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  1. https://acrobat.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:8cdab6cd-ff12-48a1-9c70-d67a12687a28 SP filed today for the redevelopment of Lincoln Tech
  2. https://epermits.nashville.gov/#/permit/4208912?page=1&searchText=1201 Gallatin Ave&searchCode=ADDR&searchType=permit&orderBy=projectName ASC Another permit for Phase 2 of Hill Center Greenwood.
  3. Core drilling happening today in the old Subway/UPS Store parking lot on Main Street next to Jerry’s. The building has been for sale for over a year now.
  4. I could not snap a picture, but there is a core drilling truck in front of one of the NADC buildings along Gallatin.
  5. https://epermits.nashville.gov/#/permit/4193591?page=1&searchText=0 n dupont&searchCode=ADDR&searchType=permit&orderBy=permitNumber DESC Master Permit Application for Birchstone Village in Madison. These are the apartments that will house the current residents of Berkshire Place Apartments in South Inglewood.
  6. @Bos2Nash do you think this is a sell/lease back situation? I’ve heard Lincoln is looking around metro for space for a new campus. It’s also interesting that the press release mentions the buyer needing to go through rezoning. I wouldn’t think that would be necessary if this was a sell/lease situation like their Denver campus. I know they are not renewing their lease for their dorms along Douglas.
  7. They are selling their current campus to an unknown developer and will move to a new campus in Nashville.
  8. This permit popped up the other day for this site. Not really sure what it means: https://epermits.nashville.gov/#/permit/4183210?page=1&searchText=800 main st&searchCode=ADDR&searchType=permit&orderBy=permitNumber DESC
  9. According to a sign permit, the final tenant of the Hill Center Greenwood (the 3 retail spaces across from Publix) will be….Waxing the City.
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