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  1. New permit for 2300 Riverside Drive. This is for the new building across from Mitchell’s and Village Pub. Construction has been halted for almost a year and a half. https://epermits.nashville.gov/#/permit/4038168?page=1&searchText=2300 Riverside dr&searchCode=ADDR&searchType=permit&orderBy=permitNumber DESC New Single Story Shell Building for future retail and possibility of a single restaurant suite. Note that this project already had a permit approved (#2019050986) for construction of 4-story R-2 Residential. That construction project was stopped (Covid) and the de
  2. Sewer Capacity application reveals more details about the proposed redevelopment of 501 Crutcher St. This is the mulch yard that you can see from the interstate. 550 Unit Condo Development
  3. ^Close by at 1218, 1224 and 1236 Dickerson . Maybe this shows up on the Development map soon? Doesn’t appear to be an SP. https://epermits.nashville.gov/#/permit/4037666?page=1&searchText=1218 Dickerson&searchCode=ADDR&searchType=permit&orderBy=fullAddress ASC,permitNumber ASC
  4. https://www.nashville.gov/sites/default/files/2021-09/mhzc-210915a.pdf According to this MHZC agenda, the tornado damaged East End Methodist Church is seeking a demolition permit.
  5. News regarding the old service station at the corner of Rosebank and Riverside: https://www.instagram.com/p/CTU5oNvHrdN/?utm_medium=copy_link
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTS6GAAsFDJ/?utm_medium=copy_link I do have opinions on these organizations and the people behind them, but I’ll keep them to myself. Only wanted to share. No doubt these organizations will show up at the Oracle open public planning meetings
  7. I’ve been watching this one closely. Very little activity since June in e-Permits, but there are utility markings all over the sidewalk along Gallatin. Crews were out last week working on the hanger. The used car lot next to this property is now vacant with for sale and for rent signs posted along the fence.
  8. Elder’s Ace Hardware has applied for a permit at 2622 Gallatin Pike (next to the YMCA).
  9. Noticed a for sale sign on the fence of the used car dealer at 1200 Gallatin Avenue. This is across from Chase and Publix. There’s a loopnet listing for 949 Main Street. Clay Haynes is the owner. The site consist of 3 parcels and totals .60 acres. I’ll update with a link when I am able to find it again. Appears that 1100 Riverside Drive has sold or will sell soon. Most of the vehicles have been removed from the property.
  10. According to permits, a new bar called Golden Pony will be opening at 757 Douglas Avenue in the the Highland Yards development. It looks like it will be housed in the small building closest to the Ellington off ramp.
  11. How tall is the condo building in Ashland City?
  12. Not to get off topic, but they are different situations regarding section 8. It’s also been a while since I worked in the affordable housing world so this may have changed some. Berkshire Place has a contract with HUD for Section 8. That subsidy stays with the unit/property regardless of who occupies the unit - also known as Project Based Rental Assistance. When a tenant moves out, the section 8 assistance does not move with them. Riverchase is made up of a mix market rate units and section 8 voucher units. The section 8 subsidy in this case, known as Tenant Based Rental Assistan
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