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  1. Urban Mail  Carrier

    The Brightline

    Unless Sunrail gets access to the tracks to international drive and attractions. That for sure would be a separate line. Hence that line would most likely run often. Commuters would transfer at meadowwoods.
  2. Urban Mail  Carrier

    The Brightline

    I know that’s why I said I’m heartened of that very fact.
  3. Urban Mail  Carrier

    The Brightline

    Im heartened to see that our officials are doing their job. Brightline can reach a deal with Sunrail very much like with they did with Trirail. Although I would much rather see Sunrail get access to these tracks as opposed to seeing Brightline ferrying our commuters back and forth from Meadow woods to MCO.
  4. Urban Mail  Carrier

    The Brightline

    So are they suggesting to operate the local Orlando stops or will Sunrail be allowed to run up and down the corridor?
  5. Urban Mail  Carrier

    The Brightline

    This Brightline extension is such a tease. It’s looking evermore like another wasted opportunity.
  6. Urban Mail  Carrier

    The Brightline

    Well I know that Trirail is getting ready to use BL tracks once they stop at Miami Grand Central next year. If accommodations can be worked out between them, then certainly we can make some type of arrangement. Come on Orlando leaders don’t fall asleep at the wheel. At this point it’s just a proposal that we can improve on. The stations haven’t been built yet. I’m sure something can be designed to accommodate both trains.
  7. Urban Mail  Carrier

    The Brightline

    Hopefully the plan is to just let Sunrail use the line from Meadow woods to MCO and to use the line further down near Celebration. Sunrail perhaps could have another dedicated line. Sunrail can maybe even have use to the BL line past the airport going eastbound. This could be a way to get to UCF main .
  8. Urban Mail  Carrier

    Loch Haven/Ivanhoe Village/FL Hospital

    What is planned in its place?
  9. Urban Mail  Carrier

    Orlando Museum of Art Downtown property?

    Absolutely nothing. I emailed the editor of Bugalower and he said nothing but rumors. He refused to elaborate.
  10. Urban Mail  Carrier


    https://bungalower.com/2018/10/10/packing-district-updates-more-more-more/ I realize that the packing district is old news. Exciting! But I wonder from all of this new construction in the near future, if there is any plans or considerations to accommodate the proposed OBX train station at college park.
  11. Urban Mail  Carrier

    Metro Orlando Headlines

    I would guess where ppl go to work. In this case either Tampa or Orlando. My guess would be Tampa.
  12. Urban Mail  Carrier

    Orlando Transit

    Ahhh yes the fire station.
  13. Urban Mail  Carrier

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Appreciate that it’s one of Orlando’s few remaining oldies. Still an ugly sight line. I’m not one for keeping old buildings for the sake of it , unless something historical occurred or something unique architecturally can be pointed out.
  14. Urban Mail  Carrier

    Union West at CV| Creative Village | 15 Stories

    How tall is that building going to be?
  15. Urban Mail  Carrier

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I don’t like the building on the far left by the railroad tracks, the way it obscures the pedestal and stairs of the pedestrian bridge. To me at least it’s not aesthetically pleasing. Not a good sight line.