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  1. It always amuses me when I find out what's going to be on the upcoming Planning Commission agenda here before I ever get the meeting packet! This looks interesting for sure.
  2. I did not say that people on this forum should not talk about demographics, and in fact I said that I was sure that OneSpartanburg Inc. would have fairly detailed economic data about the 2-3 mile area around the proposed site. I did say that I kind of wish folks wouldn't say things like this about demographics. I meant the implication that this part of town is essentially poor. I think it's an inaccurate assessment. In a town like Spartanburg, we have poor people in pretty much all parts of town, and middle income people in most parts of town. That's all I meant.
  3. I kind of wish folks wouldn't say things like this about demographics. Think about it, South Church Plaza backs up on Hampton Heights, will be a stone's throw from the new Mary H. Wright apartments, and you're less than a mile from downtown with a lot of existing and coming-online apartments. This store will be closer - and likely easier to get to - than the existing eastside or westside grocery stores - or even than the Ingles on South Pine. The entity formerly known as the Chamber has a lot of data about incomes within a 2-3 mile radius of the site that I figure it has shared with the cit
  4. An interesting video on pedestrian malls from the City Beautiful Youtube channel. Spartanburg makes an appearance.
  5. Well, he didn't last too long!
  6. It was approved, and goes to City Council in February.
  7. That is really interesting. Some of that land is not in the city, by the way. Almost everything north of Spartan Blvd is actually not in the city - I think one of the restaurants is. Will be interested to see what the property owner might be interested in doing or how a redevelopment of the site might proceed. The city doesn't really have much power here. I'd like to see some uses beyond shopping for the site myself - either a place for some offices, or offices that have some higher foot traffic. Or even some apartments - maybe a mid-rise building on the site.
  8. There's really no design to speak of - I think the layout that was presented was largely conceptual. Don't think most of these folks put that much into their plans until they see if the city will let them do what they propose at the basic level. While I don't think the site plan will have to come back before the Planning Commission for approval, it will have to go through the whole city site review process - stormwater, streets, planning, etc. Here is the zoning map - it looks to me like the property does actually touch Drayton Road. I figure they will have to have a secondary exit -
  9. From one of the maps, it does look like this gets us to Drayton Road and thus to contiguity with the Drayton Lofts project - I definitely want to get that into the city when we can. This is a large parcel - I think just over 25 acres - so it'll be a nice addition to the city.
  10. The only thing I can think of is that before the city connected several streets to make Daniel Morgan Avenue, that section of Daniel Morgan was called Charles Street. However, I really wonder if the developer is quite that good at their research.
  11. Well, Dogan placed first in the primary 2 weeks ago, a little surprisingly, but I don't think she had any organization or money. She got about 60 more votes than the second place guy, but didn't have any way to get her voters to come back out for the runoff. You have to get 50% to win the nomination - which it's debatable whether that's a good thing or not. I suspect a lot of folks thought she had won and thus didn't come back out two weeks later. This was to fill County Councilman Michael Brown's seat, as he chose not to seek reelection. The general election in November will formalize al
  12. I somehow don't think of an elementary school being a huge drain on police and fire resources... we don't even have to pick up their garbage, either. Doesn't help much other than moving the line a bit further out - does make some new properties potentially contiguous I guess - but doesn't really hurt us. The former city manager used to say that the break even point for single family annexations was property value over $200,000. Less than that, and they used more in services than they paid in revenue. That's why something like the Drayton development is a good annexation target - it'
  13. Well, I think it's 4 - St. John, Kennedy, Dunbar, Magnolia... I think they were paid for by the tax increment financing districts that have recently expired. It might be a question of where the money comes from to build it? If it's going to be the garage for a joint city-county building, then maybe neither the city nor the county should own it, but a somewhat more neutral body that has representatives of both? Again, I haven't checked any of this out, but I'm speculating a little. But I guess we all do some speculating on this site!
  14. I believe the Downtown Development District is a joint city-county entity - it has both city and county council members on it - I think it's a replacement for one or both of the old TIF districts that had expired or were expiring... it would not surprise me if this was a preliminary stage to the new local government center being on the City Hall block, and that space on the other side of South Spring St. becoming the parking deck. I could see that district "owning" that parking deck. Just a guess, though.
  15. I know sometimes these things can be buried - I presume in the urban core in the central part of downtown that there's not as much impervious surface (parking lots) but this is a lot larger acreage area so that probably makes it necessary... I realize buildings and sidewalks are impervious - I just have to admit I don't know what triggers it, how many square feet of impervious or what type of impervious...
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