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  1. I’m just in Virginia Beach so my home and my general forum isn’t too far away. We made it up last Friday in 1 1/2hrs flat. Great timing when there’s no tunnel traffic. We had a great time. A much bigger urban core than i thought. I love the beautiful rows of old/historic homes and businesses we passed in in Monroe and Downtown. We stay in a old brownstone near the Jefferson Hotel which was amazing looking!!! Absolutely gorgeous. Reminds me of a Richmond’s version of Virginia Beach’s Cavalier Hotel. Not that they look alike…just the old beautiful architectural famous hotel. While we were their, we went to church at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. The seat of the Catholic diocese. I’ve only been there once before…again absolutely gorgeous. I tried to walk around the Capitol but with all that renovation going on there I couldn’t squeeze in around there. Next time. A co-worker told me to try some pulled pork nachos at Iron and wood out in Scott’s Addition. We found time to get out there before leaving. It was very good . The pulled pork did not disappoint. I noticed quite a number of closed/derelict shops along Broad St. Id think with it being the main drag, city council or real estate owners would give some priority to filling in those businesses and cleaning up some of that graffiti and store frontage. It’s an easy drive from the Beach. There’s certainly more to explore for us there. We’ll be back.
  2. Hey all, Me and my fam. Just visited Richmond last weekend for GalaxyCon. Great time, good AirBB in Monroe Ward, walkable to the con. Great restaurants we found in Wong Gonzales (killer tacos), Secret Sandwich Society, an ok slice in Valentino’s pizza. Went to the Poe museum and St. John’s Church (Site Patrick Henry…you know). Great breakfast burritos at Liberty Pub out there. I do have one honest question that left me puzzled when I was there. Why is there so much dog crap on the sidewalks and the landscaping medians around the sidewalks. Up and around Grace st, Monroe, etc. I noticed not only the dog crap, some more fresh, some crusty and very old; but people walking there dogs, letting them crap on the side wall or up in the landscaping without picking it up. Is that a thing?
  3. What’s new in City View? Edit-Scratch that. Just saw the thread.
  4. Forgot to update if you care. Black Rifle (what looks like a soft opening) opened this past Tuesday! Very nice cafe with a bit retail section, drive thru. I already have had the roasts on tap so I had a Christmas latte called “Yippee-ka-yay”. https://www.blackriflecoffee.com/pages/virginia-beach-retail
  5. Islip is pretty central on the island so it’s closer for those that want to vacation in The Hamptons from here. I have family from around Islip that took the flight here a couple years ago.
  6. Opening within the next week or so. Almost here! https://www.blackriflecoffee.com/pages/virginia-beach-retail
  7. Black Rifle Coffee’s structure is up. It’s getting there. Can’t wait.
  8. If it’s Breeden you know it’s nothing over 5 floors.
  9. I think that parks and rec plan looks fantastic!
  10. Where is the parking going? They’re gonna need some substantial garages after taking up all that parking?
  11. Anyone, anyone, Bueller,Bueller?
  12. What year is this? My dad worked in the tower when it was Sovran Bank.
  13. Baltimore is not the shining city on the hill. It’s school system is more atrocious than Norfolks, crime rate is terrible and dangerous, homelessness is rampant downtown, the politics…fahgedaboudit . No one has to tell me that Norfolk has its problems- school system, violent crime, infrastructure…but B’more is so much worse.
  14. Like I said in another thread, I’m looking for that skyline view from Lesner Bridge to continue to fill out!
  15. Whoever that artist was that painted that had fun! That’s one hell of a build out. I’ve been across the Lesner Bridge a lot lately. You can see Town Center from there. It’d be nice to see more building above the tree tops from that angle.
  16. It looks, once again, like the pedestrian bridge has been removed from the plans across the blvd.
  17. “The use of color allows the eye to move seamlessly across the architecture.” “The concept respects the natural landscape.” To do that, it would’ve been cool if they kept an industrial feel to the architecture and made it some converted warehouse loft design on the outside, even if they “juxtaposed” it with a modern interior design and layout. That would have been cool.
  18. It’s also the world’s largest thinshell steel reinforced concrete dome.
  19. My wife saw that their moving dirt at the Black Rifle Coffee site on VB Blvd and Davis!
  20. That was an after-football-game tradition for us in the PA high school marching band in the 90’s. Before Cici’s there was the Personal Pan Pizza and the Pizza Hut buffet and salad bar. Memories man….memories. https://www.fatherly.com/love-money/i-really-miss-1990s-pizza-hut-buffets
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