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  1. What is the 15 story building you were referring to? I don’t remember hearing anything about that except for a possibility of that height in Midtown 2 and whatever the Hampton Inn might be.
  2. So, there is going to be a Latitude and a Datitude at Pembroke Mall? :-) oddly enough, Latitude climbing facility is going where the old Jason’s Deli was; and you say the Datitude development is going where the current Jason’s Deli is. I call collusion. ;-)
  3. Ok. I’m sharing ‘cause I had to look this up- “New entry and Pinniped Exhibit”. That’s the group of seals, sea lions, and Walruses. It derives from Latin for “fin-foot”. Makes sense. I love the seals in front, but it would be cool to see some walruses too.
  4. Belgium is now on my radar. That would be cool.
  5. metalman

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    You mean, the orange Stihl logo would look great on a new tower in Virginia Beach. :-) They are actually building a new HQ building on their property now. It seems they like to keep their management and manufacturing facilities close.
  6. If the waterside tower is Harvey Lindsey and the Gateway Tower is Harvey Lindsey, why couldn’t they envision another 30 story instead of just 20. Was Clark Nexen really taking up 20 floors? No, ‘cause their VB tower is only 9 office floors total. Damn damn.
  7. What may be reasons for resubmittal? Is anything going on with this being that we know Fairfield is going on Bendix?
  8. What’s being built on Sabre St. across from Walmart (Lynnhaven Mall). Is it more office space?
  9. Axe throwing range and bar. :-)
  10. I was in TC Monday and noticed they are also doing come interior and exterior construction of the space above Pottery Barn. If Taste is on the first floor, does anyone know what’s going here?
  11. I very much dislike the wood pattern they made on that wall. If they were going for random, it’s not random enough. If they were going for a pattern, it’s not patterned enough either. :/
  12. They replaced trollies with busses.
  13. Their is a rendering of a 6 story building on the corner. It’s shorter than what was proposed for the corner, a more...typical design, and grey to white color palate if I remember correctly. It says office and retail for lease.
  14. The red lettered document above says that floors 7-8 (empty floors). Will be a double height interstitial MEP floor. Or a Mechanial, Electrical, and Plumbing floor (intervening) between the occupied floors. BTW- I love the word “interstices”
  15. Cooper’s Hawk is coming along. This is the side.
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