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  1. Coastal Crust looks like it has opened in the Village.
  2. Visited this weekend for the first time. The brunch menu was really good. They have bottomless mimosas for $10, 11am - 1pm on weekends. The other really cool touch is that they have replaced the stage and lofted seating area upstairs with two live action simulators. You can play baseball, soccer, golf, "duck hunt" and several other games. I'll be back, especially once football season starts.
  3. Heavy equipment back on site, looks like a good bit of grading going on today.
  4. According to GVLToday, The Whale Bottle Shop is now open.
  5. It's listed as Phase 1 of a master plan. Wonder when we will hear about Phase 2? Does anyone know if the plan is published somewhere?
  6. Do we know the other council member besides Mr. Fant that flipped their vote? I also am not encouraged that people who can't follow the tax code are leading our county... https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/2019/05/20/greenville-sc-councilman-billed-55000-anderson-hartwell-lake-house-back-taxes/3681403002/
  7. I thought I would hate the white painted brick, but it really brings a sense of cleanliness to the street and neighborhood. The mix of high end and government housing on Arlington seems to be pretty unique for the city so far. Anyone have any info on the number of units that are sold, pending or available here?
  8. Unfortunately the sides of this thing remind me of the Bank of America and Landmark buildings.
  9. I doubt this is in any way related to the Base 360 Project going on along Green Ave south of DT called "Elements West", but the naming gives me pause. I know Green Ave is not near the Swamp Rabbit, though. I am not a fan when developers use the same name for different properties; it's unnecessary and confusing. Wonder if this will progress faster than that project.
  10. Just not quite negative enough for @apaladin. Good effort though!
  11. "Because the project is relying on Opportunity Zone investment funds, the project must be underway in 2019 to take full advantage of the financial benefits, he says." Let's get it moving!
  12. An addition the old TTR Bikes building. Park Place on Hudson is going to be a pretty awesome place to live very soon, minus having to look down the hill at the electrical substation.
  13. Interesting... Van's Chocolates opened in the Village last year, too. I'm not opposed to competition, but are these companies doing any market research at all? That's pretty close proximity for 2 chocolate stores. Hope we can avoid a vacant store front.
  14. Thanks John. I didn't appreciate that it was the same building that The Ward Art Studios had been in. Seems like it'd be cooler if they could incorporate it into the communal area on the Rhett St side of the project as a center piece or entry way into their plaza, rather than to the backside of the tallest portion of the structure.
  15. Overall, I like the project and welcome it to the neighborhood, but what's the purpose of the little brick outcrop structure on the 123 side? It looks random, unfinished and out of place with the materials shown in the rendering. I understand the desire/need to terrace the levels up to the foot of the building, but the brick structure just seems unnecessary.
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