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  1. Gripes aside, I will say that if the interior of the margaritaville turns out to be as nice as the westin, it will be a fantastic little hotel.
  2. It looks like someone has been target practicing on that two toned blue thing in the background
  3. A few photos of Lipscomb University's new engineering building under construction on the NW side of campous near Grandview and Belmont. These were taken May 8th. I got news yesterday that the houses at 3702, 3704, 3706, and 3710 on Belmont blvd will be demolished this summer for their expansion plans.
  4. Thanks, I'm in green hills. Ive been lurking around here since viridian was u/c. Now I'm here.
  5. looks like HCA pulled an Omni and went too modest on projections. No?
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