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  1. I hope the Grand Rapids Art Museum or the Public Museum preserve some of these murals. It seems that this will be a pivotal moment in American society and it would be good to archive parts of Grand Rapids' place in the movement.
  2. All new Meijer stores and most remodels going forward are getting this enclosed section. Source: I work there.
  3. I don't have much info on the Alpine store but understand several departments will be touched and will have completely revamped checkout lanes. We must be mindful that it is the closest store to the corporate office so while it's not a flagship it will always have inportant sets of eyeballs on it. In related news, keep an eye out on the Jenison store this year. I am being told that they will get a major remodel like the Clyde Park store got last year.
  4. What has also changed is the addition of the abbreviations for Street and Avenue.
  5. There are some on Jefferson too, I'll try to snap a photo tomorrow morning.
  6. I know the new name but I won't post about it yet until they make the announcement public. Apparently they had hundreds of choices that the lawyers kept shooting down because some part of the name was too close to some brewery or winery or specific beer, wine, or spirit. They definitely had to be creative!
  7. I got to tour the mines for work.. really cool, and really tasty.
  8. The airport has two announcements today. One right now is supposed to be about the $90M expansion. Number two at 1:30 will be about the "new airline" which hasn't been officially announced yet but by inference based on the Milwaukee announcement later this morning will be the rebirthed Midwest Express.
  9. https://fox6now.com/2019/08/27/midwest-express-ready-to-announce-initial-flight-destinations-on-wednesday-aug-28/ Latest news from Milwaukee... Midwest Express is coming back and announcing their first routes on... August 28th.
  10. And this is just high proof spirits. Doesn't count beer, wine, or low proof. One out of every ten bottles of high proof booze sold in the state goes through a Meijer store.
  11. From my experience, grocery was the same size but softlines and general merchandise shrunk down somewhat. It's all laid out a little differently but it seems to be more efficient overall. I assume that the back rooms are smaller in the newer stores too.
  12. The new prototype that Meijer is using going forward is only 150,000 square feet. Hudsonville, and all 5 stores opened this year are that size.
  13. BS&A is another property search tool that I have found helpful as it usually includes more ways to search. It even will find water bills in some cases. Linked is the Grand Rapids page, but if you click on "Municipalities" in the upper right corner, most area cities/townships/counties have data available. https://bsaonline.com/?uid=115
  14. Yawn... These flights are only twice a week anyway. I was hoping for a Southwest or Delta announcement with daily service.
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