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  1. It was only a matter of time. That's the problem, I've been taking the morning Jack shot but not the aspirin.
  2. I can't imagine ruling in favor of the City Lights NIMBYs but if they did that would be crazy dangerous precedent for the city and its future. Basically Metro Planning couldn't do height modifications and areas like this in downtown could only go 11 stories which would be terrible for a booming city! On the plus side maybe it would spark a total rezoning for height, but that wouldn't be an easy process.
  3. Minneapolis is a master class in this as well. You can get all across downtown never stepping outside.
  4. The only thing that should be debated is going ahead and allowing anything that is obviously downtown Nashville to go as high as they could possibly want. Especially if you earn it with next level design like this and 2nd and Peabody. Cumulus site is obviously downtown as far as I’m concerned. We need the height, we need the density, period. The way Nashville is going, the more you artificially cap these buildings, the greater your regret will be years down the line.
  5. It might just be the news above that the stadium will be ahead of schedule and open with the season.
  6. It looks like concurrently City Lights is suing its own developer for building flaws and other complaints... which actually hurts their property value way more than nice developments nearby will
  7. "affect their property values and views" Literally no one cares about your views. And without question your property values will go up. Good way to light money on fire.
  8. Yeah that map dates way back to when River North was launched conceptually and before any parcels had been sold. So like 2017 or so.
  9. We already have the Eye of Sauron with the batman building, might as well build his crown too.
  10. That's the show suite they have in the 222, not the actual building.
  11. That place packed is going to be LOUD. Can't wait!
  12. Imagine being a goober at city lights who has lived there two years max and thinking you own everything in southern downtown.
  13. I imagine if major upgrades to Nissan will be complete by 2026 is a big factor. I'd guess they'd show them off if so and that would help.
  14. Always knew the South would get a late Summer bump, same seasonal pattern as last year. North gets it later in Fall. I am surprised it has been as drastic as it has been, even though there are plenty left to be vaccinated, thought those that are vaccinated and those that have natural immunity would damper it more. At some point it will drop like a rock like Delta did in the UK and India, hopefully sooner than later.
  15. F&M Bank Arena. Under construction. Preds will manage (likely to host some Preds exhibitions): https://www.nhl.com/predators/news/sse-fm-bank-announce-event-center-will-be-named-fm-bank-arena/c-325864150 F&M Bank Arena will hold approximately 6,000 fans for concerts; 5,500 for basketball game; and 5,000 for hockey games. It will also contain luxury suites, premium seating, private hospitality space, party rooms and common areas that will have full access to the arena bowl. The Austin Peay men's and women's basketball teams will move their coaches' offices and training facilities into F&M Bank Arena, which will also house their practice court.
  16. The arena they are building in Clarksville is going to be nice!
  17. This is true. Although I'd say the NBA has SO much money, and the cost to run the WNBA is comparatively SO small, the NBA will probably be interested in keeping it alive for a good while.
  18. It is an unique venue and different experience, which certainly has its appeal in College sports. I definitely wouldn't call it a nice venue though, which I think you'd want as part of the package of an expansion professional team to help drive attendance.
  19. They lose greater than $10 million a year. NBA with its $7 billion+ in revenue helps to subsidize, but to what extent is not really known. It appears their TV numbers are up, so maybe they are betting on the future with expansion.
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