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  1. Police station coming along very nicely
  2. On that last point, I was a victim of the Russian Roulette...
  3. Seen at the Wesley Heights rhino market today if you're still interested in getting some
  4. Christmas caroling at Al Mike's... Quintessential charlotte
  5. Poles up on the west side Also pouring concrete at trade and tryon this morning
  6. According to a thread on nextdoor it has to do with concerns from Duke around trees under the transmission lines. Seems silly to me considering the trees were short cherry trees and have been there for years. Apparently county and Duke are in talks about what they can be replaced with. Wesley Heights community association is involved as well.
  7. This was posted to reddit today. Take it for what it is - rumor mill - but very intriguing: "I've posted on this topic before as I've had some inside info on MLS2CLT through connections in the Charlotte soccer community. MLS is coming to Charlotte and it will be announced within the next few weeks. Could be as early as December 6th. I know this has been rumored for a bit, however, the biggest update I got is the team will start in 2021, even before the St. Louis and Sacramento franchises. The team will use a temporary facility as their training location (two locations are in consideration) for the first season while the club builds out a brand new HQ and facility."
  8. Tracks officially run through Five Points. Hoping they open up the intersection this week. Was originally scheduled for the 28th so not too bad.
  9. I've been living in the neighborhood for 3 years now, and the building - whether it be house flipping, new construction of homes, new constructions of townhomes, etc has been relentless. I think one of the questions that is interesting about the west side of town - especially Seversville, Biddleville, Smallwood specifically - is when will the food/bar/service/retail businesses follow? The streetcar and demand for in-town housing has made these locations attractive for new residents and residential building is booming, but the commercial side is essentially unchanged during this same period of time. If you look at W. Trade street from 77 on to past Five Points there hasn't been a single new consumer-facing business in the last 3 years that I can name.
  10. Westside update Outbound tracks essentially complete to the traffic light at five points. Inbound complete up to Mosaic Village (give or take). Also bonus photo of the old A&P on W Trade. Can't wait for someone to renovate that.
  11. Anyone make it? Curious if it lives up to the hype
  12. Updates from the westside. First two are of the second set of tracks running to and away from uptown. Third shows that the first set of tracks is nearly complete to five points. Continue to see visible progress!
  13. Mini rant... Warriors lose KD and are able to get Deangelo Russell, Celtics lose Kyrie Irving and are able to get Kemba Walker, Nets lose Deangelo Russell and are able to get KD and Kyrie. We lose Kemba and decide to hamstring ourselves with a bad, guaranteed contract for Terry Rozier.... If we needed to lose Kemba fine, but at least tank with confidence.
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