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  1. Anyone, anyone, Bueller,Bueller?
  2. What year is this? My dad worked in the tower when it was Sovran Bank.
  3. Baltimore is not the shining city on the hill. It’s school system is more atrocious than Norfolks, crime rate is terrible and dangerous, homelessness is rampant downtown, the politics…fahgedaboudit . No one has to tell me that Norfolk has its problems- school system, violent crime, infrastructure…but B’more is so much worse.
  4. Like I said in another thread, I’m looking for that skyline view from Lesner Bridge to continue to fill out!
  5. Whoever that artist was that painted that had fun! That’s one hell of a build out. I’ve been across the Lesner Bridge a lot lately. You can see Town Center from there. It’d be nice to see more building above the tree tops from that angle.
  6. It looks, once again, like the pedestrian bridge has been removed from the plans across the blvd.
  7. “The use of color allows the eye to move seamlessly across the architecture.” “The concept respects the natural landscape.” To do that, it would’ve been cool if they kept an industrial feel to the architecture and made it some converted warehouse loft design on the outside, even if they “juxtaposed” it with a modern interior design and layout. That would have been cool.
  8. It’s also the world’s largest thinshell steel reinforced concrete dome.
  9. My wife saw that their moving dirt at the Black Rifle Coffee site on VB Blvd and Davis!
  10. That was an after-football-game tradition for us in the PA high school marching band in the 90’s. Before Cici’s there was the Personal Pan Pizza and the Pizza Hut buffet and salad bar. Memories man….memories. https://www.fatherly.com/love-money/i-really-miss-1990s-pizza-hut-buffets
  11. And the Pizza Hut in the other side of Independence.
  12. Locally, most people say the Norfolk street Monticello as Monti-sello instead of properly saying Monti-chello like the instrument Cello, is pronounced. C has a ch in Italian. or the Law offices of Montag-na. Montagna means mountain and is pronounced like lasagna. The gn has a quick blended “nea” sound. Gnocchi is another examples Neaw-ki. unless the dude pronounces his name in the Americanized or I like to say, wrong, way.
  13. Kevin, out of curiosity, do you work for The Rivers casino or something related to the Portsmouth casino project?
  14. They make different sounds to me.
  15. Wait, I think there are two different things going on. Were you just commenting on how much people want this to happen? Cause- 1-This is an old photo. 2-Are they really planning on razing the TB? ‘Cause it’s still there.
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