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  1. I actually like it. The zig-zag is interesting to me.
  2. I believe it's still for sale. It looks like they are almost even with where they stopped going vertical now too - which hopefully means we see vertical movement more again soon.
  3. There’s a fence around the Travelodge near Radius. Looks like they’re tearing it up.
  4. Sorry if this has already been posted but Suntrust & BB&T merger has an official new name.. Truist Bank (TRUE-ist Bank) Meh.
  5. They're actively working on the Great Harvest Bakery in Citi Tower - on the corner of Church and Lake. Another food option in the area. Too bad it seems like no one is interested in the corner spot in Camden Thornton Park. Maybe when the sister building opens.
  6. Do you think it’s the Publix that draws people there? I know for Lake Eola events that area is basically cream of the crop and I’m sure that helps.
  7. That’s why I like South Eola. You’re downtown but it’s not as insane as the CBD. It’s the perfect mix for me.
  8. That's higher than DT! Modera 1 bedrooms start around $1650 - although they are small w/ no balconies. Oy...
  9. Many complexes in Orlando managed by ZRS now charge $25 for even 1 parking space.
  10. I passed it the other day and meant to post a pic but forgot. It looks nice. Can't wait for stuff to actually go in there.
  11. He’s my guy. 10000%. Anyway...went to Sette - very good. Loved it and will be back.
  12. I haven't been to Ale House in quite awhile but I always enjoyed it when I went. You knew what you were getting and the alcohol was cheap - that's all you can really ask for. When Duffy's came to town - they kind of one upped Ale House IMO. Ale House continues to expand though and they're always busy.
  13. They’ve been working on it. Fridges are in there and everything. Seems to be not too far off actually.
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