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  1. This thread hasn't been talked in in a while, but as of now, it seems like Fayetteville or Springdale would be the first to hit the 100,000 mark. What do others think?
  2. I feel like something like this would be successful in this area. I wonder why it didn't work out.
  3. http://www.cityofbryant.com/DocumentCenter/View/566 I found this document on the city website. Does anyone know if this is an outdated plan? It would be amazing if it was truly built.
  4. there is an article on Arkansas Business about undeveloped land being sold in Saline County. I'm not able to read the whole article because you must be subscribed to read it. Does anyone know what land this is talking about?
  5. where did you find these numbers? I'm wanting to see the central arkansas numbers
  6. The new on/off ramps at Bryant Parkway are about to begin construction and it should take around 125 days to complete them. According to the Mayor fo bryant, this should spur new economic growth for the city
  7. H&M website doesn't have that location on their website. You'd think the mall would announce if a store as big as H&M was going to open.
  8. I don't think they planned on moving. I think something similar to what happened to the stores the floor above happened to these stores too. it's not bad news for park plaza if h&m is becoming a reality. however, they should still relocate a&f and hollister. there's room in the mall elsewhere or there's the promenade or the outlet mall. they could make it work.
  9. isn't that the only hollister in the whole metro? i don't think there's one at mccain. hopefully they'll relocate in the mall or move to a new place in LR. it was always crowded when I've ever been at the mall
  10. the candy store at the outlet mall has closed as well. Honestly, if one major store like h&m or polo open up in one of the large unleased spots, then the other smaller spots will probably be filled. Also, the whole area behind the outlet mall should soon be developed which would help the outlet mall as a whole. i really hope that area in the back will not be empty land like it is now.
  11. GNC is opening up in the outlet mall. same old same old
  12. The Davids Burgers has started construction in Bryant. Also, the Shoppes of Benton are moving along quick. and Tacos 4 Life has walls going up. Other than that, there isn't much else going on commercial wise.
  13. http://www.mysaline.com/benton-bryant-business-news-120216/ this article is very insiteful. it leaves out multiple residential developments in bryant though
  14. This is probably a big stretch but I think it would be smart to build an interstate through west little rock. Like go north from bryant up to Conway or Morrilton. That would make those areas have more development and would cut traffic in downtown
  15. On that list of the stores that were planned all of the new to market ones did not take place. H&M would've been a good pickup. I think they could have a smaller scale store in the back left corner. Or adidas and reebok could go in on that one too.
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