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  1. Any word on a tenant? You'd be pretty crazy to build a 40+ floor spec office tower in this environment.
  2. Absolutely unacceptable. What a joke!
  3. I would just like decent headways again and trains that actually move fast, it is not acceptable for a trip from NoDa to South End to take in excess of 40 minutes when you have to wait for the next train. I just got back from Minneapolis and their system was 1000x better even though they have just 2 lines totaling just 21 miles (just 2 miles more than us): 8-10 mins between trains, drivers that know how to/are allowed to accelerate, doors that open quickly and short stops at stations (the latter two seem silly but it was noticeable).
  4. ^As much as I would love to see WF HQ'd here, their center of power has seemed to gravitate to NYC over recent years and I would expect Hudson Yards to be the HQ if WF ever left San Fran. CLT2014 posted something at the same time as me that sums it up exactly!
  5. What's triste about this? The mill is being renovated rather than sitting unused
  6. One thing I did not realize until I got up to the tower today is just how opaque the windows are, they really are like mirrors.
  7. From the Biz Journal: CEO Kelly King on the next steps for Truist's rise to prominence in Charlotte https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2020/12/29/kelly-king-truist-financial-next-steps-for-2021.html?cx_testId=40&cx_testVariant=cx_23&cx_artPos=7#cxrecs What about the technology and innovation hub here? It’s underway. It’s under construction right down below me. ... I sent out a note to our construction/real estate guy to get an idea about when it’s expected to open. He won’t let me nail this down, so I’m going to say late summer, early fall. It’s going to be aweso
  8. 2009 (or 2010 but I seem to remember it starting before Rio de Janeiro, which as Dec 09) on a 767-200, it regularly had to stop in Phoenix or Los Angeles to refuel. It only lasted one season before being canned.
  9. I haven’t seen any photos on here of the ground level branding:
  10. Have Truist already dialed back the light scheme? What about the strip of light down the building?
  11. From Twitter: http://twitter.com/JBrooks02/status/1336081810296598531
  12. Between this and the new lighting scheme, Duke is rubbing their hands togethers menacingly....
  13. I was holding out criticism until I saw the signs but holy crap they f’ed up big time, what the hell is that MDF board crap?? Edit: was it just me or were you guys expecting just the letters/logo to be put up and not the logo on some board? And the placement/sizing of the signs is hideous.
  14. Wachovia 2.0.... If a deal were to come about, I wonder where the HQ would end up.
  15. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2020/09/18/market-share-annual-data-from-fdic-2020.html Wells Fargo is no longer the 2nd largest bank by market share in Charlotte, Truist overtook them. It also seems like Bank of America took quite a large hit, as I seem to remember BAC holding a 79% market share that is now 59%.
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