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  1. Interesting news out of Hot Springs. It seems like there is some momentum building that could really change the trajectory of the downtown area. MAJESTIC IDEAS: Sights set high for site's redevelopment https://www.hotsr.com/news/2019/apr/03/majestic-ideas-sights-set-high-for-site/
  2. These plans are online for the Hyatt Place project.
  3. I wouldn't lose any sleep if a Cheesecake Factory never opened in Arkansas. I can think of plenty of places I would rather eat. I'm not a fan of any place that has a 20 page book for a menu that is full of mediocre food choices. But a lot of people like to eat there, so different strokes for different folks. I noticed that the Chattanooga location is going in a renovated Sears. Maybe something like that in the vacated Sears at the Northwest Arkansas Mall would work? Pinnacle would probably be the first choice though.
  4. I'm not sure the State (or UA) would go for adding another 4 year college in Arkansas. I think it's just a way to reach students who would like to enroll in NWACC programs but may live too far to commute. With the momentum behind the fine arts program and Brightwater culinary program, I could see an extended regional demand developing. I saw an article that stated 25% of 2 year colleges currently offer on -campus housing.
  5. I'm a Top Golf fan, but does anyone know how the lighting for one of those works out in a dense area? With the hotel, residential development and the AMP in the immediate area, that seems tricky?
  6. I believe a bank branch will replace the Dixie Cafe building.
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