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  1. You are correct. the no office in Charlotte Silcon Valley Bank is looking for 59 people here in Charlotte. Another bank looking to build out an office here. Closest SVB location is in Raleigh. 59 job postings here in Charlotte some cross posted with other locations. Work Life at SVB| Silicon Valley Bank Check out their job postings for Charlotte and given their other large job centers seem to be San Fran or Santa Clara (which unless they pay their bankers the mega bucks I can see that as problmatic given cost of living) looks like they have a major office in Tempe (Phoenix) too
  2. KJHburg

    UP Forum Meetups

    We will probably meet there again next month at the Trolley Barn that upper level is great and next time I will camp out for hours to get an outside table LOL
  3. drive bys today. Looking great excited to see the retail lineup and here is one developer working with small locally based retailers.
  4. some glass on the lower ground level today. 22 story apartment tower will start in March after this building is complete.
  5. from the upper deck of the Trolley Barn (see what you missed) our skyline from Southend and soon it will be real interesting from uptown to southend. Beautiful sky today. Getting ready to go Epic Road Trip west 2 so keep me posted on what goes on and if any nightclubs are turned into 3 tower mega projects etc. while I am gone. Call text me reach out! Or if Lincoln Harris drops at midnight a rendering of their super secret tower at Stonewall and S Tryon.
  6. KJHburg

    UP Forum Meetups

    Okay yall miss some interesting news. There are reportedly 45 new high rises proposed in uptown, southend, midtown, morehead corridor. If half of those get built we will have a very changed skyline and many you have heard of and few maybe not. Riverside is moving along with some approvals and planning still lots of buzz around town. Rumors of the anchor tenant for the 45 story office tower are rumored from locals to California! Forest of high rise apartments? You bet at least 5 or 6 in southend alone. Land values so high now in southend so low rise apartments built a few year
  7. Looks like without much local fanfare Charlotte has lost another major event. The NASCAR All Star Race will be in Texas next May and this is a big loss for tourism as many came and stayed the entire week between the All Star Race and the Coca Cola 600 still here on Memorial Day weekend. It filled up 1000s of hotel rooms for multiple nights in Cabarrus and Mecklenburg counties. Why absolutely no care for an event that brings in millions and millions to this area whether you attend or not? and yes I know it was there this year 2021 but thought it was because of Covid restrictions but seems
  8. well this is interesting in Dilworth the new Pace car program. Dilworth Pace Car Program | wcnc.com
  9. Yet another diverging diamond interchange coming now to exit 23 Huntersville Big changes are coming to Gilead Road in Huntersville (fox46.com) that would join the one at exit 28 one coming to exit 36 and exits 52, 55, 58 on I-85 in cabarrus county
  10. Winstead the law firm relocating to Vantage Southend is shrinking its space. Found an old Biz Journal article where they had 20,000+ sq ft in 5/3 Building at 201 N Tryon and now shrinking to 9700 sq ft at Vantage Southend. You are seeing more and more companies shrink their office space due to Covid and work from home programs and here is another example as their leases expire.
  11. funny you mention that they did steal trees from Lowes and Home Depot not sure if they were Christmas or not.....
  12. KJHburg

    UP Forum Meetups

    not ample but there is FREE parking in the atherton garage for those not scootering, biking, riding the trail, walking etc. About the only way you can not come is by boat or canoe.
  13. Not violent crime but HUGE stolen goods bust in little Harrisburg. These people must have been professional shoplifters. They had $ 1 M in stolen goods in their modest home. Stolen items removed from Harrisburg home could be worth $1 million, sheriff says (fox46.com)
  14. It is turning into a Cava I see the building permit for that old Zoes location at Metropolitan.
  15. yes Hayward Holdings is a major pool equipment manufacturer with plant in Clemmons and distribution center in Mocksville both between here and Winston. This is great for Charlotte another publicly traded HQ https://investor.hayward.com/investor-news/news-details/2021/Hayward-Holdings-Leading-Pool-Equipment-Designer-and-Manufacturer-Expands-Capacity-by-Adding-New-Southeast-Distribution-Center/default.aspx https://global.hayward.com/about-us.html Probably less than 100 people but great nonetheless another HQ from a high cost higher tax state. Update: it was 90 people expec
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