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  1. On the high-res you can see that Hattie B's is the on the ground floor at the corner of the internal street and across from it is Eddie V's.
  2. Looks like they have an updated website with a lot of new renderings and details: https://www.fifthandb.com/
  3. This is a pretty big deal I think. Like really big. In print today.
  4. I'm not surprised. Timeline was tight even without Cooper's delays. Plus SoF has shown they will file every legal motion known to man at every juncture.
  5. That was baked into the deal since the day the secured financing on it so this is nothing new, but I guess it is just now being reported on.
  6. That's all of soccer worldwide. It even started with the massive historic European clubs so it has kind of become a normalized expectation of the sport for a long time.
  7. That's right. The octagon makes it look like a construction sign.
  8. I hate how dumb and gotcha politics have become. We have sick people so we cannot invest in infrastructure until that is solved! Uhhh what.
  9. Hadn't seen those before. I'd say it is probably hard to make that rendering look right. For one, we are seeing an elevated angle no one will ever see. Secondly, I don't think you can really capture how good the 30 foot tall glass (guesstimating) at the corner will look in an image, will have to be seen to be appreciated.
  10. Peter White and Shane are a great duo in that regard.
  11. No doubt. He's from around there and was all over TV during their Stanley Cup run and the Cards run. Decked out in Blues gear yesterday.
  12. Two of his aides, but I doubt they were ECD focused aids? Jamari Brown left and hasn't been replaced.
  13. Jon Hamm was at the game! Love that dude.
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