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  1. Raildude's dad

    New projects in Monroe North

    This old man skated at the rink on the tennis courts (long gone) at Kent Hills School. You know, sometimes I think those days were not so bad. My buddies and I didn't even think about smoking. (Although there were guys like you at the Kent Hills rink). And then there was black and white tv's with stations that went off the air at midnight.
  2. Raildude's dad

    The Grand River?! You mean GR has a River?

    I think "De Rivier Ruikt Vies" has a nice ring to it
  3. Raildude's dad

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    X2X3X4. What makes these folks think this will work here when Ann Arbor can't get the WALLY going or an AA-Detroit commuter train going with a much more dense population corridor?
  4. Raildude's dad

    Amazon looking to build in GR metro

    I saw the site plan some time ago and there was an area that had soil modification called for. I don't think fill was imported, the east side was higher than the west side and it appeared they balanced the site into a big flat spot.
  5. Raildude's dad

    Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    I was around too, just not old enough to get out that way. But I have access to the road records that show 44th, 36th and Patterson were gravel roads until the airport was under construction. You have to keep in mind the I-96 traffic count beyond Whitneyville when it opened was 2500 cars / day, today, 51,535. I can remember when 2 motels and the Kent ISD office were the only buildings at 28th and EBL/Broadmoor. 28th from Division to I-96 was a 2 lane gravel road in 1957 widened in 1964 IIRC. The airport orientation made sense to have the terminal between the 2 E-W main runways. As Walker pointed out there 44th curved into Kraft with the terminal on the curve. I talked to an acquaintance at GRFIA. He says access to 36th Street is not on any long range plan but that doesn't mean it couldn't added. If you look at land ownership, they control / own all the land from the terminal to the interchange except for the RR ROW. The RR will allow a bridge over or more practical a RR bridge over the highway. The land at the interchange is available for development but the land can only be leased, not purchased. The control tower is in very good shape, the equipment up graded etc. The driver for a new tower is the next parking hi-rise facility which will block the tower's view of the entire airfield. The existing tower will be too short.
  6. Raildude's dad

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    I suspect that to be the case. Why they don't note that?????????????????? I posted the numbers to show that as many people get on in Holland as GR. Put 1/2 on a train to Kazoo and 1/2 on a train to Chicago and you will more than double the subsidy required by Amtrak from MDOT. Plus, GDLK isn't going to upgrade the track for free.
  7. Raildude's dad

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    More people get on in Holland than GR. Will they ride from Holland to GR to Kazoo?
  8. Raildude's dad

    Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    It's not going to happen. I heard a presentation by the Airport Facilities Engineer on this plan a month ago and the subject came up. Technically it's feasible but the grades are a challenge. From a homeland security perspective, the tunnel under a live runway is a problem.
  9. Raildude's dad

    Studio Park - $140 Million Celebration Cinema/mixed use project

    This is not a good time to build IMHO. The City of GR / Founders bio-digester came in 45% over estimate. I know of another 2 story office building to be built by a company bursting at the seams with staff. The project is on hold after coming in 40% over the architects guess. I wouldn't build a building now and pay a premium w/o committed tenants.
  10. Raildude's dad

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    This is from the Environmental Assessment for the proposed improvements in the corridor.
  11. Raildude's dad

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    The eb ramp to M-21 splits, to the left to go east and right to go west. Yes it's signed.
  12. Raildude's dad

    The Grand River?! You mean GR has a River?

    From the Riverfront Trail to the Riverside Park Trail requires a user to utilize Monroe from Leonard to Ann, then west to the river. Follow the Riverside Park trail to North Park St then west to US 131. North is the White Pine Trail . The North County trail uses the WP from Rockford to Cedar Springs. Back to Ann St. Go west on Ann and follow the signs to the Seward Connector which gets you to Kent Trails and Millennium Park. I think they are connected already
  13. Raildude's dad

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    I have heard that the Federal Highway Administration had given guidance that testing the air entrainment did not need to be tested twice. However, I have been unable to confirm that. I've been in this business for 46 years, it always has been tested twice , once at the plant and again at placement by the owner or owner's representative. The contractor puts in the amount of entrainment additive called for in the owner's specification. . EastownLeo is right on. The air content goes down the longer the mixer is turning in transit. As the content goes down, the tester at placement lets the plant know the air content on site and to increase the amount of additive. The M-6 cores show the amount of entrained air decreases the further away from 68th and Clay, the batch plant. Entrained air is the protection against freeze thaw damage. The saw cut joints let water in, the reduced air allowed the damage to occur. I can state for a fact, the air entrainment was checked at the plant and placement on the 36th St extension. I have attached a good document to read to learn more about entrained air in pavements. You only need to read the first 30 pages. The rest are very boring charts. https://www.nap.edu/download/23165# As for the flex lane. US 23 does not come close to meeting today's design standards. So adding the 3rd lane =$400 million. MDOT requested the FHWA approve adding the flex lane. FHWA approved it by requiring a speed of no more than 60 mph when it's in use. So MDOT has the two lanes off peak hours at normal speed limit, the speed limit drops to 60 when all 3 are open. Inbox x
  14. Raildude's dad

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    If I can get more time, I will share my insight into the state highway system / issues. This is not true. The contractor used the materials specified by MDOT and did it under full time MDOT inspection. The very same contractor constructed the 36th St extension at the same time using the same materials and specifications. See any bad joints there? Not a one. The same highway authority (Road Commission) maintains both roads so don't tell me they are maintained different. MDOT specifies the materials, mix designs and the methods of construction. Shame on MDOT if the product isn't top notch. However, no pavement is good for life. The road authority has to maintain it and eventually will need to do some heavy duty repairs.
  15. Raildude's dad

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    That's a good question, I'll see if I can get an answer.