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  1. As an Airbnb host in Hilton Head Airbnb is always telling me to drop my rates or this many people looked at your place and booked X dollars cheaper elsewhere. They don't understand I will not give my place away or having every night booked is something I want to do. They are all about maximizing revenue so they can make their cut so the race to bottom in prices is what they encourage! Does not surprise me their rates uptown at a place like the Skyhouse would be low. If you use their vaulted Price Tips they will drop the prices for you automatically to get bookings. Result: a high rise Motel 6 (and I have stayed at some of these over the years and lower you go the more problems you will have)
  2. It is more of a collection there are a couple in Atlanta, 1 now in Charlotte 1 now in Nashville, 1 in Houston but there is less than a dozen. I don't call that a chain Gulch is separated from downtown by RR tracks but the heart of Southend is further away from our uptown core. I might never complain about parking in Charlotte after driving around here in their central core.
  3. some new apartments and housing in the 12 South area. Lots of infill in this area. View down 12th towards downtown and the Gulch. Today.
  4. You bet I had lunch here with my niece in Nashville's Gulch area near downtown like Southend but very high density with lots of high rise apartment and condo towers and a few hotels and office bldgs. In Nashville it is pronounced SUPER ree-ca check out the sign! couple of shots of Gulch area separated from downtown by lots of railroad tracks similar to what we have off North Tryon
  5. General Gulch photos and must admit first time I have walked around this area. Went to Superica which is hidden down a side street off Division. One of my favorites in Charlotte. and yes I went by the Wings mural but would not wait in line just took some photos of other people in front it. Lots of cranes nearby. where was this proposed pedestrian bridge over the RR tracks? was in this area or further toward Capitol View? Huge long line for Rise Biscuit.
  6. Hey when you are stopped on I-40 easy to get photos of downtown. Today. I hear tomorrow is going to be sunny Yeah but bitter cold Boo.
  7. The beautiful Belmont University campus today. Alot of my brother's money goes here and I must admit it looks great! In town and y'all are saying snow tonight?? anyway campus photos and the new performing arts center under construction. Today. (lots of photos but hey I am tourist) the Tall Hall still unnamed by a benefactor (my niece knows someone in one of the penthouse suites on top available for extra $$$) The Johnson building is beautiful. Really is a beautiful campus and did get some shots from Curb garage of the Vanderbilt campus nearby. Notice blue skies in the first photos then more clouds. Sorry for the photo overload but I visit but once a year.
  8. New digital signage at Concord Mills Blvd exit 49 part of this is for the new flyover ramp they will have for the mall. Preliminary work is being done now for it shifting some lanes and so forth. from this morning.
  9. Here is a clue I am out of town until Thursday and usually something big drops......... I am going undercover Charlotte UPer as a truck driving country music listening major sweet doughnut company exec to Nashvegas.
  10. What I get from this report is this is a drug deal gone bad with a resident of the Skyhouse or maybe guest of someone and the victim was not a resident. Tragically most murders in Charlotte are from people you know, drug or other illegal activities , domestic family problems, and just a small percentage are random very small percentage. https://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/man-found-shot-to-death-inside-uptown-high-rise-apartment-complex/1006750747
  11. WSOC reports murder victim in Skyhouse not resident suspected drugs involvement and some witnesses are not talking.
  12. the whole Fat City Condo building is getting new siding and windows after a large assessment looks like it was $6200 per owner. Ouch.
  13. Holiday Inn Express news it looks like it is open as they are taking reservations. https://www.ihg.com/holidayinnexpress/hotels/us/en/charlotte/cltcr/hoteldetail and I agree their breakfast is great! and 1st photo is across from the Railyard and it is the worst jumble of electric poles in the city. It looks like something in a Third world country LOL.
  14. Love that shot above of uptown ^^^ Here are some ground shots and one without the Legacy pyramid and one with the pyramid. (last 2 photos)
  15. the Portman towers site today and the building that @ricky_davis_fan_21 said is the Thirsty Beaver of Southend. Won't sell and will be surrounded by high rises. But I say that adds character to the neighborhood. I remember when no one would be caught dead on Hawkins on Saturday. Now you have to get there early to find a one street parking space. Not photographed is the nearby HQ of Krispy Kreme and they were working today on their retail project.
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