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  1. If you want to see what can be done with a barrel roofed building, go to the Road Commission offices on Scribner. Their atrium is 1/2 of a barrel roofed building incorporated into the 1987 remodeling. The new roof is all skylight above the old trusses painted a soft yellow beige, very nice looking IMHO.
  2. Raildude's dad

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    It is getting the 4th lane, M-21 to the split, 3 lanes from the split to Fuller WB I hope so, I'll check with my daughter - she's designing the roadwork for the project(s) No to redoing Maryland. Daughter and SIL returned from AK this morning. I drove thru there when I picked them up at the airport. All the Michigan State flowers (orange barrel's) have been planted, the temporary widening is almost done, so, let the fun begin
  3. Raildude's dad

    East Beltline Developments

    The other development was at 3 Mile where Spectrum is. Name is Benner, bad news guy :(, All talk.
  4. Raildude's dad

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    The south side will be given a breakdown shoulder as will the north side. That is the widening. Still will only be 2 thru lanes.
  5. Raildude's dad

    Amazon looking to build in GR metro

    Not going to happen. Adding an interchange is very difficult. Look at how long it took to get the 36th / I-96 in place. And how long it's taking to make M-21 / I-96 a full interchange.
  6. Mr Steak owned by Sheldes. Took our first child (daughter) to the one on Alpine when she was just a few weeks old, put her in her car seat in a booth . That was our Friday night outing for some time. She's now 36 years old. Good memories.
  7. Raildude's dad

    Amazon looking to build in GR metro

    There are going to be intersection improvements at 68th and Paterson, 60th and Broadmoor (dual right) but that is about it. MDOT is so focused on their dashboard of road condition (Pavement condition - no cracks) that they are ignoring capapicuty / congestion issues. I suspect it will be like any other distribution center. All trucks will scheduled in and out. Miss your appointment -too bad. The real elephant coming into the room is all the adjacent vacant land. When it gets developed there will be lots more traffic.
  8. Raildude's dad

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    Here's the scoop right from an engineer working on the project. Adding a lane WB from the bridge over the RR all the way to the 3 lane at Fuller. There will be 3 lanes for I-196 and 2 lanes for I-96 at the split. No 3rd lane EB from Fuller but there will be 2 lanes to merge into EB I-96.
  9. Raildude's dad

    Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    I finally found the time to look in the archives. The north runway was a 4000 foot asphalt runway in 1974. Today it's a 5000 foot concrete runway. As I said, the roadway was cut off in the late 60's. The runway has been there 44 years. You says thousands go from the airport to downtown every day. I would question that. The airport offered a shuttle to and from downtown and it was discontinued for lack of patronage. My wife is a very out going individual, she will strike up a conversation with the person(s) next to her on the plane. My anecdotal experience is downtown isn't where the majority of passengers are going to and from the airport.
  10. Raildude's dad

    What are Grand Rapids' best assets?

    My daughter works for the largest AE company in the US and thus interacts with offices around the country. It's not unusual for her co-workers in distant offices to think GR is a suburb of Detroit and the associated negative things. I've always said how Detroit is viewed so is GR and the State of Michigan., therefore we need to be supportive of any effort to make Detroit great again.
  11. Raildude's dad

    Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    This ship sailed years ago, like the late 60's. The 36th St exit is supposed to offer the chance for a 2nd entrance but the road needs to go under the railroad and the runway. Look to the north the next time you leave the airport and look how much lower the north runway is than the terminal area. Can it be done?, yes but it will be expensive. One can avoid 28th and 96 right now by using the 36th St interchange.
  12. Raildude's dad

    Suburban Projects

    No sewer or municipal water out by the interchange. It will have to come from Lowell. It's an expensive proposition. 1 hour ago
  13. Raildude's dad

    New projects on the West Side

    City of Walker
  14. Raildude's dad

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    We drove down Woodward Ave yesterday late afternoon to see the Q-line. The sidewalks were full of people and theres lots of new building and redevelopent going on along the route. My daughter (who was with us) worked on some of the site civil for the Q said it is like night and day, the before and now.
  15. Raildude's dad

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    It's not buckling, the joints are deteriorating. The black stuff is called mastic and is an a tempt to seal the joints to keep the water out during the winter freeze thaw cycles.