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  1. They cut down all the trees last week and started moving dirt yesterday.
  2. In addition to his restaurants under construction in Cleveland Park, Sean Brock is taking over the former Stay Golden space on Woodland St - https://nashville.eater.com/2019/12/2/20991608/sean-brock-joyland-east-nashville-coming-soon?utm_campaign=nashville.eater&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
  3. A tent was erected earlier today on the future site of the Hill Center Greenwood (Publix, Chase, etc.). I’m guessing that means there will be a groundbreaking ceremony later this week.
  4. https://www.nashvillescene.com/news/features/article/21094133/new-mayor-john-cooper-grapples-with-the-realities-of-the-citys-top-job “Metro’s Office of Economic and Community Development, whose leadership remains in place for now, reports that it is “currently working with partners on 15 projects that would create more than 12,000 jobs and invest $1.5 billion into Nashville.” That could create conflict with the new administration, as Cooper has repeatedly criticized some of the incentive deals made by past administrations. (He did, however, vote for two major packages earlier this year in his previous role as an at-large member of the Metro Council.)”
  5. I found this on twitter and couldn’t remember if it was ever posted here.
  6. A facade sample would be my guess. I’m sure there is a technical name for it.
  7. I believe it is a mobile concrete batch plant. I’ve seen some in medians for interstate construction jobs.
  8. Cooper cannot eliminate MDHA, regardless of what his website says. However, TIF, which MDHA manages per state legislation, will probably see some changes.
  9. Sorry if this was already posted, but this is my first time seeing these renderings of what could become of the Vorhees building on 8th.
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