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  1. New Streeetscape for Huguenot Mill.... https://www.greenvillesc.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Item/7712?fileID=35928
  2. The streetscaping proposal scheduled to go thru DRB provides a few more images of the scale of the McClaren building from Academy streetside... https://www.greenvillesc.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Item/7713?fileID=35929
  3. Agree on both counts. The utility line situation on Pendleton + the surrounding neighborhood is horrific. That seems to be one of the shortcomings of development around the margins of the CBD at this point. Not enough "encouragement" to bury the utilities. Pretty much all the street views of the new buildings like this and the McClaren on the periphery of DT are marred by power lines.
  4. New Trehel HQ is impressive from the street, hopefully we will get to see the inside at some point. I want to know how much of the barrel vaulted roof they kept in the first floor.
  5. The garage at .408 Jackson moving right along.
  6. Totally agree, replacing bad development with good development >>>> replacing old growth forest with any development if the potential exists.
  7. I was more thinking of the "urban forest" in neighborhoods as opposed to just plantings as part of the landscape architecture. Unity Park is definitely a huge win and I participated in the City's survey (we are blessed in Greenville), but, in general, I think neighborhoods are also made better with a few stands of old virgin forest where kids can go explore and play. Those are quickly becoming extinct near DT, that's all.
  8. Am I alone in worrying about the virgin tree canopy near DT? There aren't many swaths of old oaks, poplars and elms around anymore. I'm all for development, but there needs to be balance.
  9. Looks like the decision was made on Sept 30 to prefer the Greenfield route through the FRA and Georgia DoT. This has positives (the train will be able to move much faster along a new RoW) and negatives (not going directly to the urban core of Greenville and Spartanburg and missing Clemson all together is a miss, imo & building the new RoW will take more time). Here were the proposed routes as a reminder. http://www.dot.ga.gov/AboutGeorgia/Pages/ProjectDetails.aspx?postID=9/30/20 9:54 AM - The Federal Rail Administration (FRA) and the Georgia DOT have reviewed comments received during the Tier 1 DEIS public comment period
  10. Building Permit issued for the new Southern First HQ on 9/21, 101k sqft and ~$19MM COMMERCIAL, NEW OFFICES/BANKS/PROFESSIONAL 20 - 1862 09/21/2020 101,035 $18,786,255.00 6 VERDAE BLVD SOUTHERN FIRST BANK 100 VERDAE BLVD GREENVILLE, SC 29607 HARPER CORPORATION, THE
  11. Why are these businesses closing with all this funding available and unspent? I just don't understand... https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/2020/09/08/how-greenville-county-sc-spending-16-million-cares-act-funding/5632880002/
  12. Welcome to town and congrats on your new home! If you like food that you don't get to try often, give Aryana a try for some delightful Afghan options. It's downtown on E Coffee St, a few blocks off of main towards Church. Not sure where they are now on the handling the pandemic, indoor seating was closed for a while, but I'm sure you could carry out and have a nice meal in one of the nearby parks if they haven't reopened the dining room!
  13. Not Unity Park directly, but El Thrifty Social Club has closed their doors permanently. This will be a great space near the heart of the park in a few years, hopefully someone can get in there and hold on til then...
  14. The Tree Plan video really is a high quality production by the city. I hope they continue to make videos like this throughout the development of the park. I'm glad they are involving TreesUpstate and UpstateForever as well. Cannot WAIT to see the results.
  15. Brickwork going up on the Trehel project at Pendleton and Academy (Old MacDonald Appliances building). This is a big building for the area...
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