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  1. ^^ Agree. Solid building and use of space and I like it overall. But, better without the maroon and gimmicky box, imo.
  2. This is the article I referenced earlier...much less definitive than I recalled and mostly just conjecture. So, I don't know if they are planning for a people mover or if this is what CATS is thinking: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/politics-government/article119947468.html
  3. Agreed but any airport in US (possibly excluding Memphis) would be better than LGA. Agree. However, I think that the current administration is making up for lost time. It's going to be a very solid airport in 5-10 years.
  4. Always play to win and make the playoffs. When we were historically bad and should have gotten Anthony Davis, we got MKG (who I like) with 2nd pick. But NO did get him, he's a superstar, and they still suck. I doubt we'll make it but I would gladly take a first round series against Cleveland (so you're saying there's a chance?). Successful franchises always make the playoffs...
  5. I think it's too late but it's clear (to me at least) that they Hornets are a back up center or power forward (Plumlee maybe) away. Frank is definitely better as a center, that's why we could add a PF instead. I may be putting too much faith in Weber but he's definitely better than Sessions and Roberts and I love his energy. If they could get Lamb to play D (his offensive game is great), they could be a 3-4 seed next year...
  6. I'd like Charlotte to get a team and think it would be better for the league long-term but it feels like Raleigh is more deserving. Ideally, both would get a team eventually but that seems very unlikely. With only two teams up for grabs currently, I expect neither will get a team (even though geographically and demographically NC makes a ton of sense for the league). Too many bigger players (cities and owners) with plans that are further along and/or cities with a much better history of support. I'll be shocked if NC gets a team...
  7. Just a little additional info...the Eastland site is approximately 80 acres. Other zoos: Seattle 92, Denver 80, Atlanta 40, Chicago 35, Indianapolis 64, St Louis 90, NY Central Park 6.5, San Francisco 100, San Diego 99, Salt Lake City 42, Cincinnati 75, Portland 64, Philadelphia 42, Pittsburgh 77, Austin 20, Dallas 106, Houston 55, San Antonio 57 That site would clearly be big enough for a zoo and what an advantage to design a new zoo today based on the advances made to enclosures and interactive exhibits. I'd think the city would be willing to gift the land if a group of local reputable people formed a zoological society. If they did it in cooperation with the NC Zoo and/or Discovery Place, it would be even better.
  8. I like Knights but those are some sweet unis/colors...Knights will be a great name when (in 20 years) we get MLB.
  9. Wait...what?!? Charlotte Stories??? Welcome aboard the loser train, RDF!
  10. I've recently been ambivalent about zoos because of the concerns pertaining to keeping wild animals in captivity. However, a recent episode of Fresh Air made a persuasive case for the indispensable conservation and education work done by zoos. Now that I got that out of the way, it occurred to me that the Eastland site would be a great place. The acreage is within 20 of the world renowned San Diego Zoo and there is plenty of land nearby on the off chance more is needed (I prefer smaller urban zoos). It's close enough but not too close to Uptown. It would spur development in the neighborhood. The city can't find a use for the land, now is the chance to form a local zoological society. This has a 0.0 chance of happening but I thought I'd throw it out there...
  11. Speaking of police shootings: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article138640208.html
  12. ^^ I'm sure he was referring to the half-empty cabin. I made the bad joke about Epicentre...
  13. I will watch simply to catch a glimpse of Charlotte and to enjoy references to our city. I can't get enough of that...
  14. ^^ In comparison to the above, here are two very low quality pics I snapped while lunching on the West side (Freedom Drive). With views like this, I'm surprised that so little has occurred on the major thoroughfares in this part of town. Freedom Drive remains very undesirable but proximity to Uptown, airport and with views like this, it should be a prime area of redevelopment.
  15. The portion of the building above the library reminds me of The Gherkin building in London. The commercial tower reminds me of Crescent Tryon's original design. Obviously, these aren't real designs but I'd love to get anything that looks like Gherkin...