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  1. KJHburg

    Providence Road Development

    Rea Farms Village update. At Rea Farms Village I talked to Lennar homes and they have sold 57 homes in 60 days average price 400s. People like these mixed used communities and they will also have some 3 story townhomes like they built in Brightwalk. Apartments have move ins now and Ovation the age restricted apartments are rising. Office construction has not started here yet. The Harris Teeter will replace the one facing Providence and Ardrey Kell Rd and that one will be either re-positioned in the short term and long term that whole shopping center facing Providence will be torn down to be incorporated into Rea Farms Village. Across the street in Waverly quite busy with all the shops and restaurants opened. Hilton Garden Inn is opened, one office building complete and mostly occupied and 2nd and final office building under way. Like them or hate both of them they are major commercial successes and provide a "town center" for the far southern suburbs and most of the Weddington area. and yes that is astroturf in the 4th photo at the splash pad for kiddies.
  2. KJHburg

    KrispyKreme/JAB Holdings/JAB Beech in Charlotte

    ^^^ Part of my I mean Krispy Kreme's new marketing plans.
  3. KJHburg

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    this is straight off their website for Legacy There is a promenade planned from the tower to the stadium may not line up perfectly with the gates at the stadium but one is planned.
  4. KJHburg

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    CK Rider the Cabarrus County transit is doing all it can to encourage ridership. Free parking and just the cost of a roundtrip ticket Rider Transit introduces Express Football Shuttle for Panthers 2018 home games Are you planning to attend a Carolina Panthers home game this year? Rider Transit is pleased to offer a new Express Football Shuttle for the 2018-2019 season. The shuttle will run between The Village/Big Lots Park & Ride bus stop (behind Advance Auto) in Concord to the JW Clay LYNX Light Rail Station in Charlotte. Shuttle service will begin four hours before kickoff, with a bus departing every hour until kickoff. A shuttle will run continuously from the JW Clay LYNX Station to The Village Big/Lots Park & Ride during the game. At the end of the game, a bus will depart from JW Clay LYNX Station every half hour. The last shuttle will depart from JW Clay LYNX Light Rail Station in Charlotte two hours following the end of the game. (E.g. If the game ends at 7:15 pm, the last shuttle back to Concord will depart from JW Clay at 9:15 pm.). The round-trip cost including a free transfer to the CATS LYNX Blue Line is $4.40. Find out more and plan your trip today at ckrider.com.
  5. KJHburg

    North Tryon (re)Development: 277 to Old Concord

    the parking lot of now Asian Square Mall formerly Tryon Mall in early 1980s has not be repaved since my aunt would take me there to the Woolco store that once anchored Tryon Mall and yes it had some interior facing stores.
  6. KJHburg

    Good New Restaurants

    If you have ever been to Hawaii you probably heard of L and L Hawaiian Barbecue well it is coming to Concord Kannapolis. Right across from Afton Ridge shopping center. https://www.hawaiianbarbecue.com/ as their barbecue is pork based and they also love Spam I think it will do great here in this area. Evidently there are spreading east through franchises. Aloha! Ono! and yes I have eaten there and it is good like their plate lunches. Or in Hawaiian slang it will Broke the Mouth!
  7. KJHburg

    UNC-Charlotte Construction

    I agree and this is the first full year with LYNX access for all so times they are a changing. More students even without cars can attend local events, bike through Dilworth or on the Rail Trail, scrape some money together and go out to eat in the "city". NoDa from what I have heard has already seen an influx of college students and I think they will spread. I did my part by giving my nephew a tour of stops. He knows if he rides down to East/West Blvd lunch at Superica is on me. Or many other places.
  8. KJHburg

    University City Projects/News

    These 280 apartments are well underway now. The 2 single story office buildings gone and lots of site development work being done for this 5 story building right by the McCullough LYNX station. refresher story https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2017/05/02/university-area-business-park-slated-for.html 1st photo from N Tryon 2nd photo from Univ. Exec Park drive.
  9. KJHburg

    Triad Business Notes

    400 more jobs at the FedEx hub at GSO airport and with hub Amazon warehouses 1 hour away south in Charlotte and soon to be in Raleigh (Garner) makes a lot of sense to grow this hub. https://www.bizjournals.com/triad/news/2018/08/16/fedex-express-will-double-its-workforce-at.html?ana=e_triad_bn_breakingnews&u=oAaDx%2B74FoP4qOJ%2By4AU6dhJPpc&t=1534461152&j=83319381
  10. KJHburg

    UNC-Charlotte Construction

    My older brother went to UNC Charlotte in early 1980s and graduated. It was more of a commuter school then. It is now not. As the university has grown and there 1000s of student apartment complexes surrounding the campus now. My nephew's suite mates are from all over NC Wilmington, Raleigh etc. They are really showcasing the LYNX light rail and how students can explore the city as a whole not to mention internships. As most of the UNCC alumni live in this area I am expecting my nephew to get a job here in the metro and especially if he sticks with Business Analytics. You have to remember Charlotte as the largest city in the Carolinas attracts students who do want to go to a big city and with the LYNXage via light rail this makes this university even more possible. KJ MBA, UNC Charlotte class of 96
  11. KJHburg

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    Olmsted apartments in downtown Nashville will actively encourage current tenants to Airbnb their apartments and a part of the complex will be turned into strictly Airbnb rentals. From my experience as an owner in a resort condo at the beach, the people living there full time hate or dislike the tourists coming and going and this complex in Nashville will probably be no different. These short termers will be in town to have FUN and that might not jive with the working people who need sleep. If I was a tenant there I would demand my lease be broken. Read the article here https://magazine.realtor/daily-news/2018/08/16/airbnb-investment-in-apartment-buildings-irks-tenants?tp=i-H43-Bb-2cl-4QtPb-1p-CQel-1c-4QzOC-mCGE4&om_rid=65514879&Om_ntype=RMOdaily&om_mid=10091 funny no word about it on their website for Olmsted https://www.olmstednashville.com/ More spaces for bachelorette parties I guess.
  12. KJHburg

    UNC-Charlotte Construction

    They did the other 2 high rises but it was so expensive they decided to take down these too I just don't remember when. It is cheaper for the state to tear them down then renovate them.
  13. KJHburg

    The Bad News Report

    Hmm? I guess the proof is in the pudding so to speak. NC wins the Prosperity Cup from SITE SELECTION MAGAZINE https://edpnc.com/north-carolina-tops-list-competitive-state-new-corporate-facilities/ in May 2018. sounds like one professional and their remarks. Given that Charlotte and Raleigh Durham are 2 of the fastest growing metros in the country the rural comment is strange. Public schools like any state vary depending on community. NC ranked 3rd best state for business by CEO Magazine in 2018. https://chiefexecutive.net/best-worst-states-business-2018/
  14. KJHburg

    UNC-Charlotte Construction

    This is more UNCC destruction not construction but when are these two residence halls I think Moore and Sanford coming down? It is after the first semester or next summer. Helped my nephew move in today at Levine Hall.
  15. KJHburg

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    It seems to be very close to completion. I had to park in front of it going to Superica a few weeks back.