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  1. While I agree with you to an extent, I also agree with jgardner. If noise is something that bothers you, living directly in the CBD probably isn't the best idea - maybe South Eola or Thornton Park is a better place to live if you want downtown living, while not having to deal with as much noise. I have a hard time believing some of these people outside the CBD are really having noise issues. I never hear music, even when I'm outside over in South Eola, and even if noise did travel over here, if it's getting through your walls to be loud enough to cause a disruption...I'd be worried about
  2. I thought this was a cool photo from Insomniac's latest mini-fest here in Orlando at Lot54/Vanguard (formerly Firestone, Venue578, etc). Insomniac now owns the building and has been bringing in top-tier talent to the city. The old AT&T building actually looks quite cool here being dirty, as they were going for a factory/warehouse vibe.
  3. Would love to know if anyone has any information on.... 1. Former Market on Magnolia - have seen some people in there recently and there is no longer a For Lease sign. 2. Former Great Harvest Bakery - there was a For Lease sign up for a bit but has since been removed and it looks like stuff has slowly been being removed from the location. Also - @popsiclebrandon- I saw that what I believe is your store was robbed. Hope all is alright if so!
  4. I just don't think parking is an actual issue here - the Library parking garage is .2 miles away, and the County Admin building garage is also .2 miles away. You have to think that hundreds of people per day on the weekend are coming to the area as well (when the weather is nice any way), with the Farmer's Market and just visiting Lake Eola. I'll definitely give you the point about traffic though - South Eola can already get pretty congested when major events are taking place at Lake Eola.
  5. Well, it sure looks like there would be a good amount of parking in this building, but also - could people not park in the CBD and walk the 3 blocks over to South Eola? I walk from South Eola to the CBD for work and it's literally a 5 minute walk - you wouldn't get parking that close to anywhere in a major city. I think the Sentinel site would actually be LESS accessible - no one wants to walk over there (now anyway). In South Eola, you're walking through arguably the "prettiest" part of Downtown Orlando.
  6. Looks like they are accepting reservations for June 14th and beyond.
  7. View from 121 S Orange Ave this morning.
  8. That article is from August 17, 2020, is it not?
  9. They had a social post with Kay Rawlins and other members of the Orlando City Foundation the other day. Seemed like the big news may be associated with that, but could be both something OCSC related and relocation related.
  10. I quite like the DGX store in Modera on Rosalind, so glad to see it must be doing well enough to warrant a second in town. I thought DGX was supposed to be the "upscale" line, but I guess that's in the urban sector, whereas PopShelf would be more suburban. I get "Five Below" vibes from it, which seem to be doing well, so if it's just a grown up Five Below, I can see those also being successful.
  11. Looks like Baptist Terrace is also getting the white/blue makeover.
  12. So it looks like the former Mama B’s will be a Foxtail. Signage is up.
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