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  1. I also quite like 7-11, they stepped up their food game when WaWa came to town. Still not as good as WaWa but I have no issue with stopping to get something to eat quickly there.
  2. I don't really get the 7-11 hate here. Anytime I go to a large city there are 7-11's or some local version of it everywhere. There are typically more pharmacy's sprinkled in - I just don't know where there is space for a full service pharmacy in DT right now.
  3. Anyone know what the hold up has been? This is the first progress I have seen in forever.
  4. UCF News

    That wouldn't "go" over there. This facade matches the Tower Apartment Complexes, as well as the rest of the building in the area. Also - Spectrum Stadium may look cheap but I would take it any day over the Citrus Bowl. It's OUR stadium. It creates an amazing atmosphere on game days. As money rolls in, the stadium will be upgraded. UM, USF and the likes all WANT an on campus stadium. They just don't have the space or the politics just aren't right for it.
  5. UCF Football Attendance

    We have started to build some but not a lot. There just aren't the donors there to do it yet. As the school grows older - richer donors will be able to contribute to these things. I also believe FSU used a now closed loophole to fund some of their stadium upgrades. They have classrooms in the building, which allowed them to gain grants to pay for some of the stadium upgrades.
  6. I'm not going to lie, I'm happy they are doing it but I'm a little put off they aren't doing it across Orange.
  7. Awesome! Do you have a source? I believe you - just wondering.
  8. No WAY!! I LOOOVE that restaurant group. I knew they were bringing the Fresh Kitchen concept to Orlando but I hadn't heard of SoDo being a location. Exciting!
  9. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    I can see it being Lake Nona. Fremont in Seattle houses a few large tech companies and it isn't immediately downtown, although it is closer than Lake Nona is to Orlando's downtown. If light rail existed definitely has the right "vibe".
  10. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    If these developers for real want to build this there, I really hope the city doesn't screw them over. It may not be perfect but it sure as hell beats the empty lot that's sitting there right now.
  11. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    You would have to think that CV is where Orlando will be proposing this. The whole point of CV was to have something like this. With UCF Downtown being there, I do think it gives it an interesting "edge". You have a DIRECT pipeline to incoming talent. UCF could move certain programs there to help feed into Amazon's needs. I also guarantee you that the proposal will include upgraded transportation methods if Amazon were to choose to move there. Almost any city is going to promise building/providing more than they already have due to the economic benefits they would get from having them there. Regardless, I hope CV does "take-off". It would be pretty cool to have a "2 core" downtown on each side of I-4.
  12. Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    Ohhh, that second nugget has me excited. There are 3-4 Restaurant groups that come to mind when someone says that...maybe just a hint?!
  13. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    So did Oudom Thai and Gaviota Peruvian in the sanctuary building. Looks like their awning came undone and crashed into the windows.
  14. Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    It wasn't open as of Monday and the brown paper covering the windows was still up. I'm assuming the Hurricane didn't help. Jax's Thorton Park is now open though.
  15. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Seaside...I had to look it up, had no idea they were different. The awnings on The Plaza on that street were torn off and the Chase sign was hanging. Glass everywhere.