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  1. I want to say this is where they dumped all the excess rock from the Hart Lane widening.
  2. ^I was not a big fan of Cooper at the beginning, but he deserves credit for how this deal was put together. Well done. Also, whatever happened to the hotel project on the corner of Cowan and Jefferson? I’m assuming it was a covid casualty but I’m sure the developers were happy to see this.
  3. The renderings look almost identical to the retail building in front of the old Wal Mart near Gallatin and Douglas.
  4. http://www.hghill.com/main/default.aspx HG Hill announces their purchase of the former Krispy Kreme/meat packing facility at 1201 Gallatin Avenue (directly across Greenwood Avenue from the new Hill Center Greenwood). They applied for a building demolition permit today.
  5. This area of EN is going to look a lot different in the next 5 years. - Hill Center Greenwood (complete) - Eastwood Village (permits for the residential portion should be issued soon.) - The Wash - Former laundromat at 1202 Gallatin. No word on what is going there but a lot of work is being done. - 1201 Gallatin (old Krispy Kreme/meat packaging facility). I’ve heard who the buyer is and they should close on the property in the next couple of weeks. It will be interesting to see what they have planned for the site. There was a fire hydrant test permit applied for back in December and the project name was ‘Fifth 3rd Bank Gallatin’. - Tabla Rasa Toy store at 2039 Greenwood Avenue. They were issued a building permit last week. - Porter Hill: the redevelopment of Berkshire Place Apartments. I’ve heard this is still moving forward. The gas station near the apartments just sold.
  6. Permits were issued yesterday for the reconstruction of Hill Center Five Points.
  7. From Perkins and Eastman’s website. Maybe they pitched something like this.
  8. Here are some renderings of the rebuilt Asphalt Skate shop building at 961 Woodland Street. They were issued a building permit last week.
  9. So much better than the bar that was going in the old Family Dollar building.
  10. Speaking of more stuff coming: what is happening across the street from Mitchell’s? No activity for almost a year.
  11. Found this interesting: the building at 420 Davidson Street was previously owned by PSC Metals, Inc, but was quitclaimed in December to Nashville Recycling, LLC. Appears to still be associated with PSC based off mailing address.
  12. https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21136089/large-mixeduse-project-eyed-for-east-side
  13. I’ve heard a couple of rumors about the Berkshire Apts site. They’ve already opted out of their low income housing tax credit contract with the state (can start evicting tenants without cause on either 1/1/2022 or 1/1/2023) and are on a year to year renewal with HUD for their section 8 contract. They also own and develop a lot of affordable housing in Nashville (including the neighboring affordable housing property), so relocation may not be as big of an issue. I’m sure any redevelopment will include some sort of affordable housing component. Side note about these apartments: I think someone was murdered there on Sunday and the guy who killed the nurse on 440 in January lived and was arrested there.
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