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  1. Those block / masonry walls every 2 units are fire breaks. I'll bet a lot of money it gets repaired.
  2. I'm guessing the lender will take possession before the city does anything.
  3. There is a State aviation fuel tax and a federal aviation fuel tax. Again a user fee collected by the State and federal govt and returned back in the form of grants. There's no such things as free money. The airlines pay every time a plane lands and takes off. They rent their space from the Airport Authority
  4. It's structural precast concrete. Check out this site for what can be done We are fortunate to have a big time precaster Kerkstra here in town. https://www.pci.org/
  5. Do you know how the airport finances most of these improvements? User fees charged to the users ie the airlines. And the airlines pass the cost on to the passengers. The Gov proposes $0.45 gas tax - a true user fee - and the republicans and the vocal public have a hissy fit. MDOT and the local highway agencies are forced into a poor excuse of catch up - reactive not proactive like the airport authority.
  6. Haven Busch - the largest steel fabricator in West Michigan located in Grandville where the Padnos is today. Fabricated almost all the structural steel used around here.
  7. I'm sure all the connections are mechanical. Concrete is very good in compression, very poor in tension (glue). I haven't seen the design but some of those panels have "gaps" designed to be poured after the precast are placed.
  8. The bottom / sides of the lake should be sand / gravel because that was mined from the pit for the construction of I-196. All the "lakes" along 196 are man made, dredged for material for the freeway. Drove by there (as in around the building) and it looked like a fair number of college kids are residents. The parking lot(s) were pretty full, the garage(s) only a third full. They are getting "foliage" to grow up the exterior walls of the parking garage(s). There are "wires" to have the foliage go where it is desired. Should have taken a photo.
  9. Segway - The Grand Castle is getting "foliage" to grow up the exterior walls of the parking garage(s). There are "wires" to have the foliage go where it is desired.
  10. I don't have a problem with the apartment buildings but the location of the garages is awful
  11. They indicate the road right of way line so are still functional.
  12. That north view is putting lipstick on a pig. How about a view looking direct at the apartment buildings. They have the "view" shown incorrectly on the map inset and the buildings are off 90 degrees. And they paid for this rendering? The only positive thing is in a few years the shrubs and bushes may grow enough to screen it from the road. I know, you want me to not hold back and say what I really think about it LOL
  13. Shouldn't it say welcome to Medical Mile?
  14. Do you remember the suicide lanes, the center passing lanes at several locations. When I was 7, my dad and a friend of his took their kids to a Saturday Tigers game in a pink Oldsmobile. I did not want to ride in a pink car LOL. The next year and in following years we took the train to Detroit and back to Tiger Stadium for a Saturday game. A lot more fun and it wasn't pink . The Road Commission has some neat photo's from the 20's building the first state roads. I'd love to get them on line.
  15. Cascade Road was a State Trunk line - US 16 until the early 60's when I-96 was opened. Cascade Road was built a s state trunk line in the early 20's - horse drawn wagons loaded by a early "steam" shovel powered by a steam boiler in the big cut going up the hill from the Thornapple River in Cascade. The marker therefore is pre-early 60's Here's a good history of Michigan roads http://www.michiganhighways.org/history.html
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