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  1. This project has the option to be built in phases, with the northern office building constructed while the existing building is still in place.
  2. It seems like crane index referenced in the article only surveys a handful of cities (which the reporter neglects to mention). I feel like a crowdsourced tower-crane index for different metro areas could be fairly easy to pull together, verifiable, and an interesting economic indicator.
  3. During rezoning meetings, it sounded like Phase II of the apartments could be built down the road, but the existing buildings will stay in place in the near term.
  4. Would you be surprised if I told you it's a massive, five-story, stick-built apartment complex?
  5. Amos' owner cited a lack of parking as a big reason for them to shut down, with the HD Supply site across the street planned for development. Fast forward six months and the same owner is converting the building into a large restaurant/bar, with no mention of planned additional parking. Not that there aren't challenges associated with losing parking, but nearby development makes for an easy target to point the finger at when closing a business people love.
  6. The apartment units wrapping the garage on the HD Supply project are a really neat idea. As small studios without the fancy amenities like a pool, they should be cheaper than other offerings in the neighborhood and will provide some nice diversity in housing. These must be the only non-"luxury" apartments built in the center city in years. And they'll serve to screen the big ugly parking garage.
  7. This investment group owns the new Common Market parcel as well as the large neighboring parcel on Tremont that is being developed with apartments (by Pollack Shores). These parcels went through rezoning together this summer. They have future plans to develop the area between the new CM and the planned apartments. It's not unthinkable that the new CM parcel could be included in that future development.
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