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  1. Historyguy

    Boiling Springs Developments

    Here's the incorporation statute... https://www.scstatehouse.gov/code/t05c001.php
  2. Historyguy

    Boiling Springs Developments

    I need to go back and read up on incorporation and annexation law - I don't know how far you have to be from the nearest municipality in SC to be able to start an incorporation petition. I threw that comment in there because years ago I heard that line that Boiling Springs folks thought Spartanburg wanted to annex them. I'm pretty sure that's not true, however! I don't know if the City has a specific policy on annexation north of 85 - but from what the city manager told Council last week, they are proceeding on annexation in a few places slowly but surely, where it makes financial sense. He said he expected to bring a number of commercial annexations over the next few months - mostly in areas that were subject to annexation under the water agreement. I think Drayton is going to be one of those. But they really aren't looking to bring in single-family neighborhoods (apartment complexes are more commercial under this interpretation) because it just isn't cost effective: the service costs more than the tax revenue that single family hones generate. I am wandering off the Boiling Springs topic, so I'll stop there. I do think some community visioning for the Boiling Springs area is definitely in order. And I certainly agree that it's going to get worse in that area and they don't have any really good solutions.
  3. Historyguy

    Boiling Springs Developments

    Today's Herald-Journal has some more on this topic: http://www.goupstate.com/news/20180428/incorporation-low-income-housing-battle-lines-drawn-in-boiling-springs Definitely a lot of contentious issues going on here - incorporation, zoning, development, traffic, future land use... and taxes. I wonder how much of this is about taxes and how much is about regulations. You can't realistically put any limits on growth and development without some type of regulatory framework. And unless the County is going to step in, incorporation is probably the only answer. But I suspect the people who might want to control or limit growth and development probably also don't want incorporation. I'm just glad nobody is throwing darts at the City of Spartanburg and raising some red herring about annexation - because that is so far out of the realm of possibility as to be laughable. I don't think anybody in the City wants to buy those problems.
  4. Historyguy

    Greater Spartanburg Projects & Developments

    Planning Commission approved the rezoning of that parcel last fall - over the objections of some Converse Heights residents. The abandoned property was zoned R-15, which is residential, for some crazy reason.
  5. Historyguy

    AC Hotel on West Main

    Here's a view of Montgomery from Level 10 of the AC... taken a few weeks ago, around Feb. 13. f Montgovm
  6. Historyguy

    Sparkle City Eateries

    Henhouse will be re-opening as part of the Silo at RJ Rockers -as I understand it, they'll be doing the breakfast-lunch operation there. There's something about this in this City podcast... http://www.cityofspartanburg.org/news/podcast-new-restaurant-concept-the-silo-opens-at-rj-rockers
  7. Historyguy

    Greater Spartanburg Projects & Developments

    @westsider28- you asked about the land development regulations a couple weeks ago. I found these - it's actually the October planning commission packet, but the sign ordinance draft and the residential land development regulations are in it - this is a draft, and a few things may have changed slightly - I know the planning commission made a change about mid-block crosswalks in one place, requiring them if the blocks are longer than 1000 feet... Planning Commission Packet Oct 2017.pdf
  8. Historyguy

    Aug Smith on Main (Bishop Furniture building renovation)

    I accidentally posted this in the downtown developments thread, but I'll say it here as well - based on some Facebook posts, it looks like some of the first few residents of the project have moved in - and from the pictures, I'd say the views from the upper floor balconies are pretty nice.
  9. Historyguy

    Downtown Projects & Developments

    From posts on Facebook, it appears that some of the first residents of the Aug Smith on Main apartments have moved in. Nice views from some of the upper floor balconies!
  10. Historyguy

    Sparkle City Eateries

    I've heard that about The Peddler moving to the old Abby's location as well. Seemed like a pretty reliable story when I heard it a few weeks ago.
  11. Historyguy

    Greater Spartanburg Projects & Developments

    Interesting. Also, the mention that 57 acres are in the city and the rest are not is worth noting. I suspect that under the water agreement, the whole development would potentially come into the city because it would involve new water infrastructure for the whole thing, in an area contiguous to the city. The city recently adopted new land development regulations for subdivisions within the city because the existing regulations were perhaps a bit dated, and I think the new ones should give a more urban feel to any new city developments. Requiring sidewalks and the like, for example. It might be that the city could let the development happen under county regulations, which does sometimes happen, but this could be quite a boost to the city's population and tax base, but would also require a lot more services on that end of the city.
  12. Historyguy

    Greater Spartanburg Projects & Developments

    As it turns out, the developer decided to amend his request, so this will be proposed for R-6 instead of DT-4. So the Planning Commission will consider changing the smaller triangle that is LOD into R-6 to match the rest of the property.
  13. Historyguy

    Northside Developments

    Re: Hipped roof: If you look back up at the picture a few posts up of the building, the part of the roof that isn't flat - that's a hipped roof. Instead of being a triangle with a gable on each end, it's more like a pyramid, with no gable end showing. Help me understand what a “hipped” roof is. Thanks.
  14. Historyguy

    Aug Smith on Main (Bishop Furniture building renovation)

    Work continues earlier this week...
  15. Historyguy

    Sparkle City Eateries

    While I'm a fan of the coffee bar, I don't think having Starbucks come here is a bad thing for downtown. It shows that chains are looking at the city, and at downtown, and realizing there's money to be made here. I suspect this is related more to the new AC Hotel coming just down the street more than to any desire to take over downtown. I don't think a few regional or national chains downtown is a bad thing. The variety is important. But ultimately this is something that will be up to property owners and shoppers - there's not really anything from a regulatory point of view that the city can do to stop chains from coming in.