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  1. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    Looks like LimeBike is launching electric assist bikes with motors. Doesn't say if/when they will be released in Charlotte, but imagine that it eventually makes it's way here. Pretty cool for longer rides. http://www.limebike.com/blog/limebike-launches-electric-assist-bikes-into-the-dockless-age
  2. North End & Greenville / Double Oaks Neighborhoods

    Would consider Enderly Park a West Side neighborhood instead of a North End neighborhood. I live in neighboring Seversville and can tell you in the 1.5 years I've lived in the house the neighborhood has rapidly changed. My house was the first on the block to "flip" - since then I've seen 9 new flips and significant investment on townhomes. Lots of new builds and renos with the price point for a renovated 3bd/2ba slowly creeping up to 400K. The question mark that I would have about Enderly Park is which way does the West End investment head next. Wesley Heights is essentially tapped out for investment. Seversville/Biddleville have lots of room but not at the super low price point many flippers are looking for (For instance, .25 acre plots are running 100-130K in these neighborhoods). Smallwood is slightly behind them. Is Enderly Park the next logical move? I *think* so, although I have not invested there. Some of the continued investment along Freedom Drive in apartments would seem to indicate that. On a side note, crime is not nearly as bad as people think - but there is some petty stuff like car break ins on a rather frequent basis. Not a professional, so take all of this as opinion.
  3. Westside/Beatties Ford/Biddleville/West End Projects

    Here's the presentation.
  4. Westside/Beatties Ford/Biddleville/West End Projects

    Went to the Griffin Brothers neighborhood meeting tonight, pretty informative and helpful. Highlights below. Additionally they plan to share a presentation which I'll upload here if/when they send it out. Apologies in advance for the length! Planning on 2 different developments along West Trade - the rehab of the old A&P store at 1600 West Trade and a brand new building next door to Mosaic Village and the JCSU arts building (dubbed Mosaic Village II). For the old A&P store they have 3 things planned: Food Hall, Music Hall, Community Center. Currently the land is owned by the Duke Endowment. Sounds like this will be a multi-layer partnership with JCSU, Griffin Brothers, Duke, Center City Partners and potentially others. Ideal timeline would have this open in early 2018 but they said this would be highly unlikely unless everything comes into place quickly. Food Hall - They plan to have 4 fully built kitchens plus a bar. Each kitchen would be about 160 sq ft. Would have shared tables (plus outside dining) for the four restaurants for diners with waiters. Would be an order at the restaurant and you get a number type deal. They kept referencing the Smallman Galley in Pittsburgh (http://www.smallmangalley.org/) and actually said they had visited and met with the owners to understand how the model works. Chefs would have free rent for a year and would have to go through an application process. Griffin brothers would ideally like some of these chefs to succeed and open restaurants in the NW corridor and fill spots in Mosaic Village and elsewhere. Music Hall - A little short on details but they did mention something like the Double Door Inn. They've been in talks with the former owner of the Double Door about bringing in some of his memorabilia from the former spot. Community Center - 10 year lease given to the community to make of it what they will. Short on details here as well. For Mosaic Village II they plan to build the site up to between 5 and 8 floors - between 60 to 80K sqft. Will include about 50% office space for nonprofits and 50% office space at market rate. One floor will be a business incubator for trade-type jobs hopefully partnering with JCSU (likely) and Johnson and Wales (unknown). Timeline for this would be to start Summer 2018 and ideally open when the Gold Line opens. Other random details - they are working with NCDOT to build a short walking path connecting Auten St and W Trade St where there formerly was a public street connector. All very new and fluid so I'd expect things to change/evolve as this moves forward.
  5. Westside/Beatties Ford/Biddleville/West End Projects

    Meeting tomorrow on Phase II of Mosaic Village. Believe it's to announce a plan for 1600 W Trade but not 100% sure.
  6. Westside/Beatties Ford/Biddleville/West End Projects

    Anyone have any updates on Savona Mill rezoning? Seems to be stuck in neutral. http://charlottenc.gov/planning/Rezoning/RezoningPetitions/2016Petitions/Pages/2016-112.aspx
  7. Westside/Beatties Ford/Biddleville/West End Projects

    That's really interesting and helpful background - thank you. At the streetcar groundbreaking Anthony Foxx talked about going to that Park and Shop as a kid. Wonder if there would ever be interest in re-opening a neighborhood grocery store on that plot or similar. It's been brought up before at the local community meetings, but never seems to be much hope for it.
  8. Westside/Beatties Ford/Biddleville/West End Projects

    Interesting - That's a pretty prime spot for the redevelopment of the corridor. Right on the future streetcar line. The laundromat next to it on the corner of Bruns and Trade just recently flipped owners as well. In other West End news: the 86 townhome development by Hopper Communities seems to be underway at Duckworth and Wesley Heights Way with some demo and initial grading work the Grandin Heights townhome development in Wesley Heights is moving along with a few townhome clusters nearing completion Work has begun to streetscape 4th street extension through Wesley Heights as part of the CNIP Work has begun to align Wesley Heights Way with Frazier Ave, also as part of the CNIP No significant streetcar work yet, except for the removal of the Johnson C Smith pedestrian bridge over Beatties Ford and last but not least... the new "fancy" West End Bojangles is open right next to entrance to I-77
  9. Charlotte Off Topic

    Wasn't sure where to post this question so playing it safe by putting in Off Topic... Does anyone know why a group would file for rezoning for property they don't own? Looking specifically at the Hopper Communities rezoning petition in 2016 for 85 townhouses in Seversville. On Duckworth and Wesley Heights Way. Land is owned by a church. Would there be a potential sale pending zoning outcome?
  10. Westside/Beatties Ford/Biddleville/West End Projects

    More detail about Savona Mill: http://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2016/12/13/savona-mill-project-focuses-on-history.html?ana=e_ae_set1&s=article_du&ed=2016-12-13&u=qAWDz9GlI42O2KBKyU94zj5Gh7x&t=1481660812&j=76747751
  11. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Thanks! The beer is pretty good - I would say it's similar in style/portfolio to OMB but not quite at the same level. They have been experimenting lately with what seems to be a new release every week or so which is a positive - hopefully some of those stick around or become regular rotation. The Oktoberfest was surprisingly good and different from most iterations you see. I'm personally a fan of their Black IPA - that's usually what I'm drinking.
  12. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    I live a few blocks from Blue Blaze and am there on a roughly once a week basis. I see a lot of the same faces that also live in the neighborhood - so from my perspective it's become a bit of a local hang out. It's never empty, but never quite as busy as some of the other breweries around town. The density in our part of town is not at the same level as South End or NoDa so i do wonder if they can survive with just neighborhood support or need to draw in a larger audience or hold out the (?) number of years until the rest of Savona Mill is built out making it more of a destination.
  13. Westside/Beatties Ford/Biddleville/West End Projects

    A pamphlet from a local west side community meeting detailing some of the plans for Savona Mill. Not really sure timeline on any of this, but happy to see it on paper as there has been a lot of talk about redevelopment. Savona_Mill_Plan.pdf