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  1. You may not like the SPORTSBALL but losing an NFL franchise is a major blow to a city. It stings for a long time and it would suck.
  2. Worth noting Rutledge has no affiliation with Four Seasons other than buying space in the same building from the developer.
  3. As I mentioned earlier in thread, smaller more amenitized stadiums is the future (unless you're somewhere giant like LA). People have been lost to the quality and attainability of big TVs and 4k broadcasts.
  4. People have a difficult time compartmentalizing things. You're going to spend a billion dollars on a stadium? Why can't you spend a billion dollars on affordable housing? On sidewalks or teachers? They can't grasp why its completely unrelated.
  5. Basically for me it boils down to Nashville is one of the best set-up major events downtowns in the Country, maybe the best. The entertainment and hotels on the West side, a cool walk over the bridge to the venue. With the right stadium we will get EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. We will get a College Football playoff, we will get a Final Four, we will get a Super Bowl. Some people don't care / don't like that, I love it though as it raises the status of the city on the whole.
  6. Theoretically, but they will not or they would have had discussions. Nissan is not up-to-snuff.
  7. RE: Retractable roof It sounds like it can open on the sides to promote air flow with a translucent roof. I think that's more than fine, retractable roof overrated and a pain in the ass. RE: Super Bowl They aren't building at that capacity without the NFL confirming they have enough seats to host. The future anyway is slightly smaller stadiums with more amenities and luxury boxes.
  8. Just think about these guys - a few folks who have only lived downtown for a few years using absurd lawsuits to hold up a collective billion plus in some of the highest end development Nashville has ever scene both with huge public parks so that they can protect their views. It is infuriating.
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