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  1. I don't mind it - will make it look like sister buildings. I don't mind the look of the first one though either.
  2. Rise Southern Biscuits and Righteous Chicken will be opening up in Winter Park. Saw another article saying they already have a 2nd location picked out in Downtown and a 3rd in Oviedo with the goal of having 20 in 5 years. Had it in Nashville last year and I am EXCITED. We may have tons of fried chicken, but the more the merrier...add in biscuits and I'm sold. https://bungalower.com/2022/11/02/southern-biscuits-and-righteous-chicken-joining-the-cock-block-flock/
  3. It's the main reason I stay put in the area, even as rents continue to rise. I can walk to Publix to get my groceries, walk another block and do my dry cleaning, plenty of coffee shops and options to eat. Especially as we get out of the Summer months, not having to get in your car to run the simplest of errands is invaluable to me.
  4. Curious as to why the "study area" doesn't expand into South Eola, at least to Summerlin. It's arguably the most "walkable" part of downtown and should look to be expanded upon/enhanced to connect more seamlessly to the "downtown core". The drawing on Page 10 also brings up something I was thinking about while on a walk the other day, should the area where Radius/Skyhouse/Courthouse is be named/branded? The area still needs work, but with Society opening up, there's tons of potential there and I don't really consider the Central Business District.
  5. They've had someone at the parking entrance on Sundays in the past, but I haven't seen that for awhile. I wonder if they'll bring it back when it gets cooler and even more people start going to the Farmer's Market. That lot can get super crowded.
  6. From UCF Downtown's Twitter
  7. Eh...that's city living (well, the closest you'll get to it in Orlando). From our unit in Camden Thornton Park, Star Tower units can see straight in and we can see into some Star Tower units. The same for Thornton/Lake Eola, you can see into some units, even at ground level to be honest.
  8. Not sure if it's permanent, or something happened there yesterday, but as I was driving home and passed the Orange County Admin Building, there is yellow police tape blocking off where the homeless population would normally camp out all day.
  9. Marijuana Dispensary was smart to open up shop there. There's a good cookie store (Gou-Oui) next to the Surterra in SoDo.
  10. I read they now have 225 locations...that's insane. The OG location was the one near UCF, right?
  11. Wouldn't that have to go through city council or something?
  12. The area really does kind of play into two different demographics at once. But it kind of makes sense. I think this is because they are looking to pull in some of the Baldwin Crowd, plus the downtown crowd who may have decent salaries but are younger, so at the same time may also be looking for a bargain, and then some of the lower socioeconomic population in the area. The Colonial Target is now one of the nicer ones (albeit small, but definitely nicer than the SoDo one), at the same time Sprouts opened, just as Aldi opened (it's a nicer Aldi though). There was talk of an Amazon 4-Star opening in CP, but not sure that is happening anymore.
  13. The last time I went into that Macy's it was a dump. There were broken mirrors, clothes thrown everywhere...not good.
  14. Looks like it will be built in an L shape. Kind of looks like the garage will be the shorter part of the L.
  15. That intersection gives me so much anxiety. People rarely pay attention when walking/scootering/biking, but the drivers usually aren't either.
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