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  1. As far as Airport Dr & Williamsburg Rd, I would rather have an interchange replace that intersection above anything else.
  2. Went into RIC yesterday around noon and it was PACKED.
  3. Many bus systems around the country suspended fare collection when the country first shut down because of the pandemic; this was due to the transit agencies wanting to keep passengers as far away as possible from the drivers (and of course the payment boxes are literally next to the driver). Entry had to be made from the rear door, only people with mobility issues can use the front. Some agencies starting charging again sooner than others. I can tell you HRT (Hampton Roads of course) was one of the first ones to start charging again. GRTC might be the last sizable system to remain free. EDIT: my whole thing in the other post is the Pulse was successful (and packed) when it wasn't free.
  4. It was definitely successful before the pandemic (and free fares), so I'm sure whenever GRTC decides to start changing again it will continue to be successful. Also, the entire system is currently free, not just the Pulse.
  5. I used to live in Jefferson Townhouse back in the day (which is on the opposite corner and next to the MLK Bridge). Many of us were friends with the people in that part of the projects. Lots of mostly good memories there, but I completely understand why it needs to be redeveloped. This is a great move in improving the neighborhood.
  6. Proposed improvement to Tuckahoe Creek Park https://www.wric.com/community/henrico-leaders-to-make-room-for-tuckahoe-creek-parkgoers/
  7. That is F&¢+1πG AWESOME!!
  8. Those longer busses are definitely needed right now!! Not 2-3 years down the road. What GRTC needs to do in the meantime is build a pair of Pulse Stations in the area of Malvern Ave.
  9. Maaaannnnn..... if THAT gets built.... it could start an even bigger wave than we're already on.
  10. The lights in the rebuilt parking lot of the Science Museum & Children Museum at night
  11. From WRIC, the latest Brandermill proposal clears another hurtle. https://www.wric.com/news/local-news/chesterfield-county/massive-brandermill-project-gets-past-another-step-of-approval/
  12. Yes . Also , as an aside, I'm confident that those older wire hung traffic signals will be replaced with modern pole mounted ones. Will look so much better. I hope for more development around there in the future. That whole strip can seriously use some sprucing up. And business.
  13. I like the idea of a charging lot. What I don't like is such a lot on THAT block (or anywhere in the Financial District for that matter). If Dominion isn't going to build something significant there, they need to sell it. Even if the buyer builds something as lame as the Locks "Tower", it would still be infinitely better than what Dominion is currently proposing.
  14. They could've just use the northern half of the block for charging stations and still had enough room on the other half for at least a slim 20+ story building. Or... Might as well just left the demolished building intact for all that.
  15. The costs might have been the reason that was given in the end but I definitely remember them saying they were considering scaling it down to the be what's more aligned with the neighborhood. That sounds like NIMBY to me.
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