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  1. NJBlake

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Just to clarify, if a cities history doesn’t equate to the level of being part of the founding of the country, it’s history is unimportant?
  2. NJBlake

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    is the new artegon replacement already in trouble?
  3. NJBlake

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Anyone know what is going on with the in progress 7 Eleven at crescent station? I have seen no discernible progress in like a month . Also, Philly Connection is closed permanently :-(
  4. NJBlake

    Hourglass District

    Foxtail and Leguminati are in soft opening currently. looks awesome inside. They are calling it the Hourglass Social House and has a pseudo GB's Bottle shop vibe.
  5. NJBlake

    Hourglass District

    It is a bit frustrating, since there is hard data in there if you look hard enough that supports the aims of the study.
  6. NJBlake

    Hourglass District

    I can understand that. Every time I go there they are out of what i need and the interesting item that is on BOGO. They actively make it difficult for me to shop there.
  7. NJBlake

    Hourglass District

    I was chatting with AndyPok1 and It made me remember a solid pizza joint that, while out of the hourglass district by a ways, has spot on pizza and zeppoles. Pizzeria Roberti on Chickasaw Trail and Curry Ford. the guy is some chef from NY and they let the dough proof for like a whole day to get the flavors to really develop. on a side note, anyone see that we have a juice bike station now? (been a few weeks i know)
  8. NJBlake

    Hourglass District

    Don't bother with those when Italian house is right there and serves the most authentic "new york" style italian food in the area. That place does not get enough credit.
  9. NJBlake

    Hourglass District

    Man, this change is getting a LOT of heat on nextdoor and facebook. I hope they keep the project going long enough that everyone settles down and accepts the changes.
  10. NJBlake

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Probably this? http://bungalower.com/2015/09/16/old-southern-bank-building-is-getting-some-more-improvements/