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  1. Barrier wall to protect? Some safety guy out of control???? What going to protect the pedestrians when it's completed.
  2. Most likely the gas company doing some renewal work before a road project. They can't really pour concrete this time of year so they put in temporary with asphalt, It will be removed and concrete laid this summer. That was done on a couple stretches of Leonard Street in the past. Might be telephone also. If the contractor is Miller, it's for the gas company.
  3. Not to beat this to death but the roof photos show evidence of ponding. Yes the charts show that capacity for 6x6's untreated and for a stated timber grade. Is that grade available at Menards? Fortunately timber values are very conservative due to the variability in trees. Any building with that much distress in a wall has serious issues. I personally would not be working in that building as is shown in the photos.
  4. I'm tending to agree with GRDof3 on this one. Pressure treating a timber introduces water into the wood reducing it's strength properties. If I was working there I would want an engineered backup support system in case my jacking timber failed. As soon as one starts jacking, the load is 100% on 1 post. That cuts your looked up capacity in half. I see icicles. How much water has been added to the second story. One cannot be too safe in this type of situation. I'm not sure the floor joist system in the front portion matches the section that's visible in the rear. The ceiling in the front is above the bottom of the rear joists. I hope all involved have done their due diligence and calculations for those that are working under the second floor.
  5. Just to add to the Toronto experience. Toronto is where traveling 15 miles on a 12 lane freeway, 6 in each direction, 3 express and 3 local lanes which move the same speed, takes 45 minutes to an hour. 15 miles here at "rush hour" might take 20 minutes vs 15 minutes during off hours. We're a long time away from where a commuter system will be beneficial.
  6. I don't disagree with your observations because you apparently got a lot closer than I was willing to. However, since the steel post was sinking and allowing the girder to drop, the east wall then became a load bearing wall. There was no need to remove it to jack the girder back up. I had a floor joist settle in my house causing distress in the wall between the half bath and master bedroom. I didn't have to remove the drywall and studs to jack it up and install an additional support in the basement. I jacked it nice and slow, closed up the crack so nice i didn't even need to repaint the wall . I am still of the opinion that removing the wall seriously compromised the structural integrity of the building.
  7. "but when I leave work I'm like Fred Flintstone flying off the dinosaur. I want to get home.I think I'd have a hard time adding another 30 minutes to my commute in wait time" And that sums up the topic / issue at hand very well. A couple years ago my wife, my daughter and some of her friends commuted for several days on the subway in Toronto from a friends home 30 minutes to downtown. My wife being the outgoing person she is, struck up a conversation with the people sitting next to her. This is a way of life for them commuting 30-50 minutes each way on the train to work everyday. Without that mindset, close and adequate parking downtown is required for businesses to locate there. If it's not available, it's out to the burbs for them.
  8. The "damage" is due to the DEconstruction of the east wall. It appears the contractor and that's a loose use of the word removed all the studs from what was a load bearing wall. I really don't know what is keeping the east half up. I could see a few interior columns but it sure looks like the east wall was load bearing.
  9. A spin off of the commuter line we talked about years ago. Drop them off at the Dash Lot at GVSU, Seward and Lake Michigan for the final delivery / pickup. It will take more than 3-4 buses for 10 minute service. I'm guessing 30-45 minute round trip. 5th/3rd West River to Turner, avoids US 131, Calvary I-196 to Ottawa to Pearl to Lake Michigan,. Could do an express to Spectrum / Medical Mile. Grandville, I-196 to Lake Michigan, bad weather alternate is Chicago Dr to Grandville Ave.
  10. This is what it looked like about noon today. I tried to see thru the door, that's all that you can see thru. I didn't want to get too close. It looks like there are a few columns inside but nothing along the exterior wall. At least the sidewalk is blocked off. I'm not sure the purpose of the scaffolding at this point.
  11. Those "ponds" are old gravel pits. All the ponds you see from I-196 from Grandville to Market are old gravel pits. There's lots of gravel still in the ground in the Grandville and Wyoming Park areas.
  12. IMHO the sidewalk, parking lane, and that alley need to be barricaded ASAP. That column is so overloaded I don't know what keeps the 2nd floor up. I wouldn't want to be a worker working on shoring it up. Someone walking by when it decides to collapse could be seriously injured or worse.
  13. I'm surprised the city doesn't have 745 Wealthy cordoned off. That white corner post has a lot of extra weight on it. Anybody call the building dept?
  14. Much more expensive for those 2. http://grcity.us/enterprise-services/Parking-Services/Documents/grparkingratesCHART.pdf
  15. I've been seeing some of the pieces going north on 131 I'm assuming back to Erickson's yard on 3 Mile Raod. He's got pieces for several of them there.