observer got it wrong. Because of the scope of the changes, a re-do of the public hearing was required. Last night's presentation was a public hearing. The actual vote will be next month. But, the Elizabeth Neighborhood Association came out in support of the rezoning at last night's hearing due to Faison making the changes that they requested
  12. Bat'leth

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    A resident in Elizabeth tells me that she saw who put up the "No Faison Apartments" signs. He is a person who lives adjacent to the property and who is a well known "Bull in the China Shop" personality. The signs are not a part of any organized neighborhood protest to the project. Last evening the Elizabeth Neighborhood Association sent out an email supporting the rezoning, due to changes that Faison made to address neighborhood concerns. A second public hearing on the rezoning petition before City Council will take place Monday, June 20
  13. Bat'leth

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    Elizabeth did not say No to the rezoning. There are some ongoing concerns about how traffic enters and exits the parking garage, and the amount of parking they are providing onsite that had not been resolved at the time of the hearing, so they said "No approval at this time". Conversations are ongoing. As Mayor Roberts said "Looks like there is still work to be done".
  14. Bat'leth

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Nice pics