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  1. I was holding out criticism until I saw the signs but holy crap they f’ed up big time, what the hell is that MDF board crap?? Edit: was it just me or were you guys expecting just the letters/logo to be put up and not the logo on some board? And the placement/sizing of the signs is hideous.
  2. Wachovia 2.0.... If a deal were to come about, I wonder where the HQ would end up.
  3. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2020/09/18/market-share-annual-data-from-fdic-2020.html Wells Fargo is no longer the 2nd largest bank by market share in Charlotte, Truist overtook them. It also seems like Bank of America took quite a large hit, as I seem to remember BAC holding a 79% market share that is now 59%.
  4. I’m satisfied with Ally because of the higher interest rates, I’ve earned more in interest this year than I ever earned on my Wachovia/Wells Fargo Way2Save. And you would love my building society (credit union) back in the UK! When I moved my savings to them (Nationwide) in 2019, they gave me a passbook! Like this one: In 2019!!
  5. Out of shear curiosity KJHburg, why do you bank at 3 different institutions? I bank at only two, WF and Ally, and I'd much prefer to keep everything under one roof if I could.
  6. That's actually a great idea! Maybe even go up to 36th and connect Plaza to Noda.
  7. I think there should be the full 10 mile buildout but separate the line into two. Have each line terminate at Gateway or the CTC. Signal priority and dedicated lanes where possible. Separate lanes at the end of the lines would be good, imagine trying to go along Central in traffic.
  8. He has really gone off the deep end recently.... drunk the Trump tantrum kool-aid.
  9. Get ready for some great photos of construction from yours truly! I'm happy to see the mill resued, I would like to see a bloody grocery store in NoDa though!!
  10. It is unique to Charlotte, a rarity when so many historic buildings have been torn down. It adds character and authenticity to our city.
  11. As someone trying to decide between a job offer with Wells Fargo and another company, the whole re-rog and hiring freeze is really filling me with dread and making my decision almost impossible.
  12. A family friend of mine was hit on South Blvd this time last year and was flung 30ft down the road. She was crossing at an intersection with a walk signal when a speeding driver turned and hit her. She should have died. South Blvd is incredibly dangerous and if it wasn't an arterial road then it should go on a diet.
  13. I’m going to call it right now, Wells Fargo will move their headquarters out of San Francisco to reduce costs. I can’t imagine it’ll be to New York so either us or Minneapolis. I’d guess Charlotte. Wells Fargo’s recent shuffle includes the Duke Energy Center: with WF taking up more space in DEC and Duke’s new tower, it would not surprise me in the least to see DEC renamed Wells Fargo Corporate Center. You’ve got at least 4 buildings Uptown (2WFC, 3WFC, DEC and 300 Brevard), the CIC, and Ballantyne. Plenty of space for all the support workers.
  14. https://dribbble.com/shots/13875033-Queen-City-FC-Concept#shot-description I found this concept and I must say that I very much prefer it. It could even have 'CHARLOTTE' written where the 'C' is.
  15. And here it is: Michael Truhe was very close!
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