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  1. CharlotteWkndBuzz

    Carolina Panthers Facilities News

    You can still take a screenshot of the digital ticket and text it to someone. There is even an option to still print off the digital ticket or email the digital ticket to someone else (at least on Stubhub), which is basically just the square bar code. It just makes scalping more awkward now since you will have to essentially text the buyer a screenshot of the ticket... in which the seller could still scam by selling multiple screenshots. Hornets made this move awhile back ago, think it's more of an eco conscious thing than scammer avoidance (although it deters it). I don't recommend buying scalped tickets over $50 anyways unless you know the scalper. There are "professional" scalpers out in Charlotte they you can rely on though lol.
  2. CharlotteWkndBuzz

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    With the Amex's Centurion Lounge coming soon, am I missing any other lounges at CLT: USO Lounge, Priority Pass Minute Suites, AA Admirals Club (concourse B), & AA Admirals Club (concourse C). I know we don't service Delta as much here but I wish we had a Delta Sky Club Lounge. Saw that RDU has one.
  3. CharlotteWkndBuzz

    210 Trade | EpiCentre

    I hope we do see a transition at the Epicentre. With Enso, Bubble, and possibly Suite retiring (maybe others), those are large chunks of retail spaces. I don't want to eliminate all the nightlife options at Epicentre, but I do think clubs are dwindling in popularity, than say a decade ago. The other issue with clubs are that they have limited hours & usually don't open until dusk or later. So, what you are left with is half of the Epicentre closed during business hours when there is a lot of foot traffic walking around. I think the hotels anchoring the Epicentre will help add more consistency and I do think we will see more shopping options in the near future to take their place.
  4. CharlotteWkndBuzz

    Charlotte Center City Streetcar Network

    Does trade have to be 4 lanes? Uptown for the Gold line will be very popular stops along, JWU, Gateway station, Trade/Tryon, and arena/CTC. If the Gold line had dedicated lanes up and down trade at least from say CTC to Gateway station or JWU, that would be ideal for a commuter and would be able to have some sort of ETA once the Gold line reaches Uptown. Transfers from the Blue could easily get to Gateway station and vice versa in x amount of minutes "guaranteed" because of the dedicated lanes (no traffic & signal priority). Just like the bus lanes in the middle of 74, the Gold line would eventually merge back into normal traffic at both ends. It's too late now lol, but just a thought.
  5. CharlotteWkndBuzz

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    Keybank tower looks like the Minecraft version of BOACC. Subtle similarities, but I like ours a lot better. I also like that ours is logo-less too, as that Key looks a little tacky up there.
  6. CharlotteWkndBuzz

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    Should we be concerned that the second hotel on this site hasn't had any movement for a very long time? Or is this what was expected due to the building being constructed of the pre-constructed rooms that take time to build? The one on the right seems to have been progressing fairly slow too on this site.
  7. CharlotteWkndBuzz

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    ^eh, I don't listen to the trolls from online chat forums or comments sections. No matter where the all-star or whatever big event, the host city always get those comments from other ppl (haters). As far as foot traffic, I personally was walking around 2pm on saturday and left Uptown after the skills challenge. The streets and sidewalks were all SUPER busy. It really did have that NYC hustle and bustle feel. A lot of restaurants had private parties and events. PPL were out the doors waiting for pop up shops. A lot of street vendors. It was cool seeing. Season ticket holders did have a lottery system for tickets to the all star events at face value without having to purchase the VIP packages like the rest of the public. Not sure how big the allotment was but I'm sure a few thousand. Like you said though, overall I think the city represented well despite the cooler/wet weather. TNT and ESPN did a great job showcasing the city. And the biggest thing, no major (bad) events occurred over the weekend. All we can ask for at the end of the day.
  8. CharlotteWkndBuzz

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    The all star weekend is great sport wise, but there is a huge underground type of following for rare and limited release shoes and clothing items during this weekend at various pop up shops and jordan/nike HQ at mint...that attracts all the hypebeasts from all over the country. Hypebeast: check out this local kid from Charlotte. He is a big time youtuber and his videos show the kind of money that is spent on these types of items. YouTube name is Blazendary.
  9. CharlotteWkndBuzz

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Ditto. Today was very smooth and on time. Light rail was packed around 1pm. Ton of ppl uptown and the mint musuem Jordan experience, line was out the door down tryon. Telling you guys, we need this permanently.
  10. CharlotteWkndBuzz

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    ^Unless it's like a big NFL game or NCAA championship game, they usually shoot this kind of b-roll footage a day or two in advance. Some may be live, others pre-recorded. The red/pink you are referring to, was probably shot on Valentine's Day, which was Thursday and all the buildings were lit in pink. The weather was really nice that day, which made a good day to film some footage. I meant to capture some of TNT's representation of the city...they do the best imo and they have these animated graphics of a little hornet buzzing around the skyline and looks like they use some type of CGI during their presentations (usually coming back or going to commercial breaks). I'll try and get some stills from tonight's game.
  11. CharlotteWkndBuzz

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Hope they iron out all the wrinkles tonight. Will be even more ppl tomorrow and Sunday. Weather appears to be shifting a bit. Let's hope!
  12. CharlotteWkndBuzz

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Lol yeah I used the word musuem a little loosely. In addition to the store aspect, would be an experience or attraction. It would be more than just a store though, interactive exhibits and stuff. Could be cool I think...similar to that Portland one, which was described in the article as "half musuem, half marketing".
  13. CharlotteWkndBuzz

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Over the past year, UP has mentioned multiple ideas to make Uptown more vibrant. From an aquarium, zoo, gold musuem, etc. It's dawned on me what my idea is and it is piggybacking off this weekend. Seeing this city shine during big weekends like this and seeing the transformations the Mint and Epicentre have experienced. Why not embrace our the love, passion, and history this city for sports. Yes we are a banking city (proud of it), but I think people forget to realize the power of sports and the recognition it brings. NFL and NBA obviously has been a game changer in that regard for Charlotte, however, we host a ton of other sporting events and hopefully more to come. I think Charlotte is viewed as a sports city too and I think it would be Awesome if we could build on what the Mint Museum has done with the Nike Jordan HQ. Interactive gaming, basketball courts with analytics, custom made shirt station, shoe store. Idk the best location right now, maybe epicentre, LU, or entertainment district...but I think a Nike/Jordan "musuem" would be an awesome thing to have as an attraction. Not only would it be a store but have interactive sport exhibits (think a discovery place but for sports). Idk maybe I'm just overly excited of what actual shopping looks like uptown and dont want it to leave lol. Some snaps from charlotte agenda below:
  14. I agree, some of the floor plans and models are the most homey ones I've seen in a high-rise. I always thought the Madison belonged on the beach lol. Always thought those 3 buildings in a row were always peculiar and that the Madison got the short end of the stick being sandwiched between the hotels.