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  1. Im talking about the new Ally tower deck. (Tryon place) where the JW is on stonewall.
  2. Fantastic news! Will be a great intersection of retail right there. Excellent we are fixing problems/issues of the past, however, makes me wonder...how in the F did Ally build that giant parking deck with Zero retail slots in the bottom. I mean even the light rail parking decks planned for the future with retail. To not have made accommodations for future retail already built in to the bottom was poor judgement imo. It’s facing what I consider our (current) convention center hotel, the Westin and regions tower. Also one of the gateways into south end . In 2020 we are retrofitting parking decks with retail. Last year 2019, Ally built a giant wall of a parking along college...wonder how many years it will take to convert the bottom there to retail smh.
  3. Every bullet point you mention, yells LU to me. You could fit an Epicentre-esque complex at LU's largest remaining plot (according to non scientific measurement in good earth). Multi-leveled, open air complex that has retail on each level with a hotel and residential tower atop. You can have some buried parking and overflow can go to the tiny deck right next to it. Regardless if the retail comes to fruition at this site, my only worry is that any future tower on this site with substantial height is going to require another parking deck.
  4. Yes. Very busy the other day. Up to 40% off on certain items too like batteries and all vitamins. big note: you do not need to be a bj member for this liquidation sale.
  5. I don't follow Nascar that much, however, this museum is very cool inside. The problem with ppl like me is, once you go, you don't go back for years and years probably. Discovery Place / Science museums, I'd probably go multiple times a year. Discovery Place also does a good job marketing to adults with their Science on the Rocks events every month (It's tonight btw). Their exhibits change fairly frequently. They do a good job attracting repeat customers. Personally, I am looking forward to the renovation/expansion because I love science and I think this will further benefit the N Tryon vision.
  6. That’s TJ the Elevator Kid. YouTube famous lol. Really wish these new tall towers could have built observatory/restaurant. Lu1 or dec2, but nope. DEC suites/views up there are incredible.
  7. I ran out of freebie views: City considers demolishing main Discovery Place museum to revitalize aging site Can anyone recap please. Would love if they made a state of the art science museum not only geared towards kids but adults as well.
  8. Laying concrete soon. Frame is up. Work has been very active recently in the past month....the other months it has crawled. *On another note: Charlotte Beer Garden progress looks great as well. Talk about a lot of taps!
  9. Could not snap a pic on the way but the second crane base is setup now on the opposite side of the first one (church side). Very large mobile crane trucks have arrived (yesterday). Should see vertical action on these bad boys very soon!
  10. I think a REI would be a fantastic idea. Uptown/Midtown is exactly in between their two locations (North Lake & Pineville). The active lifestyle around that area is perfect. And if someone wants to bring in a box store type still (Bed Bath & beyond, etc), remember there is still that vacant spot next to Marshalls across the street where the old Staples used to be (above Best Buy).
  11. From looking at the layout and the remaining, giant lot next to the parking deck along Mint...I would love to see an open-air complex that engages the street/pedestrian and especially along mint to the stadium. Would be integrated with the promenade. Multiple floors of retail and would have a hotel and condo tower above that...a mini LA Live vibe.
  12. Even the Checkers are utilizing the CLT in their special (city) Jerseys this Saturday. Cmon Hornets, do better...This looks pretty bad ass too - nice work, Checkers!
  13. I hope that down time was because of a lighting upgrade? The Hearst/Truist tower has had the weakest light game in Uptown of all our big towers. Would be nice to introduce the new company colors with a bang on their new tower with an upgraded lighting system. CO: New color reveal: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/banking/article239179823.html#storylink=mainstage_card2
  14. There is no reason why the Epicentre can't support retail. I hope they keep the rumored office to a minimum (top floor) where checkers office etc are. It is surrounded by 5 plus hotels in every direction, including the Ritz right across the street that will provide it constant influx of visitors. It's the closest destination to the arena. I mean, if they choose the right tenants in this shakeup, this could be huge. Underground parking can allow for validation for shoppers. It needs an extreme makeover, yes (before the commentators start on how shoddy it is). The CTC is another concern for some, but they said they will address security (development will help too). Along with the makeover, I'd do a whole re-brand/marketing of the Epicentre. Name it something else. Change the perception of only nightlife/bars/clubs. Put in a Dave n Busters (type place) where the old golds gym was. Put in family oriented stuff. Shops and boutiques will attract foot traffic during the day. With SMG possibly leaving and all the vacancies...you have a blank canvas to work with. Epi gets crapped on hard, but I'm sure when this thing was proposed back in the day, it was highly regarded as a game changer for uptown.
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