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  1. The new owner is Glengarry Partners according to parcel viewer. No other information besides that.
  2. The owner of the former church property at 1716 Greenwood Avenue has reapplied for a stormwater grading permit. The previous permit was applied for in 2016 and had already received some approval from metro, but it expired in June. The project was also issued a temporary electric permit back in June. Interesting note: the new permit list Nathon Lyons of Vintage South Development and Historic Builds, LLC as the SW Developer. His company is currently undertaking the Highland Yards project on Douglas Avenue and the Stocking 51 project in the Nations.
  3. That was always my impression, too. I think he tried to push through 20+ rezoning bills at last night’s council meeting.
  4. That’s a different one further up Main Street closer to Five Points.
  5. Cooper cannot eliminate MDHA, regardless of what his website says. However, TIF, which MDHA manages per state legislation, will probably see some changes.
  6. Based off a beer permit application, it appears that Batter N Fried will be renamed Boston Commons.
  7. https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/education/higher-education/colleges-universities/article/21080334/nashville-state-eyes-2021-opening-in-madison Nashville State is planning to open a Madison campus at 1520 Gallatin Pike N.
  8. Renderings for what appears to be phase 2 of the Highland Yard redevelopment on Douglas Ave. The developers of Highland Yards purchased 2 buildings and some land at 754 Douglas Avenue and 830 W. McKennie Ave for $1.08 million in late June.
  9. Brewster’s Bar and Grill applied for a building permit on Friday for 1000 Woodland Street (the former Family Dollar) in five points. There’s a Brewster’s in Portland, TN but it’s unclear if there is a connection between the two. Also from Friday: the owners of the Stadium Inn applied for a rehab permit. The permit states “demo for future tenant”.
  10. A permit valued at $3.5 million was issued yesterday for the former church at the corner of Riverside and Porter. I’ve attached an old rendering from last year.
  11. Sorry if this was already posted, but this is my first time seeing these renderings of what could become of the Vorhees building on 8th.
  12. Grading work has started on the Douglas Village project.
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