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  1. https://www.nashville.gov/Portals/0/SiteContent/MHZC/docs/2020 Meetings/03_18_20/SR 1716 Greenwood Avenue 2020.pdf Historic Zoning Commission documents for 1716 Greenwood Ave (Eastwood Village). I’m sure the meeting will be postponed.
  2. I’ve heard this building is a complete loss.
  3. Two new (ish) items on metro’s development map: 2208 Eastland Avenue - final site plan approval for an SP dating back to 2014. I believe March Egerton is associated with Upside, LLC who is listed on the application. http://maps.nashville.gov/MPC/2014SP-085-002_plan.pdf 0 E Trinity Lane - final site plan approval that will include 75 townhomes and up to 88 Multifamily units: http://maps.nashville.gov/MPC/2017SP-035-002_plan.pdf
  4. Building permits for the Publix and Starbucks were issued yesterday.
  5. https://sagemontre.com/properties/eastwood-village/ Some images and leasing information for Eastwood Village (click on the brochure).
  6. More info on the coffee shop at 914 Gallatin Avenue - https://nashville.eater.com/2020/2/6/21126521/hearts-east-nashville-attaboy-lakeside-lounge-australian
  7. First images for Building D of Hill Center Greenwood. This building will be at the corner of West Greenwood and Gallatin. The shell building permit was issued earlier today - https://epermits.nashville.gov/#/permit/3703655?page=1&searchText=1110 Gallatin Ave&searchCode=ADDR&searchType=permit&orderBy=permitNumber ASC.
  8. Plans for 829 and 835 Dickerson Rd (Mrs. Winners building) were submitted to planing yesterday - http://maps.nashville.gov/MPC/2020SP-018-001_plan.pdf
  9. Marketstreet is redeveloping the Napier/Sudekem? Did I miss this announcement?
  10. Anyone know the status on the coworking space in the former church across the street or the house behind it (it was being rehabbed at one point)?
  11. And that backs up the note that was added today by planning on their stormwater grading permit.
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