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  1. I think it is a pretty attractive tool for the city's Economic Development team when it is out pitching. It will happen at some point.
  2. I’m theorizing the overall Apple Music brand played a big part. Be in the middle of CMA Fest, across the street from all the concerts at Bridgestone and Ryman. The marketing exposure having your logo there probably just as valuable to them as the store sales.
  3. Amazon had fallen off the radar when they announced to Nashville. Sometimes when it is dead quiet things are going to plan...
  4. That's right. I always think of the convention families that come in town which there are a lot of. They can't honky tonk all day. Give them somewhere in walking distance to most of the hotels to spend and they will.
  5. I agree mostly, but are forgetting though the totality of Fifth + Broadway. You have 1,000 Alliance Bernstein employees making good money and 300 something expensive apartments on site. Then tourists walking around looking for something to do other than the bars. Obviously for this specific Broadway stretch you are limited really to the development itself, but there's potential there. I work downtown and welcome interesting retail I can walk to Fifth + Broadway or anywhere if only to stretch my legs.
  6. Regardless of personal feelings about Apple, you can't understate how big of a get Apple downtown would be - there are few better. They are the type of store that other retailers want to be near. Huge vote of confidence for a downtown starved for something to do other than drink. So, while you may not shop Apple, Apple being downtown Nashville means it is more likely in the future other retail you would be interested in may give downtown a shot.
  7. Calling Krispy Kreme trashy second rate in the south is fighting words!
  8. I guess. I've seen a few of his more off the cuff speeches that come across as more hostile to business, downtown and growth than his official campaign message. Also I know him to often slightly misrepresent the truth without proper context to invoke emotional reactions. I don't have a problem exploring diverting some of the tourism tax dollars, however there are realities that if a recession hits and tourism and conventions slow suddenly we lose the income to pay down MCC debt and we got big problems.
  9. Not to get political but Cooper is bad for downtown and business period. One of his core campaign talking points is downtown has grown enough, it is time to work on the surrounding areas. The idea that you are done growing downtown is absurd. It is the economic lifeblood of your city, without it there's not anything else to work on. Sure we need to do more to address the needs of surrounding areas, but you need to keep downtown progressing and hopefully climb out of the budget mess the current Mayor inherited to do a better job at that.
  10. All I know is it is still a homeless toilet. No matter how fired up the "opposition" gets, it will remain that until the day it is swapped, sold or developed.
  11. Walking by the site now that it is cleared you realize how big it is. Opens your eyes a bit to the value for that big of a plot on the pedestrian bridge by the river.
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