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  1. Watching the progress of South Falls , The Current, and cleared space for what appears to be McRae & Lacey townhome development.
  2. Just some more perspective this morning. The crane adds height.
  3. It looks like some vertical movement by the flood wall.
  4. Just wondering if someone can give some scale to this picture. I know the crane gives a slight perspective to the height of the apartment building, but it would be nice to see a mock up against the current background.
  5. Just some shots from across the river.
  6. I voted for Stoney because we need someone to think forward and not backward. You have to give something to get something. A project like this will bring much needed vitality to the CBD. Some people act as if there is suppose to be a guarantee. If you go after nothing then you get nothing. Up until the late 80s we had a robust retail presence downtown. Everyone does not subscribe to a suburban lifestyle. People want things to do within the proximity of where they live. When they built the theaters on the Boulevard I applauded it as a ingenious Idea. People are too quick to discount the residual effects of what this can do to help the image of the city. This project is a game changer for its residents. I hope this goes through. If not we will loose a huge opportunity to set ourselves apart from similar cities of our size. Just my two cents.
  7. Well said...something of this magnitude is not going to come our way often.
  8. I wonder how much revenue will be generated through the sale of utilities....you know water and gas. After all people and businesses have to use water and gas. Doesn't the city charge for that? Water and gas is not cheap. Just wondering if someone did a study on that residual income. That's a lot of hand washing, toilet flushing, and cooking.
  9. One of the biggest problems that has always held Richmond back is....doing a study of a study that was studied by another study. Sometimes you can give the public information overload and fog up the picture. At some point you have got to be able to make a concrete decision. In many instances indecisiveness cost more in the end because of escalating construction cost. I am glad there wasn't a referendum. In any business plan whether on a micro or macro level there is no guarantee. One thing is certain. If you don't take a chance at getting something you end up with nothing... and nothing is what has happened to Richmond too many times in the past because of knuckle dragging.
  10. I agree. With a metro area of over 1.3 million we should not have to rely on the venues of other cities. In regards to the comment about Beyoncé won’t come trust me, there are plenty of quality acts out there that would come to a quality venue to perform. If you can spend money in DC and VA. Beach then certainly that money can be spent in your own back yard. #LocalPride
  11. This was suppose to be 600 Ft. it would have been the tallest building in Va.
  12. Agreed. Now is the time for the city to make some decisive moves. I can appreciate the multi pronged approach. The county historically never does anything to help the city yet enjoys the risidual benefits of being a bedroom community. Regionalism has never been a strong suit of this area. What we have is innovative thinking and financincing. People are always going to have their opinions but we as a city have a chance to make a statement without begging the county for any finanancial support for the much needed arena. The old Richmond is dead and we are now in a new era with fresh ideas and new players.
  13. In my opinion with the inclusion of monies to help with the schools, it would be unpopular to go against the flow...especially when the main arguement for not developing projects is having the schools being left behind financially. I think the vote will pass. As a wrldcoupe4 stated nothing is guranteed. However if you don't bite on this once in a life time deal for richmond it may be decades before a deal like this presents itself. The area that encompasses the project is essentially a real estate dead zone.
  14. This is very exciting!! Finally some forward thinkers. We just need some forward doers now. This gives us a chance to create a new identity. One that says progressive and modern. Richmond has been asleep far too long. We are finally in a position where we wake up and answer the call of the bell!! As a city we need and deserve this.
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