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  1. cbl1

    New Richmond Arena

    Great article - love the people that always bring up 6th street marketplace in comments. Totally different situation and objectives from the 1980s. 6th Street was an attempt to keep businesses from leaving …. Navy Hill is setup to give those businesses and people wanting to come back a place to come back to. 6th street marketplace with todays objectives would have been much more successful.
  2. cbl1

    New Richmond Arena

    another article from RTD https://www.richmond.com/news/local/proposed-coliseum-replacement-hasn-t-passed-richmond-city-council-yet/article_a9b37f50-47df-5084-b38f-b8af74bce4f2.html Management company who has been selected to run the new coliseum will cover any operational loses (although they expect the arena to make money year 1). This is same company that manages the convention center. They have also agreed to spend $8 million furnishing the new arena.
  3. cbl1

    New Richmond Arena

    New Richmond Times article https://www.richmond.com/news/local/scrutiny-of-public-financing-intensifies-after-b-downtown-redevelopment-deal/article_1caab9eb-9ad0-5edc-86f7-03a695ec71c5.html
  4. cbl1

    Richmond Sports

    Question then becomes are we too close …. like Atlanta now is with Gwinnett (and Gwinnett having no one show up for games). Actually they improved a little this year but still poor https://www.ajc.com/news/local/gwinnett-stripers-attendance-rate-increases-for-first-time-since-2011/aTYqomNXubVuqEtRxni9eO/ article does talk about challenges having teams close to each other. Would we be better off with Baltimore or Philadelphia etc. where there is some space between clubs. I guess if done well it is possible to drive attendance to both venues.
  5. cbl1

    Richmond Sports

    Sounds like we could get shuffled affiliation from a West Coast team to someone closer.
  6. cbl1

    New Richmond Arena

    I thought Navy Hill was just to support Beyoncé fans … you mean other people are going to come to the city?
  7. cbl1

    New Richmond Arena

    I wonder if Richmond would come out in support of a G League basketball team. I don't think anyone anticipated VCU or UR moving games to the new coliseum (except for special tournaments) … I think that was just a headline attention grabber.
  8. cbl1

    New Richmond Arena

    Several rather pro-arena articles in the Richmond Times today regarding possible uses of the new coliseum. https://www.richmond.com/sports/college/plus/downtown-arena-could-benefit-from-not-having-a-sports-team/article_6b875a5c-349b-532a-bec1-4d40de474db2.html https://www.richmond.com/sports/college/plus/vcu-ur-won-t-move-hoops-teams-to-downtown-arena/article_157a2e9c-8efb-5c01-8c3f-b56aba54f696.html they are behind paywall .. but give views on various events that would happen in new coliseum - - with positive note that Richmond is in demand!
  9. Temple - looks like a great location transportation wise 200 Broad Street Renovation - seems like possibility of seeing a revitalized broad street and grace street all the way from Navy Hill Project through to Arts District. This one sitting pretty much right in the middle. Then VCU really pushing revitalization from Monroe Park to Arts District. Nice to see the return of Broad Street Richmond.
  10. cbl1

    New Richmond Arena

    This was article I saw - if intergrated into Navy Hill project the funding would most likely need to be moved up into 2020-2021 financing. https://richmondbizsense.com/2019/07/01/coliseum-plan-intersect-leigh-street-upgrade-project/
  11. cbl1

    New Richmond Arena

    Where does brett get all this financial mess information? I'm under impression the final version gets released Monday to city council (how did he get early copy and insight into the finances). I mean the group representing Hyatt doesn't have their finances lined up to actually build the hotel? When it comes to state - only thing I have heard about state is the below grade road portions …. and from what I remember the grants/funds for that were already approved by the state for bringing back the street grid/grade (there was an article recently about it). I think the fact that a vast majority of this is private investment makes it a very valuable deal.
  12. Another thread mentioned the same - I would think Tilted Kilt would fit better than Hooters - since there is already a Hooters on Broad.
  13. cbl1

    New Richmond Arena

    Interesting that Brent114 says he knows more about the investors in the project than anyone else in Richmond. Maybe Paul Goldman could save a lot of time just asking Brent114 for all the details.
  14. cbl1

    New Richmond Arena

    Court loss for mayor on releasing documents. https://www.richmond.com/news/local/city-of-richmond/court-stoney-administration-must-release-portion-of-billion-coliseum-redevelopment/article_db6aa309-436e-5330-8dc2-64fb13e06464.html
  15. I tend to travel out early am and return late night and the Richmond airport is pretty empty. However, last week I arrived at Richmond at 5pm and the airport was packed. People in all the lounges (they were full) - busy corridors. I was impressed.
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