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  1. The only perk of the air going out today was to gain rooftop access to take these pictures
  2. Air went out today, but was able to gain rooftop access in order to take this shot
  3. City Lights has been renovated and is now called SkyBar by David Burke. I was invited to the grand opening and got some pretty good views of Uptown from there. If you zoom in on the left side you can see all the towers coming up in Southend.
  4. Right?! I love the impact it has on the view getting off 277 at Church between Skyhouse 1 & 2. It makes the skyline feel more dense on this side of town. Can’t wait for Intercontinental to start rising too! I have one the best views to show progress on it (even though it will block half of Truist)
  5. Loving the color combos between the two buildings.
  6. At least the weather has been perfect since the shutdowns.
  7. Nice Christmas sunset. Happy Holidays everyone.
  8. This building is looking pretty cool with the angles.
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