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  1. Thanks gman. I have read 2 places now that the Greenville Country Club's lack of support is the main hurdle with the connection. That's disappointing. I guess the country club would be the most NIMBY place ever. When I have played golf at Furman, I have never been distracted by anyone on the SRT. I wonder if it would be more conspicuous at GCC.
  2. Are there plans to fully connect the SRT from TR over to Conestee? You can see the gap in the trail in the marketing pamphlet.
  3. I was a fan of 20, building more density etc, but glad the 12 got approved. Is it in the cards for a zoning exemption in the future if the site warrants a taller building by the time everything gets rolling? Or was that prevented in the negotiations?
  4. The biggest thing for Greenville in my opinion right now is connecting the peripherals of downtown across the major thoroughfares safely. We need more people walking to downtown from surrounding areas instead of the drive and park scenario. A permeable network across Academy, Stone, Church, Dunbar, etc. is key. I hate crossing 4 lane highways, but I get why they need to exist. More well-marked pedestrian and bike crossings would be a start. Foot bridges would be the safest bet but not always the most aesthetically pleasing. Ill be interested to see how the SRT bridge at Laurens/Stone turns out. Does anyone know of peer cities that do this well?
  5. Looking at the pics above, the area around Bouharoun's on this side of Camperdown is so ripe for some infill.
  6. No problem! Sorry they aren't high quality drone pics. Thanks gman!
  7. Here are the currently planned Pavement Rehab projects for 2020. https://www.greenvillesc.gov/DocumentCenter/View/9586/Tentative-Rehabilitation-Schedule?bidId=
  8. The amount of dirt being moved for this project is amazing! Multiple track hoes and dump trucks on site. I'll try to snap some pics this evening on my way home.
  9. So, are there two locations? Or is the plan now to move to Holland Park instead of Verdae? Does it already exist? I'm confused. Looks REALLY fun though!
  10. I like the plan, mostly, but really wish they could work to integrate the intersection at Dunbar and Augusta. Unfortunately, I think that ship sailed with the construction at the Scott Towers site. The benefit could be a drive to execute a road diet on Dunbar St. and decrease it to two lanes with a nice median and sidewalks. This would eliminate what I consider to be one of the worst boundary roads in the downtown vicinity. Right now, the major artery boundaries of downtown are Stone in the North, Academy in the West, Church in the East/Southeast and Dunbar in the Southwest. All the other major boundaries are effectively permeable for communities to access Downtown, or will be very soon. North Main community across Stone with Westone and the coming of Northepointe. The Church St bridge and SRT allow for foot traffic from McBee Station, Pettigru, and the Cleveland Park neighborhoods. Academy has been better breached with the additions of District West, Trailside and eventually the Canvas & AGFA redevelopments, to supplement Heritage Green. Reducing the size of Dunbar could help connect the surrounding neighborhoods, promote walk-ability, and integrate the development of Judson Mill to the downtown area. All that is to say that I really just want to promote walk-ability to all parts of downtown and the Southwest seems to currently have the most work to do. Thoughts?
  11. Made it out to the first Listening Session last night. There was some good information, but nothing that most on this board probably were not already aware of. Despite the feel of the WSPA report, there was a good bit of positivity and optimism in the room especially from the folks who work for the City. I spoke with one of the staffers who felt good about the project moving forward. As usual, those who oppose things usually scream the loudest. Jarvis Robertson did an interview with me and hearing your voice on camera is always the worst! https://www.foxcarolina.com/greenville-asking-residents-for-input-on-county-square-project/video_4eea7502-7f88-5e10-9c56-bf583ac11493.html In talking with Jay Graham from Planning, I thought it was interesting that they hadn't considered the ratio of 3.5M sqft of development at County Square and how that compares to what is currently in the CBD downtown. Anyone here know about how much square footage exists in downtown currently? Is County Square a 10% increase? Less? More? The folks at the meeting didn't know.
  12. The Mondays when I check Urban Planet and there are 40 threads that have been updated by @gman430, those are my favorite Mondays.
  13. It probably also helps that the businesses (Methodical, Community Tap, Auto Taco, GB&D) have an almost cult-like following with very good reputations around the city. The people who like those places and frequent them will know where they are, signage or not. Just curious, did you feel the same way about the project at Hampton Station? The feels are similar relative to site conditions at opening and the Commons is much more convenient to downtown.
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