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  1. wonder for what? another building or just a land holding.
  2. Never been but it has been there a long time. with the vacant H&R Block next door is their a redevelopment possibility? https://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/its-an-institution-dilworth-staple-arts-bbq-deli-set-close/MEHVVVUXBRAS7LFGCFFP27UXM4/
  3. ^^ I agree on the Barings 300 South Tryon display I am collecting photos of uptown lobbies now and that would be my winner of decorations for the Inside the 277 Loop competition.
  4. what a nasty day and it still raining but makes for an interesting photo of South Tryon tonight. From OxBlue
  5. It was closed on Sunday last weekend in FreeMore because I was going to go to that one with friends and ended up at the Huntersville location which was open but closing early due to holiday party.
  6. look for the posting with lots of Red down arrows above.
  7. You forgot to mention that the Tanger PAC will have the largest womens restroom of any performing arts center in the country according to the article referenced above.
  8. Here is a story about the micro retail spaces under the micro apartments at the Railyard. Maybe this will inspire others uptown to do the same to get more locally based businesses on the streets. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/12/13/inside-plans-for-micro-retail-as-part-of-this.html
  9. getting over to Graham is probably the worst they should be fine to get off at Church as they are big and can nudge their way over. But I like how that express lane comes into its own lane on 277 so they are no merge worries if you are looping around uptown.
  10. well I am glad they have confirmed what we have known for the past year. Publix is SLOW in building stores sometimes. says 15 story office building does that include parking floors stacked above the Publix with office space above the parking levels??
  11. no couple of reasons which I once pointed out on Nashville UP and got everyone upset. They until recently do not have large office users that require tons of space and are willing to pay for it like we do. Amazon is their biggest non governmental tenant or will be at 500K sq ft to start out with. Bank of America and Wells have millions of square feet of office space uptown and this Duke Metro tower is 1 Million sq all Duke Energy. They don't have those kinds of tenants there. Plus their city council has limited many areas where they can build really tall buildings height caps. They are closer to the New Madrid fault that runs through St Louis down to Memphis but don't think it is a reason. There have been many proposals to build a 750 foot high condo tower and so forth but they never seem to get off the ground. Super tall residential in this country is really concentrated in about 5 cities like Miami and NYC. I do agree their central core is more spread out than ours. That is why many of historical high rises get lost in the forest of newer taller high rises. Big office space users means tall buildings.
  12. see this giant doughnut photo? it has as much to do with this thread as politics mentioned a few posts above. Lets keep politics out of ALL threads except for the political digression thread otherwise this whole site will decline rapidly especially in an upcoming election year. PLEASE. Getting back to the topic at hand I appreciated Ashley over at the Biz Journal trying to get to the bottom of this. Unfortunately we are left with more questions than answers. Looks like Mr Levine will not get any of his incentives as the deadlines keep passing. And if it is supposed to be opening soon why is new plywood going up to block entrances? Charlotte is not the only city that has these issues of course this is our most visible one. At least Dee Dee Harris's wetland "park" is so overgrown you can't tell it was cleared and land development was started.
  13. Various photos I took yesterday. Photos 1 Stonewall corridor most changed street in Charlotte in the last 3 years. 2. Home2Suites hotel 3.4. uptown skyline from where the convention center Stonewall bridge will be. 5. Piece of the Wander wall hanging and I would not mind this in my house LOL. 6. Convention center bridge over Stonewall construction. 7. Will we even see this Even Hotel completed??? 8. from W Morehead 9.10. Stonewall skyline. 11. construction of the Stonewall St bridge at the convention center.
  14. where the Rail Trail bridge will connect to uptown on the north side of the existing bridge. Hopefully this will lead to the leasing of this glass jewel box at the Stonewall Station platform. Perhaps Asana could induce a retailer or food vendor here. always be aware of shadowy figures while walking or jogging on trails.
  15. Popped on the express lanes to 277 yesterday morning when I saw it backed up on 77 south around 9 am tail end of rush hours. The only thing about the toll lane flyover to 277 it is good as it goes into its own lane but if you want to get off at Graham or Church it is harder as you have move over quick.
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