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  1. KJHburg

    The Bad News Report

    I was not around for these spirited discussions but what I see on the Atlanta UP board we won! They surrendered and no one hardly ever posts there anymore. Now anyways the debate would be amongst IT cities Charlotte vs Nashville vs Austin While the ATL does compete with Charlotte and sometimes Nashville and Raleigh on job prospects the ATL due its massive size 5.8 million in the metro is really in another league with Dallas Houston even Chicago. I like Atlanta but would I move there oh Hell to the no. I love Atlanta neighborhoods I think they are beautiful but once you get out on the main streets the chaos ensues. I say let Atlanta be Atlanta and lets make Charlotte the best place it can be. Lets have peace with Atlanta in our lifetimes! Photos from my recent "peace" mission to the ATL in Nov.
  2. Here is how NC ranks counties as Tiers 1, 2 and 3. 3 is the best off and that is what the large counties are like Mecklenburg, Wake etc. This article also talks about how the incentives benefit other parts of the state even when 100s of jobs come to Charlotte for example. https://www.newsobserver.com/news/business/article222443745.html
  3. KJHburg

    Charlotte Tech News

    AT&T is rolling out 5G service this week in Charlotte and Raleigh among the first in the US. https://www.wraltechwire.com/2018/12/18/att-launching-5g-wireless-in-parts-of-raleigh-charlotte-areas-on-dec-21/?ssid=112928427
  4. KJHburg

    Charlotte Off Topic

    It is Houston and it is fog rolling in off the Gulf of Mexico and Galveston Bay. someone took that from a plane but it is great photo and since they have a cluster of really tall buildings makes for a great photo.
  5. KJHburg

    The Good News Report

    Yes both very important especially the Sonic operation. and remember only some of the biggest job announcements are trumpeted for there are many smaller job expansions and our big banks like to quietly add jobs without fanfare.
  6. KJHburg

    Charlotte Off Topic

    Saw this photo on Twitter. This coastal city skyline is peaking through the fog. Can you guess what city this is? (One of my favorites)
  7. KJHburg

    Basilica of St. Lawrence

    this morning the sun was shining just right. Absolutely stunning.
  8. KJHburg

    Learning from Other Places

    Here is a simple idea to activate the streets and maybe remove some of the hundreds of benches along Tryon. From downtown Asheville these tables for street hawkers to sell their wares. I am sure there is some kind of permitting process but I think this could work and hopefully lead to more permanent stores. 1. early this morning. 2. full of business yesterday afternoon
  9. KJHburg

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Just checking out the ClearSky galleries and check out this one from August of 2013 just a little over 5 years ago. WOW the changes and how much has been built just since then. https://photos.clearskyimages.com/uptown-charlotte-cbd-heli-081813 It is like playing Where's Waldo? with all the "missing buildings" from of course Legacy today and little ones like Springhill Suites.
  10. KJHburg

    SouthPark neighborhood Projects

    Okay y'all missed your chances to buy these twin Capitol Towers they are under contract now! https://www.hfflp.com/property-details.html?propId=8023
  11. KJHburg

    NC Music Factory / Uptown Village / Deco One

    Getting back to the discussion at hand one thing about NC incentives is that it is less payroll taxes the company has to pay for x number of years. You don't create the jobs you don't get the money back. Plus for every big job announcement in the top tier counties like Mecklenburg or Wake some money goes into a fund that helps more rural areas. As someone stated a homegrown company like AvidXchange is great win for their expansion and I read that Kansas City and The Woodlands (a great suburb of Houston) were contenders for this expansion or so they say. Charlotte will get its fair share of expansions and corporate moves. Who knew Honeywell was thinking of relocating their HQ before they announced?
  12. KJHburg

    Charlotte Tech News

    It is business to business software not as exciting as an I-Phone or Fortnite. But who cares: they are the market leader in what they do and they are expanding greatly here with these new 1200 jobs. Speaking of Siri and I-phones drove by the Apple data center campus in Maiden today. Hard to get any good photos since the buildings are so far off the road and they have gates everywhere but you can LOTS of construction. Here is summary of what they are doing there and these photos today show the massive construction going on there. 2nd photo is land owned by Duke Energy perhaps a solar farm (thought it was Apple but its not owned by them) 3rd photo shows the massive new building being built now. http://www.catawbaedc.org/news/new-apple-investment-in-catawba-county-could-eventually-push-spending-there-to-5b
  13. KJHburg

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    ^^ from the above photos I would say Novel NoDa apartments are for sale.
  14. ^^^ for a minute I thought Legacy 2 was underway but it was just the way the construction wrap was and where the photo was taken I am guessing up Stonewall by DEC.
  15. KJHburg

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    This is big in Raleigh and I took this photo a week or so ago. New parking garage at the One Glenwood Tower in Raleigh and of course our own Legacy garage. Which please remember will be blocked from the Graham stadium side by future towers and blocked the other direction as well. And remember there are multiple points of entry and exit from S Church and S Graham.