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  1. DCtransplant

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    Are they painting beige with.... beige?
  2. DCtransplant

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Saw that Sam Bethea aka "Jesus Saves" got a new(?) ride.
  3. DCtransplant

    Charlotte Center City Streetcar Network

    Couple from Saturday morning from the West side by Bojangles
  4. DCtransplant

    Savona Mill, Lakewood Trolley, Greenway

    Community rezoning meeting was last Wednesday. Well attended and no opposition. New expected date for official rezoning with city council is February or March. Seems they've had a lot of back and forth based on traffic study.
  5. DCtransplant

    Savona Mill, Lakewood Trolley, Greenway

    Seems like Savona Mill redevelopment isn't dead yet. Community meeting tonight with the owner and K&L Gates. Hoping to have rezoning complete by December. Just signed on Viva Raw as a tenant to move all of their production and a storefront to the site. Talk of event venues as well, but nothing solid - had some conceptual artwork from cluck design but I wasnt quick enough to get a picture. Also actively working with ncdot and CSX for the right of way for the Lakewood trolley. They've got the no. 85 car in storage and it looks in great shape. Have 3 other old trolleys as well that are in need of some serious restoration work. Everything moving slower than everyone would like, but the owner has accumulated all 23 acres and seems to be in it for the long haul.
  6. DCtransplant

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Town brewing opens 9/28 in wesley heights next to rhino market.
  7. DCtransplant

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    I think they also do a pretty good business through canning and distribution - I know I've seen their beers the last time i was in Charleston. I think they can 5 beers last i checked. I do worry when Town Brewing opens in Wesley Heights if that will siphon off tap room business from Blue Blaze.
  8. DCtransplant

    FreeMore Projects (West Morehead, Freedom Drive, Bryant Park)

    ^^ Thanks and good to know. Didn't realize there were separate projects.
  9. DCtransplant

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    I worry for Blue Blaze once Town Brewing opens up next to Rhino Market. Maybe they expect to lose some of the neighborhood tap room sales and realize that investment in distro is the best way to go? All conjecture, but that would be my thought. Lack of movement on Savona Mill and Lakewood Trolley hasn't helped them either.
  10. DCtransplant

    FreeMore Projects (West Morehead, Freedom Drive, Bryant Park)

    Starting to go vertical on the Wilkinson/W Morehead apartments. In my opinion this will be a very interesting project for the corridor - Camp Greene behind it is coming along, but living right on Wilkinson a healthy walk from FreeMoreWest and Uptown could be a tough sell depending the price point.
  11. DCtransplant

    FreeMore Projects (West Morehead, Freedom Drive, Bryant Park)

    Nothing too surprising at the meeting. The land is from the corner of bruns and sumter all the way to bruns elementary. There are two houses in the way that won't move so they'll be built around. 53 townhomes mostly 2 bedrooms with some 3 beds mixed in. Starting price point mid to high 300s. All contingent on rezoning. Neighboring concepts doing the design. If it goes through it'll be great for neighborhood, that lot is an eyesore right now especially next to a school.
  12. DCtransplant

    FreeMore Projects (West Morehead, Freedom Drive, Bryant Park)

    Gotcha - thanks for the info. The townhome explosion is real... Shea homes is definitely the group for 1625 Sumter. They are having a community meeting tonight to discuss rezoning and get input. I imagine the end result will be townhomes but TBD.
  13. DCtransplant

    FreeMore Projects (West Morehead, Freedom Drive, Bryant Park)

    Any more info regarding where the sites are for the the 7 units for S Bruns and the 53 units other units? I live in the area and know Shea homes is working on the lot at bruns and Sumter. But don't know much more than that. Thanks!
  14. DCtransplant

    Myers Park / Eastover Projects

    Ever hear any rumors about a Landmark Theater coming to town? I could see that being a perfect fit for the Park Terrace location. Used to frequent Landmark's E St Cinema in DC and loved that place.
  15. DCtransplant

    FreeMore Projects (West Morehead, Freedom Drive, Bryant Park)

    Anyone know what's going on at 2000 W morehead? Looks like they are keeping the brick exterior/facade but the inside is entirely gutted. Neat looking building.