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  1. I just really think Charlotte's skyline should be compared to the Nashville's, Austin's, San Antonio's of the nation. Similar size metros. We exceed Nashville and San Antonio in my opinion but maybe not Austin's anymore. Even you calculate Raleigh Durham as one metro it is still made up of multiple cities where Charlotte is the dominant city in this metro by far. As for downtown on the ground level uptown Charlotte is better than downtown Dallas even with their freeway cap and I have walked all over downtown Dallas. I just felt it somewhat of an unfair comparison with downtown Raleigh.
  2. this project is the definition of the Lake Norman area urbanization project. The town planning board recommends approval of the additions of office building and hotel to Birkdale Village. There was some opposition at the public meeting. There is a 12 story hotel planned and a fairly large office building 7 stories 150-175K sq ft. Planned replacement of both existing parking decks with larger garages. Here is the site plan documents from the town. https://www.huntersville.org/DocumentCenter/View/10099/Birkdale_Village_Rezoning_Civil_Set
  3. Construction around the mall yesterday. New Alexander McQueen store, new Suffolk Punch brewery and they were putting in the bar now inside I was told. This brewery add will be great for the mall.
  4. I think the Biz Journal prints a list I will check my Book of Lists Carowinds, Speedway are top attractions.
  5. I am join you in rejecting the ranking. Maybe it was a ski buff who ranked them.
  6. here is a painting of his murder hanging right at the spot he was killed in the Capitol. well worth the visit and it is free to the top of the observation deck. the grand foyer is just beautiful and I missed it the first time I visited I came in some back door of the capitol. And believe me they are proud of the Capitol from what all the security guards told me.
  7. https://www.theassemblync.com/place/raleigh-charlotte-a-tale-of-two-skylines/ comparing Charlotte and Raleigh's skylines. I love our skyline here but this is not quite fair an article to Raleigh. Their major employer downtown is the state government which will not build a signature office tower and most would be called Class B at best. Raleigh does not have the large office using employers like Charlotte. The total Charlotte vs Raleigh Durham office market is almost equal but the Triangle is much more suburban in nature. Biotech and pharma don't need or want high rise office towers. I do believe Raleigh put some false height restrictions where there should not be any. But look at other state capitals and tell where they build signature state owned buildings today. Not in Atlanta, not in Nashvillle, not in Austin any capital city. The fact is a financial center Charlotte has large office users that require lots of spaces and like signature buildings.
  8. Startup Genome magazine says Charlotte is the 9th best place to start in Fintech in the WORLD for cities under 3 Million. Only 2 US cities are ahead of us Austin and Salt Lake. https://startupgenome.com/article/ecosystems-with-populations-under-3-million-ranking-top-20
  9. little history on the NC What-A-Burger not to be confused with San Antonio based Whataburger or the Virginia based What A Burger https://www.ourstate.com/wonderful-world-of-what-a-burger/
  10. from their website that is a 12,000 sq ft restaurant bar spot under that green roof between the buildings with outside dining closer to the residential tower to the right according to their revised floorplans of 9-22
  11. Catching up on all my Biz Journals from my trip and found several nuggets of good news in the Power 100 list in the Charlotte Business Journal. in a profile about Malcomb Coley Charlotte head of Ernest and Young says his firm wants to add 500 jobs in the next few years in Charlotte. Haley Gentry of CLT Airport reports traffic first half of this year is 91% of what it was in first half of 2019 meaning CLT has recovered much more than most US airports Sharon Gaber of UNCC reports record enrollment in 2022 at 30.500 when many universities nationwide are still below pre Covid numbers Marvin Ellison of Lowes states 1200 of the projected 2000 tech employees for their Southend tower have been hired meaning 800 more on the way. Nucor's Leon Topalian wants Nucor to be more active in the Charlotte community as the nations largest steel producer. Darius Adamczyk of Honeywell states local HQ employment is 1200 vs 750 when they announced Ashleigh Anderson states Credit Karma's office in Ballantyne is now at 500 employees Michael Bell of Corning Optical states NC has 5000 employees mainly in Charlotte and Catawba County, Cabarrus and a plant in Wilmington. (maybe Corning Corp. should be move HQ here just saying) Page Castrodale of Cabarrus EDC states $2 Billion in new investment in Cabarrus County since 2019 with Red Bull, Rausch, Eli Lilly etc Cary Euwer of Metropolitan Partnership says 7th and Tryon should start this Year! Tom Murry of CRVA states tourism employment in Charlotte is back near its pre pandemic levels of 147,000
  12. the floorplates of the new 2 tower complex of the office building seem to be bigger now and that is more desirable for office tenants. (and that may be something their anchor maybe a Bank in the US wanted too) so I am all for it. This is a signature office tower for this skyline and the residential tower even looks better now than the 2 residential tower first proposals.
  13. Just on wikipedia for something else and saw where they have the heights of the 2 Riverside towers in the QBC. Does anyone know if this correct and where it came from? It says the office tower is 42 stories and 557 feet tall and the residential tower is 45 stories and 596 feet tall. But that seems reversed in the height in feet to me. I am talking about the actual height of the 2 towers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tallest_buildings_in_Charlotte
  14. Part 2 of 2 In my journey west I can across some interesting buildings and high rises and I know y'all interesting buildings and high rises. 1. 2. Houston skyline is one of the best in the country with its variety of building styles and heights. One of my absolute long time favorites now called TC Energy Tower 56 stories 780 feet formerly know as NCNB Center, Nationsbank Center and lastly Bank of America Center. BofA moved to a new BOAT that is 34 stories and 579 feet not pictured. 3. Williams Tower the absolute tallest building in the nation OUTSIDE of a downtown CBD district. Located by the Houston Galleria it is 64 stories and 901 feet tall but that makes it only the 3rd tallest in Houston. 4. The Galleria Houston is and was cutting edge. They have 2 office towers and 2 hotels connected to the mall and it has been mixed used since it opened. 3 Million sq ft 400 stores, 4 dept store anchors. 5. 811 Main with the notch cut out formerly BG Tower now known as 811 Main 46 stories 632 feet 6. 7. the newer 609 Main 49 stories 745 feet tall built in 2017. and view out from the 25th floor showing the brand new 47 story 734 feet tall Texas Tower just built by Hines. https://texastower.com/amenities/ Photo 8 is the new Texas Tower which is turned 90 degrees on the block. 9. 10. Lastly the tallest state capitol in the USA 34 story 460 feet tall Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge. It is a beautiful 1934 high rise inside and out. a must see. Here is a photo also from the observation deck open to all. Plus the Capitol has some beautiful grounds and parks around it. Very controversial when built for $5 Million built by Gov Huey Long who ended up getting shot in the Capitol and is buried on the grounds. Long story look it up.
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