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  1. Joey_Blackdogg

    The Food Thread

    I was having a discussion at the office this morning, with Wild Wing downtown closing, about the best wing spots in town. Here are my top 5, let me know if I am sorely misguided or if you have any other recommendations... Wings on the Run - 3010b E North St, Greenville, SC 29615 LA Hot Wings - 1220 Laurens Rd, Greenville, SC 29607 Mac's Speed Shop - 930 S Main St, Greenville, SC 29601 (smoked) Local Cue - 30 Orchard Park Dr Suite 7, Greenville, SC 29615 (smoked) Wild Wing Cafe (RIP DT Location) - 1025 Woodruff Rd k103, Greenville, SC 29607
  2. Joey_Blackdogg

    Pendleton Street [between West End and West Greenville]

    The City is certifying the old Mountain View Orchids building as "Abandoned". The certification will allow a taxpayer to provide a "Notice of Intent to Rehabilitate". The taxpayer will have to spend over $250k on the property (because it's in the City) to be eligible for the tax incentives provided by the designation. 66% of the property has to be unused for 5 years for the designation to be applied. The same certification is happening to the strip mall building at the intersection of E. Washington and Cleveirvine. Vic, I didn't see the rezoning listed as an item on the Agenda for this month's City Council meeting. Do you have any other information on where this stands?
  3. Joey_Blackdogg

    Greenville City Manager

    The City is spending on the order of $60k to FIND a City Manager. Surprising to me a contract to find a candidate is $50k, with an extra $10k for travel expenses. What are the repercussions for Find Great People, LLC if they find a dud? Now I know how these recruitment centers stay afloat.
  4. Joey_Blackdogg

    Pendleton Street [between West End and West Greenville]

    Great point, I think that is correct actually.
  5. Joey_Blackdogg

    Pendleton Street [between West End and West Greenville]

    Wonder if the rezoning would spur this redevelopment of the Macdonald's Appliance Repair building at the corner of Pendleton and Academy. The renderings look nice.
  6. Joey_Blackdogg

    Greenville Soccer

    Greenville Triumph SC have signed their first player for the inaugural roster. Also pretty neat to see what the club is doing by adding stadium seating and other amenities at Legacy Early College in Woodside. This could be transformational for the area.
  7. Joey_Blackdogg

    Wade Hampton Blvd. Strategic Plan

    I hope they focus on the Timmons Park Gateway and the end of the Boulevard near the new Northpointe development initially. Glad to see that the city following through on this though. As a curiosity, I wondered what the zoning was like along the corridor, assuming C-3. I wonder if the city would consider rezoning the area I have boxed in red to RDV, similar to what could potentially happen on Pendleton St this week. I think it could be beneficial to aid the direction of redevelopment in the area to be consistent with what is going on in other parts of the city. Anything that promotes pedestrian-oriented development between the R6 and RM1 areas is good in my opinion. Thoughts?
  8. Joey_Blackdogg

    Pendleton Street [between West End and West Greenville]

    For those who oppose the rezoning, could you help me understand why? Is it simply that people don't want the local government meddling in their affairs? Are there complaints about how the CBD is being developed? Mismanaged or non-managed development is how we end up with a lot of places, roads and neighborhoods not worth caring about (see the video below). The damage of poorly planned development might be irreparable.
  9. With a Virgin/brightline JV high speed rail potentially coming to the southeast, connecting Charlotte and Atlanta, could Greenville see a benefit of being a mid-point along the route? Do you think they would create a stop here?
  10. Joey_Blackdogg

    BridgeWay Station mixed use development-Mauldin, SC

    Recently visited the Kingsley development in Fort Mill, SC and it made me think of some of the renderings from the BridgeWay Station project I have seen. I think they have done a great job with the redeveloping areas in Fort Mill and are not ignoring their past with some of the new architecture in their expansion. I also like how this development avoids layout rigidity, which gives the new development an artistic feel. Interested in takes from the board. Would you be pleased if BridgeWay turned out like this development?
  11. Joey_Blackdogg

    West Greenville Village

    Hearing in the rumor mill that Neo Burrito in the Village may end up closing due to issues with staffing. They have recently reconfigured their hours (no longer opening early for breakfast).
  12. Joey_Blackdogg

    The West End

    Heard this weekend that World Coffee (from Asheville) will be opening two doors down from Husk in the coming months. They plan to be open 7am - 11pm.
  13. Joey_Blackdogg

    Pendleton Street [between West End and West Greenville]

    At the neighborhood meeting late last year, those lots were part of Carolina Crafted / Reid Hipp's plans to build 5 SFHs on the corner of Arlington and Sumner. Two are under construction now with walls going up; I wonder what happened to the plans for the other 3. Capital issues?
  14. Joey_Blackdogg

    Pendleton Street [between West End and West Greenville]

    There are some units still available at the 2nd phase of West End Walk along Mallard, not all the homes being built (or crammed in) by Carolina Crafted along Griffin St. have sold, and there are 2 more units going up on Perry around the corner from the unsold units you mentioned on Leach. Those, plus these "brownstones" andthe new units at 12 Calhoun add a lot of availability in the area. From a SFH standpoint, Carolina Crafted is building 5 more at the corner of Arlington and Sumner. Again, I'm definitely not complaining. I can't wait to have more neighbors and love the density. It just seems like the volume will have to drive down some of the luxury prices. Hopefully, once the shoe drops on a few, the rest go down quickly.