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  1. Cooper’s Hawk is coming along. This is the side.
  2. metalman

    Hyatt Place at Pembroke Park Progress

    The framing for the first floor went up a couple days ago. Things moving quick now.
  3. metalman

    New Bonney Road Development

    ....or like one Westin tower. :)
  4. Cooper’s Hawk is going up. Pic from mall entrance.
  5. metalman

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    The Ferris wheel is coming down.
  6. metalman

    River Tower

    I read that as, it was once below 24 floors, but now because of demand, it is now back up to 24 floors.
  7. metalman

    Va. Beach Town Center project 2

    From ABC store to this! Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure it was training. We saw them getting the ladder into place and it looked like firefighters were taking turns climbing up and down. The Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn were cool too. And because they have the same parent company the bathroom hallway connects both stores from the inside! My 4 y.o. thought that was the coolest thing...and the samples in W.S.
  8. Cooper’s Hawk’s structure is going up.
  9. metalman

    Va. Beach Town Center project 2

    Has anyone mentioned that an ABC store is coming to the Cosmo, next to Royal Chocolate? I saw the permit on the window today.
  10. metalman

    Scope Renovations

    Unfortunately my initial thought was of all the history you just destroyed in that proposal. Sometimes bigger isn't better when your talking about the removal of history and art.
  11. metalman

    Va. Beach Town Center project 2

    There is a touring lego display around Town Center thru the end of the month. They have amazing renditions of historic American government building and monuments. They have this map and quiz to find each. There are also other random displays in the Westin lobby and fountain far that I saw. I loved it, my kids loved it.
  12. Conn's isn't the best name for a retailer. "Conn's, we'll take you for every penny you have." :-). J/k
  13. metalman

    CityView Progress

    Yea Man. We've been seeing those renderings for 10 years. Get with it! :-)
  14. metalman

    Columbus Village at Town Center

    Can you post a pick of the siteplan?
  15. metalman

    Columbus Village at Town Center

    What is Madison Park? The only thing I could find in searching is 11 Madison Park which is a suuuper swanky restaurant on Madison Ave in NYC.