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  1. bqknight

    MLS Soccer Stadium

    Oh, come on. There's a way more obvious name than Sucky. Orlando Sh....y.
  2. bqknight

    MLS Soccer Stadium

    That's sports in most cities. New England may be the one exception to that. If your team sucks for a few years, people will stop going. It's too expensive and there are too many entertainment options everywhere. All it will take is winning and everyone will come hurrying back. It's the name of the game.
  3. bqknight

    Creative Village

    Those trees they planted on memory mall will eventually be much bigger and provide nice shade. We’ve got a ways to go for that though.
  4. bqknight

    Olive Townhomes in South Eola

    How much do they think they’ll start at?
  5. Yup. They’re moving...
  6. bqknight

    Orlando's Hometown National Champions

    SaturdayDownSouth has a weird obsession with knocking UCF. Like, weird.
  7. bqknight


    I prefer them, I don't really know why. HOWEVER, it depends which system they use. Target's were BAD but they updated them and are better. Walmart's are okay. Publix's worked great. Publix typically waits to have things 100% before rolling it out to the public. I know they're working on Apple Pay too, just don't think it's quite there yet.
  8. bqknight


    The Publix on Orange and Michigan (Southside Shopping Center) now has self-checkout lanes. This is the first Publix I have seen with these.
  9. bqknight

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    The 4 way stop is in place at Church and Osceola. HALLELUJAH!
  10. There's nothing to do there in the sense of tourist attractions (unless you were going to a sports game or show at DPAC). However, for wanting to watch a football game...yeah, there's plenty to do downtown. Friday/Saturday nights downtown are a blast and Saturday/Sundays during the day are quite packed. Tons of bars downtown have watch parties for different teams. Sounds like he hasn't actually been to Downtown Orlando. Where in Miami would he like to go that's so much better? I don't get people's fascination with Miami. Wynwood is pretty cool but small. South Beach is a tourist trap. Downtown is non-existent. Coconut Grove has a cool vibe but I'd take Orlando.
  11. bqknight

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    Se7enBites owners are opening an Italian place next year (aim for April). Location will be somewhere in greater Downtown. HOW EXCITING!
  12. bqknight

    Orlando's Hometown National Champions

    I'd prefer them not to expand but rather improve what we currently have. It's a hard sell still in AAC, this weekend's SMU game looks like attendance may not be great. 3 home games in a row and a team that doesn't have a brand name equals less people, no matter how well you're doing. If we get into a P5 conference, you'll see the stadium expanded. Danny White has actually been decreasing stadium capacity in favor of premium seating and it's been working well. While the Tower Club may be too expensive for some people, the Cabana is a big hit. I think we'll see the continuation of Cabana like seating in the coming years. Some facade improvements would also be nice. They have started that with the construction of some buildings around the stadium.
  13. bqknight

    409 North Magnolia [Proposed]

    I want a Kimpton!
  14. bqknight

    Creative Village

    There's the lot on South Street and Liberty Ave. I believe something called "The Monarch" was meant to go there. There is still a leasing trailer that has always just sat there. Who even owns that land?
  15. bqknight

    Orlando's Hometown National Champions

    Fun Stat of the day. Here are each Conference Division's record against P5 teams (from not their own conference): AAC-East 6-2 SEC-West 5-1 Big 10-East 5-2 Pac 12-South 2-2 SEC-East 1-1 Big XII (No Divisions) 4-6 Big 10-West 2-3 ACC-Costal 2-4 ACC-Atlantic 1-2 Pac 12-North 1-2