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  1. I'm out, I'll be in FL. Can we move back a week?
  2. Nice job:) Etna now is on Clay north of 54th in the former Leon Plastics building, Here's the owner info for Union
  3. I'm afraid not, loads must be covered on any public street or road. That's not to say they might be violating but with electric tarps it's not worth chancing a ticket. I'd say it's an old building with a newer addition that they appear to be removing, maybe for an expansion. I've done the Kent County Parcel Viewer looking for such a building with out luck. The pit Mar-Jo owns on Wilson is a sand pit. No gravel there. They also do trucking for hire. Excerpt from the Motor vehicle Code
  4. Mar-Jo Trucking trucks hauling sand. The trucks are not tarped so I doubt it's a public street. They would get tickets for untarped loads. It's a short haul since no 2nd trailer. Old factory since nothing new would have masonry / brick walls.
  5. GRD3 used to organize visits to some of the local projects, the Anheuser - Busch building, the old Y, etc. A bunch of us would show up:)
  6. A couple comments: 1 The widening of I-196 from the Beltline to Fuller wasn't even on the docket until the infusion of the increased funding a couple years ago. The project was added with the new money. The design is being completed and should be bid later this year. 2 - The design of the M-37 widening was just assigned by MDOT to the Grand Rapids office of AECOM. I happen to know the lead design engineer pretty good:). The first meeting with MDOT was last week Also keep in mind, additional lanes don't necessarily solve the problem. Capacity is also a function of intersection capacity. Heavy left turning movements take away from thru capacity. Heavy turning movements on both roads really hurt thru capacity.
  7. Got the real scoop yesterday. They will finish up the interchange this summer. The interchange to Fuller will be 3 laned in 2012 so 2 more summers of work on I-196 from the Beltline to Fuller.
  8. What are you replying to? I'll remind you of this when you and many are complaining about the backups every rush hour LOL
  9. It's in Walker. My wife insists on getting the print newspaper. I do a quick read looking for the public notices for the local gov'ts. That's where I saw it. The full application and staff reports should be on the website a week from Friday IIRC. I saw a preliminary layout some time ago. To me it made sense, single family next to existing single family , buffering to the senior / assisted living buffering to the multi family, with park / green space.
  10. My mistake, I should have double checked. Dan lived at 553 Shirley. It's been a long time since I was there.
  11. The correct address is 537 Shirley. My best friend growing up (RIP) lived at 535 Shirley. The address caught my eye immediately.
  12. Sunday paper has the Public Notice for the rezone to PUD, multi family, senior , assisted living and single family, public park, public dog park trails etc.
  13. I know what goes on in another gov't sign shop. They buy various size green blanks. The street names are made using a computer program and cut out of reflective sign sheeting. The logos are printed on the same sheeting in "squares". The backing is peeled off and the logo stuck on. Keeps 1 employee busy making street signs and other signs. All street name signs have to be custom made. No one keeps names "in stock" . Stops, stop heads, speed limits etc can be kept in stock. If they are buying them from a vendor, the vendor uses the same process. The vendor could print the logos and add them. It certainly would not be expensive. Cheap cost to advertise the city
  14. I wasn't insinuating Spectrum is a big bully. We are very fortunate to have them, the cancer center (wife's niece is currently being treated there) , the heart center, children's hospital etc. I've had 4 back surgeries there, 2 were 4 day stays. However, why couldn't their press release say what you said? You should be writing it:). I agree, Butterworth campus is a facilities nightmare. Blodgett isn't much better (the 4 back surgeries were there - they only have private rooms ). Note I was born there in 1950 lol. I agree with you on the open space BS. I'm barely involved with a new building and I want to throw up when I see "huddle room". I will get a new office -smaller than what I have now. I function with what I have but a bit bigger would help my efficiency. We currently have 2 break rooms for about 40 people (2 floor bldg). The architect says we only need 1 . It's bad enough when 20 people are using the micro wave, let alone 60. The fridge is full with 20, so where will lunches go? I don't have room in my current office for a mini fridge - and why should I have to buy a fridge.
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