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  1. Norfolk International Airport

    I took that flight like 12 years ago. It was quite nice to do that. Convenient.
  2. Norfolk Pictures

    I drive don't MLK highway last night. That has some impressive views of Norfolk/Portsmouth! Some needs to take shot from there. Norfolk looks quite festive with all the lights at least 4 towers lit in red and green! Bellissimo!
  3. Virginia Beach Development

    But, rainbows do exist. I saw one yesterday.
  4. Premier Apartments Progress

    I love the blue colored facade! ;-)
  5. Norfolk Stores and Retail and Resturants

    Where are Tap It! and Hair of the Dog located?
  6. Town Center North

    We just got the Chick-fil-A on the other side of the property last month.
  7. Town Center North

    Wow. They've added a lot more renderings since when I first found the site. The vision just might be moving along! Better than the market place across the street. Did anyone notice Mona Lisa-like faces overlaying the windows on the tallest tower? I wonder if that is actually part of the concept!
  8. River Tower

    Could anything be above the 22nd story housing. A few floors of Club houses, entertainment venues, mechanical, etc, etc?
  9. Dollar Tree Tower Progress

    Yes. It says "Dollar Tree Headquarters" in the link.
  10. Virginia Beach off-topic

    I can see it now- Cali has Silicon Valley, we have "Silicon Beach". Here it is folks. I'm the first to coin the phrase!
  11. New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    Or Virginia Beach.
  12. Premier Apartments Progress

    I just came back from NYC on Sunday and oh my God! Just amazing...old and new. And there are still probably two dozen buildings under construction. Is block 9 topped out now?
  13. EVMS Education Building

    The medical tower is the CHKD tower.
  14. Block 2 Tower

    I perused yesterday on Davaris' website for listing (not loopnet) and of all the Town Center space listings, block 2 tower was not listed. Why? But (a little tid bit), on the main Town Center listing (not of individual buildings) the focus was on block 9 with rendered angles I had not yet seen before and a map in PDF of TC showed the grass in front of Sandler center as "Sander Center Expansion". Just some things I noticed.
  15. EVMS Education Building

    I don't believe that is correct. The EVMS building looks like it's on the corner of Colley and Bramelton in front of the brick parking garage, yea?