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  1. Next Saturday at the Mickey Coffee pot walking tour with a bunch of Charlotteans through downtown Winston. Join us.
  2. when was this done I guess I have not been on S Church lately. where they have made a turn only lane onto 277 ramp.
  3. Yes there is but it was years ago. Tysons Corner the creme de creme of malls of metro DC added a level underneath where service areas used to be in the 1990s and doubled the space. It made this 1 level mall a 2 level mall. This wont happen at Southpark but I can see an anchor shrinking or even leaving and the mall small shop space expanded. What is the status of our so called Macys anchor there?
  4. the brick on this tower looks good. If Walgreens is not going into that space I hope a soft goods non food retailer does go into that space. I mean non restaurant. I tell you what would do good there would be a QT urban format store that sells everything but the gas or a 7-11.
  5. I am going to wait until this building is done and I can see the retail space before I pass lots of judgements.
  6. Miscellaneous skyline shots of Southend. Today. (and a midrise or two) that Patagonia store must be going to look great with lots of new windows on that side. Lowes Tower still my favorite office tower in South End tied with Spectrum's Vantage Southend. No wonder both these office complexes are 100% leased both office and retail.
  7. Spectrum does a good job with their apartments. The Prospect has opened and has residents now. The other 17 story apartment tower on W Morehead which will have fantastic views.
  8. Next Saturday in Winston at the big coffee pot 12/16.
  9. as for uptown something I saw in Austin make me think. Every block there downtown is a hotel or apartment tower or both. We need more residential all over uptown not on the edges. We need to have 2 Wells Fargo convert to residential along with Johnston Bldg and along old Duke offices. Downtown Austin is so vibrant because you are never far from a residential tower. Speaking of uptown here is the remains of the Duke Energy data center on S College and old offices on S Church to be converted to residential. I hope that gets started soon. anyone know when that will happen? as for the data center site I hear several hotel brands not represented in the market are looking around. Hopefully one lands here on the convention center owned parcel on that larger parcel.
  10. I think this one turned out great but I am sure I am in the minority here as we on this board love to nit pick every detail of every building. Looking forward to their retail spaces opening.
  11. Dos Caminos is looking good and getting closer to opening. Many who know me and know this restaurant from NYC say I will love it. The space looks beautiful and has retractable doors to open up onto the plaza. Says now hiring! Tree update looking very healthy! This is the best landscaped block in uptown with the various plantings and trees and so forth. Kudos to Crescent. Dos Caminos | Mexican Restaurant in New York, NY
  12. 600 South Tryon from a couple of angles back front etc. Retail spaces still available I wish they would do pop up shops or lower the rent to fill them up. the new retail spaces at 600 South Tryon are much more visible and hopefully will lease better. that Poplar St sign is a ghost street no street there but the sign is!
  13. The Hanover apartment tower looks great with all the brick and other finishes. The trio of apartment towers on E Morehead. Radius is so tall and makes an impact from whatever angle you see it from.
  14. Taking down the 2nd crane today so says the truck driver picking it up! Still my favorite apartment tower underway now for its design. Really like that bridge from the office tower garage to the apartment tower.
  15. Today this is looking great. 2nd building the lab office building is hard to see from this angle but you can see a glimpse of it. Looks great from 277 too.
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