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  1. Agreed! Tired played out argument. it is like a old leisure suit that sits in the closet never to be worn again. Some people are just stuck in the past looking in the rear and cant see what is in front of them.
  2. Anyone have an update on the proposed 20 plus story residential building on Broad. I saw a rendering and it looks amazing!
  3. Well 20 million is a lot to spend on a piece of land and not maximize its potential. Costar is growing by leaps and bounds and their world research headquarters is in the current building. I could see a tower with a mixed use theme. Just hoping and speculating at this point. who knows, maybe the prospect of a tower taller than their HQ might prompt Dominion to go higher with the second tower. I could only wish.
  4. A reliable source advised me that there is a plan to build another office building on the acquired land. I don't know what the plans are for height.
  5. I have to agree that Gray would have set this city backwards. We need to keep a forward thinking mindset to continue to grow this city. Too many NIMBYS.
  6. Does anyone know what is going on with the holes? I was just wondering because they have been poking holes for about a month.
  7. We know that the city does not move fast as far as developments is concerned. However this does look to be promising. In my view some movement is better than no movement. Bureaucracy in any jurisdiction will always slow the wheels o progress. In this particular case a decision on the use of the land is less than 90 days away. I believe the city will make the right choice. Keep in mind there are always a lot of moving parts that have to align for things to work out. I am optimistic and excited!
  8. Watching the progress of South Falls , The Current, and cleared space for what appears to be McRae & Lacey townhome development.
  9. Just some more perspective this morning. The crane adds height.
  10. It looks like some vertical movement by the flood wall.
  11. Just wondering if someone can give some scale to this picture. I know the crane gives a slight perspective to the height of the apartment building, but it would be nice to see a mock up against the current background.
  12. Just some shots from across the river.
  13. I voted for Stoney because we need someone to think forward and not backward. You have to give something to get something. A project like this will bring much needed vitality to the CBD. Some people act as if there is suppose to be a guarantee. If you go after nothing then you get nothing. Up until the late 80s we had a robust retail presence downtown. Everyone does not subscribe to a suburban lifestyle. People want things to do within the proximity of where they live. When they built the theaters on the Boulevard I applauded it as a ingenious Idea. People are too quick to discount the resi
  14. Well said...something of this magnitude is not going to come our way often.
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