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  1. I came across this video on YouTube. He talks about the Norfolk news story and SPQ a bit but also focuses on a commercial that was in between segments marketed for the target audience, asking if it was appropriate or a marketing tactic. I thought it was interesting.
  2. As they should. There’s gonna be a lot of deuces being dropped from that hotel when it opens.
  3. I’ve been seeing this over the past week or so. They started with right lane closures and utility work around the utility building near the RR tracks between Bon Secours and BUffalo Wild Wing. That’s what I’ve been thinking too.
  4. That was a proposal from the very beginning. Remember the first TC website and CMSS architect town center site? It just never materialized.
  5. Photos of River Tower and surrounding environs. You can see a new paint job on the Fort Norfolk condos there, all the piles are in on the the new Breeden building next door, not many windows on those concrete walls there on that other one, finally got to see the actual Ft. Norfolk, etc...
  6. Artistic shot of Latitude at Pembroke Mall under construction.
  7. A construction post for it on FB. Click “see more” on the bottom for the text. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10223702528489767&id=1189287654&set=a.1801237509253&source=48
  8. They have a gate open between Botanical Gardens and the airport at times. Went through there a couple weeks ago. This thing is massive from the ground there.
  9. metalman

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Shouldn’t a newspaper be like congress in that you have to live in the region you represent!
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