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  1. Urban Mail  Carrier


    https://bungalower.com/2018/10/10/packing-district-updates-more-more-more/ I realize that the packing district is old news. Exciting! But I wonder from all of this new construction in the near future, if there is any plans or considerations to accommodate the proposed OBX train station at college park.
  2. Urban Mail  Carrier

    Metro Orlando Headlines

    I would guess where ppl go to work. In this case either Tampa or Orlando. My guess would be Tampa.
  3. Urban Mail  Carrier

    Orlando Transit

    Ahhh yes the fire station.
  4. Urban Mail  Carrier

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Appreciate that it’s one of Orlando’s few remaining oldies. Still an ugly sight line. I’m not one for keeping old buildings for the sake of it , unless something historical occurred or something unique architecturally can be pointed out.
  5. Urban Mail  Carrier

    Union West at CV| Creative Village | 15 Stories

    How tall is that building going to be?
  6. Urban Mail  Carrier

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I don’t like the building on the far left by the railroad tracks, the way it obscures the pedestal and stairs of the pedestrian bridge. To me at least it’s not aesthetically pleasing. Not a good sight line.
  7. And I’m really a Mail carrier. Won’t say where. Some detective work for that.
  8. She may come around if the Orange County school district is shown to save money.
  9. Maybe even pay Sunrail a bit extra. When in High school up in Philly, the school district provided tokens at a discount price to ride SEPTA to school.
  10. Urban Mail  Carrier

    Vertical Medical City | 40-Story Medical High Rise [Proposed]

    Maybe to appease the FAA or to improve their odds of getting approval.
  11. Urban Mail  Carrier

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I've been part of this forum for about 3 years and many ppl have advocated for a market concept. It's about time a developer is finally listening.
  12. Urban Mail  Carrier

    Metro Orlando Headlines

    That’s crazy. Makes no sense! Lakeland is closer to Tampa Downtown then Orlando Downtown.
  13. Urban Mail  Carrier

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Olive Garden. What a bad idea!
  14. Urban Mail  Carrier

    Metro Orlando Airport News

    I know we are just speculating but I don’t see a spur connecting to downtown Deland from a Sunrail line on 415 especially since one already exists on the original Sunrail line. It would probably be better to connect the DAB stationand it’s immediate area to the Downtown Deland station via Votran. In part the reason a Sunrail line on 415 seems feasible to me is because of the inexpensive land in that part of Seminole and Volusia counties. The Orlando Melbourne International airport can probably be connected with a dedicated bus route from MLB to a hypothetical Sunrail St Cloud station. Which then goes on to Lake Nona Station and then on to MCO.
  15. Urban Mail  Carrier

    Metro Orlando Airport News

    Don’t remember where I read this, but it has been predicted that Orlando will make it to 100 million visitors by 2030 or 2045. I wonder if they foresee SFB and Daytona International handling some of this traffic. It seems to me that , at least from my laman knowledge, that connecting the 3 airports makes sense. There may not enough traffic at this moment but in the not so distant future we will be busting at the seams.