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  1. Grandville Castle Apartments

    You just might be on to something The web site concept drawing shows different hues. Land also owns Fieldstone Apts. on 60th that are all precast concrete. Those buildings have different hues as well, no concrete look. You can't tell they are concrete from the street. FWIW: I have a co-worker currently living in these apts short term. I inquired about the concrete walls etc. He says its very quiet, can't hear your neighbors.
  2. Suburban Projects

    Maybe Grandville can adopt the medieval castle theme like Frankenmuth has the Bavarian theme..................
  3. Grandville Castle Apartments

    Not to keep beating the horse but: There were 200+ mobile homes on the site at one time (counting vacant pads from aerial photos). I don't remember traffic issues then. The developer owns the lake. Canoeing? Kayaking? Paddle boarding? Paddle boating ? Not many apartment complexes can offer that. The web site advertises walking and biking. A few laps around the complex is a bit of distance. Ramblewood is a good example of walk-able? That's just walking around the complex.
  4. Grandville Castle Apartments

    Mr Lucas didn't do this secretly or behind closed doors. The folks in Grandville were offered their chance for comments. But at the end of the day , he presented his project to the Planning Commission where it was approved. As long as he meets the zoning ordinances, building codes, rules and regulations, he can build what he desires. The man owns and manages many apartment complexes. Some are stick built, some are precast concrete like this one. He and the family know the rental business. The bottom line will be do renters feel they are getting their money's worth. it has pretty good amenities. Covered parking. Storage units on site. Some parking units have attached storage - man cave .
  5. 50 Monroe to get de-skinned?

    Oops on Christmas -blew the windows out. http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2017/12/boiler_blast_damages_grand_rap.html
  6. Suburban Projects

    Walker Planning commission approved one last year on Walkerview just north of GR Opthamology. I don't remember the brand. There's been infrastructure inquires for one at 131 / West River. What I find very interesting is the 3 on one site on Clyde Park next to Craig Cruisers.
  7. RFP - 201 Market

    I'm guessing you are off by a factor of 3 or 4.
  8. Grand Rapids Auto Parts- 1810 Turner NW

    Look to the north of the freeway exit north of United Rental. My guess is the proposed buildings will look pretty much the same. Visser built and owns those.
  9. East Beltline Developments

    You can thank the folks at the Kent County Road Commission for these improvements.
  10. Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    And you better go to the bathroom before the climb. Easy on the coffee before hand
  11. Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    2 BIG AZZ cranes, both locally owned I get real queasy just looking at the photo of the worker out on the boom
  12. Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    You can say you read it here first. The only thing that will happen is the consultants will get paid for expensive gov't funded studies. Google the Wally to see how it shakes out. The Wally has a railroad the Great Lakes Central that will allow the commuter rail on their state owned track. CSX won't even allow an occasional excursion on their rails nor will they allow a separated fenced bike path.
  13. Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    I checked out Erickson's yard yesterday afternoon and it looked like they had trucks loaded to move to Lyon and Ottawa. Looks like my guess was correct
  14. Grandville Castle Apartments

    I was at a presentation by Roger Lucas on the project a few weeks ago. He said he always wanted to build a castle. He pitched it to his partner who thought he was crazy so he went alone on the project. He served as his own construction manager assisted by his son and daughter on site. He is not a stranger to the construction business having built over 3000 apartment units in 30 years. He has built both the wood structure units and concrete structure units. The foundation for the main structure is on 2700 geopiers. Calculated settlement was 1 inch. It has settled 1.25 inches. The main structure was built using the Outinord forming system, a European system for large projects. They cast in place 27 forms a day –wall and floors cast together. It took 30,000 cubic yards of concrete. The concrete was pumped up until the pumps couldn’t pump any higher. Then the cranes took over bucketing the concrete the last few floors.. They started forming on July 29th and finished Dec 5th. The “siding” is Superior Wall panels manufactured by Great Lakes Superior out of Hamilton MI. The panels are insulated. They are not colored to mimic the gray color of the castle in Germany. The windows are triple glazed with an r-40 value. They open for cleaning. Each unit has its own electric heat pump. The units are fire proof, pretty much sound proof and damage proof. The blue roof area was initially to be empty. One day he inquired if they could put apartment units up there. The answer was yes. Their design / marketing team designed premium 2 story loft units for that area. The crenelations are decorative for the precast “gutter” to handle the runoff from the roof. The gutters will be easy to clean, they are big enough to walk in with chest high “railings”. The low structure is the parking garage is precast concrete from Kerkstra. Most units are “one car” but they have some units which are longer and so the tenant has a storage unit in the space as well. There is a covered parking spot for every bed in the complex. It was an informative presentation. Our group hopes to get a tour once the elevators are up and running:)
  15. Michigan Street Corridor Development

    That is a nice drawing except for one thing, not enough real estate on Michigan. The Michigan ROW is 66 feet. The section built in front of the Brassworks building on N Monroe is 100 feet from back of walk to back of walk