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  1. ChevalierNoir

    Kingdom Square

    Aquinas currently plays in my neighborhood in Wyoming at Kimble stadium. From what I understand, they have played there for several years.
  2. A supermarket in the Sacramento area is doing this exact thing in a growing part of their downtown:
  3. Somebody close to the situation told me that the company waffled back and forth between the "by Meijer" appendage and ultimately decided they wanted to make Bridge Street it's own brand. They don't want customers to expect all the weekly printed sale prices or the full selection that one would expect at a Meijer. It's supposed to be a unique place that has the full support of Meijer and it's supply chain. Regarding pricing, I understand that they will typically reflect average pricing at Meijer: if a tube of toothpaste is normally $2.99 but goes on sale frequently for 2/$5, expect to see it at Bridge Street for around $2.75.
  4. ChevalierNoir


    Rockford is a new flagship for them. The Alpine remodel is more or less what all new/remodeled stores are looking like right now. In Rockford they used new fixtures and a black celing above the fresh areas and some different graphics as well. It looks really nice if any of you make it up that way.
  5. ChevalierNoir

    People talking about Grand Rapids

    I always felt like the view from the south, near the beginning of the S-curve was the most interesting, even though most of the tallest buildings are in front of each other from that angle. At least you can see the Children's hospital, McKay, etc.
  6. ChevalierNoir

    Lake Drive Changes.

    I graduated from Western Michigan in December. Sweetwater's is near the top of my list of things I'll miss from my time in Kalamazoo.
  7. ChevalierNoir

    Suburban Projects

    Good call on that, WZZM mentioned the divestiture in a story today. Apparently they closed 4 other restaurants when they closed the East Beltline location.
  8. ChevalierNoir

    42 (now 14) story building coming to downtown GR

    Mayor Bliss was interviewed on the Eric Zane show on WBBL a couple of weeks ago, she was talking about development and mentioned that they are still ironing out the details but it's likely that they will be chopping some stories off the top of the building.
  9. ChevalierNoir

    50 Monroe to get de-skinned?

    They were talking about the construction this morning. Apparently the crews are finding black mold in the walls. I also learned that the glass atrium connecting the two buildings always leaked when it rained and never got fixed.
  10. ChevalierNoir


    Meijer tries different techniques at different stores for all areas of the business. I don't know if any of you have shopped at the Jenison Meijer, but they had some huge machine that was supposed to be the next generation of self-checkouts. In reality, it was confusing to the customers and took at least two team members to run. So they scrapped it. It seems backwards, but it's possible this is another test in the service side. What I'm surprised about is how hard it is to get help at the store level... Having checkouts that require employees seems to be going in the wrong direction. I can get into inside baseball if anyone's interested... I'm graduating from WMU next month with a degree in Food Marketing and work part-time for Meijer in the mean time.
  11. ChevalierNoir

    Mangiamo/Paddock Place Residential Development

    All those people lived in Greenville in the 1930's. Sorry,
  12. ChevalierNoir

    New projects on the West Side

    The Pyramid Scheme always has a good selection of Short's beer if you're ever craving it. I've only been to their brewpub up north once, and it wasn't a great experience. Way crowded and the people working didn't seem to care much for their jobs.
  13. ChevalierNoir

    Suburban Projects

    Could be getting ahead of the Lidl invasion in the markets they can.
  14. ChevalierNoir


    Hideout had decent, but not noteworthy, beer last time I was there (over a year ago). Plainfield desperately needs a place to sit down for a great pint and a good meal.
  15. ChevalierNoir

    A Grand Vision 2.0 It's still speculation and rumors... but it's not just on UP!