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  1. Historyguy

    The Montgomery Building

    Ask the Google street view - it turns out, there was... screen shot attached.
  2. Historyguy

    The Montgomery Building

    Wasn't there a nice decorative mast arm there before they closed the lane? I'd figure they would have just stored it somewhere... At least they got a walk sign up on the corner!
  3. Historyguy

    Spartanburg Photo of the Day

    Eh, if someone really really wanted to build a 20 story building, part of me thinks they might find a way to get to do it, code notwithstanding. However, I understand the logic of trying to fill in space with more shorter buildings - one 20 story building surrounded by acres of nothing is not necessarily better than 3 8-story buildings that fit into the built environment better, and also spread those same people over a few blocks.
  4. Historyguy

    The Grain District

    Agreed - there aren't too many people in town who would sink 7.5 big ones into something they just want to hold onto until something comes along - so I hope we hear something good about it in the near future...
  5. Historyguy

    Smith's Drug Store Redevelopment

    I've heard some of the city senior leadership say before that the time would come when Council would have to set priorities as to what incentives they gave. There would be more requests than they had funds to commit. We may be hitting that point. Increasingly, they are going to have to give incentives to the projects that have the highest chance of making the greatest impact. By the way, South Spring and Daniel Morgan? Not sure what that means - possibly South Spring and Harris Place? Or that block of Harris Place that runs between South Spring and Daniel Morgan? I have some hopes for that two blocks of South Spring - that some dense residential development fronting on South Spring can happen along that stretch that blends downtown into Hampton Heights.
  6. Historyguy

    Greater Spartanburg Projects & Developments

    The stuff about calling the governor's office came from a citizen comment at the start of the meeting - I guess the reporter didn't choose to mention it.
  7. Historyguy

    Greater Spartanburg Projects & Developments

    So, the Franklin Avenue annexation was approved 5-2 last night on second reading, so it looks like that will go forward despite the neighboring areas (which are not slated to be annexed) being opposed to it. https://www.goupstate.com/news/20190129/spartanburg-city-council-approves-franklin-avenue-annexation Glad to see this come into the city. because it sets the precedent for crossing I-26 and it will add some revenue and population. Good points as well that SCDOT is unlikely to do anything to the Franklin and US-29 intersection without the city being involved. The apartment complex itself may be, as someone said, a boring suburban complex, but not everything is going to be an architectural masterpiece. Interesting that one resident had gone so far as to call the governor's office to try to find ways to stop it. The section of state law that he quoted didn't seem to apply - about a vote being required to annex. It might apply if those folks themselves were being annexed, but for a single piece of property, when its owners petition for annexation, no vote is required.
  8. Historyguy

    Greater Spartanburg Projects & Developments

    Good question. I have heard there's a series of annexations coming before the 2020 census. Of course, they have to be adjacent to a property that is currently in the City. This complex behind the Hobby Lobby is adjacent across I-26, which is legally permissible. The ones behind Academy Sports, they might be too far from I-26. Looking at the map, the ones behind New Spring, might be. I am pretty sure that the city manager's office is very much aware of projects like this. Perhaps each of these developers has had to sign the agreement so that when the city boundaries reach them, they will be able to be annexed.
  9. Historyguy

    Greater Spartanburg Projects & Developments

    "It would be R-6 PPD and was approved 3-1 by the Planning Commission " Actually, it was approved last winter 3-1 by the Planning Commission - and when it came back with a new developer, it was approved 4-0 at the December meeting. It had not gone to City Council after the meeting last winter because the original developer backed out. There was significant opposition from the neighborhood - but they are and will remain in the County. Lots of traffic, crime, disruption complaints. I hope Council approves it because of the taxable property it brings into the City - as well as the population boost. No reason for them not to approve it.
  10. Historyguy

    Downtown Projects & Developments

    I just saw the Planning Commission packet for the rezoning request. It isn't an adaptive reuse. It's a demolition of the Converse Alumnae House and new construction on that site. January 2019 Planning Commission Packet.pdf
  11. Historyguy

    Wish List 2019

    I like many of these - I think minor league baseball could really have a major impact on downtown - with additional activity downtown about 70 days a year during the spring and summer... I wish there was somebody in town with the connections and deep pockets to make it happen - if it's allowable under baseball's rules. I think there will be a series of annexations between now and the 2020 Census - both the former and current city managers have said as much in council meetings. One annexation will be coming from the Planning Commission to City Council on January 14 - it's a parcel of land west of I-26 that came up last winter, but the developer backed out - and now a new developer has picked it up. It's going to be a 288 unit apartment complex behind the Hobby Lobby and Kohl's. They needed to annex for the density the city allows. Anyway, I presume the Drayton complex is another one that will come in per the water agreement. There must be some others that have already been agreed to. Not sure any of those count as "large" but we definitely need to get back over 40,000 residents in the city and in my mind, greater density is the key. Bringing in large swaths absent those water agreements or neighborhood desires is hard. I don't agree about moving the bus station. If it were only Greyhound, I wouldn't care, but as a public transportation user and advocate, I don't want to see the transfer center move. Besides, I don't think the City is going to move a station that it spent money on in 2002-2004 to a new site, and the top floor of that station is in use by city offices. Plus, ingress and egress at the train station - because of the rail crossing - would be a pain. But, there's going to be a Sparta route study in 2019 that might result in some changes to routes, frequency, etc. All of that depends on what the city is willing to spend - though the federal grant pays for the bulk of their operations. I think that ought to be done by late 2019. Definitely would like to see another condo development downtown. Also would really like to see another corporate headquarters downtown and a destination retail tenant for one of those big buildings on Main Street. Would love to see some tweaks to Morgan Square - I don't think it's broken, but it could use a refresh since it was last redone around 2003-04. On a note related to condos - I'd really like to see some plans for the blocks of Spring Street between downtown and Hampton Heights. I think some residential infill along there - perhaps townhouse-type residential that really address the street nicely and help blend downtown to Hampton Heights would be really nice. I am assuming the fire station will go when city hall relocates to the new local government center, so that will take away some of the noise that comes with being near the fire station. I would like to see some movement on the plans to extend the Rail Trail through downtown - a project that has taken an excruciatingly long time (thanks, SCDOT). Lots of great plans for trails development are ready to go with the right funding. Also, the City is going to start the process of updating its comprehensive plan in the next year, a 2 year process, that will end up seeing a lot of planning documents and zoning ordinances rewritten in the end. There's a lot of potential for citizen input in the process. The comprehensive plan guides the city's work, and helps put a framework in place for new development and redevelopment all over the city. What type of development should happen in various corridors? The comp plan guides that. Should we allow for accessory dwelling structures in some neighborhoods? Should there be a live-work zoning category for some areas? The comp plan will help figure that out. Should we have more density in some parts of the city - or should we encourage it in selected areas? And so many other questions. I have a few others - but this post is already long. Love seeing these year end wish lists.
  12. Historyguy

    New County Courthouse & City/County Government Center

    That's a lot of green space between the building and Magnolia Street... I am sure it's because they want to build it behind the current courthouse so it can operate while the new one is being built... still, it's not very "urban."
  13. Historyguy

    Sparkle City Eateries

    And here's our answer... it was Wild Wing Cafe... https://www.goupstate.com/news/20181204/wild-wing-cafe-relocating-moving-into-wild-ace-location?nocache=1&fbclid=IwAR0KCFgDdjd1vY9LIII1--mxTlymwDP5tH52bYj9C0zkEB23a_8sgmIa6XA
  14. Historyguy

    Reidville Town Center

    This has been an interesting topic to watch play out, and I wish I knew more than has been reported in the paper. Not sure if everyone saw a more recent story about some of the bad blood that has been developing between supporters of the Reidville Town Center and those who want to keep the elementary school more like it is - I think they are calling themselves the "Friends of Reidville" - and want to involve Bob Jones in supporting a private school on the site. While I don't live in Reidville and don't really have a dog in that hunt, I think the folks of Reidville would be better off with the Reidville Town Center proposal, carefully executed and developed, with thoughtful planning. The property comes back on the tax rolls and could finance better public services for that rapidly-growing area. Keeping it off the tax rolls and in the hands of a non-profit really doesn't help there. There may well be long-time residents who aren't thrilled about it, but all the people of Reidville do need to think long-term about what kind of community they want to have in 15 or 20 years... and I think you can have careful growth and change without necessarily sacrificing your small town way of life.
  15. Historyguy

    Sparkle City Eateries

    I'd been hearing for a while from downtown sources that Wild Wings was going to move down the square to the old Wild Ace-C&S Bank building, so that story surprised me. I was never sure if it was speculation, informed speculation, or sure-fire gonna happen. So that HJ story surprised me a bit. I saw it go up on a Facebook group but didn't get a chance to read it before it disappeared. Does make you wonder if they made a huge blunder and just deleted it rather than amend it.