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  1. I want to agree with you but I don't. I strongly suspect that these folks will push for the streetcar, much as those on Independence insisted on light rail and not the alternative using buses. It's people in the more affluent suburbs who view the streetcar as a boondoggle.
  2. Those are awesome. I also love the color of the glass. As some have noted previously, it's not the cleanest overall design but it's not boring and I'm a fan.
  3. I don't know if this is serious or meant to mock the city employee who used the streetcar as justification for building the stadium. Either way, I like it.
  4. Functionality is cool, architecturally not so much. Building reminds me of DEC.
  5. It was a head scratcher...not like they are building a stadium in Ballantyne. Memorial is actually pretty accessible to East Charlotte, IMO.
  6. It wasn't a complaint, just an (admittedly arcane) observation. Sheesh...
  7. From the right angle on Trade Street near Cedar, this thing invisibly blends into DEC...
  8. Sign, yes actually...I like it (the one hanging over the sidewalk)! Pass on the loading platforms...
  9. Agree completely but it actually looks a lot better in your picture than in person...
  10. You really nailed LH, right down to the beige...
  11. Just read the article. Michael Smith is really hard to stomach, totally full of sh#t. Almost changed my mind reading his hyperbolic nonsense.
  12. Don't be dissing the WWC...
  13. I don't know if it was up before but there is now a sign on site with a rendering advertising the new project. That could be an indication that it's still a go. There is also a sign for this a block away from Skyhouse: http://www.staccato7.com/ Noticed both on my run today and never saw either previously.
  14. There is not much rational justification for doing this deal. Professional sports aren't (remotely) rational. I'm frankly shocked that this has gotten this far this quickly, especially since there doesn't appear to be a groundswell of soccer support in Charlotte. Heck, if UP'ers aren't on board with a new stadium, the CO commenters will be 100% opposed (and the average citizen won't support). So, it could just be too soon. I'm still firmly on board but I respect the opinion of those opposed (and live in Union County). All of that said, I suspect this will pass and that we'll be awarded a team (simply because I don't think this much would be happening but for the encouragement of the league)...could be totally wrong though.
  15. ^^ Have to imagine, this project would finally jump-start other projects in First Ward (we thought the same thing about the park though)...