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  1. We get Boston direct flights? And what about direct to LA?
  2. Would love to see a dedicated topic around theories promoting smarter development in Greenville. Lots of quality channels on YouTube. Just watched these two from a channel in Amsterdam and thought forum members here would enjoy them. The Lively & Liveable Neighbourhoods that are Illegal in Most of North America https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnKIVX968PQ Why We Won't Raise Our Kids in Suburbia (and moved to the Netherlands instead) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ul_xzyCDT98
  3. Just saw one of the new British Airways 787-10 flying out of GSP. I think all 787 production is out of Charleston. The article mentions the first flight to Atlanta will be today. Not sure the reasoning behind this route though. I will only look at this as a signal of positive things to come! https://simpleflying.com/british-airways-first-787-10-dreamliner-delayed/
  4. Question on the Mural and the approval process. I travel internationally frequently and many cities have a wide range of murals. Some great and some ok. Anyone know or can link to the approval process from the (city of Greenville) perspective? I’m guessing the artist will provide a few options to the client, the client will choose one, and push that to the city for final approval? Do community members have a say?
  5. My flight home a few days ago from Chicago to Greenville was delayed for a few hours. I overheard some other passengers saying they would miss their connecting flight. Shocking I know. I think their final destination was Charlotte. I have never heard of anyone transferring flights at GSP. Is this new or has this been happening for a while?
  6. Best app I’ve found so far for flight tracking is Flightradar24. You can add an airline logo overlay. That Laredo flight is weekly I think.
  7. Miami and Denver ads I've seen online lately. Great to see GSP (or the airlines) running these campaigns on the Googles ad network. Well done!
  8. Nice catch. That's correct. About 5 to 7 took off in short increments while waiting to board. They were Air Force with 'GA' tail signs. They looked like E-8's based on a quick google search. Not sure if this is typical at GSP but good to see the extra activity anyway
  9. Renovation looks excellent. Well done to whoever was involved. First time seeing the Senator 747 as well.
  10. Curious to hear if opinions have changed on this topic over the past 6 months...Is demand still strong as a number of these projects have been or are close to completion?
  11. green3

    The West End

    Development continues along Anderson St at Dunbar St in the west end
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