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  1. The Civic Design Center suggests with Amazon down the street this park will be needed. Right. Isn't the Yards planning an acre plus of green space? They are going to walk a couple blocks to a sliver park?
  2. https://www.tennessean.com/story/money/2018/12/10/nashville-development-west-end-tower-traffic-gbt-realty/2205953002/ Ah yes, the guy walking his dog on a side-walk in a ritzy neighborhood is the poster child for being wronged by Nashville's growth on the other side of the interstate
  3. Every time I walk by this thing as it advances I get more excited. The scope is even bigger and more impressive than I pictured based on the renderings, especially the retail podium.
  4. I remember a factoid buried in one of the Nashville Post's articles about the project being permitted to build out space in the 222 building. Certainly they could do that and then abandon, but that certainly seemed like a confident move assuming it moved forward ( if they are getting permitting I assume they've signed a lease there of some sort).
  5. HA. It is funny that it is a "boot shop". I do know of ARIAT and it is thought to be very high-end, high-quality clothes and riding quality boots (not I'm going to buy sequined boots on Broadway cause I'm a tourist type boots) . Looking at their website it looks like them having their own brand store is a pretty new idea (I see only two on their website?), so this could be a pretty original concept for them potentially: https://www.ariat.com/ariat-shops.html
  6. The impact of any one project on traffic is always overstated. I remember when the apartment at the top of 12 South was going to make the street impassable. It’s the same as it ever was. I work downtown and haven’t noticed the Bridgestone building changing traffic all that much. Again, there will always be traffic and killing density in the core will actually make it worse not better.
  7. My issue is it is on the other side of I-440 and practically on West End and across the street from about 8 office towers. I saw a report where the opposition said it was "In a neighborhood" OK then that large Highwoods building on West End is in a neighborhood by that definition. I understand neighbors are intimidated by large buildings, but if you are in the I-440 loop and about 10,000 jobs are coming downtown THAT WE KNOW OF it needs to densify somewhere, and much better within the I-440 loop than anywhere else. We start killing large density projects in the core then what is our plan to handle growth?
  8. They might also wish that too now being in walking distance to the future Amazon home.
  9. We would be the dumbest council in America if we didn't pass a measly $15 million over 7 years for 5,000 Amazon jobs.
  10. This is just a non-binding resolution, I think. Saying we'd really like you to do this. but we can't do anything about it.
  11. Is there any city that is not? Kind of choose between that kind of victimhood or the you aren't growing kind.
  12. It is in Ed Kindall's district. Every article I read more or less says he didn't return their phone call.
  13. Yeah I was kind of surprised that the average salary for each location is $150k. Not only is Nashville getting a bigger impact per capita, but also way more salary per job based on cost of living.