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  1. That entire block has great community potential. The buildings form a cohesive area that provides an awesome 'blank canvas' for any planner/designer. Just need to buy-out the autoshop's lease. Alas . . .
  2. Well it looked like a square tract of land carved out of that space and concrete was being poured. I could be wrong, so I'll let more experienced eyes confirm or offer alternative theories.
  3. Miami Beach, huh? Nice! I’ll be right across McAurthur causeway in Brickell City Center.
  4. Hate to disappoint but I’m actually moving to Miami by mid-June. This will probably be my last hoorah before I move. Have to depend on you guys for updated pics.
  5. Yeah I see this as a push. Much much much better than exposed rebar.
  6. lol....going after the big bucks. SC is a total joke of a state, just a notch down from Mississippi & West Virginia.
  7. y'all really think local talent is a driver? charlotte leads in NC in so many obvious categories that arguing the point otherwise is a pedantic exercise.
  8. Also, how much of the "blue glass" is an artist's rendering of the sky's reflection.
  9. Spoke with two Duke guys whom I consider extremely close friends, and even they were evasive about this building. Acknowledged that an email went out, but that's all they said.
  10. I imagine both concepts could work there. Now that I'm thinking about it, it may even be a harder sale if it's just that one building rather than the whole block.
  11. Maybe that will spur a sale of the rest of the block, replacing that auto shop with one of those adult arcade bar gym social house things.
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