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  1. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    That's a pretty great project. Anxious to see what happens with the retail across the street. The design on this is an A (nothing gets an A in Charlotte except for the designs Crescent never builds...those are A+ and then they build C's).
  2. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Amen to this! My biggest gripe as a runner in the city.
  3. It occurred to me that the yellow building I was recalling looked different and was apparently not a Lennar building: http://www.pinnacleonthepark.com I don't know if the Lennar project was built and if it looked like the rendering. Nonetheless, yellow stands out in person.
  4. This looks like Carvana on South Boulevard.
  5. Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    My takeaway: the hospital is the one to be blamed and not Grubb. Accurate?
  6. I'm generally a fan and like that it's different. Looks a lot like Lennar projects in SD (mostly good). Agree with J-Rob that materials will make or break the project. I like it a lot more than Skyhouse I and II though.
  7. Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    Don't know enough about BLM to comment intelligently. I'm definitely sympathetic to their cause though. Clearly, black males are treated differently by police in America. Though I understand why that might be, it's still wrong. Innocent individuals should not be hassled (or worse) simply because of the color of their skin. Also, it's absolutely clear that better training for police is needed and that some officers should not be on the force (see the jackass who killed the guy in AZ recently who should absolutely be spending a lot of time in jail). I am convinced that there are some truly bad cops and that they are often poor at deescalating situations. I went on ride-alongs with the Skyline division in San Diego and I was not impressed by what I observed. All of that said, I think the overwhelming number of officers are great public servants who risk their lives daily to keep us safe. It's a very difficult job, one I wouldn't be willing to do. Regarding the Scott case, I agree that the shooting was defensible, that he wasn't a great guy and that the family's portrayal of the shooting was intentionally inaccurate. I do not think that the officer should have been punished. However, to my completely untrained eye, it did seem that the situation could have been deescalated and that there were other options. I also recognize that the officers are at risk and it's easy to second guess from the safety of my keyboard. I do object to people (not anyone here necessarily) who always reflexively side with the police and assume that they always acted appropriately (particularly when the individual impacted is a person of color). I see breathtaking incompetence every day in my business so I see no reason why police would be exempted from that. Wherever people are involved, mistakes happen. If I was a person of color, I'd be very upset about the rhetoric of the Republican Party and the President in particular.
  8. Respectfully, this is inaccurate. The stadium is in the midst of a major, multi-year renovation now. It isn't as fancy as the newest stadiums but it has at least 15 years of good use remaining (in my mind 25 but it's a fickle business). Also, the NFL has major headwinds now pertaining to player safety and conduct, declining ratings and attendance and significantly less valuable future television rights fees. It's not remotely embarrassing that we haven't hosted a Super Bowl. Boston (NE), Philly and Chicago haven't hosted. They are major NFL cities. NY had one. I'd rather regularly host NFC Championship games (because it means the Panthers are the one seed). For my money, I'd much rather have more transit and greenways/parks. That said, I live in Union County so I just benefit from your tax dollars.
  9. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    I guess this is good news but I feel sorry for Winston Salem (and thought of this old strip as a result): http://peanuts.wikia.com/wiki/October_1969_comic_strips
  10. First Ward Urban Village and Parks

    I'd be ecstatic if this was anyone other than Levine...
  11. I hope the rest of the buildings look NOTHING like the first.
  12. Haven't the people around the Lake been screwed over enough (no rail, toll lanes, etc.)? Good luck funding this if it's put to a vote...
  13. University City Projects/News

    ^^ Fair enough. I don't like what is being built near transit in the UC area though...
  14. Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    I think the neighborhood has a right to decide what gets built in their neighborhood if re-zoning is required. That said, I definitely wouldn't oppose this if I live there. As MC's said in another thread, it's a damn shame this isn't being built on the old CO site...