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  1. I've had 5 orthopedic spine surgeries in the past 6 years. I had my choice of Butterworth, Blodgett , or Metro M. I picked Blodgett since it was a guaranteed private room:) I still say Spectrum does not have a long tern plan. Which ever practice / program want's a new building / the latest and greatest, gets one.
  2. I think I would have avoided naming it Bold Advanced Medical Future or BAMF for short
  3. Alpine is currently reviewing a proposal for developing Gracewil. They also are reviewing a proposal to develop the driving range plus at Alpine Ave and Alpine Church Rd.
  4. I checked with my source LOL. No lighting Fuller to EBL, MDOT deems it a "rural" area. She laid out EB 96 to WB 196 when she was working on the "Flip" to make sure it will work when MDOT pulls the trigger to build it. She did the concept lay out for 3 lanes M-21 to 28th a couple years ago and it's been quiet since. As for the M-21 interchange, another consultant is working on that so no details :). Her and a coworker have been doing layouts for Wealthy south on 131 but it's not a project that will get built soon. As for the Beltline going 6 lanes, I think that's a long ways out.
  5. Drove thru today. Still working on barrier wall installation where the crossovers were. I'd say a couple more weeks. I heard the "singing" noise eastbound. Weird
  6. It's laying asphalt, pouring concrete. They were painting lines this morning when I drove Maryland Ave over about 9:30am so maybe today?:)
  7. There were 2 railyards there. Pennsylvania came from the south and was from Burton to Hall.. The New York Central came from the SE from Jackson, along the east side of the Pennsy with their yard between Hall and Franklin. The Pennsys went north to Mackinac City via the Blue Bridge and up the Westside where the existing tracks are. Both yards were busy in the 50's and once the freeway was built, their access was off Hynes. The only access from the east was Graham. Fast forward until Bob Grooter's wanted to build "Union Station". NYC and Pennsy had merged into Penn Central, then Conrail and the Conrail assets in GR became Norfolk Southern. NS doesn't sell anything so John Engler leaned heavy on NS (He had the heavy part LOL) and low and behold, NS sold. Somewhere along the line Albany got extend public across the 2 tracks but not to Hynes.
  8. 131was put where it was for several reasons. The city fathers wanted it right to downtown so people could get to downtown. Rogers Plaza was being built - the first enclosed mall in the area and the downtown businesses were worried. The railroad yard offered a path of least resistance. No homes, at least very few, were displaced, in fact the rail yard was re-orientated with highway funds to accommodate the highway. The city wanted it bad enough to help pay for the "freeway". Even north of Bridge Street the highway was put close to the businesses along the river and only removed houses on the east side of Turner to the river. and then thru the old dumps on the east side of Turner north of Ann.
  9. I would ask where are all these vehicles going to go? Division Ave, Grandville Ave? There's over 100,000 drivers every day that choose this route. Don't forget there's probably 10,000 maybe more trucks in that count. I drove thru there yesterday. All the rain has certainly slowed down the progress. Lots to do yet. And it's raining again today.
  10. Somebody has to hook the cable and unfasten the boom from the tower. LOL Ah don't drop your wrench
  11. A reversible lane has a system of gates to say allow NB traffic but not SB. The gates can be rearranged to allow SB traffic but not NB. It would only allow traffic in at the beginning, no additional entrances and no exits. I90-94 nw of downstown Chicgo as it. It runs at a higher speed limit than the "local" lanes. The one on US23 only allows traffic to run on the left shoulder during rush hour at a reduced speed lmit. It has experimental status.
  12. An "world class" aquarium in GR is dumb, An aquarium for John Ball Zoo in Muskegon is even dumber. We took our kids to the Shedd Aquarium once. We didn't go a 2nd time. Once was enough.
  13. If MDOT gets serious about rebuilding 131 they will blow out those overpasses and add lanes. My daughter has worked in the past on 131 from 28th to 14 Mile road for capacity improvements. Reversible lanes were in the mix of options, I remember that. Arizona DOT has added artwork since they added 1/2 % sales tax for the DOT. What looks like lots of art is actually incorporated into the ADOT standard plan book so you will see the same details on multiple projects. The also use colored crushed granite / rock for landscaping. Addresses erosion and the arid climate. The metro area could use some identification "Welcome to " signage and landscaping. The most that ever happened was some railing painting on WB 36th entrance to WB I-96. The US 131 / M6 interchange is one of the most desolate interchanges imaginable. There is not one tree / bush / landscaping feature. It doesn't project a good image. I brought this up to the metro area "beautification committee" and was told MDOT can't spend money on that, the funds would need to come from somewhere else. So it stays the same. There was talk of painting "Welcome to GR" on the RR bridge over Patterson. The lead person for the project never came up with any funds.
  14. Well I learned something today. The EB -196 over the river and EB Fuller to Maryland are 2 parts of one project. I did not realize that. Here's the progress schedule from the bid documents. July 23 was an interim completion date. The bridge over the river was 13 days over due. Fuller to the EBL has 35 days to go. I think there will be a lot of turf work after Oct 29th.
  15. Paving gets way too weather dependent by mid November. Back in the 70's 80's road projects would just get shut down on Nov 15th. I ended up one year grading gravel for paving on Cannonsburg Road from Ramsdell to 5 Mile Road with 2 road commission graders on Nov 15th . A couple guys used to grading chatter bumps on gravel roads trying to grade to grade stakes. For many years I could see where we were on grade at the stakes and low between the stakes. But rode good and we got it paved . The contractor and his crew went deer hunting. The RC manager was livid. Nowadays, if the weather looks good for a couple weeks, they will keep paving. Tonnage is money:) I-196 EB over the river. The project was scoped years ago. Then the snuff box mussels had to be relocated.Then there was high water. The delays on WB pushed back EB (funding issues). When the contractor removed the deck on the approach spans which were only going to get a new deck, they found the deterioration was much greater than when it was scoped. So while the deck was off, they made the decision to replace the steel beams. (Smart decision). However the mills pretty much shut down to covid , did not anticipate the demand coming back so fast and didn't restart early enough. So steel has tripled in price and demand has outstripped the ability to produce the material. Steel has always been a long lead time item that has at times been repurchased by MDOT before the bids are taken. As for Fuller to the Beltline that is a separate project pretty much on schedule. There's 5 weeks left to Nov 1st. Same bridge contractor, no road contractor on the bridge over the river.
  16. Here's your opportunity Go see your favorite banker. Better yet an Urban Planet go fund me page
  17. Before winter weather is more critical than deer season. Not many road construction companies shut down for deer hunting anymore.
  18. Walt should buy the diners up on 14 Mile and restore them into an operating restaurant on the lot with the sign..
  19. So this building has it's 3 story architectural detail hidden at the end of a service alley and has windows blocked with structural steel. I'm sorry but this building makes the old Press Building, City-County Bldg and the Federal Bldg architectural master pieces. Maybe it's because I was growing up when they were built. If they wanted to do something architectural with the structural steel, do an exterior structural frame with building facade behind the steel. That would be something unique.
  20. Anyone else notice the structural bracing in front of the widows? Classy, must be didn't take architecture 101, don't block the windows with structural members LOL
  21. Railroad came thru in 1857ish. The RR for the most part has deeds to the property, not easements. The area is a recorded plat thus the name as chosen by the proprietor, probably named Mohrhard . You also found a mistake on parcel viewer. The Court was vacated in 1996. The large parcel to the east is now owned by the state land bank. The description also refers to the vacated court.
  22. There's no demand for restaurant / retail. The convention goers housed in the hotel have no need to leave the convention facility. City Hall and the County Bldg employees are brown baggers for the most part, same with the Federal Building. I can't see MSU folks taking out clients or meeting folks on the corporate expense account either. Pretty much a desert for retail /resturants
  23. The DDA should set up a trash removal system to remove the trash and garbage ASAP so there is no visual or odor. Could be a simple as a person pulling a cart to dump away from folks to as complicated as a mechanical conveyor to a trash compactor off site. A row of loaded dumpsters would be a definite turn off for me. I can find more pleasant places to spend my money and time. And those culvert pipe planters just scream "cheap"
  24. The Press had an excuse, paper storage and machinery. What's the excuse for the new building?
  25. Leonard has a freeway interchange and much less pedestrian friendly than Bridge from the freeway west.
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