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    New Greenville developments

    I believe they own the building on the corner of Main and Washington across from the One Building. It's the building that The Iron Yard was located in for a little while and where Coffee & Crema had a window. I looked at renting space in that building a couple of years ago and it did not appear to be in very good shape and heard a rumor that there were plans to demolish it and build something new.
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    New Members

    Hey everyone, I used to frequent UP several years ago (2005-ish), fell off the radar, then happily discovered today that this forum was still going. Name: Emory Age: 32 Born: Spartanburg, SC City of residence: Greenville, SC High School: Spartanburg High (2002) College: Anderson College/University (2006) – they switched names while I was there Occupation: Creative Director/Entrepreneur Hobbies: Art, good food and coffee, new business ideas, visiting the mountains and the coast