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  1. Yeah. That's what I figured. One can always hope anyways!
  2. Don't know if this is a mistake, but it definitely says "views from the tallest building in a Hampton Roads."
  3. Bseven37

    Waterside Tower

    I still think the open anchor spot at MacArthur is prime property. With the office vacancy falling too I think it would be a great space for a large mixed use project. It's a pretty big piece of land, so maybe some sort of public-private or multi-developer project could work especially if this doesn't come through.
  4. 8.55% increase in passengers for April 2016. Still well off peak levels in the mid 2000s, but on a positive track. 11th consecutive month of increases. Hopefully the trend continues and we can start to see new destinations, especially out west like LAX, LAS, or SFO. http://www.norfolkairport.com/sites/default/files/April%202016%20Media%20Release%20_2_.pdf
  5. Wow! That looks great. Really starting to come along nicely. Thanks for the pic.
  6. The first floor looks pretty tall to just be apartments. I think that maybe the retail was kept (hopefully). Anyone have a picture update?
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