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  1. Regardless of how we stack up against other tourist shopping destinations in other cities, Charlotte has a lot of ppl with a lot of disposable income and is a destination in it’s own right. Any pro city with multiple pro sports (nfl, nba, etc), nascar folk, ceos, bankers, rappers (dababy lol)...luxury stores will be sustainable here. Not as luxurious as Gucci but good lord, can we get a Zara here? Zara would be like an apple store. If you build it they will come. South Park, Southend, would be hell of an anchor to pop uptown’s retail cherry. Closest Zara is atl and Tysons corner. Charlotte is the perfect in between.
  2. Serious question. Why are there so many Melo Ball fanboys in the comment sections of every Hornets related post? I'll take all the extra fans as we can get, but his fans/followers just make me chuckle. He is playing well though and if he keeps it up, may take a starting position sooner than later. Still need a real center tho that's not named Cody or Biz.
  3. I’m not hating on LU retail bc at least they put retail spots in unlike Ally Center deck, which faces a convention center and Westin hotel. Legacy Union buildout is barley 50% complete ppl, if that, depending upon how many more towers they can squeeze in. Every available plot of land left at LU fronts Stonewall and will have plenty of retail as well. Things will fall into place once the full buildout is completed. Church st retail will be fine too.
  4. Calm down, guy/gal...wasn’t aimed at you. I’ve had plenty of friends that have worked there over the years including one being mugged too. I know it’s serious. I’m just saying in this sensitive world we live in, ppl are being politically correct on here...just call it as it is and don’t beat around the bush. I agree with you, the problem started way before Covid. Hence my original comment the owners wanted to do transition tenants for a long time. Enso didn’t like where it was headed and got out early. Downhill ever since.
  5. This thread is funny. This is how I interpret some of these comments above. “Epicentre got ghetto”. People on here know my stance. I think the epicentre can still be revitalized. Prior to Covid, the owners were wanting a shift in tenants anyways. This has only sped up the process. Renovate/makeover and rebrand. Change the epicentre name. What’s the timeline on the reimagined CTC vision. What about the Moxy hotel. Development will help that area. Safety in numbers. The Epicentre is within eight plus hotels a block or so or less. Closest venue to the arena. Light rail stop. I really bet everyone was salivating at the idea of this open air retail entertainment district at the beginning of this forum. It needs some TLC but back in it’s heyday, the energy/vibe was unmatched in Uptown. It was the most ubered pickup/drop off location in all of Charlotte one year. Whether you like the epicentre or not people visited this place a lot. I hope the owners are willing to put in the time and money to make this place an attraction again. Shops, restaurants, amenities. Stuff that is open during the day. Less clubs. Uptown’s workforce will come back. CEOs didn’t build towers to stay empty. WFH is a luxury/perk.
  6. I agree, I love how this tower is different. Those top units are going to be killer too. Although we are in a little slump bc of Covid, the city should not allow any mid rises like Circa being built uptown anymore in prime real estate locations. No more 5 story apartments uptown with no street level retail. Mint apartments in the same boat but at least they have several retail spots.
  7. This is big time! Hope this helps those empty lots between this project and the light rail get developed as well. There are some pretty large lots in that area behind Waterbean. Hopefully with the addition of more foot traffic it will improve that area. Those lots I was referring to between 10 Tryon and the light rail can be a little sketch at times. But N Tryon vision is a marathon not a sprint. This is the next big step after The Ellis. Looking forward to whoever makes the next big step.
  8. One of the coolest things I've been to was this Flymore Drone Race inside the old Savona Mill sippin on some Blue Blaze. http://argosadvisors.com/featured/flymore-drone-race-hosted-at-savona-mill/
  9. Logistics aside about condo building/financing/Covid ...I really think The Hawk in South end could have been an Extremely successful condo project. It’s a modest 71 unit tower and appears to be condo quality built (appliances, finishes, etc). People might not like the limited amenities but imo the location is the amenity.
  10. The Ellis needs another tall friend around First Ward park. Those top 7 levels or so at the Ellis look like they have some pretty cool floor layouts and views! That whole area in general is a long-term work in progress and First Ward park doesn't have the gravitational pull or vibe as Romare (yet)...but this project if a great start. What was the verdict on that Market St again? Pedestrians only or will it be open to cars as well? Ped only, that area has potential to be something special being right off the light rail and park.
  11. And we thought this WeWork sign was just slapped up there, brackets and all. Truist says I’ll see you and raise you lol. Sadly, makes this WeWork sign not look so bad.
  12. 30 mil is a lot. I hope he plays well. I will say this though...regardless of your thoughts on Ball and GH's contract...this is the most hype and publicity the hornets have received in years. I just hate attendance won't be in effect bc these first games would be sell outs! Expecting big things from our rising stars too, Graham, PJ, Miles. We'll see how everyone gels on the 12th (preseason).
  13. Nice aerials as always gman! I really wish developers would implement green roofs more. Like DEC and the project in Southend that’s slipped my mind. Could have been a really cool green space shared amongst Deloitte and BOA ppl. Those flat tops of garages and roofs like these get really grungy over time and will be an eyesore for many ppl on the lower levels of both towers overlooking that blank top.
  14. Looks like Johnson & Wales U on Trade St.
  15. GD! This makes the WeWork sign on the First Citizens tower over looking Romare look good...If you wanted to taunt a sign that obnoxious, you should have built your own tower, Truist...don't wreck the Hearst! I'm sure it will look okay at night with it's lighting scheme, but dayum...
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