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  1. It was busy pre-pandemic but I’m sure foot traffic is pretty much zero over there now. The few times I have been back to the office, there’s some people downtown but it’s a shell of itself.
  2. I'm very interested to see where they price these. On one hand, some of the units will have arguably one of the best views in Downtown (overlooking Lake Eola, with South Eola in the distance). On the other hand, the area is a bit less developed than the core CBD or South Eola.
  3. I believe Phase 3 was the food hall. I’d imagine they still move forward with that, but not until post pandemic. There’s no foot traffic at all down there right now.
  4. Monarch would be quite a nice addition. Fingers crossed.
  5. Hmmm, it's probably been mentioned before and I missed it, but interesting this was done by the same people who did CitiTower. I would consider that building successful. Seems to be pretty full, there's retail that seems relatively successful on the bottom floor. Maybe, just maybe this will happen.
  6. There's no way this or Monarch actually happen, correct? South Eola is in my biased opinion, the best place to live in Downtown. But these seem...lofty for Orlando. CitiTower is a rental only building as far as I know.
  7. I'm excited to see what the floor plans are like for this one. Also the pricing...I'd imagine those higher units facing the lake will go for quite the premium.
  8. Nope. Still actively working on it everyday. Got an email from the community that they are targeting October/November for move-ins.
  9. I really want all these buildings to happen.
  10. It looks like the Aventura Hotel at Universal. Any chance this actually happens? Seems...like a lot for the area.
  11. ...and it's....gross. The food tastes straight out of a microwave IMO.
  12. I believe it's meant to be a record store/book store/coffee shop. This little strip has quite the potential. You just need to have GOOD stuff there. Greenery Creamery is always busy. Great Harvest seems to be doing pretty well, given the circumstances and I walked by the new bar next door the other day at like 7p and it was as full as legally allowed I would say. @popsiclebrandon do you have any insights as to what may be coming to 520? Have the leased any of the retail spots? Some of them look quite massive.
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