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  1. I'm still waiting on them to put something in the old Bentley's on 27 spot. I loved those views and was the tallest "observation" location the public could go to see the skyline. Surprised someone hasnt snatched that spot yet, was a cool restaurant.
  2. I think the Moxy developers didn't realized they accidently proposed a hotel right across from the CTC. Used Covid as an excuse to back out and rethink things. (Blue font). Jokes aside, those lots need to be developed and a hotel would add more foot traffic (safety in numbers type of thing). Having more bar/restuarant options would be nice too being next to the arena. I'd imagine this stays stalled/delayed a little bit longer vs the the stonewall hotel and intercontinental.
  3. College sports as we know it are done...This whole shakeup is going to have a massive trickle down effect. It's the powerful, almighty SEC and then there's everyone else. It makes too much sense for G5 schools to create regional based conferences... (that's why it prob won't happen lol). ESPN is a bunch of crooks too btw...they are just as money hungry and conniving as any of them.
  4. Totally agree. A regionally based culmination of both conferences would not only pack the stands and reduce travel expenses...it just makes too much sense (prob why it wont happen lol). I am not a big fan of C-USA, however, at the same time, we aren't exactly at the top of the league either in the revenue sports (in terms of wins). Gotta start winning if we want to be in any conference realignment talks in the future. Facilities will be upgraded soon (part of the Athletics master plan). AAC would definitely be a nice invitation but I worry by the time Charlotte gets there, the bulk of the
  5. Man, I still think JW could have made a killing with the top level of that parking deck (at least half of it) and turned it into outdoor event space. Weddings, work events, etc. Similar to what the Grand Bohemian did on their "rooftop" outdoor event space. JW, being a very high end full service hotel, I would have imagined event space like that would be booked in a heart beat. Also, I just think tops of parking decks are ugly and developers don't use enough creativity to make them useful other than a handful of projects (DEC green roof, Skyhouse's Parking amenity deck, Dimensional Place in
  6. I think they go the VT route. No one refers to them as Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. When they rebranded the university & athletics including name and logo...they go by VT (Virginia Tech). There's more hoops/legal stuff to jump through for Charlotte to completely change their name to University of Charlotte or Charlotte University as some have suggested on other forums. But a rebrand (VT route) would allow them to de-emphasize the UNC part and heavily market just Charlotte (first step). UNCC.edu will be no longer (95% sure it will be charlotte.edu as noted above
  7. Nice little CO article: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/development/article252920523.html Nothing new, but did find one quote interesting: "FNB Tower — a mixed-used development with luxury high-rise apartments, office space, retail and a sky-deck terrace — will be the regional headquarters for Pittsburgh-based First National Bank." Is the "retail" they're referring to just a FNB branch? I was under the impression there was nothing of interest down there, not even a coffee shop or something. Which in this day & age of having no street level retail uptown in
  8. ESPN announced that college game day will be at romare bearden park sept 4 for the Clemson vs Georgia game. Sept 2 is ECU vs App at BOA and on Friday, Duke is playing at Charlotte. This is a fantastic week for college football in Charlotte and the best thing to happen for Uptown and surrounding areas in awhile. Most hotels are completely booked that weekend. Check out the prices to the new guy on the block for that Saturday. Welcome to Charlotte, JW: *on a side note: looks like it’s not going to be finished this month as planned. Website now says completed by august 17th.
  9. They just rebuilt that gas station within the last few year bc of that fire. Surprise it's going, but they did just build that new QT by Petty Thieves brewery.
  10. I'm suspecting the proposed development on that site will have the look and quality of the Fifth & Popular condos to mesh with the 4th ward vibe. A little off topic of above (but still Graham st)...you know the most discreet block on that st is the Bethune School (10th & Graham) which I pass almost daily but it's just so random and I never really pay attention to it. I bet a lot of ppl haven't noticed it either. It's a massive block and is near the potential silver line station...just thinking if that area were to be redeveloped, would make that intersection feel a lot safer and
  11. One City Center (Durham) integrated old buildings exactly like this one seamlessly.
  12. Uptown cab patrons would lol. Speaking of which, that place's days are probably dwindling too. When that whole area is inevitably redeveloped, I wonder if that get rid of that cut through street (College St) zig zag that cuts between uptown cab and mid night diner. You’d be able to do a lot more with that block without that awkward cut through.
  13. Idk if I'm remembering this correctly but I thought someone a very long time ago on this thread said they would erect a 2nd crane either along E 6th st side or N Tryon St side for the hotel tower. They would remove the current crane after the bulk of the theater construction is done. Could be wrong, my memory is a little fuzzy lol. Either way, can't wait till the tower portion starts.
  14. Saw this walking the other day. Chex Grill & Wings opened up where the old JJ's was Uptown. I think this will work well being near the park and stadiums. Good food and the hours seem to be normal...didn't JJ's have odd/limited hours? Looks like this new location is opened till 10PM or 11PM every day which is good.
  15. Random hotel & credit card question. With the JW Marriott wrapping up, is this property nice enough to add to the luxury options for either Chase or AMEX? I know Chase currently considers zero Charlotte hotels under their LHRC line. AMEX has the Ritz, the Ballantyne, and Iveys for their Fine hotels & resorts collection and I believe the Kimpton and Hyatt Centric for their Hotel Collection. I'm hoping JW be considered for one of the above. Just wondering bc you receive extra perks for booking one of those hotels and it would be nice to add another Charlotte hotel to the list. This
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