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  1. I'm glad to hear that a few things will be built near 85. I live close to the interstate and driving into B.S. from here can be a hassle sometimes. Does anyone know if the old Ingle's is ever going to be used for anything? That seems like a great location and I'm sick of looking at that old empty building.
  2. That rumor has been around for a long time. At one point BMW had optioned a very large tract of land on lake Blalock. People I know on the lake said there was enough local opposition to cause BMW to cancel the project. It would make sense for BMW to be here. I mean, who wants to live in NJ?
  3. I've heard that Southwest was more interested in Charlotte than GSP, but would not move there as long as USScareways continues to fly. I also hear Southwest approached GSP, but our gate fees are higher than they would like. Man, I sure hope Independence can stay in business.
  4. Well, used to be that the entire airport was a lower concourse. I can remember how excited everyone was about the new elevated concourses when they were built. Hooray for jetways! Oh, well maybe GSP jumped the gun, but who knew regional jets would become so popular? Even today I'm relieved when I come in on a late flight and they let us walk in at the ramp level, instead of having to climb the stairs just to go back down again.
  5. That would be a great thing. I've been in the theater and it's is amazing. From what I could tell, it's mostly intact. The old curtains are hanging, the ceiling is in place, and most of the decoration is there. The exception is that some of the seats are missing where the hallway for the rear entrance cuts right through the middle of the theater. The building was designed by Lockwood Greene back in the late 1920's. Legend has it that because the depression started just about the time the building was finished, the owners could not pay LG their fee. So a deal was struck to allow LG to
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