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  1. A ton going on from Pinky's to the stadium, most of it good...
  2. Maybe a stretch but I think it's good news that we weren't associated with that travesty of a game last night. Hopefully, in two years they will actually play basketball. Also, uptown and airport will be much further along. NO didn't even sell out the arena. All of this assumes we get 2019 game but after this weekend I'm not sure I even care...
  3. Agree with overall sentiment but several of the players you mentioned are worse than the player we drafted (McClemore, Burke, MCW are a few examples). Cody is a good player when healthy and it's too early to give up on Frank (though that was a terrible pick based on who was available). Cho shouldn't get credit for OKC and he was fired in Portland...
  4. Kermit, thanks for helpful/very informative response!
  5. What's the difference in cost, speed and construction time? I wouldn't have any problem riding light rail to Weddington. Not selfish at all...LKN got screwed over twice and it's time to make it right.
  6. IMO, this building looks pretty crappy up close (say, from the park). However, from the west coming into the city, it looks great. So, it could be worse...
  7. I (REALLY) hate to be that guy but...what's wrong with the existing library? They could improve the interior (mostly the flow and where materials are accessed) and the collection of materials but the building itself and size seem fine to me (and I use it). It's also very close to Imaginon, which is a stellar facility. I'd much rather see $90 million used on greenways and transit than a new central library. Replacing the decrepit library in San Diego was a no brainer (though it took years and there was a lot of opposition) but I fail to see a compelling need in Charlotte.
  8. I was in this airport on Monday and Tuesday. Not at all impressed the first day, the newer part is much nicer. I was also in Birmingham Tuesday. One of the nicest small airports in the country. Flew out of Memphis yesterday. It would be difficult to find a worse airport (excluding LaGuardia). It's not inconvenient because crowds are small but the lobby bathroom hasn't changed since it was built in the sixties and food options are extremely limited. Based on city size and all the cargo flown out of there, very surprised by that airport. I'm hopeful that Charlotte will have one of the nicer airports of it's size in 10 years...
  9. That's a great idea. My view of Overstreet is that I like it but it could be so much better...
  10. Engineer CLT, is there a huge difference in quality, longevity and safety for wood vs. steel? I ask because NPR had a guest who said that with new technology you could build a wood skyscraper and that it would be much better for the environment. Aside from sound, what is the biggest difference between the two?
  11. I'm guessing a Northwood Ravin development?
  12. I think there would be demand here. I also think, despite league leading attendance since arriving Uptown, that a view of BB&T and the Knights is less of a draw than in Durham. First, Knights are a minor league team in a major league city (Panthers, Hornets). Second, despite the aforementioned attendance, near universal praise and exquisite views, I don't love the park. The inside is good, the outside (particularly along the third base line) is either mediocre or terrible. The AA park in Birmingham is, IMO, much nicer. The design reminds me of the Mint across the street. I know this is not a common opinion but whenever I pass it I get pissed off (because they were so close to a truly superb ballpark). Comparatively, Durham's park is much cooler (IMO) and with the restored warehouses that are adjacent a place I would much rather have my office. One man's opinion...
  13. SD makes sense if they can solve stadium issue (even if privately financed, nothing is easy there), Detroit makes sense based on city size, owner(s) financial capability, St Louis will not build a stadium so it's dead, Sacramento most likely of all cities based on support and stadium plan, Nashville fast growing but still considerably smaller than Charlotte. Assuming capable owners and stadiums are in place in every market (false assumption) under consideration and existing fan support not a consideration (otherwise, an unrealistic and inaccurate scenario), I would view SD, Detroit, St Louis and Charlotte as the cities to beat, followed by Nashville, Raleigh, San Antonio, Sacramento and Cincinnati (Tampa's bid is serious but proximity to Orlando and Miami and past failure is a concern). In other words, the largest markets would get first shot but the fallback cities have better existing support and are good candidates. 1. Why would city give them a dime now? 2. If the County re-voted today, I suspect they would vote "no". Observer inferred that the deal is illegal.
  14. I would be happy for Raleigh and the State. They would be my favorite MLS team but I would follow only slightly more than I follow NHL team (not at all). I don't think we would necessarily never get a team if Raleigh does but agree that it would be at least a decade and an uphill battle.