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  1. In my dreams I envision Tryon our shopping district with apple, urbN out, hm, barnes n nob, etc. Rent this rent that...I mean I get it but I dont get it. Large cities- small cities, I've seen both kill our retail scene uptown. Many UPers dont like overstreet but if we're being real, that's the most shopping any one can do. Okay the ppl are inside and not outside wandering around, but why not make that into a decent shopping "mall". Stay open till 8 or 9. Entire stonewall strip has exited my hope of retail (food and beverage and nail salon this, hair that is what that corridor is turning into...blows my mind there are two nail salon esque businesses going into next to each other at Novel station retail), UP doesnt like the epicentre as a retail hub...queue the southend retail comments. Okay yes, that is going to have a lot of retail however if I'm a visitor to clt or any city, I want shopping close to my hotel downtown. Just my opinion. I dont want to take a train, lightrail ,metro etc. I want walking distance, not uber distance shopping. I don't buy the 277 isn't a barrier comments either to southend. I dont need the guccis, louis vs, mk, etc let southpark have that market. But by hey zeus, just want to buy some shi uptown other than asian fusion this, steak that, insert healthy food chain this. Okay rant over. Sincerely, crown royal.
  2. I sure hope that's a hint lol. Drove by LU 5 minutes ago and there's very cool lighting on the pedestrian bridge from the deck to BOAT. I always thought they could do what the CLT airport deck does with the Panthers blue against all that screening at LU garage and make it a little bit more tolerable at night time.
  3. I don't think this has been shared yet...an updated LU video: https://youtu.be/CR9Jt8s6BPo *Upload date is 2/19, so maybe not so new lol.
  4. It appears Kandy Bar at the Epicentre has closed (at least it shows vacant on their directory). Gold's Gym (36k sqft), Bubble, Enso are some of the big vacancies along with other smaller spots. I'm not saying Apple or Zara should come to the Epicentre, but I put those two type of stores in the "if you build it, they will come" category and can basically be placed anywhere within reason. I really think Ally Center and JW could really support some high-end stores there (if the spaces are large enough). I expect LU to be heavy on food n bev. Rest of Stonewall looks like Japanese bbq, d9 brewery/cafe, boutique hair salon (savoy), then a cookie shop so far at 550, then starbucks, fifth 3rd branch, boutique nail (cachet), lemon love novel station (a lot more places to fill as well though). I think retailers (soft goods) are skeptical to be the first and only retailer of their kind on the block. I think the Epicentre provides a platform for shops to feed off of each other and bring in foot traffic. I probably sound like a broken record and I know the Epi is not everyone's cup of tea, however, I truly think the owners of the Epicentre are strategically weeding out the tenants they don't want and grooming it patiently. I mean look at how long Enso has been vacant and that is a large and prominent spot. I think and hope the owners have a master-plan thought out and are just waiting to connect the dots when the time is right (yes, including a renovation/update). I dont know what they can do about rent prices to help attract tenants but it has the accessibility via light rail, the underground parking, and is the epitome of eat, work, play & hopefully someday shopping. The formula to the equation is there...who's going to solve it? Epicentre Directory by level: https://epicentrenc.com/directory/
  5. I didn't want to derail the Ally thread but Re: dog parks...who owns this giant piece of grassy land by the charlotte plaza building across from the hilton. This plot is massive and has got to be one of the largest, centrally located grassy/tree-y areas left uptown and I dont even think it's labelled a park or anything really. I've said this a long time ago in the romare thread when dog parks got brought up, but this plot is super underutilized and would be perfect for a dog park. Plenty of space to throw frisbees and run around. Until a developer builds a tower here, you aren't going to find an area that large and grassy and centrally located than this spot here.
  6. Nice Vue! That lot next to the Ascent is on my list of "can't believe it's not developed" yet list. Add in DEC2 and Honeywell...wow getting pretty dense! Re: colleges: I think the University of Charlotte will someday be a peer university to NC State.
  7. I appreciate what Phil has done here at the University, however, I'm excited about the future and taking this place to the next level. There has been a complete overhaul in the athletic department and is on the complete upswing. I want the new chancellor to be visionary and do what's best for the University and city of Charlotte (to up our game academically, marketing/branding, etc). Companies looking to relocate look at this stuff (future talent pool). It's a reciprocal relationship. The city needs to embrace this university to be the best it can be and vice versa.
  8. I would have placed it somewhere along 74, which I view as our car dealership district lol.
  9. When this site gets a crane, I think we need an UP meetup to celebrate lol. This project has been a roller coaster and has seen ups and many downs. To see a crane and it finally rise, will be special.
  10. Exactly, location of this is the biggest head scratcher to me..there are plenty of empty lots that would have been 10x better than this location. Rent will be too expensive to be located in a so-so (iffy) area. Like some have alluded, I don't see this rising anytime soon, if at all, however, if they insist being in that area, I'd prefer this spot:
  11. 32 stories would stick out like a sore thumb over there...I like it lol. Tbh, I always felt bad for those highend Garrison condos bc of the location. Isn't this proposed location near the milling factory?
  12. The above are def some popular unbuilts, however, what's that one condo highrise? Possibly located near where intercontinental is. The one with the car elevator that lifted it to your home. Farfetched at the time but still pretty awesome to think about. There were renderings out there but havent looked. IPAs are slowing the Google search process lol.
  13. Depending upon where that person lives on Stonewall, the future streetcar could be a viable option to Gateway Village.
  14. Residential have shorter ceiling heights than office towers, however, the VE-ed spires for the Vue would have def pushed it over the 600 footer club. Looks pretty badass imo.
  15. True, but headlines like this don't help the already damaged perception of CTC. I'll give it to Moxy though for betting on a potential gold mine of an area, however, this place needs that proposed revamp asap.
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