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  1. drayrichmond

    Richmond off-topic postings

    hey it's just one more amenity for downtown living, though I think something like this would be a better fit for the canal area. The way I look at it, is that most of the entertainment options are outside the city limits really. There's no movie theater downtown, the only big one in the city is out on Boulevard. There was no bowling alley in the city until River City Roll moved in, again on Boulevard. We're getting arcades (barcades) moving into the city, another entertainment option. Point is, that most of the entertainment options like this left the city when everyone fled to the burbs, so it's a good sign seeing more stuff like this in the city.
  2. drayrichmond

    Richmond off-topic postings

    Not big news by any means, but I love me some mini golf, so I'm happy to see one coming to downtown!! https://richmondbizsense.com/2018/07/17/mini-golf-venue-planned-rehabbed-hotel-john-marshall-building/
  3. drayrichmond

    Tobacco Row Developments

    This is the old 13 story site. Heights been reduced with input from Church Hill, only five stories allowed at this location as the maximum height. The site across Pear Street is where the ~10 story condo building was to go, but was canceled because of lack of interest. I'm glad this has been revived in some way, we need to connect Shockoe with Rocketts through development. It would help make it a connected urban environment. Now if only we could somehow get the old gas works site and the old echo harbor site to be developed, it would really connect the two neighborhoods.
  4. drayrichmond

    Richmond Sports

    Yeah, I think we're just too close to DC to be seriously considered for any major league team. I'm actually kind of against major league franchises in RVA, we're just not big enough to put up a good fight/negotiation against the leagues (NFL, NBA, etc.), I think they'd walk all over us. HR has too large a transient population to really land anything IMO, a lot of their population comes from other markets and remain loyal to those teams. I'm all for minor league franchises though, they're much more affordable than a major league team (an NHL ticket can be a couple hundred bucks, but an AHL or ECHL ticket runs 20 bucks). This makes them much more accessible to RVA's population across economic lines.
  5. I've just realized we put this all in the wrong thread, anybody know how to/have the ability to move this stuff to the arena thread? That's a good question on the bond rating and how this may effect it. Let hope the Chicago firm does a good thorough job and the numbers add up.
  6. I think it's rather incredible that out of the 1.4 billion, only 300 mil is going to be from the TIF. Also love all the comments on facebook complaining about the mayor not using an RVA or VA firm to do this. I think we need an unbiased firm to work on this, same way you bring in a jury from out of district for high profile cases. If we picked a firm from RVA or VA they'd be complaining about conflicts of interest! And this is in no way going to be like the 6th street market place (I, of course, didn't live here in those days), cities have changed a lot since then. The old models of urban renewal were failures across the nation because of the timing and design. Cities were depopulating, people moving to the suburbs, and destroying the street grid in favor of empty plazas and parking garages just killed the city feel. This is quite the opposite.
  7. drayrichmond

    VCU Developments

    Awesome, thanks eandslee! Anybody know if they've started on the Engineering School expansion yet, at Cary and Belvidere?
  8. So happy that plaza will be history! So some quick math, since the designs are basically the same the new tower should come out to be ~340ft tall, while the current One James River Plazas stands at about ~300ft. Curious as to what Dominion is thinking when they say this: "Pridgen said Dominion will begin evaluating options for its other properties in the surrounding central business district, including its 20-story tower at 705 E. Main St., three buildings at 120 Tredegar St. and two buildings on Grayland Avenue."
  9. drayrichmond

    Richmond Developments

    Yeah we seem to landing industrial gigs lefts and right, which is great. But I'm ready to land a big fish for downtown.
  10. drayrichmond

    New Richmond Arena

    I just want to give a shout out to my brain that took this long to figure out the NH in NH Corp probably stands for Navy Hill....
  11. drayrichmond

    New Richmond Arena

    Another thing to harp on too, is that the current Coliseum costs the city about 1 million a year, that's a million bucks that could go to something else.
  12. drayrichmond

    New Richmond Arena

    While that is a valid argument, 7.7 million in annual taxes toward city services will be great, the argument can also be made that this in turn will help schools more. The school system needs more than money, many of our students, especially here on the east end, live in poverty and the projects. These communities need more than state of the art schools, they need jobs and security, they need better public transit (see GRTC transfer center). I'm not saying I'd rather have this than brand new schools across the city, but I think this would help the bigger picture. Either way, let's hope this happens with or without the TIF on Dominions new tower.
  13. drayrichmond

    New Richmond Arena

    That's the problem, I'm afraid most people won't quite understand that, and automatically jump to thinking it's a huge tax break for Dominion. NH Corp and the City need to work over time to really get that message out there that the money would be used for the project, not go back in to Dominion coffers. Lets also keep in mind, and I think they need to harp on this too, that the economic ripple effect from a project this size should be quite noticeable. Quick example: A larger hotel and new arena should attract larger/more conventions which in turn means more people flying to RIC or taking the train to Main Street Station, renting cars, getting hotel rooms, eating out, etc... That alone will give a big a boost to city income and growth.
  14. drayrichmond

    New Richmond Arena

    I think having the new Dom tower included in the TIF is a fair trade for what they're trying to do. If it is reduced any then I'll change my tune. They're essentially rebuilding an entire neighborhood and street grid, I think I can let them have the tower in the TIF to pay for it. They're paying the taxes either way, the TIF just dedicates it to the project. Yeah, the lower income housing was much lower than expected, they need to get that number up somehow. My main concern is getting this past city council. If one things kills this outright it will be city council. Call your councilors!!
  15. drayrichmond

    New Richmond Arena

    RTD articles! For those interested in the development details: https://www.richmond.com/news/plus/documents-offer-window-into-stoney-administration-s-negotiations-on-billion/article_a69bddd0-b093-56a5-be5f-3c46bbc0e9b5.html For those interested in the financial details: https://www.richmond.com/news/plus/coliseum-redevelopment-group-led-by-dominion-energy-ceo-wants-city/article_c8e62505-2a29-538a-b7c2-0c1b1ca0d648.html