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  1. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    You would have to think that CV is where Orlando will be proposing this. The whole point of CV was to have something like this. With UCF Downtown being there, I do think it gives it an interesting "edge". You have a DIRECT pipeline to incoming talent. UCF could move certain programs there to help feed into Amazon's needs. I also guarantee you that the proposal will include upgraded transportation methods if Amazon were to choose to move there. Almost any city is going to promise building/providing more than they already have due to the economic benefits they would get from having them there. Regardless, I hope CV does "take-off". It would be pretty cool to have a "2 core" downtown on each side of I-4.
  2. Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    Ohhh, that second nugget has me excited. There are 3-4 Restaurant groups that come to mind when someone says that...maybe just a hint?!
  3. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    So did Oudom Thai and Gaviota Peruvian in the sanctuary building. Looks like their awning came undone and crashed into the windows.
  4. Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    It wasn't open as of Monday and the brown paper covering the windows was still up. I'm assuming the Hurricane didn't help. Jax's Thorton Park is now open though.
  5. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Seaside...I had to look it up, had no idea they were different. The awnings on The Plaza on that street were torn off and the Chase sign was hanging. Glass everywhere.
  6. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    That street looked to have got it bad. Must have created some sort of wind tunnel between them. I walked down there the day after and there was glass everywhere and many of the awnings down.
  7. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Yes - my husband had them. They are smaller but seem to be growing. Were big out in the Davenport/Kissimmee area. Have a branch on Orange in SoDo.
  8. I know nothing about Real Estate law but I'm not sure they would HAVE to. Is it ethically wrong? Yes. Legally? Probably not.
  9. Best I could get...
  10. I pass it on the way to work. It's been cleared and I haven't seen any vehicles there in a couple weeks, however, no fence or anything else noting they're going to begin work.
  11. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Scott Joseph is reporting that a Pho place will be going into where Spice Burger was in the Movie Theater Plaza. Also noted that ONO Poke (where Red Mug was) will NOT be happening. However, he notes that an Asian Restaurant and Wings/Bar Chain is looking at the space.
  12. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Growthspotter is reporting that they are trying to build a Cambria Suites on the corner of Washington and Rosalind, across from Metropolitan. This would be a welcome addition, as that area is basically nothing now. 8 stories, parking garage as well. Choice is on the "lower end" of hotel brands but their Cambria flag seems to be a step in the right direction.
  13. Yeah....when walking on them, they most definitely do not feel narrow.
  14. I live in 420, the Bridal shop seems to be doing very well. Always a huge list of people visiting on weekends. They are also a wedding planner I believe. YogaMix does very well too I believe.
  15. Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    Jinya Ramen Bar will take the place of Verde Cantina/Tijuana Flats. They have over 20 locations looks good - hope it works out for them!