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  1. The Ellis from the vacant wasteland of Levine's land holdings. and one shot to show its impact on the skyline which is only growing. Can't wait to see this one topped out.
  2. Photos from today. I wish they would announce the hotel operator but maybe they don't know it.
  3. in other news since I was gone a week and as someone previously posted nice to see a crane on Stonewall for the convention center expansion. few photos from today.
  4. the history of this city San Juan should be enjoyed and visited by everyone especially since this is the American Caribbean no passport required for US citizens.
  5. this is CLT airport news but really good news so I will put it here. Erik Spanberg @CBJspanberg · @CLTAirport to announce "record-breaking passenger and operation numbers" on Tuesday. CLT passenger traffic reached an all-time high of 46.4 million in 2019
  6. why can't the city housing authority sell the old Hall House for their portion of the affordable housing they want to build there? It is expensive to build housing in uptown especially if not stick built. Maybe it is better that this project splits into multi developers with the CHA ( I refuse to call them Inlivian) go there own way and other stakeholders go their way.
  7. Photos today and the hotel is now peaking up on the skyline I noticed from different points. walk and drive bys but when are you moving in a car as slow as walking the result is the same LOL.
  8. El Yunque the rainforest part of the national forest service. and of course it was raining that day LOL. Anyway worth a visit and possible dip in a stream if you like.
  9. can summarize this article with the pertinent points?
  10. The Bank of America Heritage Museum is opened M-F free and it is real interesting. Did you know BofA financed Walt Disney's Snow White when no one else would? It is worth a visit for sure. I am back and was briefly uptown myself. Couple photos from around uptown and nearby. Check out the photos here at this new thread on UP if you are interested
  11. speaking of Curbed they seem to know where we are at least best cities to invest in housing https://www.curbed.com/2020/2/21/21146159/best-real-estate-market-housing-investment-cities
  12. Unfortunately distracted walking can be just as dangerous as distracted driving. I have seen people on bikes or walking with ear buds on and they are not paying attention to their surroundings including around train tracks. Just wait to the streetcar opens do a google search on Houston Metro crash videos. Same thing will happen here with distracted drivers and walkers and bikers too. These trains do not stop on a dime.
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