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  1. New Panthers Stadium in 2022?

    There is a difference between weighing risk vs reward and judging something from an ethical spectrum. By and large, ethics are black and white by the way. But thanks for the long way around the park not answering anything.
  2. New Panthers Stadium in 2022?

    Why does the amount of money the business owner have factor into your ethical assessment? Shouldn't it be black and white? Either you can or can't use taxpayer funds to grow your personal wealth...ethically of course... Where is the ethical line get crossed for you? What about the business owner with a net worth of $100 million and who uses taxpayer money to increase their wealth to $200 million. Do you have an ethical argument there? What about the executive director of a non-profit who bases a massive amount of their business on taxpayer funds and pays themselves a higher than market wage, while at the same time, not incurring the risk that a small business owner faces? Any ethical dilemma there? We either allow taxpayer funds to be leveraged for personal wealth gains or we don't. But it's poor form to put up arbitrary rules on wealth that really often amount to what someone finds envious to the point of resentment.
  3. New Panthers Stadium in 2022?

    Wonderful prose RDF
  4. Possibility of a New Panthers Stadium

    Here I am saying that as a community we all share the same pie. A pie that we make together. You, on the other hand, are suggesting that there should be sides and groups in the community. Either you're too ignorant to see how divisive your virtue signaling is or you know and don't care. Since you used the term 'warfare' I'll leave you with that it is human nature to fight or flight and it's the reason why every community fails.
  5. Possibility of a New Panthers Stadium

    It's not the same thinking but thanks for trying. Suggesting that you don't ignore people who contribute simply because someone else needs more is the rot. Trying to shame someone who simply wants to get benefit from the community they contribute is what's shamful. This business has been in Charlotte for over 20 years. They paid for the current stadium out of pocket and only looked for buy-in from the taxpayers 15 years in. In their time they have contributed more the community than they have ever taken. But they are a business. If remaining competitive means a new stadium then they have every right to ask for one. Charlotte does not have to participate but there will be other cities that do. To call that ask 'extortion' is absurd.
  6. Amazon HQ2

    What's most interesting to me is Alabama only needed to offer $379 million. Toyota said Randolph county was just too far from the supply chain and they feared it would cause problems. If Amazon looks at HQ2 in a similar light, and you assume they will, the supply chain of talent acquisition and retention is going to trump most every offer. Atlanta > Boston > everyone else??
  7. Possibility of a New Panthers Stadium

    The numbers shown in Forbes is not the revenue but the Net of stadium revenues used for debt payments. They are not the same. There is also no logic or common sense that can explain your assertion that the stadium in Phoenix produces less than the stadium in Charlotte. None. Well if the people buying the team base their research off a Forbes listicle and what can be googled they very well may be inclined to agree with you. Logic, on the other hand, says otherwise. When you take on debt service that does not exist today you either need to increase revenue or lower costs. One is a fixed in the NFL by and large. You want to spend money on things like light rail and so do I but the reality is most people don't use it because of where they live. You want money for roads and so do I but the reality is where I live we don't see money for roads because I'm in the wedge and our demographics don't line up. At the end of the day, I think you really underestimate the number of people who pay more into Charlotte than they take. Many, including myself, are happy to do so because that's how it works. But the moment every call for a luxury which keeping the Panthers is, is met with 'NO' that money needs to go over to here because poor people are still poor is the moment Charlotte goes down the path of failure. As for it not passing, that's fine. I am not even a Panthers fan but I am a fan of Charlotte and I am a fan of living in a city that has pro sports. At the end of the day Care to back this up? Because the City of Charlotte can't muster financial resources to build a new stadium then it's not as strong of a city as everyone here seems to think and it sure as hell is not lined up for the success that everyone expects. No. The reason why Ballantyne and Matthews and folks to the North want to break away from Charlotte is that of mindsets like yours. There is gaining momentum in Charlotte of a class war. An expectation that affluent people continue to pay into the system but not take any withdrawals. This mindset is very common here and common in cities before they turn. From the idea that people in places like South Charlotte should fund mass transit but not it or roads or play social politics with CMS. It's all the same game. But yes, the area surrounding Ballantyne provides much of the revenue and sees little in return. Communities have all kinds of people, even if people like you have a problem with some. My point is the city does need to service the needs and wants of various constituencies and sometimes you provide a want over a need because of how much money they pay in. After all, what do you do when the money leaves the city? Just ask places like Buffalo how that went.
  8. Possibility of a New Panthers Stadium

    I just wish they would put the $6B 'build it all now' up to a vote. I would volunteer to campaign for that. Would be the best thing to ever happen to this city if done.
  9. Possibility of a New Panthers Stadium

    Except for the massive difference between Charlotte and Phoenix/Indianapolis and Minneapolis being able to schedule events without consideration of weather. In turn, allowing them to schedule events that BofA simply can't. Video boards and Ribbon boards have nothing to do with revenue. Revenue for team owners is [Club Seats/Suites x Number of NFL Games] and [All Seating x Non-NFL Events]. Why do you put the Sabates group as the front-runner? They are the most vocal for sure but I don't see any reason why they should be considered the front-runner. Unnecessary to whom? As you said, the Panthers are an integral part of the community fabric and keeping them may very well be an essential item to many of the taxpayers. Taxpayers may very well find it acceptable to take on debt obligations to keep the team. Just like taxpayers take on debt obligations for other things, often for things they see no actual benefit. Charlotte can absolutely afford the luxury of a NFL stadium even if many find it distasteful to spend that kind of money on such a luxury. It can also do this while focusing on other community efforts. The moment Charlotte starts to weigh every potential spend against the progressive cry of inequality, segregation, and lack of economic mobility is the moment people should mark in their calendar as the start of the decline. There is a massive amount of confidence in the future of Charlotte and its trajectory. But this confidence is based a large part on doing more of the same. If every business, and yes the Panthers are a business, has to run the gauntlet of 'what about muh social issues' Charlotte starts to evolve to a place where businesses don't consider for relocations and growth. Charlotte can do both.
  10. Possibility of a New Panthers Stadium

    They would not sell season tickets either. Would make it much easier to reset seasons with the new PSLs. Anyways, it's just an idea. What's interesting is Buffalo is having the exact opposite conversation right now. Their stadium is 20 minutes from downtown and in a sea of parking without a single hotel, bar or restaurant in sight. They have a massive tailgating culture unlike any in the NFL and many of the die-hard fans don't want a downtown stadium on mass transit next to bars and restaurants. Just found it interesting on the opposites there.
  11. Possibility of a New Panthers Stadium

    If it were to build a new stadium the PSL owners wouldn't have a right to say anything. The PSL licenses are tied to the BofA stadium. Once a new stadium is built they will issue new licenses.
  12. New Panthers Stadium in 2022?

    One would assume that if the Stateline site or really any site outside of downtown (read hotels) would come with events like the ACC and Belk Bowl parting ways with Charlotte. I also think it would DQ the stadium for a Super Bowl, even if it was a dome in a sea of parking. In turn this would make it almost impossible to gain any sort of public funding. Regardless, Sabates isn't going to be the owner. He's just another Bon Jovi.
  13. Possibility of a New Panthers Stadium

    A tour of the Carolinas could be really cool for a season. Clemson - Memorial Stadium NC State - Carter-Finley Wake Forest - BB&T Duke - Wallace Wade UNC - Kenan Memorial South Carolina - Williams-Brice East Carolina - Dowdy-Ficklen App State - Kiid Brewer Stadium If they need a 2nd season they could play at an expanded UNCC - Jerry Richardson Stadium (oops!) with a possible name change. The good thing about San Diego moving to LA is it threw out the assumed rules on stadiums during a construction transition. A tour like this would be awesome for the fans. Would suck for the players as they would essentially not have a 'home' game.
  14. Amazon HQ2

    Oh I agree with you on everything you're saying. I may not have articulated my point as well as I intended. I think Charlotte is going to do very well in the future. It's why I moved here. I am just saying that some success of Charlotte might very well come as a byproduct of the success of Atlanta rather than a failure there.
  15. Amazon HQ2

    I get what you're saying here and I really hope it's true. But a point that's not really being considered here is the possibility of Atlanta pulling this off. I see the view of some HQs looking elsewhere because Amazon eats too much of the pie but there is also the possibility that Atlanta just launches into a different solar system. Consider now that Charlotte is considered a Gamma+ and Atlanta is a Alpha- with the likes of Boston, Miami, and San Francisco. But if they land Amazon it's only a matter of time before they evolve to a Alpha. Joining the ranks of Chicago and LA. What's to say that Atlanta does not evolve to be the undisputed capitol of the South and have Charlotte and Nashville in its orbit. Just like Boston and Philly to NYC and San Diego and San Fran to LA. I still think this is good for Charlotte as it would allow us to continue to grow. Just saying we would need to concede being a regional rival and instead cozy up to the teet of Atl.