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  1. So any announcements this year? December has been very quiet and time is running out for any announcement to be made. Vanguard? Wells?
  2. ? We have service to Barcelona. Tel Aviv and Amsterdam would be great though!
  3. I second this, or Real Charlotte FC. I just do not want it to be another Carolina name tbh, especially if the city puts $100m+.
  4. The plan I heard a while back was to use A a bit like B and have departures to Europe from the A gates and at some point INTL arrivals were planned for A too.
  5. Did CK also develop DEC? DECN renderings were quite stingy too IIRC. The only reason I can think of is that it was mentioned the design wasn't finalised when they announced the building ?
  6. The slot pair was going to be CLT, it was supposed to be the third daily London that I have insinuated to in the past. Though my guess is that they're using the pair for BOS, as there is no space for another A330 in the summer. I hope we see some seasonal service window extensions though. We desperately need more INTL gates and FIS space, when we get those we'll get a third London and more Euro.
  7. I've been thinking about this as an aviation geek and I think this makes S. America routes from CLT again more likely: AA has lost a connecting partner and now can't put people on to LATAM flights so loses out on the connections from the states that LATAM offered, so AA would probably want somewhere to send connecting passengers through: CLT offers this and the fact that it would be cheap considering our cost of operating from our airport. AA will probably beef up Miami flights but I potentially see winter seasonal service from CLT: we have the A330 slack in the winter, the A330s would operate over night leaving them to operate Caribbean flights during the day, we'd be cheap to send connecting passengers through. CLT could offer AA a nice S. American capacity boost during the high season.
  8. Would be nice to see S. America routes from CLT again.
  9. Yes of course but we can’t confirm that/I haven’t seen anything that confirms that.
  10. I can’t find anything to suggest that the city is planning to tear down Hawthorne again, (to me) it appears that it’s just a thought/rumour here on UP. Bridges can last for years, up to 70 years or more, so the city shouldn’t be that incompetent.
  11. Even without the screening, you can clearly see how much the elevator shaft will stick out by- it’s obvious. But I’ll take your word for it, I’ll reserve full judgement for when it’s screened.
  12. I second that, it seriously looks like a design flaw or an oversight. Someone, I think RDF, said it would be less noticeable than the chillers on 300ST but I digress, it's a lot more obvious. I hope Crescent and Little does read this thread and realise how much they messed up.
  13. Maybe a second tower for their innovation center?
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