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  1. I wonder how long this project will be on pause from the outbreak? Hopefully not too long, this thing was flying up...but safety first. I remember when LU was paused after the accident/investigation...over a month or so...once it picked back up, things went back to normal quickly.
  2. Building a new CC would have been ideal, but it seems like the city is all in with it's current location and the $100+ mil renovation going on. IIRC, that big lot next to the NHOF is being saved for future expansion? If so, that seems like an alternative as well to adding more space.
  3. I know they’re probably not all retail, but I really hope they utilize those bays and put a variety of retail there. They have a special opportunity to make that area unique with the pedestrian only Market St.
  4. I have high hopes for retail on this project. With the amount of total units this will have, the adjacent hotel, the proximity to First ward park & the light rail...it's a perfect mixture for some potentially solid tenants. That area is in need of some gravitational pull to attract more people to the area. Romare is successful bc of all the other surrounding amenities. The Ellis will be a good start...I believe this will have roughly 19k sqft of retail. Hopefully the hotel will have a nice restaurant/bar area as well.
  5. The problem is/was that the city gave the UC the shaft for too long and it’s lagged behind now. There is absolutely no reason for the lack of development. You have ton of companies located in the UC. It’s the second highest employment hub outside of Uptown if I’m not mistaken with the likes of Wells Fargo (CIC), IBM, Tiaa, Electrolux, I mean the list goes on and on. The money is there. It can and should be able to support nicer And more diverse restaurants. 30k enrollment college campus in your backyard too. Boardwalk revitalization plan can’t come to fruition soon enough. The entertainment district (top golf 2) area will be nice as well.
  6. lol...I was actually thinking Mint st could finally be realigned/straighten when BOA is gone.
  7. The people waiting in line for Jenis ice cream at the little jewel box retail spot and all the people waiting in line at the corner anchored apple store for the new iPhone 12 won’t even notice this crown from street level. Lol im jk. But those are two stores that are if you build it, they will come types imo. Despite the crown (and parking deck), this project has an opportunity to detract ppl from that with all the retail and pedestrian experience it will create with the plaza/jw. Every big project has either had a giant lobby and maybe one retail spot that was most likely a restaurant or bank branch. This project broke that norm and for that I appreciate it. I don’t usually like signage either but I do think it will look better once the ally letters are installed as well.
  8. Google Earth didn’t have to update too much in First Ward...lol. Stonewall and South end are always impressive in these comparisons.
  9. I totally get where you’re coming from...but honestly, in that time frame (7+ years from now), BOA stadium ain’t gonna be there. Tep gets what Tep wants (dome). So, Honeywell may very well be in the heart of the “entertainment district”. CO just had an article stating foundry has been offered 35mil by Stan County to relocate (did not read article though).
  10. I didn’t realize the Charlotte City Club was going through a massive renovation. Adding an outdoor rooftop terrace space too, not sure where that will go but will have great views. Not a member either but have always wanted to check out that space up there. Speaking of 121 WT tower, also saw somewhere about the possibility of Polk pocket park being renovated, which would be nice. But anyways, here’s a little video of the CCC reno:
  11. Can someone who follows hockey better than I do...please explain why the Canes would cut ties with the Charlotte Checkers as their affiliate team and moving their affiliate to Chicago? I mean from a logistics standpoint it makes zero sense to me. The location and proximity of CLT & RDU make Checkers/Canes relationship a no-brainer. Easily trade-up/down players who get injured/promoted etc. Fans from Charlotte can make the easy drive to Raleigh and vice versa. From a fan perspective/building a fan base...Ain't no one driving/flying from Chicago to Raleigh to see a hockey game. Hell, the Checkers just won the Calder Cup last year...but I don't know anything about hockey except from what I've learned from the Mighty Ducks (Flying "V") and since playing Wayne Gretzky '98. https://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/carolina-hurricanes-cutting-ties-with-charlotte-checkers/M62ZQTZ6GNBAVNG4LOCZ6CZYKU/
  12. Man, Stonewall yesterday around 4pm was a wind tunnel! But anyways, I snapped the picture below and started to think...it’s just peculiar to not have any windows or entry ways to the retail on that side (branch). Tells me that the next phase will abut right up to that wall maybe, whether that be another (boo) parking deck or tower.
  13. I love the lighting and chandeliers in the valet circle area...looks great! It also looks like the Carillon is building a nice little side entrance facing the new pocket park.
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