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  1. Can you post more comments like this on other threads so they get put on the DRB docket, please, sir?
  2. This is directly next to the post office where metroPCS is currently. I would think the Hampton Pinckney residents will be glad to see this type of development getting kick started farther down Washington.
  3. These will definitely be high end. We looked into using BLOM for our renovation at our SFH in North Main. Just too far out of our budget, but high quality no doubt!
  4. I understand that position @gman430. A lot of people in the middle of the street were not wearing masks or pulling them down and being sensible. The main benefit for having "required masks" was that a lot of the booths had art on "internal walls" where you would have to be in very close proximity to others if you wanted to see everything each artist had to offer. I didn't feel governed with an iron fist to wear my mask, but I pulled it on when I felt like it was warranted. Feels like there is just an expectation to be accommodating and reasonable. All in all, seeing the art was worth the
  5. I hope y'all had a chance to make it out to Artisphere this year. So many talented artists and inspirational booths. And what a welcome treat after a year's worth of pandemic living. My favorites from the day were the incredible sculptures of Dale Rogers, Mick Whitcomb's awesome antique restorations, the nostalgia embodied in the pencil drawings of Robin Lauresdorf, the ethereal forest photos from Rita Lohr and the lonesome wanderings of Andrew Sovjani. Seeing Greenville showcase artists from all over the country makes me happy to call this place home. What were your favorites?
  6. Sorry, @gman430, I was going off a comment earlier in the thread where @Skylinermentioned that the building's position would impact the trees along Falls St. I assumed that meant the trees along the hillside. Thanks for the clarification.
  7. This was predictable because the pizza was bad.
  8. Agreed, @Skyliner, from the limited views of that side in the DRB packet, it doesn't look like there is much character to the Northeast facade of the structure.
  9. I love the streetscape improvements and the plan for Event and Non-event days. The naming sure is a mouthful though. "Oh, I live at 220 Augusta St Apt 440 at .408 Jackson in District 356... " Some synergy there would have been nice... something that doesn't make me feel like I am reciting my social security number or a landline connection when talking about it in conversation. Still, can't wait to experience big gamedays (thinking Palmetto Series) and the food truck rodeo they have pictured in the renderings.
  10. When you're here, in Mauldin, you're family.
  11. I will agree that if the majority of the development turns out like that first pic, it will be a winner. I let the Arc de Terrible set my mood for taking in the project the first time I looked at these new renderings. It is also disappointing that the buildout gman shared still has around 50% surface parking.
  12. Guys... You cannot be serious... a miniature stucco'd Arc de Triumph with 12 foot scary metal fencing across the interstate... No way. Also, are the ruins here intended or a plan to run out of $$$ This is going to end up looking like one of those 90s Italian restaurants that have the fake grapevines hanging up everywhere. I mean, there's a pool on top of the castle of ruins... I understand a desire for less boxy, flatroofs, but... do we really need 6 bell towers in the same plaza? There is so much concrete in this plan it is baffling. Not a fan.
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