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  1. Rooms cost from $179 - 1 bed to $429 - luxury suite. All rates have a 40% convenience fee added to the rate. It would be interesting to see a pro forma on the $40M. Just curiosity, that's all to see how the payback is calculated.
  2. Sure looks like a lot of money to change the look of the glass.
  3. I was in the Alpine Meijers yesterday morning. The arrows are gone in the grocery section. I didn't go in the general merchandise section. Most folks were social distancing but theres always some that either don't care or don't think. I'm 70 and have avoided going there but I felt pretty comfortable with the lack of a crowd. The employees stocking were pretty good about backing away if I was looking at an item where they were stocking. The carts are all sanitized.
  4. Back on topic. I've worked in transportation infrastructure my whole career - 47 years. (Don't tell anyone, I design, construct, and assist in maintaining the dirty word -roads) When there were concerns about "urban sprawl" in the 70's-80's the years the townships were advised by the "experts" to require a minimum of 2-3 acres and 250 feet of road (public or private) for residential zoning. Both to discourge urban sprawl. They also allow private roads that don't require the investment that public roads require. So if you look on Kent County Parcel Viewer you will see a proliferation of private streets (public or private) McMansions occupying a lot of acreage, including farmland. So any future ability to get density for public transportation is gone.. IMHO, the residential zoning should have required public sewer and water with a minimum of 90 feet frontage. It results in compact urban development that possibly support public transportation at least conducive to Uber and Lyft. IMO until development goes vertical (multi stories) public transit isn't practical.
  5. Looks like a lot of money to change from squarish glass with windows that appear to open to rectangular glass w/o windows that open.
  6. Nobody wants to pay the $0.45 / gallon but these type of improvements will not happen without adequate funding.
  7. A municipality does not vacate a public ROW to allow someone to build over. They vacate it so the adjacent property owner gets the property added to their property to build on it.
  8. 5 Mile east of the EBL, south side, west of Thousand Oaks Owned by Waste Management when 5 Mile Road was extended thru in the early 90's.
  9. I must have typed in 815 instead of 851. It makes mores sense since Genesis owns the old funeral home. and the 2 lots.
  10. According to the PC notice in the GR Press, this is the Arnies Bakery property. What's the scoop on Arnies? The restaurants take out is Beer City Breads
  11. I went to Creston Christian 1955-1965, my dad went to Creston Christian when it was located on Leonard across the street from St Alphonsis. The 2-story apartment complex
  12. Screen shot of the start of the article- 24 stories
  13. Ada Holdings property being added to Chief Hazy Cloud Park per MLive today.
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