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  1. KJHburg

    Catawba Casino Complex

    My feelings on this is build it off I-77 in York County near the Catawba reservation where the members could work at the new casino hotel. They should force SC to allow it and since the state of SC gives millions in incentives to businesses I am not sure why they don't want this one. KJ stands with the Cherokees!
  2. However you must think all those workers will live in $1200 a month 500 sq ft apartments in Charlotte. It is much less expensive out in northern Rowan county and that is where their labor will come from. About 15 bucks a hour and good jobs for a rural part of the region. I guess I would rather have someone working than waiting on a check. And as I have said repeatedly a more prosperous region full of people working means dollars at restaurants, concerts, ball games etc for the entire region.
  3. KJHburg

    Catawba Casino Complex

    WSOCTV is reporting on the Catawba casino and efforts to get it passed in DC. However the Cherokees are still very much opposed. Charlotte will have its 1000 Plus room hotel but it is a mere 35 miles from the convention center. https://www.500nations.com/casinos/nc-kings-mtn-casino.asp
  4. KJHburg

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    I remember Holton Square is was a 2-3 tower complex and that dream was somewhat done with the 2 hotels at the Epicenter. I can't believe I forgot about 201 Trade the tower that hundreds of people in Charlotte lost $1000s on it when their deposits were never refunded. (Not me of course because I was suspicious from the get go when I saw they had only built 3-4 wood frame apartment complexes in the midwest.
  5. Here is the story from Salisbury Post and folks there are pretty excited. Will be one of 9 in USA. https://www.salisburypost.com/2019/04/17/pet-product-retailer-chewy-to-bring-1200-jobs-to-rowan-county/
  6. KJHburg

    The State of Higher Education in Charlotte

    Think a culinary program like the one at Johnson and Wales makes a difference in the area? Check this out. https://uploads.knightlab.com/storymapjs/23c07a5707e4fc9ca797aadf6fdeb08b/johnson-wales-university-changing-the-way-charlotte-eats-drinks/index.html
  7. Order pullers, receiving etc but the big one would be order pullers. It is 700.000 sq ft. Online pet food retailer owned by Petsmart.
  8. KJHburg

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    Yes here is the actually ribbon cutting.
  9. New hospital for Ballantyne for Novant, expansion of Atrium Pineville and expansion of Novant Huntersville. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/04/17/health-care-roundup-atrium-novant-projects-given.html
  10. This would be great for Rowan County. 1250 jobs with Chewy.com https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/04/17/pet-food-distributor-to-announce-1-250-job.html?
  11. KJHburg

    Scaleybark Station Area Projects

    My original name for the area was LoSE but it never took it off. Lower South End
  12. KJHburg

    Scaleybark Station Area Projects

    LoSo Station at Scaleybark Station. visibility from I-77 and Uptown? I don't see that no pun intended.
  13. KJHburg

    The Good News Report

    In following up I read the Atlanta office market report. In a market totally according to JLL 148,000,000 sq ft basically 3x the size of Charlotte's office market Atlanta only absorbed 507,000 sq ft less in raw numbers than Charlotte and only .3% of their space vs. 1.3% here in Charlotte. Charlotte is the best performing office market in the south bar none and 2nd place would right up 85 the Raleigh Durham. That is looking at the Florida markets, Atlanta, Nashville etc.
  14. KJHburg

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Believe me when I say they are very sensitive to that over in Nashville as I mentioned once what it would take and I was pummeled about it LOL Every city has a list of unbuilt mega high rises for sure.