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  1. This is inaccurate and not supported by any credible source. And, I visit frequently and can tell you that Nashville is literally booming (so much so that many residents are complaining about the pace of growth). As much as Charlotte changed in the last decade, Nashville (to me) feels like it has changed more. I will add (anecdotally) that I know ~20 people who have relocated there from San Diego in the past 24 months.
  2. https://www.biggestuscities.com/nc/1940 https://www.biggestuscities.com/nc/1960 https://www.biggestuscities.com/nc/1980 https://www.biggestuscities.com/nc/2000
  3. https://soccerstadiumdigest.com/2019-mls-attendance/
  4. You are not misinterpreting my reply. I care less who says something than the value of what is said. Frankly, few of us know as much as the city planners, developers, politicians and architects that we criticize every day here. That's the beauty of this forum. It's democratic and egalitarian.
  5. I am certainly not offended but I think you are ignoring a lot of obvious advantages to locating in the Southeast. Corporate tax rates are much lower in the South. Cost of living is lower. Worker's Comp (my business) is exponentially lower compared to, say, California (literally a fifth of the cost in most instances). Cheaper land and building costs. Lower rents. As mentioned, far less union. All right to work states. Moderate climate. Less regulation. And, the Southeast has some great schools (Duke, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Georgia Tech, UNC, Wake Forest to name a few). If, like me, t
  6. My argument has never really been about retail in the tunnels (I've only briefly mentioned that in a single post of many on tunnels and bridges). I'm more focused on the tunnels themselves as a means to move people to street level retail.
  7. Personally, I wish Atherton Mills went to the top with the brick. It looks fantastic in person.
  8. Those are very compelling arguments. I'm still inclined to believe you could do both but I'll admit you have me reconsidering my position.
  9. I never take downvotes personally if they are accompanied by a well-reasoned position (as yours was). Regarding your position, I'm not against anything you want, I just believe that having other pedestrian options isn't as damaging as some claim. I've worked Uptown for ~15 years and spend 10 hours a day here. I come on the weekends. I eat here. I exercise here. I want it better also. If today we imploded the Overstreet Mall and all pedestrian tunnels, the city would not be even a little more vibrant. Fix the streets and add the retail. That's what will add vibrancy.
  10. ^^ Both right and both well articulated.
  11. And there appear to be significant concerns on the economy now also. Could be the boom is finally ending. On the other hand, employment remains VERY strong and higher interest rates are killing home sales (making apartments a good bet). I know absolutely nothing but I still think NWR starts construction in the next 12 months. There is some momentum on this side of Uptown (streetcar, Gateway station, police department, etc) and it could be they are simply looking to wrap projects on Stonewall and Providence before they start another. They haven't been know in recent years for talking and n
  12. I actually agree with almost all of this. I'm for improving the pedestrian experience, calming traffic, eliminating lanes, adding bike lanes, closing streets to cars altogether. I simply have no objections to giving people the option of accessing buildings above street level also. I don't think they are mutually exclusive. I don't understand why pedestrians and retail 20 feet above the street is damaging to street level design. Fix the streets, add the retail, let people decide how they will access them.
  13. I remain prochoice on pedestrian bridges and tunnels. I'm all for smart urban design but think people should have the option of staying off the street (for safety, comfort and convenience) if developers are willing to give them the choice. Those that want to be on the street will be there. Making the streets safer and more attractive to pedestrians is the way to address this (as opposed to abolishing tunnels). Just my opinion though. I only have a GED...
  14. Point out a single post where I ever supported a particular candidate or party. I voted for McCready (first D ever) simply to limit Trump's power but never said anything positive about him. I have no chosen candidate(s). You are blinded by partisanship, hatred, negativity and unhappiness. I'll spare myself and the rest of the board any further interactions with you. I hope you get help.
  15. So it's all about you vs. "them"? It's all about schadenfreude. No response to Trump's specific behavior and no concern for your fellow Americans. Got it.
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