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  1. CFA is our go to fast food place when we go to FL for a few weeks in late Feb. The daughter is healthy eating conscious (I call her my "food police" LOL) and CFA meets her approval. Typically the parking lots are full and the drive thru's have a big line up at lunch time. We always go in and are not in a hurry so I have time to observe the traffic levels inside and out. The seating is usually quite full. They station employees out in the drive up line before the normal ordering speaker to speed up the ordering. My guess is they expect that volume of business with only 3 in town.
  2. I had a discussion with their facilities engineer a few months ago. (Daughter went to college with him). I told him it was unacceptable to walk the concourse and smell burnt bagels. The bagel place moved with the remodeling and the issue still exists. I'm not a big air traveler (GRR to TPA and back) I told him it was not a good impression on visitors to smell burnt bagels. He said he would look into it since they had worked to eliminate it. Time for me to follow up:)
  3. The County of Kent owns the zoo property plus just about everything south east of Butterworth out to Johnson Park. . GR owns the old Butterworth landfill plus the yard waste area on the west side of Butterworth. There's lots of sand for mining north west of Butterworth and east of Maynard. The majority of the sand mining property in private ownership is owned by Meekhof Trucking with a good sized parcel owned by Andy Dykema. I suspect when the mining is complete (many decades from now) the property will going into public ownership. The properties can not be built on due to all the old mined out areas below ground.
  4. Timpson the name on the trucks? Timpson Transport trucks almost all if not all of Kerkstra's product. You will never see a Kerkstra truck hauling precast pieces.
  5. Posted in wrong thread:(
  6. Today is too cold and snowy for a guy that has had 3 spine surgeries in the past 12 months. How about April or May for another one? We used to meet at the coffee shop on Fulton east of the river - can't remember the name. Used to do lunch visits to some of the projects ie the old Aneheiser Busch warehouse on Grandville Ave
  7. Looks like water-main - big water-main pipe. I heard there's new track as well. I'll need to check it out.
  8. I get the last word. I can't wait until you guys get my age, You will find out it's not being famished or near death. It's whether you wet your pants or worse, fill your pants before you find the bathroom .
  9. What happened to bring your own umbrella? LOL
  10. I know I'm older than GRDadof3. LOL. I will tell you if and when you starting taking some cholesterol meds, when you have to go, you HAVE TO GO and NOW.. Until my body got used to the meds, I had to plot my travels during the day so I knew where the closest public bathroom was. And since I now have my medicare card, my "holding" power isn't what it used. I know TMI I agree with those criticizing the bathrooms on the second floor. IMHO, any public facility like the Market needs convenient ie 1st floor, well marked, well appointed and clean bathrooms. FM Gardens is a good example Nothing turns my experience off more than having to hunt a hidden, dingy and dirty bathroom.
  11. It was a 2 story Standard oil service station (center portion) IIRC - 50+ years ago It was a major intersection before the freeways, Division / Plainfield was US 131.
  12. There were some family issues prior to his death. The Turner Ave property was bought by Padnos after it was cleared of the cars. A concrete recycler is moving into the part of the property south of Ann and east of Alpine - the old bumper plant property. "Renovations" started a few days ago.
  13. Kerkstra
  14. Brighton Greyes closed on Plainfield next to Little Lucy's which is still open. Sign on the door and Facebook says it's now an event center. My daughter says the neighborhood isn't ready for a high end restaurant. She thinks a good burger and specialty fries with some good craft beer would fit better.
  15. I talked to him back in 1987 when the Road Commission widened Patterson. He walked across the street every day to work in the cemetery. He has no interest in selling the family farm. It's worth quite a bit of money as is according to the assessed values.. He has to be in his 90's by now.