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  1. I think you have to toe-the-line for things tourists and locals would use if you want to maximize success at that spot. Case in point, Shake Shack. People who work downtown will definitely hit it up for lunch or before a Preds game. Tourists will flock to it as well. Expect the same out of the Food Hall. And for H&M - younger workforce downtown will definitely find time to visit and if it is different as a flagship, others will travel come in for it. So right now I think they are announcing stuff that is mostly checking boxes for tourists and locals.
  2. Man there is a lot of office space in the pipeline. You'd have to think somebody is going to lose out at some point, or maybe not Nashville's just that hot. We'll see.
  3. They do but it is only a handful of lanes and they are a pain to book.
  4. DDIG

    First Tennessee Ballpark - Complete

    Are you talking about Affiliation? I don't think it really matters. Triple A is the highest classification but it tends to be more for career minor league players. Single and Double is where teams play their real prospects to get them ready for the majors.
  5. DDIG

    Soccer in Nashville

    I think they were originally but you are right now they are often packing out 70k+. Probably some weekday games on occasion they still block some of the upper deck. Yeah but here's a full sell out one:
  6. DDIG

    JW Marriott - 385' - 34 Floors

    Looks impressive. Look forward to seeing the menu as I'm guessing it is a $500 - $600 per couple type meal.
  7. DDIG

    Soccer in Nashville

    I think I saw METLIFE in New Jersey only sold 34k against Brazil. So 31k in Nashville isn't bad. The problem is absolutely the prices. two $55 with Ticketmasters fees is about $200 when all is said and done for upper deck for a friendly. They didn't price aggressively to sell.
  8. DDIG

    Soccer in Nashville

    That’ll be tough since a lot of the anti don’t even live in Davidson County.
  9. DDIG

    Soccer in Nashville

    Not enough for the job they do. That being said 40 council members is way too many.
  10. DDIG

    Soccer in Nashville

    Agreed, but lawsuits won't surprise me. These folks won't give up until the day the stadium is open. They'll do everything possible to sabotage.
  11. DDIG

    Soccer in Nashville

  12. DDIG

    Soccer in Nashville

    Yesssss https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/2018/09/04/nashville-mls-ownership-group-finalizes-community-benefits-agreement-ahead-decisive-stadium-vote/1189105002/
  13. DDIG

    Soccer in Nashville

    Nancy Amons back on her PR campaign for the fairgrounds people this a.m. Nashville now treating the livestock for the fair poorly and risking them by moving them to the floodplains. Also they will sue if they lose the council vote.
  14. DDIG

    Soccer in Nashville

    This is what I'm worried about now as I noted a few days ago. From what I've seen the soccer / developers have already pledged A LOT. More than any other development ever in Nashville. The Stand Up Nashville folks seem to be asking for a lot of construction demands right now which knowing this market may be impossible to deliver on. At a certain point they need to appreciate what they've accomplished with this CBA and move forward in agreement, or they can keep pushing and risk killing the deal if their demands are unachievable and the developers simply can't agree.