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  1. Carolina Panthers

    As good as our defensive line is, theirs is better. They put pressure on Cam all night without having to blitz. On that we agree.
  2. Amazon HQ2

    I can definitely see NoVA, Philly or Baltimore as possibilities. NJ seems VERY unlikely (not hating, I was born there)...
  3. Carolina Panthers

    I'm not sure you can say that they are clearly a better team when Panthers had two good opportunities at the end to win in a 5 point loss and two of the turnovers were pretty flukey (particularly Stewart's) and led to 14 points. Philly was better last night but if Carolina won by 2 I wouldn't conclude that Panther's are clearly better. I'm not sure that we are better than NE or Detroit either. Agree completely on Luke, he should retire. Felt the same way but apparently we threw long because Philly had no safety on the field for those plays. Maybe they were trying to get us to throw long? Don't know if that was Shula or an audible at the line of scrimmage. Unfortunately, I agree completely. Last night should be his last game and it is crushing as a Panther fan to say that. Dan Morgan's career was similar (though as great as he was, he wasn't as good as LK, an all-timer if he could stay healthy).
  4. Charlotte Greenways - The Big Picture

    I use the greenways constantly (including LSC). I absolutely want this and believe it's money well spent. It will perpetually link these trails and I suspect it will immediately be a place people go when visiting Charlotte. Personally, I'd rank this above a new central library (I like the current one) and a soccer stadium. Pedestrian bridges in SD (one by Petco, one by Balboa Park and the new one by SDSU for anyone wishing to Google) are beautiful and frequently utilized. Build it even if we don't get the Tiger Grant!
  5. Charlotte Greenways - The Big Picture

    I didn't know this. Charlotte is insolvent?
  6. The River District

    I hate to lose the trees and wilderness. However, I actually think this development opens up a part of Charlotte that today is inaccessible to and forgotten by most residents. One of the things that Uptown is missing is a major body of water (river, bay, etc.). IF this is done right (I have reservations about implementation based on the players involved), this could fill that void. I love the thought of semi-urban (or even suburban) walkways adjacent to the river. I also like the plan to make this a transit connected community that will be highly walk-able, with people living, shopping, dining and working in the same area. From an environmental standpoint, that feels like a plus. If this project hastens light rail to the airport and beyond, that's another big benefit. All things considered, I'm a big fan of the project. I do hope that it's done right and not just another Ballantyne on the river.
  7. Carolina Panthers

    Coaching but likely not conditioning. It was clear that after the last touchdown and before the field goal that they were content and the play calling was all about running clock (even though the best way to run the clock is to get first downs). The defense was on the field a lot as a result and Stafford always is a beast in the fourth quarter. They really need to keep their foot on the gas until the end but for some reason they just don't. Philly looks very tough but it's clear now that Panthers can play with anyone when Cam is right. On a side note, I've never seen Luke look more human...
  8. You won't win this argument based on past discussions of the topic here. However, I agree with you 99% (1% thinks Tarhoosier made some great points). Chicago relocated a cemetery and it was hugely positive. Elmwood could make an excellent park in the future and if I had family members living there I'd be totally fine with a relocation. We're not winning this topic though. Now, back to Tryon Place...
  9. Then we can get in more senseless wars where we can kill more of America's youth, kill and maim innocent civilians, waste billions and have nothing to show for it but a destroyed country (and America's reputation further diminished) when we pull out. Seriously, if you haven't watched the Vietnam War series on PBS you should. LBJ and Nixon cared only about their egos, reputations and political prospects. Not one damn good thing was accomplished. I support soldiers but not the politicians who regularly and needlessly put their lives at risk. I assume (and hope) you were not serious.
  10. https://wallethub.com/edu/fastest-growing-cities/7010/ Not surprising but still cool to see validated again.
  11. http://www.sustaincharlotte.org/biketoberfest Pretty cool!
  12. Jonas Federal Courthouse Renovation

    1. Bad 2. Nice! 3. Awful Ours is closest to Awful...
  13. Amazon HQ2

    From my perspective, it seems like you are very dismissive and critical of Charlotte in many of your posts. I love San Diego and talk about it (too much for most I'm sure). However, I made a decision to move to Charlotte and love it also. They are different and Charlotte will never have some things that SD has (mostly the weather, beach, topography, trees). Nonetheless, overall I've decided that Charlotte is a better place for me and my family. You don't have to love it and constructive criticism is welcome. But, when most of your comments indicate that you don't like Charlotte and/or it could never compare to Denver, it does get tiresome. Just my opinion, I could certainly be wrong...
  14. I think Walton is worse. This is less visible, interestingly ugly and not named for a sex criminal... Walton is completely irredeemable in every way.