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  1. CitiWalker

    New Richmond Arena

    Agreed. Now is the time for the city to make some decisive moves. I can appreciate the multi pronged approach. The county historically never does anything to help the city yet enjoys the risidual benefits of being a bedroom community. Regionalism has never been a strong suit of this area. What we have is innovative thinking and financincing. People are always going to have their opinions but we as a city have a chance to make a statement without begging the county for any finanancial support for the much needed arena. The old Richmond is dead and we are now in a new era with fresh ideas and new players.
  2. CitiWalker

    New Richmond Arena

    In my opinion with the inclusion of monies to help with the schools, it would be unpopular to go against the flow...especially when the main arguement for not developing projects is having the schools being left behind financially. I think the vote will pass. As a wrldcoupe4 stated nothing is guranteed. However if you don't bite on this once in a life time deal for richmond it may be decades before a deal like this presents itself. The area that encompasses the project is essentially a real estate dead zone.
  3. CitiWalker

    New Richmond Arena

    This is very exciting!! Finally some forward thinkers. We just need some forward doers now. This gives us a chance to create a new identity. One that says progressive and modern. Richmond has been asleep far too long. We are finally in a position where we wake up and answer the call of the bell!! As a city we need and deserve this.
  4. Also more cranes and our friend peek a boo...
  5. I will make sure to get a set of fresh Pics fist thing Monday morning when I get to work.
  6. I will make sure to get a set of fresh Pics fist thing Monday morning when I get to work.
  7. CitiWalker

    The Locks at 321

    Yes, I do have a pretty good vantage point to witness all these projects being built around me...even if just a glimpse I can feed my curiosity...a little x-ray vision wouldn’t hurt either lol..
  8. CitiWalker

    The Locks at 321

    The crane from a different perspective.
  9. CitiWalker

    Richmond Developments

    This could work in Richmond. Perhaps as part of the mixed use proposal in the new arena project. There is definitely a need for more urban housing. I could imagine how a building of this height wold look coming from 64 east. In addition to the new 18 story hospital that VCU is building, this would really give Richmond a different look as you cross the Shockoe Valley viaduct. A project on this scale would have to have some major players to pull this off but not something that cant be done in my opinion. I would also agree that the tower itself lacks flavor but I would definitely love to see the height.
  10. CitiWalker

    New Richmond Arena

    I agree that it is an old mentality of things not working out. Richmond has so much potential. IMHO we need ambitious groups and individuals with foresight to move this city forward. I am excited that there is a prospect of moving such a huge project forward. I would love to see more residential in the city center. This is a chance to really give Richmond a definitive identity if this could work out.
  11. CitiWalker

    Manchester Development

    Perhaps they can incorporate the old look with the new....something like what they are doing with the new state building on Broad. The site does looks run down and old. The revamped train shed on Main has an eclectic type of old train shed with modern glass walls gives it an up to date feel along with a retro architectural Main building. I will hold judgement until a time may come where there are preliminary designs submitted.
  12. CitiWalker

    Manchester Development

    Just read this article. I was wondering if anyone would see the potential in this property. It is very exciting to see another possible huge mixed use project in the works.