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  1. I’ll consider Lake Nona great when SUNRAIL opens an official train station at the town center.
  2. Unfortunately I’m working and I don’t have the time to document in length for you the sources. But since u do have the time I’ll just make the suggestion. I’ve been following Sunrail since it’s birth and believe it hasn’t been Leftists that have tried to kill it. Paula Dockery, and Rick Scott are names that come to mind. Ok lunch is over back to work!!
  3. That comment makes NO SENSE! I suggest u do more reading. Do u have any idea how many times conservative state governments have tried to torpedo SUNRAIL.
  4. We should know by September the future of Sunrails EAST-WEST line and most importantly the connection to MCO.
  5. I’m sure transportation will be provided to that area once a comprehensive mass transit system is funded and organized.
  6. Hence a train station in UCF would be wildly popular. The ridership numbers would certainly increase.
  7. Then surely it’s a line that OUC May be looking to sell or at least rent. It’s very valuable!! Driving through Lake Nona the other day I was able to see for myself how close it is from Amazon and Medical City. It’s almost to good to be true. Amazon plans to expand and Disney “may “ be moving some of its corporate offices to the Lake Nona town center which is directly across the street from the Medical City. The planets are aligning....
  8. These tracks lead directly to the Stanton Energy power Plant and they guide OUC coal laden trains. OUC have already leased part of the tracks to BRIGHTLINE. Thus I’m certain they will be just as receptive in allowing SUNRAIL use the tracks in an eventual expansion.
  9. Fingers crossed that the referendum passes. What are the other counties proposing to help fund transportation?? Like I said Osceola failed on their referendum any chance they may reintroduce another?
  10. A tax referendum in 2022 is risky.. Tax referendums are more inclined to pass during presidential elections. Osceola presented a tax referendum during a midterm election and it failed.
  11. That’s excellent news. Gives Demings more time to identify a funding source. The only negative that I can see is that the MCO train station and connection will be completed before those 3 years. FDOT didn’t exactly want to fund extended hours, increased frequency and weekend service, something a connection to MCO will need.
  12. What’s interesting is that the railroad tracks are about 1/2 mile or less away. These tracks connect directly to the Sunrail North and south line. If planned correctly a stop can be placed at the Amazon site and another at Medical City.
  13. This could mean an expansion of the Winter Park Downtown.
  14. What a YUGE difference from the actual library.
  15. Well I agree with Uncommon that speculation on potential routes are only pipe dreams only until we know for certain how much money a dedicated fund will generate. Like shopping for a house without knowing how much the bank will lend u.
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