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  1. Yep. I'd guess it is more business owner / investor perspective than anything. It is expensive as hell to open anything along Broadway now and the safe assumption is 99% of the people know what they came to Nashville for and that's putting on cowboy boots and bar hopping Honky Tonks. Trying a few things counter culture could prove a huge success or a massive failure. It will take some risk. I actually do think Fifth + Broadway will help because it is going to add to the diversity of offerings right in the center of the city. I don't think it will change the lower broad strip, but maybe open be a bridge for some more diverse concepts in the immediate area.
  2. DDIG

    Soccer in Nashville

    Just not a hot market with any buzz or international travel interest. Midwest - longer flights from all over. Ancient stadium. Being an MLS market I think is completely meaningless. The games will sell out most everywhere. Heck, Nashville sold 50k seats to a meaningless friendly match. My two cents.
  3. DDIG

    Soccer in Nashville

    Can't take someone who thinks KC has a better shot than Nashville seriously. Someone also said Nashville as redundant to Atlanta? These guys are making stuff up and don't seem to have much of a clue about Nashville.
  4. DDIG

    Soccer in Nashville

    Lol. Calling it a dump was harsh. Unremarkable is a good way to put it. I do think there will be positive updates in the future for Nissan. I just worry a bit as we live in a climate now where people are actually trying to kill an amazing soccer stadium project to save some garbage buildings at a flea market.
  5. DDIG

    Soccer in Nashville

    Comparatively its near the bottom. Jersey, LA, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, San Fran all have billion dollar range new digs. Miami and Orlando have had significant recent updates. Philly and Baltimore are nicer than Nissan. Boston may be questionable. FedEx sucks but I'd assume DC is a lock.
  6. DDIG

    Soccer in Nashville

    23 cities. 16 will be chosen in 2020. We'll have the hotel rooms and our sports atmosphere and layout is second to none. My concern is Nissan is a dump and FIFA is pretentious. What kind of improvement commitment can we get in place in time for final selection? Don't worry still plenty of time for her to have her mind changed yet again.
  7. I don't know either way, but are we sure it is this type of formal theater like above or could it possible more like THE ANTHEM that was just built in DC which is more of a 4,000 concert venue. The article uses "concert venue" not theater which makes me think more like The Anthem below but I could be overthinking it.
  8. Atleast part of the reasoning from what I recall is the core product of this development is high-end luxury condos and I think they got to thinking that you have a better luxury condo product without an apartment tower blocking one side of the building. And they probably looked at all the apartments coming on line and weren't as bullish on building it. So cut the apartments if you are nervous about the market there and as an added bonus your condo project benefits from it.
  9. Plus since the tower shifted to the other side it doesn't preserve any views either way. Looks like the guy tried to gamble and overplayed his hand.
  10. DDIG

    Ideas for Nashville

    What's the story on the brick building on Church and 16th? If it was properly rehabbed it could be something special. Honestly with the influx of hotels, I'd really love to see us get a domed stadium and with that I think we could become a regular cycle stop for the Super Bowl and other major events like Wrestlemania previously mentioned. I guess this is less of an idea and more aspirational.
  11. This from the gallery may be best vantage yet of the towers.
  12. https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21007196/new-images-released-for-fifth-broadway