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  1. WebberThomas4

    Nashville International Airport

    Did anyone else see the C-17 that was circiling downtown earlier? Update: practicing the flyover for the governor’s inauguration tomorrow.
  2. It does not sound like metro is selling this property or using any of their own money for the construction of the affordable housing. If I am reading this correctly, once a developer has been selected, metro would deed (quitclaim, etc) the property over to a private development team for the construction of the affordable teacher units (financed privately or maybe with some Barnes fund money). Metro would then likely enter into some type of agreement with the developer (deed restrictions, land use restrictive covenant) that ensures the development is used as intended (affordable rent, limited for MNPS employees, etc) for decades.
  3. https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2019/01/15/amazons-turn-at-metro-council-what-to-watch-for.html?iana=hpmvp_nsh_news_headline A couple of Amazon related items will go in front of council tonight.
  4. WebberThomas4

    East Nashville/Inglewood/Madison/Donelson/Hermitage/Old Hickory

    It’s probably nothing, but there were surveyors walking around the parking lot of the Stadium Inn this morning.
  5. WebberThomas4


    Hopes: less drama/controversy in our local government. I know it is an election year, but this past year was exhausting. Wishes: we land a few corporate relocations. Predictions: there’s an announcement regarding PSC metals.
  6. WebberThomas4

    East Nashville/Inglewood/Madison/Donelson/Hermitage/Old Hickory

    @bwithers1 I have a question about another church in your district. Do you have any updates on the former Hobson Chapel church at Greenwood and Chapel? They had an excavator on site a few weeks ago clearing brush and taking down fences, and it appears a new temporary electric pole has been erected but not connected. I’ve emailed the owner multiple times just asking for an update or to notify him of vandalism, but he hasn’t responded to anything since 2016. I know his group is wrapping up a project in Germantown and they have quite a few things happening in Gallatin.
  7. WebberThomas4

    East Nashville/Inglewood/Madison/Donelson/Hermitage/Old Hickory

    A demolition permit was issued yesterday for the former jailhouse along S 5th Street. I assume this means everything is moving forward with the new sheriff’s office at this location.
  8. I was unable to snap a picture, but there was a surveying crew on the site today around 12:30.
  9. Ahh, PATHE.. Their intentions are good, but their ideas and demands aren’t rooted in reality, IMO. Here’s my estimate for how much their affordable housing demands would cost: 36,000 units at the roughly $250,000 a unit (factoring in land cost, infrastructure work, labor/materials, interest) comes out to around $9 billion. That should be easy to come by given Nashville’s current budget constraints.
  10. https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2018/12/11/notable-nashville-transit-opponent-prepares-to.html Can someone with a subscription (or the page source function) provide a summary of this?
  11. Hattie B’s and Shake Shack I believe Tom Morales (Acme, The Southern) is planning something, too.