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  1. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    I'm wondering if the extension has a positive impact on development South of Uptown? I know we will see a major impact North and that South is already booming beyond sewer capacity. However, people South just doubled how far they can go on light rail. That would definitely make me more interested in living on the line. The more lines built, I'd assume there would be an exponential impact on development (again, it would work for me personally). All of this assumes they get functional apps and ticket machines...
  2. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    I had a maddening experience with the Blue Line on Saturday. Using the App, I bought 3 round trip tickets for me and two family members (so far so good). A minute before the train arrived, it stopped working. I got this screen: It's worth noting that the tickets were already in my "wallet" and the internet wasn't needed. Also worth noting that internet was indeed working and I was also connected to WiFi. Nothing would reset the App (I rebooted the phone multiple times also). I would have bought tickets but the ticket machine was broken and only accepting cash (no credit cards). All this on the grand opening day. I was so extraordinarily aggravated that I didn't ride. We literally just went home and I was pissed for hours. The App starting working when I pulled into my driveway. Inexcusable.
  3. Carolina Panthers

    Breeland failed his physical unfortunately...
  4. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Same in San Diego for much of the first couple of segments.
  5. And in 5 years we can add Duke, Tryon Place and hopefully Brooklyn to this picture (not to mention a remodeled convention center).
  6. Say what you will about how individual projects are turning out...we wanted density on Stonewall and we got it. Now about pedestrian friendliness...
  7. FNB Tower 401 S Graham St

    I like Ally better. This is better than Legacy (by a lot). I graded on a location curve. This is a far better project than we could have expected for this location. Finally, let me be clear: I HATE BALCONIES ON TALL BUILDINGS! If I lived there, it would likely be a decent amenity. Architecturally and visually, balconies are awful. My ONLY issue with Ally is that the pretty good finished product won't be as good as the awesome initial rendering.
  8. Carolina Panthers

    Bashaud Breeland is actually a pretty good corner and definitely an upgrade over Worley. Personally, I think Marty has done a fabulous job thus far (he's getting better value than most teams out there). A few more cuts and signings are coming but I am optimistic. Conversely, look at the decimation in AZ and Seattle (previous NFC title contenders).
  9. FNB Tower 401 S Graham St

    Before I respond, can you tell me if you like this?
  10. Brooklyn Village Redevelopment in 2nd Ward

    Crescent didn't win (unless I'm completely mistaken)...
  11. FNB Tower 401 S Graham St

    Based on the site, the original was a B-. The redesign is a solid A. Very pleasantly surprised.
  12. Camp North End (Hercules Industrial Park Redevelopment)

    Exactly! This won't actually happen...right?
  13. First Ward Urban Village and Parks

    This sounds like a serious upgrade if it ever happens. Like everyone else, I simply have zero confidence in Levine following through on anything he says. It seems possible (likely?) that this could sit unfinished until the next boom cycle. Best case scenario is Levine continues to sell off parcels to good developers who might actually, you know, develop. Grubb at least has an excuse (the hospital).
  14. What about a cap with this: https://inhabitat.com/hamburg-is-building-a-giant-green-roof-cover-over-sections-of-the-a7-motorway/ Or this? But agree the view is great and there are much higher priorities.