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  1. If they can blow up this huge high rise complex in 10 seconds in Abu Dhabi we can do the same for a certain 10 story garage on the edge of uptown. started building in 2007. Mina Plaza demolition: Abu Dhabi tears down towers in seconds ahead of port regeneration - The National (thenationalnews.com)
  2. Birkdale Village still looks good after all these years. These photos are from Wednesday and here is a story on their new ownership too. and new shopping center renovation of New England looking buildings across the street in front of the Birkdale neighborhood. North American Properties, Nuveen Real Estate now own Birkdale Village in Huntersville - Charlotte Business Journal (bizjournals.com)
  3. Drive by side window shots of the Legacy complex. Including Honeywell, BOAT at Legacy and the Deloitte tower. Hard to believe 4 years this did not exist.
  4. Took a little walk after I woofed down a whole Blaze Pizza and took a few photos naturally. I know some are worried Southend will turn into a forest of high rises but I dont see it happening ever or at least for a very long time. There is enough small townhome projects, small condo buildings, small office and retail buildings on small lots I just see it having a variety of buildings for a very long time. Weather A+ today for late November too. question what if anything is going with the old antique mall and old Miller Office supply building? I thought I remember it changing hands recently but now can't remember for sure.
  5. Novel LoSo is coming along and hopefully office development will happen soon after. This is a great location in my opinion for a large office building due to LYNX and location in a lesser congested park of Southend with easier access to 77. Ryan Homes townhomes coming south on S Tryon and Yorkshire. and Dan Ryan Builders ( different company owned by the Japanese owners of Crescent) with their townhome development which is very walkable to LYNX station too. At Freeland and S Tryon. Novel LoSo apartments rising. and the only Carvana I have found in the country not along an interstate or freeway
  6. as the debate rages on whether this is topped out or not I will wait for CK to hoist the tree then I will know it is topped out. Today from several angles.
  7. this is one fine looking city on this spring like day. Never tire of the view up 277 from 77 John Belk. and from LoSo I like this view too. notice the blossoming Southend skyline. Charlotte is getting thic and I remember when people said Uptown was a 1 street town LOL.
  8. Heard Fulcrum condos on S Tryon in Southend are having some delays but still should be built. Which cities are attracting millenials renters? of course Charlotte #6 on this list based on % of that age group renting. 1-5 to save you the slideshow are SEA, SFO, AUS, HOU, SATX 15 Most Popular U.S. Cities for Millennials | National Real Estate Investor (nreionline.com)
  9. related to this above, there are MORE hens in one farm in Union County than people in all of Mecklenburg County. Simpson Eggs has 1.375 Million hens laying 1.2 million eggs A DAY. I have driven past it on Hwy 218 and it is quite the operation. Outside of Mecklenburg and maybe Gaston all the surrounding counties have huge farms and farm operations. Simpson's Eggs | Family owned & operated since 1925
  10. Brad Panovich said this is all time favorite map from twitter
  11. Felt the need to walk around some after a HUGE dinner in Ktown to nearby downtown Kannapolis. Lots of new shops set to open Chophouse 101, a bakery, a coffee shop, a boutique, a Sabor in addition to the Gem theater, the Armory brewery, other existing shops. New apartments racing towards completion. a whole new downtown Kannapolis. Plus the new Atrium Ballpark home of the Kannapolis Ballers minor league team. As I said people feel real sense of pride in their new downtown and love to walk around it and their open stadium this year no games just open for people to sit and buy stuff from the concession stands was very successful. Check it out and their main street through it has so many seats, parklets, fountains etc. Really nice. LOTS of photos as I took an extensive walk around downtown LOL. Warning 46 photos. New for sale townhome development getting ready to start on south edge of downtown beyond the new Vida apartments.
  12. Travelled to the ring city of Kannapolis today for the turkey and so forth. Their downtown is so nice and attracted walkers even when everything is closed. There is a huge sense of pride in their new downtown and I agree. With the NC Research Campus at the north end of downtown the transformation of this downtown is truly incredible. I will put the rest under ring cities.
  13. State law called a certificate of need so there are not too many hospital beds built then there is an oversupply. some states like NC do this others do not.
  14. Belk family gave $8 M to the theater restoration I think.
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