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  1. Block 2 Tower

    It will be nice if they get it up there. The massing looks better taller. . That rendering has been out there so long, that's what I want to see. It's an interesting design for this area. It is not quite on the corner though. There is still the Taco Bell.
  2. Block 2 Tower

    Could it be 16 office floors above 8 parking decks?
  3. Norfolk Pictures

    Nice of VB to say "hello" in the disctance. The Westin really stands tall.
  4. New Realm Brewery

    Here's another outlet on the same story.
  5. Norfolk Off-Topic

    This is a graphic design business. So they're doing business for architectual firms, right? These concepts are coming from somewhere. heres a link to the main page. If you scroll across the pics there you will see multiple render NGOs of Scope, Brambleton staion and Lyons shipyard concepts.
  6. Norfolk Off-Topic

    Brambleton Station? Mixed use
  7. Norfolk Off-Topic

    On the same website- what in the world is this!!! Scope Reno and mi use addition across St. Paul's. Scope pyramid concept.
  8. Virginia Beach off-topic

    Cool. Where's a picture?
  9. New Bonney Road Development

    The master plan shows the Olympia parcel and bookending hotel/extended stay connecting via Market street across the creek. With the Days Inn and the recieving lane behind the Mission BBQ building in line. That's not gonna happen. But as far as the neighborhood goes, the Constituion extension connects it to Town Center as mentioned in the Master plan for the Bonney District.
  10. Could a true merger work?

    But a larger tax burden due to more expansive services- Larger police force, fire, teachers, roads, human services, etc. the grass isn't always greener...
  11. Portsmouth development

    I think it's sarcasm. Norfolk-North Folk Suffolk-South Folk. put them together and you have Unifolk.
  12. Norfolk International Airport

    I took that flight like 12 years ago. It was quite nice to do that. Convenient.
  13. Norfolk Pictures

    I drive don't MLK highway last night. That has some impressive views of Norfolk/Portsmouth! Some needs to take shot from there. Norfolk looks quite festive with all the lights at least 4 towers lit in red and green! Bellissimo!
  14. Virginia Beach Development

    But, rainbows do exist. I saw one yesterday.
  15. Premier Apartments Progress

    I love the blue colored facade! ;-)