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  1. Cities dropped out of hosting the event because they didn't want the violent protests that happen in places like Portland and Seattle but would have the risk of being 10X for the convention. What I am saying is the people who do protest are not going to go away. The polarization is here to stay because to the fringe a-holes anything to the left or right of them is wrong...even if those people are in the middle.
  2. First off, many of the images that melt snowflakes like you are from 2014 when Barry was in office. Is Barry a fascist as well? I'll understand if you can't do the mental gymnastics needed to excuse the actions of the previous administration but hold the current accountable. The full picture doesn't matter to people like you. At best, you like to make the quip. At worst, you like the excuse to be an intolerant a-hole. But those are issues you need to work out. This doesn't excuse the actions of the current administration. Rather, it just shows that people are too stupid and too focused on validating their feelings to seek the truth. It shouldn't happen. Full Stop. So while I don't think the far left is out of bounds in protesting these actions...I do take their outrage and your outrage with a grain of salt because it's manufactured, ignorant and has the depth of a puddle.
  3. Get the hell out of here with that crap. Nowhere did I claim that but thank you for helping me prove how some people can take a rational comment or view and have the premise ignored and replied to with a curt and unproductive response. Well done guy! What I am saying is the political divide exists because there are a-holes on both sides. Some might not be able to see this but that's usually because there are not mirrors everywhere. There is a level of aggressiveness and a lack of civility that goes way beyond Trump. This goes both ways of course but the fact remains that our societies DNA has been changed. Civility has been under attack for years and it's completely gone now. The previous comment from @Crucial_Infra was suggesting that the only reason the hostility exists today is a response to just Trump and that when Trump is gone this hostility will go away. That's pretty naive I feel. Hating on 'Trump' is too good of a fundraiser and too good of a rallying cry for it to go away. Whoever is put on the ticket on either side is going to face the same going forward. We just don't know the names yet but the names don't matter. It's just too easy and commonplace to be a jerk and not bother to consider a view from someone who doesn't think exactly like you....as you have so wonderfully demonstrated.
  4. I wish I could agree but, sadly, I think that the vitriol against Trump is not going to go away once Trump exits stage left. While he makes it very, very easy to hate him a lot of his policies or views are shared by many on the right. For example, anyone that suggests the US should enforce our immigration policies, allow for legal immigration and the use of ICE to deport illegal immigrants is going to be called a racist, nazi or whatever term is being used now. Or anyone that supports police is somehow racist and a nazi for supporting terrorists. For what you think to happen actually be possible would require all the voices on the left to be rational, sensible and non-aggressive. Since that's not a reality....the hate and vitriol that exists is here to stay I fear.
  5. cjd5050

    Charlotte MLB Team Speculation

    Looking at just the games tonight and Saturday, many of the sections (especially good seats along the baselines) are completely sold out. The same empty sections pictured above. My inference is that the Knights have a problem with selling too many season tickets. I would bet that most of these seats are owned by companies or people who don't have the desire to go to every game in a minor league season. So they make an effort to give away the tickets when they can but don't really have a problem with letting them go to waste due to the low cost. The good news is this allows Charlotte to claim solid attendance. The bad news is empty seats mean empty concession stands. What Charlotte should do is similar to what the Buffalo Sabres did in creating a season ticket holder exchange. The Sabres allow season ticket holders to return unwanted season tickets in exchange for points at the team store. They then turn around and open the premium seats for sale outside of sites like StubHub. Many buyers don't want to pay the StubHub fees and many sellers simply don't want to be bothered with a process. Making an exchange could help this.
  6. Something to consider here. It's not crazy to think that the RNC might return to Charlotte in the next 20 years as a thank you for 2020. Especially if the city can pull the event off with class. I know that possibility might ruffle some feathers but it's possible and good business. Charlotte should be bidding for both conventions every 4 years moving forward.
  7. cjd5050

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    The guy in charge of technology doesn't have any formal technical education and his linkedin reads more like a process management person than a technologist. It shouldn't be shocking at all that CLT has a horrible website.
  8. cjd5050

    1000 Room Convention Center Hotel

    I think it would be pretty silly to rush the development of this hotel for a single event. Construction costs are too high right now and any revenues from the convention would surely be eaten up in 'rush' fees on the process. That said, if I was high up at Duke I would absolutely try and push the site swap/build new tower during a rate hike under the guise of trying to get the hotel up and running for the convention. Even if I knew it was never going to happen. Once they break ground...delays can happen. After all, just look at Levine. But that's just me.
  9. I think this is a completely reasonable conclusion and I agree with it. That said, my fear is that irrational concerns about lost revenue would be in play. It's why I suggested some sort of transfer fee to use the 'people mover' at the airport. At worst it would offset parking revenue reduction. At best it would open another revenue source to help the airport. I know people who have a 9hr layover in Charlotte and spending an extra $1 on top of whatever the rail pass cost be would be a no-brainer for them to pass the time somewhere uptown.
  10. I wonder if the airport has been asking for this to not happen or not make it as easy as we would like. The CO showed that parking was the #1 funding source for CLT and is more than 27 percent of the airport’s revenue. That's a lot of money that might go away with light rail access. I don't know if this is done in any other city but I wouldn't mind some sort of added charge for an airport transfer that could be waived for employees. I want rail but also want to keep CLT chugging along.
  11. I am very happy on this if true.
  12. cjd5050

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    The problem is not with finding people capable of creating good work. The problem is having people in charge of the bid process who have a clue as to what they doing and are able to select the right agency. My agency was requested to submit on a RFP for a website rebuild on a top 30 airport. The person in charge of the process was clueless and was only in their position because they understood basic web development 25 years ago and knew more than the person who hired them to be the 'webmaster'...as that person knew nothing about web development. Because of bureaucracy, this incompetent person was able to not only keep their job but increase their role simply by fumbling through regional agencies to do the work for them at with very expensive rates. After a 30-minute phone call, I determined it would be a complete waste of time to even submit and the expectations they had on the project were off base. Later found out the project took 50% longer than expected and cost twice as much as expected.
  13. I was simply saying that the data sources being used here in this discussion have a variance and that @Popsickle was a bit out of line complaining about looking at data when the data they sourced actually backed up the comment made by @grodney and that correct on 5 of his 6 states it appears. To set the record straight, the FEC released the Offical General Election Results: https://transition.fec.gov/pubrec/fe2016/2016presgeresults.pdf Shows for NC: Clinton: 2,189,316 > 46.1% Trump: 2,362,631 > 49.8% Total: 4,741,564 This is the same data that the NYT is using. Politico and NPR are showing incorrect data. Most amusing is CNN is using the correct vote count but showing the incorrect %. The largest takeaway is we all have too much time on our hands.
  14. To be fair, grodney made a claim on 6 states. 5 of the 6 were correct using 1 of the 2 sources you cited to start. The first link you sourced shows a different set of numbers and supports their claim. So that's 6 states over 2 sources for a total of 12 data points. Of which Grodney was correct on 91% on. That's the only majority I see here. I don't think it's fair to claim they didn't bother to look at the data.
  15. I think it's time we told people who would hold Charlotte responsible for the dialog of a national convention of 1 of the 2 primary political parties in the US to sit down and shut up. That line of thinking is just as silly as holding NYC responsible for the actions of the UN or a college campus responsible for the words of a performer on campus. It's just nonsense. You're right that there is going to be some negativity leveraged against Charlotte with the goal will be to inflict pain and financial troubles on Charlotte and it will come from the far left. The same far left (human rights campaign) that wanted to find ways to punish the city of Charlotte for passing the bathroom ordinance by pulling federal funds from CLT because they didn't like what the NCGA in Raleigh did. Personally, for me, I would rather stand up to these irrational people and their desire to curb democracy in the court of public opinion and pressure.