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  1. Growler USA looks like a pretty decent chain. I'm not a huge fan of chains, but their craft beer selection appears to be outstanding.
  2. I'm curious as to why NWA still doesn't have an IMAX theater. I think it would do terrific. Nothing really compares to the IMAX experience, in terms of a cinematic experience.
  3. This area's growth is only accelerating. I have only been back since August, and the number of stories about positive changes and stories coming out of NWA has been almost consuming, lol. I agree, there needs to be another district for entertainment and nightlife purposes. In order for that to be the Mill District, Jonson needs to be convinced that the increase in tax revenue from restaurants and nightlife options will justify they make efforts to re-brand the city from, "Bedroom Community Speedtrap" to a more positive identity. In other words, ease up on the speeding or make some street i
  4. Fort Smith isn't in good shape, and will likely continue to stagnate, depending on how much economic impact the I-49 corridor will have on the river valley area in terms of increased traffic, as a result of it being near a major Interstate interchange. Eventually. It is taking way too long to finish that plan. It's all on the shoulders of how the whole situation is managed by the folks in charge. As it is well known in NWA, Springdale has a bit of an issue with crime right now, specifically gang violence in and around the core of the city, and it's spreading. An FBI task force is now
  5. I know this is a "sticky" subject, pun intended, but what are the implications if Arkansas legalizes cannabis for recreational and/or medical purposes in the upcoming November Elections, from a business perspective? Even if none of the amendments pass this go round, it is an inevitability in the near future, I believe. See the link http://www.ahaca.info/. Now, I realize that full legalization is a long shot in this state, but, if somehow the impossible happened, and Arkansas became the first state between DC and Colorado to legalize recreational use, it would be absolutely bana
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