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  1. Everyone but Cincinnati who was competitive with us over the expansion and trash talked our lack of a soccer tradition. P.S. They only won four games this year.
  2. Man, that match was epic.
  3. This actually is the best COVID / economic news yet in my book: Immunity to Coronavirus may last years, maybe even decades via New York Times https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/17/health/coronavirus-immunity.html
  4. Well that's unfortunate at this point. I guess I'm lucky to not know anyone who believes that.
  5. I saw that report, it was one nurse on CNN - I'm a little weary of a nurse dunking on dying patients, but certainly people can be in denial at death. Hoaxers certainly exist, this country is large enough for any belief to exist, but I'm doubtful it as an incredibly prevalent mindset. Maybe it is just me, but I see pretty much 100% compliance everywhere I go in Nashville. No one is going in offices, most kids aren't in schools, yet the virus persists and appears to be another seasonal wave. Masks help, but we are naïve to think we can really control the virus at this point until there's a vaccine - state's who have maintained the strictest measures since March are again locking down (and may stay that way until out of winter).
  6. How big is the Diner's parcel comparatively? Could you pull of something like that? To that end, it seems like it would be super expensive to blow out and expand that section of the Four Seasons if they did eventually buy that lot. And I think a large section of building right there is parking, so I don't see how it would be worth it.
  7. I really don’t think they have any plans for it but probably assume it will be developed with something at some point thus the blank wall.
  8. Food Hall adds Coco's Italian Market and a sushi spot: https://fox17.com/news/local/more-restaurants-join-massive-food-hall-as-part-of-nashvilles-fifth-broadway-assembly-food-hall-music-event
  9. I love it. It is going to be an awesome fan experience. And they lowered the season tickets for next year to get in line for the new stadium. They are an incredible value.
  10. Turning out to be a great season. Team has a great defense that can help it to hang with most anyone, and is now finding a little more offense. Still not close to its potential.
  11. Playing to the crowd on Reddit. Those folks are 100% group think and to them Broadway is an embarrassment they would like to see vanished. I think it is something unique and differentiating and, hey, I like being a city people enjoy, but that's just me.
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