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  1. They’ve increased their grab and go items up front. It’s actually quite impressive. I’ve never seen the selection they have their at any other publix. There’s a wide arrange of premium looking sides, quick lunch/dinner and larger entrees. Prices range from $6.99 - $24.99. They all are packed in a eco-friendly “looking” package. This is all in addition to the other stuff they’ve always had.
  2. I'm assuming it's the free one they put in everyone's mailbox Downtown. It goes in the trash 95% of the time for me.
  3. It's a nice add. You can see it from I-4. I love the feeling of driving through Downtown with (some) density on both sides.
  4. This is exactly what happened to us at 420 when 520 began construction. The light shining directly into the bedroom was worse than the noise. There's nothing you can do from an ordinance stance. Our complex luckily let us move to a unit away from the construction - and didn't charge any transfer fees or anything - we just moved and that was it.
  5. From certain angles. You can see the crane when coming from the north. (btw I think the city looks best coming from the north on I-4)
  6. Uhhh...this is actually very "grown up" of Orlando. Miami has these, NYC has these and they are becoming a huge market on the West Coast due to cost of living. I'm actually surprised they think it will work in Orlando but I'm going to assume they try to grab straight out of college grads who want to live DT but can't due to cost.
  7. 20%?! Do you have a source on that? I find that hard to believe. ...or maybe I just have too much faith in people.
  8. I like the redesign and the menu looks good. Dinner only 'till 9p though? and closed Sunday? Interesting choice...
  9. This is the winning design.
  10. I think the video sells it to me a bit more. A little funky - but definitely unique. I'll take it. Would like to know what materials they want to use though.
  11. I like Oudom. It has good reviews online as well. Haven't heard good things about Coco but I've never been.
  12. When I worked in attractions back in '10 when the Wizarding World just opened there were TONS of corporate events. We had the Governors Conference, PriceWaterhouseCooper and more.
  13. So it looks like a beer place is opening right next to the bakery in Citi Tower. Snapped this pic and also saw a smaller sign that said “The Local Draught House”. Anyone know anything?
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