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  1. If this is a new design I like it better. The other one looks kind of plain and 70s-ish. But we will see what happens. Either way I am excited to see this property get developed.
  2. Yeah, the design just looks weird to me. I don't know is it me or does the design look clumsy? Now this is one the city needs to give the rubber REJECT stamp...lol...just my opinion.
  3. Yeah, I was speaking to both projects. I have been waiting for the office building which is now going to be multi-family and I am waiting on the twin 11 - story buildings. Both in and of themselves would be game changers for the river skyline. The combination of both of them being build during similar time frames would just move that part of the river front skyline to a whole new level optically.
  4. I am hoping so. I have been patiently waiting to see that project break ground. It would definitely be a game changer as far as shaping up the skyline of the Manchester riverfront area. In addition to Rivers Edge II the twin 11 story apartments with the sky bridge. The combination of those two projects alone would be a show stopper. All we can do and hurry up and wait...lol. It is fun to watch the growth of that area from this vantage point. A lot has transpired in the four and a half years I have been working downtown.
  5. Thought I would just add some perspective from where I sit
  6. Just wanted to add a few pics from this side of the river
  7. A lot has to do with getting a gaming license through the state after the November vote. A nine month delay is not too unreasonable given a shortage of construction workers and supplies. It is funny to me how people would even consider Urban One or any sound business organization modeling their profits based on the income of a low income audience. That just is not a sustainable business model. Most of the revenue will be outside revenue. Guess what Urban one has the media fire power to get those outside customers. All black folk are not broke and not just black folk listen to their over 57
  8. I remember the Burger Chef on Brook Rd. in front of Azelea Mall...Looked similar to this one.
  9. I alluded to this similarly in suggesting that there is an unwritten biased against the city in whatever it does. Anytime there is a proposal to do anything ( I mean picking up a raisin off the street) in Richmond and the first thing people do particularly those that don't live in the city look for a reason to find something negative to say. When any of the counties pick up the same raisin it is viewed as the greatest thing since sliced bread. "Look how smart we are to pick up the raisin. "By the way picking up the raisin was a dumb thing for the city to do". No matter who gets upset the t
  10. Yep, a lot of wasted potential. I too remember Richmond being in prime position to be dominant but it never happened. Before the decline of the downtown in the late 80s and early 90s I would put our downtown up against any city our size. It was not only the city leaders who dropped the ball but lack of regional cooperation. Everyone retreating to their own corners and thinking only about their specific locality, lacking vision on what the entire region could be. Can you say blown Delta Airlines deal? That my friend sums up why we could not move forward in a lot of instances. It is all to
  11. This is great! The youth are our future and this sends a very inspirational message as the city continues to change and move forward.
  12. The photo shows the site looking from the existing Costar building towards New Market and Tredegar. It is showing the upper part of the parcel . The lower part would be to the left not shown in the photo. For orientation the photo is pointing westward.
  13. Someone sent this pick to me from Costar building site. Any idea what this could mean?
  14. I live near that area. I saw them clearing the land a couple of weeks back.
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