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  1. I was there yesterday too. Ate at Bahama Breeze and my wife made her last appointment at the salon we go to there, Hue, until they solidify where they are moving to next. They even still had Christmas decorations hanging from the ceilings in the hallways.
  2. They don’t own the air rights, do they? Leave the existing building and parking lot alone and build a tower starting on a 50/60ft pier above.
  3. More on the ODU research front. This is pretty cool! 50+ ODU researchers rank in the top 2% scientists in the world. I don’t know what they’re researching, but it’s gotta be good press for the university. https://www.odu.edu/news/2022/1/stanford_rankings?fbclid=IwAR2_L_Y3XraKHRiG-jDggXeOar0gRWWUEZT2oW8uctMNOhwbvcSu0yzqCKA#.YeLsiBZOmEc
  4. I private teach music at the dance studio near the Walmart. We just moved there from Great Bridge in September. Anybody need drum, guitar,piano lesson? There is lots of flatland, old farmland no doubt, waiting to be developed over there. It seems like a growing corridor. Tap it! is good, there a new pho place over there and a couple other newer shops that are filling in Cahoon Commons.
  5. The end of the month is when all the interior stores need to vacate.
  6. Yea, that “golf ball” dome at Oceana is very important for air security and tracking, IFF, and stuff. Tall buildings put a blind spot in the radars view. https://www.pilotonline.com/news/article_c02b91f0-a086-5605-84bf-b5f5cb3cdbe7.html?outputType=amp
  7. Heard from an employee at 5.11 (outdoor/tactical clothing store) where I currently get my Black Rifle coffee beans from that 2 locations are coming to VB. ‘Twould be awesome if that’s true.
  8. Just plugging in the distance now, Stansted was actually the shortest time to London between all three airports.
  9. I don’t think so. There are already natural roads built in an around the parking lots blocks and mall, they just need to make them…proper.
  10. A Black Rifle Coffee Company café and store is coming to VB on the NE corner of Davis and VB Blvd across from Guitar Center! I am so excited for this. There coffees are fantastic!
  11. I would assume since it was mentioned in the thread that outdoor stores will stay open. But I didn’t hear it from my niece. I have a friend who owns a hair salon there. I’ll have to get the scoop from her but, man I feel for her.
  12. Something I didn’t hear or read from the newest report, my niece who works in the mall said today that her job told her that the Mall is closing and needs to be vacated by 12/31. She’s the 2nd person I heard that from.
  13. The pic doesn’t do the visual justice, but that area is impressive now driving up the Brambleton bridge. River tower, EVMS and CHKD gives a presence “hitherto unseen”.
  14. Is it in the Birchwood shopping center/Bj’s property?
  15. Boulevard 45 on South Blvd just past the Mt. Trashmore YMCA. Used to be a wherehouse. https://thefranklinjohnstongroup.com/development/
  16. Is this between the Barry Robinson Center and St. Mary’s Home?
  17. I can definitely see a Coastal Edge there. Thanks! typo- “I can”, not can’t.
  18. Anyone know what will be filling the spot next to Maggie McFly’s as at Lynnhaven Mall? This will be the first occupant of that storefront.
  19. They are specifically getting rid of some of those parking lots with this development and expanding the urban-ness of Town Center. That’s a good thing for Pembroke Mall, right?
  20. I have a friend who is a manager at Breeden and posted this from Facebook. Relics from an old brewing company were excavated from the site during construction. Fully intact bottles- A great find! That old company, the Heurich Brewing Co. happens to now have a museum for the family and their legacy, in D.C. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10158450998291868&id=136209986867 Here is more on there home, family, and brewing company from their website if your interested. https://heurichhouse.org/learn
  21. Does any one know what new signage/facade is being put on the Westin garage opposite the Yard House on Indi?
  22. It literally just looks like more box seats for the baseball stadium.
  23. I came across this video on YouTube. He talks about the Norfolk news story and SPQ a bit but also focuses on a commercial that was in between segments marketed for the target audience, asking if it was appropriate or a marketing tactic. I thought it was interesting.
  24. As they should. There’s gonna be a lot of deuces being dropped from that hotel when it opens.
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