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  1. I've been living in the neighborhood for 3 years now, and the building - whether it be house flipping, new construction of homes, new constructions of townhomes, etc has been relentless. I think one of the questions that is interesting about the west side of town - especially Seversville, Biddleville, Smallwood specifically - is when will the food/bar/service/retail businesses follow? The streetcar and demand for in-town housing has made these locations attractive for new residents and residential building is booming, but the commercial side is essentially unchanged during this same period of time. If you look at W. Trade street from 77 on to past Five Points there hasn't been a single new consumer-facing business in the last 3 years that I can name.
  2. Westside update Outbound tracks essentially complete to the traffic light at five points. Inbound complete up to Mosaic Village (give or take). Also bonus photo of the old A&P on W Trade. Can't wait for someone to renovate that.
  3. Anyone make it? Curious if it lives up to the hype
  4. Updates from the westside. First two are of the second set of tracks running to and away from uptown. Third shows that the first set of tracks is nearly complete to five points. Continue to see visible progress!
  5. Mini rant... Warriors lose KD and are able to get Deangelo Russell, Celtics lose Kyrie Irving and are able to get Kemba Walker, Nets lose Deangelo Russell and are able to get KD and Kyrie. We lose Kemba and decide to hamstring ourselves with a bad, guaranteed contract for Terry Rozier.... If we needed to lose Kemba fine, but at least tank with confidence.
  6. Cmpd Central division rising
  7. Makes me sick to my stomach seeing this play out. If you were going to pay him, pay him. If you weren't going to pay him, then should have dealt him for something of value last year. Just doesn't make any sense.
  8. Noble Smoke is looking to soft open shortly after July 4th. Some more details below. This place is going to be absolutely massive. Hoping it becomes a destination, otherwise it'll feel awfully lonely in such a big space!! When Noble Smoke opens in July, meats will be smoked in a few different ways: An 1,800-square-foot smokehouse with eight wood-fired smokers; six smokers made of steel — Texas-style; and two traditional North Carolina masonry barbecue pits. The restaurant will have a dining room and bar with seating for more than 200, an event space with capacity of 80 to 120 guests, a designated pickup area for to-go meals, a biergarten with seating for another 200 guests and its own brewery space.
  9. I've been reading a lot about Rui Hachimura from Gonzaga being a likely candidate. Would certainly bring some jersey sales and Japanese attention to the Hornets which couldn't hurt.
  10. Can't say I'm too surprised but Emzy has closed uptown.
  11. More pictures from the west side today. Moving along nicely.
  12. Probably the only 2016 rezoning application that is still open... But at least there are signs of life!
  13. Couple of pictures from the westside by Mosaic Village
  14. More townhomes proposed in Seversville right by Savona Mill but different developer. 44 units. This is on top of 3 other communities and many other infills.
  15. Agree with you on Elizabeth Creamery and Golden Cow - not as good as Jeni's. As for local, my favorite is Two Scoops. Give that a whirl if you're looking for more local shops to compare.
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