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  1. drayrichmond

    Richmond Developments

    Great news for Jackson Ward and the city, this will make that stretch of 95/64 look much better and give much needed infill. Hopefully this keeps up and we will start to see developments like this creep across the interstate into Gilpin (and Gilpin Court will hopefully be leveled and replaced).
  2. drayrichmond

    New Richmond Arena

    Looks like negotiations are going well! Statement from the Mayors Office: "Negotiators for the city report consensus among the parties on Mayor Stoney’s key priorities" Full Release: https://rosscatrow.s3.amazonaws.com/kqpd3rCZvbbPuivp8Hwf.txt
  3. drayrichmond

    Richmond Developments

    I'm afraid that's not for Richmond, it will be in Alexandria, that must be a typo. Check out the news section for the developer. https://stonebridgecarras.com/news https://stonebridgecarras.com/sites/default/files/WS_StonebridgeCarras closes on key parcels for %24350M Hoffman Town.pdf
  4. drayrichmond

    Richmond Developments

    Unbelievable, this would have done so much for the canal district. Who want to play the guessing game on the new location? "Macfarlane said his team has identified another site “close to the river” that would be ideal for the project." Possibly across the canal from the original location, in the current parking lot? Or perhaps the pencil lot on 10th street? Let the wild speculation commence!
  5. drayrichmond

    Richmond off-topic postings

    I think if it lands around the DC area Richmond will definitely be affected. Half the reason CoStar moved to RVA is the cost of living/cost of doing business compared with NOVA. So, as rents go up in NOVA/DC/MD we could see more moves to RVA on that account. And it's more than just the DC area; Say hypothetically you are a company looking at a couple of cities to expand to/move to, your list includes RVA, Charlotte, and lets say Raleigh. Raleigh is on the the Amazon list, so it would be prudent to wait it out and see what Amazon does before you make your decision. You may want to be neighbors with Amazon and be part of the expansion that Amazon would bring; or you may not want that and want to find something cheaper and more stable. You might want to get in early to get a long term lease on office space while it's cheap, but that won't protect your employees from the increase their rents/property values and costs of living which is something your company needs to keep an eye on. I'm not saying this is only reason we've seen a slow down, just something to think about.
  6. drayrichmond

    Richmond off-topic postings

    I can't help but think, at least when it comes to non-industrial developments, Amazon has something to do with this. I might be very wrong because I'm not super familiar with other markets, but I wouldn't be surprised if anybody looking to make a big move is holding their breath until Amazon picks their new city. Just imagine if you picked a new city to expand an office to and find out Amazon moves next door increasing your rents 5-fold. Nobody wants that to happen to their company; I would bet that in the months after Amazon picks their HQ2 spot we'll see activity pick up again in the commercial and residential sector.
  7. drayrichmond

    New Richmond Arena

    So the RFP doesn't give a specific number or percentage that need to be affordable housing, just a "meaningful amount". Here is an excerpt from the RFP on housing: "3.9 Housing A. The Proposal should contain a meaningful housing component that responds to the full diversity of housing needs in Richmond, including residential home ownership. Specifically, the Proposal should outline how the Respondent plans to meet the needs of the full spectrum of Richmond residents with respect to housing. The City seeks Proposals that include current best practices for urban housing, such as a mix of 18 units targeting different income levels within a development and a variety of floorplans distributed throughout the Project targeting different income levels." Here is NHCorps response via their site: https://navyhillrva.com/voices-of-nh/2018/8/16/affordablehousing The latest details on the negotiations put the affordable housing component at just under 9%.
  8. drayrichmond

    Retail in Richmond

    Yeah it needs more staples. Just like in the city, high-end retail, like Stony Point, and niche independent shops, like the Broad Street or Carytown, are great and all, but at the end of the day I'm more likely to make a run to Target. These retail areas need these staples to get more people there.
  9. drayrichmond

    New Richmond Arena

    You've got to give them (Stoney) some credit for not rolling over to the corporate interests that so often steamroll cities and localities in order to build new stadiums/arenas. It's going to be a long road, but hopefully it will work out and be worth while for the city.
  10. drayrichmond

    RVA growth 1950 to today

    Ah good call, it's obvious now that you say it, but yeah it would probably affect property values
  11. drayrichmond

    RVA growth 1950 to today

    Well put Flaneur. Anybody think a merger with Henrico could ever happen in the future?
  12. drayrichmond

    Parks and Rec

    The 17th Street Market is finally starting to look like something
  13. Some close ups to better appreciate the height.
  14. drayrichmond

    Richmond off-topic postings

    hey it's just one more amenity for downtown living, though I think something like this would be a better fit for the canal area. The way I look at it, is that most of the entertainment options are outside the city limits really. There's no movie theater downtown, the only big one in the city is out on Boulevard. There was no bowling alley in the city until River City Roll moved in, again on Boulevard. We're getting arcades (barcades) moving into the city, another entertainment option. Point is, that most of the entertainment options like this left the city when everyone fled to the burbs, so it's a good sign seeing more stuff like this in the city.
  15. drayrichmond

    Richmond off-topic postings

    Not big news by any means, but I love me some mini golf, so I'm happy to see one coming to downtown!! https://richmondbizsense.com/2018/07/17/mini-golf-venue-planned-rehabbed-hotel-john-marshall-building/