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  1. bqknight

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    The food is good - but correct - expensive like you noted. The service has been horrible every time I've gone. That's unfortunately pretty standard for sports bars though. I do not believe the team actually owns the restaurant - maybe a small stake or partnership agreement.
  2. bqknight

    College Park

    I live in South Eola - and like dw said, it depends on what else I'm doing. I'd typically choose SoDo over Colonial if both sides had the store I need. No idea why - they're equally as close and TBH - the Colonial one's would be easier to get to (just go down Robinson). Orange Ave (South) - especially during the day is a nightmare to drive on. I will always choose the SoDo Target due to it being a Super Target. Everything else is fair game.
  3. I’ll take a pic tomorrow. They’re pretty much done with two floors.
  4. bqknight

    Zoi House Orlando/ New Tallest [Proposed]

    I think the tower portion of it is awesome. The crown can do with some tweaks, which they asked for and the base is meh - but I would be THRILLED if this got built.
  5. Is there/was there a schedule of these "scheduled" concrete pours? They're happening every night and the entire 420 building is getting a bit sick of it, including myself and my husband. We haven't been able to sleep in 2 weeks. Every night at 2a it's magically day time as a giant spotlight shines into our building. Banging and yelling then happens from 2a until they leave around 6p. People in the building have called code enforcement but the decibel level is too low they say for it to be a violation. I'm not a light sleeper, I'm not a complainer - I lived in 55W on a low floor right against the train tracks and never had an issue. This is getting to be unbearable though. Is there ANYTHING else we as tenants of 420 can do?
  6. bqknight

    Orlando's Hometown National Champions

    GameDay is coming to town! ABC 8p slot - it doesn't get any bigger. GO KNIGHTS!
  7. bqknight

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Did we know that it was MAA looking to do this before? They own the "Post" properties.
  8. bqknight

    College Park

    I think that's still the case. If you live North of Colonial, it's pretty unlikely you end up in SoDo. Living in DT, I visit both quite frequently. Just depends on what else I need to do. I prefer the SoDo one, mostly because of the "Super Target" brand instead of a regular Target.
  9. bqknight

    College Park

    The SoDo Target is "downtowns" you'd think. There is also one on Colonial, although it's not a Super Target. I'm shocked there isn't one up near Lee Road but I could easily see one being built there now that whole area is being built up.
  10. Not sure if you can see but the building is actually below street level on the side closest to me.
  11. bqknight

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I think it's a Dunkin'...I may be wrong though.
  12. bqknight

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    What's going up in Orlando? These planned high-rises will dramatically change the skyline
  13. bqknight

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    Menagerie Eatery & Bar - where Muddy Waters (and formerly Muchos) was - is in soft opening. I'm VERY excited to have this in S. Eola. I enjoy Rusteak and Stubborn Mule a lot and the menu looks great. We need more "small plate" restaurants and typically, this ownership group does a good job. Going to give it a go in the next few weeks.
  14. bqknight

    MLS Soccer Stadium

    Oh, come on. There's a way more obvious name than Sucky. Orlando Sh....y.