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  1. I'd be lying if I said I was shocked....but what makes you think the new version won't end up coming to fruition? Just a hunch?
  2. SIAP - the 7 Eleven on the corner of Central and Rosalind has closed.
  3. That was the one on the bottom floor 55W, which is still there. This one only had an entrance through the main Plaza. It was probably one of the worst in the area, tbh - only behind the one on the corner of Rosalind and Central. Yes, I like 7-11 quite a lot actually.
  4. FYI - everyone's favorite, 7-11, has closed their location in the Plaza, below the theater.
  5. Gimme a Kimpton! I thought the AC might have ended up being a Moxy, but I think they're generally geared towards the more millenial traveler who doesn't need much space and prefers cheaper rates with nicer finishes, while AC is more geared towards business travelers.
  6. I for one am excited that Parliament House is moving downtown. Should help draw a different audience to Orange Ave. that may have not already been there. Of course, will depend on how they execute the space. In their FB announcement, they also said more announcements to come, wonder what it will be!
  7. You all think Lake Nona is walkable? What? Am I missing something? The vast majority of people who like in Lake Nona live in subdivisions that are only accessible by cars and expressways.
  8. Has anyone here actually been to Lake Nona? It is in no way urban.
  9. Disappointing to say the least. Hopefully this part of it holds true: "They will not hold a voting position on the board and will not serve in a daily operational role." But even so, sounds like they'll have influence. Please don't ruin OCSC.
  10. It's a nice project (practice facility) for where it is - you really notice the scale of it when leaving Exploria after a City game. Which takes me to my next point, don't be surprised to see the vacant land in between CityView and Exploria be developed eventually, I would assume sooner rather than later. Pretty sure Orlando City owns the land and the new owners are real estate developers. Definitely potential there.
  11. Went to The Pinery this weekend, and have to say, I'm a little underwhelmed. Place was packed though. Interior is nice, service was good, outside area looks nice as well - but the food was disappointing. It wasn't bad by any means, but it definitely wasn't as good as what they are charging for it. A lot of it seemed like it wasn't scratch made. Seemed almost like sports bar quality food - not $30/plate dining.
  12. I think it depends on which day you're downtown. A couple of weeks ago I was contemplating coming to the forum to say how nice it is to see people out and about downtown again during the work week. Today, however, was more dead. There's people, don't get me wrong, but not as bustling as I've seen it recently. South Eola is usually buzzing with people, no matter what day. There's always people around when you go outside and on the weekend, the crowd really picks up. People definitely seem to be moving/living in the apartments around downtown, Camden Thornton Park raised our rent, so
  13. Anyone know anything more to this? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wesh.com/amp/article/ben-crump-dovecote-discrimination-lawsuit/36998288
  14. While I agree with you to an extent, I also agree with jgardner. If noise is something that bothers you, living directly in the CBD probably isn't the best idea - maybe South Eola or Thornton Park is a better place to live if you want downtown living, while not having to deal with as much noise. I have a hard time believing some of these people outside the CBD are really having noise issues. I never hear music, even when I'm outside over in South Eola, and even if noise did travel over here, if it's getting through your walls to be loud enough to cause a disruption...I'd be worried about
  15. I thought this was a cool photo from Insomniac's latest mini-fest here in Orlando at Lot54/Vanguard (formerly Firestone, Venue578, etc). Insomniac now owns the building and has been bringing in top-tier talent to the city. The old AT&T building actually looks quite cool here being dirty, as they were going for a factory/warehouse vibe.
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