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  1. It’s a cool angle for sure. I always think we’re very fortunate that the big (3) bank towers were built in a time that quality and distinction and that competitiveness of building height were still going on (BOACC, DEC, Hearst). These towers have definitely elevated our skyline and have punched well above their weight class. DEC and BOACC are some of the best/unique “crowns” in the country.
  2. Question to all the credit card ppl and travelers on here. I have two Amex offers. Spend $300 and get $60 back at any Marriott related hotel. Second offer is spend $500 and get $100 back for specific Marriott luxury brands like ritz, jw etc. Question to everyone: if my charge qualifies in both offers, do both get redeemed? Example: I make a charge/reservation for JW for $500. It’s under the Marriott umbrella and qualifies for the $60 back and is a JW hotel so it qualifies for the second offer of $100 back as well. How does Amex handle this situation? Obviously the 100 back is better than 60 and getting both offers redeemed is ideal but I feel like Amex would honor the lesser of the two first instead of both.
  3. Not sure size requirements for this but it would be absolutely incredible if we could utilize any of those vacant retail spots for the ACC hall of champions museum (or something similar) at LU. Would be a nice draw to LU and maybe include something along the lines of a blackfinn type restaurant as well.
  4. This is big time! When I first heard STK I first thought Deloitte tower at LU. This spot is interesting. Will do well. Kind of wish they took the old Bentleys on 27 spot but understand from a visibility standpoint their location they chose. But great news and win for uptown.
  5. Tryon in Uptown should be our signature retail strolling district for shopping hands down. The fact that it is not and mainly or at least used to be just large bank lobbies/branches is depressing. I know rent is higher and logistics this and that but rent is high in a lot of other cities as well with a lot more retail. Uptown needs to figure a way to attract people into the city esp as WFH hybrids have evolved. Take a page from south end and build or integrate some micro retail spots within a parking deck or the epicentre and charge less rent. I know south end has the retail momentum but uptown needs a healthy balance of both and right now it’s very food & beverage heavy. Need more residential towers built uptown to help support the desired retail as well. Would love a store like the beehive gifts in over street to be on Tryon with longer hours.
  6. I don’t typically advocate for sport bars but I think uptown needs a new one especially after wild wings and black Finn (epicentre) and Carolina ale house on college closed. This location is in a busy area close to the stadiums and it would see a lot of foot traffic as well. Semi late hours would be key for this area too being next to ink n ivy and Kimpton hotel (merchant and trade) late hour clientele. It’s not a fancy restaurant type place being that it’s an old parking deck but I think a nice sports bar/restaurant would do well. Would also provide another nice family sit down restaurant other than mellowmushroom since that American burger place closed next to it too.
  7. A pic clt development posted. The once Whole Foods cafe spot. Wish this could be filled with something. I think uptown needs a dedicated banh mi and bubble tea place. Great for the grab n go lunch crowd and would fill a void in that food genre. Think it would do a killing there despite its 2nd floor location. If you’re good, ppl will find you.
  8. The color of the materials for the hotel under construction, makes the Ellis tower look like it’s still u/c as well lol.
  9. Not suggesting removing Elmwood cemetery but sometimes walking through there (great walk btw) Ive envisioned what it would be like if it were a giant park connecting the music factory with the rest of fourth ward. When Gateway station comes to fruition and all those lots along N Smith st get developed and if the ADM mill goes away, the future light rail stop. Lot of ifs lol but the area could be transformed someday. Also, always thought this gravel lot would be perfect for an uptown top golf before the university one was announced. Right off the highway where they like to build for visibility reasons and would have killer skyline views.
  10. Hanes Mall in Winston Salem has been trying to bring some life back in their mall. Not nearly as nice as north lake but is the main mall in the area, it has been trying to find ways to fill the empty box stores that used to anchor it. For example, the old Macy’s they are renovating to house Truliant’s operations center. I believed they used the old sears space during the height of Covid at Hanes mall as a massive drive thru Covid testing center. These type of mid level malls need to be creative to stay afloat like you mentioned. Main thing too is you gotta keep these type of malls that are already on life support safe. Too much crime or negative publicity can be the nail in the coffin.
  11. What’s the difference between the Grille version and Double eagle on Piedmont row? Description on their websites sound like the grille is upscale as well. A quick glance at the atl grille, it appears the menu is a little friendlier on the wallet though.
  12. Why doesn’t this guy or his company get more heat or criticism from ppl for holding first ward hostage (not to mentioned his neglected parking deck venture with the University). It’s a damn crime that he owns a bulk of those lots and has done nothing. With movement finally starting on North Tryon, you’d hope he’d sell some of these lots for development. First Ward and First Ward park deserve better than being surrounded by a sea of asphalt.
  13. Hopefully the leadership at Charlotte pushes back against this. It’s def B. The mothership doing mothership things. Plus, why would the state want to use taxpayer dollars to cater to another MBA program and have the two schools in the same system competing against each other in the same city.
  14. So I got a little PTSD when I found this picture of the layout (that we’re still building giant parking decks uptown with no retail) lol but wanted to do a retail check. Facing Tryon we have Jinya, Starbucks, salata, and the brown bag seafood joint. Question: is the rumored del friscoe grille still in the works? Assuming it would take one of the large spots facing Brooklyn VA. Not entirely a huge fan of this restaurant being located right next to Deans and Caroline’s (rather have the once rumored Mexican place instead). I’m really excited for the museum of illusions to open up. A non food/bev option in uptown is huge and will attract a lot of ppl to the area. Big win imo. Appears to only have a few more retail spaces left. Personally would like a little pub like space like the old Mortimers or something with music. Thinking of a cool spot to go to before or after games. Maybe one of the spots in the alley way facing parking deck. Really wish that side of the parking deck had some retail. Could have been a cool little alley way. Overall, very happy with how this is turning out.
  15. The oak tree was strategic at Ally imo in what the developers envisioned for the area. The Firebird works in its location bc that’s our art district (museums). The oak tree works at ally bc I think thats what they were going for… a nature-y courtyard where ppl can gather and provide some shade during these hot days eating ice cream under. If you look around that area, it’s landscape is well manicured with plants and green roofs. It may not be totally unique, but it’s nice to have a CBD with our level of tree canopy lining the streets esp Tryon.
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