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  1. The airport has two announcements today. One right now is supposed to be about the $90M expansion. Number two at 1:30 will be about the "new airline" which hasn't been officially announced yet but by inference based on the Milwaukee announcement later this morning will be the rebirthed Midwest Express.
  2. https://fox6now.com/2019/08/27/midwest-express-ready-to-announce-initial-flight-destinations-on-wednesday-aug-28/ Latest news from Milwaukee... Midwest Express is coming back and announcing their first routes on... August 28th.
  3. And this is just high proof spirits. Doesn't count beer, wine, or low proof. One out of every ten bottles of high proof booze sold in the state goes through a Meijer store.
  4. From my experience, grocery was the same size but softlines and general merchandise shrunk down somewhat. It's all laid out a little differently but it seems to be more efficient overall. I assume that the back rooms are smaller in the newer stores too.
  5. The new prototype that Meijer is using going forward is only 150,000 square feet. Hudsonville, and all 5 stores opened this year are that size.
  6. BS&A is another property search tool that I have found helpful as it usually includes more ways to search. It even will find water bills in some cases. Linked is the Grand Rapids page, but if you click on "Municipalities" in the upper right corner, most area cities/townships/counties have data available. https://bsaonline.com/?uid=115
  7. Yawn... These flights are only twice a week anyway. I was hoping for a Southwest or Delta announcement with daily service.
  8. Fun post from the SVP of retail operations at Meijer. I didn't realize they would wait to choose the color to paint the brick until this point.
  9. I stopped in on Friday. The meat department has been moved from the back of the store to the front. Grocery is a mess. It looks like the checklanes have been completed and are very similar to the Hudsonville Meijer including the "queued" self-checkout lanes and a row of kiosks for shop-and-scan transactions. It appears that most of the general merchandise side has been remodeled. The pets section is completely done and they are building those towers in the softlines area. Also, the pharmacy is getting the new look (also like Hudsonville) with the big window. It should be nice when it's done. Sorry, no pictures this time.
  10. Apparently a temporary pop-up dog park.
  11. The project officially stated the last week of January and isn't expected to completely finish until July sometime.
  12. I've been seeing them pop up all over town. There is one right as you drive into the Green Ridge shopping center on Alpine, really close to the Taco Bell.
  13. Good riddance. Hopefully the new Meijer gas station takes cues from what they did on Walker Ave. That one was really well done.
  14. Meijer has three levels of remodel, the smallest is not much more than fresh paint, graphics, and lighting. This remodel is a level 3, where they will essentially be redoing everything except for the four walls and foundation. I don't know if the graphics style will be like Alpine or like Hudsonville but every department will be touched and possibly moved. In the end it should feel like a brand new store.
  15. Now's the time to reach out to our state legislative representatives. Otherwise I imagine it would be status quo like always.
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