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  1. Morris

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    The problem with the Q-Line, besides all the parking on the tracks, which all the parkers have to obey, or get towed, is the length of it, it only goes to New Town, and people like my daughter, who lives in Brush Park, across the street from the New Red Wings stadium, it ends too short into downtown, so she just walks it. Putting the tracks in the middle of Woodward would have been smarter, no parking problems, and could have had a Q-Line only lane. Also, bicyclist would not have to deal with the rails, which will crash a bike. Ridership will increase, when the new/rehabbed apartment complexes in New Town get occupied and there is a one rate for the Q-Line and the connected People Mover, which they don't have now. Also, there needs to be a reasonable and safe parking lot at the end of the Q-Line, so students and workers can park and ride, for a good price. Also, why do city busses use the same route. That cuts into the ridership in a big way..... The Q-line is expected to extend North to 8 mile, and when that happens, and when city busses don't use the same route, making a dedicated lane for the Q-line so there is less delays, it will get more ridership.
  2. Morris

    The "Affordable Housing" Discussion in GR

    I am one of those Heritage Hill types! And, if it wasn't for us, Heritage Hill would be a parking lot for the hospitals and downtown....Just look what happened to the near West side where the Y is and that parking lot next to it. Look what happened on the near north side. There used to be low income housing there, that the city tore down. Now, the city is screaming there is no low income housing....I wonder why???? Now, for renters....They have NO vested interest for their neighborhood. If they they don't like it, they get a U-Haul, and move to a nicer area. They are the laziest people, they can't spread salt that is supplied, or shovel their walk for the old people living in the building. My 20 year old neighbor girl was beotching about shoveling snow around her car, while I shoveled the shared driveway all winter long, and they didn't do it once! Don't tell me about renters....blocking the driveway, parking in the driveway.....even caught one renter washing his car with my water in the driveway! This proposal brings back the time after WW2, when a lot of the houses got split up, and ruined. Landlords came in and sucked the place dry, with very little maintenance, and when renters got better paying jobs and married, had a family, they moved to the burbs, leaving the apartments to lower income people, yes, white people, then after the riots, they moved out to worse types that the slumlords were forced to rent to.......Get your history right.... Then, young people like me, came in, and fixed up the houses, I fixed up three of them....Now, City Hall bought this report from outsiders to fix the housing problem. They want a free ride to cover up their mistakes! It ain't going to happen, if they don't want a recall or want to be re-elected. When a majority of the neighborhood goes from owners living there to just plain rentals, the area goes downhill fast! Learn from history, and don't make the same mistakes.....
  3. Thinking out of the box, build at Heartside Park....under the park...Detroit and other cities, have parking structures under the ground and park above it.....The city can have their green area, and a very large parking lot, in the same space.
  4. I went in the first day, and the store looked almost like the original Clarks of old, except no meat counter, and no produce. It smelled new and clean, with a new interior. I talked to a male customer that was buying food, that lived down the block, and he commented that he wouldn't even walk into the old liqueur store, it was that nasty....There were a couple of women shoppers with kids, buying mostly food, the store seems it will serve the neighborhood well, with adequate parking, and hopefully a management that will care for the property, in and out. I could see one of these types of stores, in the downtown area, with the growing population there, but in an existing storefront, with some meat and produce. I am not going to comment on the other possible outcome of this property...too many negatives and not any positives........
  5. I am not anti-growth, I am for building quality housing, that blends with the surrounding neighborhood. Most of these rental projects tend to infill their property as much as possible, building up to the property lines, no green space, little parking, and have large buildings that look like sore thumbs in the surrounding area, with cheap looking outside designs, that make it look like tenement housing. Do you think these infills with rental units help the neighborhoods? In my years of living with renters next door, they expect you to clean the joint driveway, clean around their cars with snow removal, clean their walk, too lazy to do anything, like picking up a piece of trash, and block your driveway, because there is no parking spots in front because of inadequate parking. I lived across the street from a flat roof older apartment house, was owned by a slumlord, with some of the tenants that were bad. Did I mention about the rats and trash problems there? I do not want this city peppered with apartment buildings that in 20 to 30 years, be like that building. I care what happens, and will crusade to build quality housing, that will stand up to time, with quality people that live there. What do you think what will happen when there's another recession? Some of these buildings will go back to the bank, and the new landlords that buy it in foreclosure , that could be worse. Now I will get back down from my soapbox, and let all your cheerleaders have this forum! You don't see the big picture!
  6. They could get 8 to 10 more units on the "Event Lawn" ! 41 townhouse? Yes, sarcasm aside, it could be nice project, with less units, with real quality architectural style buildings that blends into the neighborhood, and make them condominiums, and not rental units. I could see 3 row buildings, that have an historical favor to them, connected in a couple of rows, making more green areas, and enough parking . Reducing the units to one row on the side streets, and in back, increasing the green area around the buildings, could make this a quality project.....unlike most of the others I see on here.....
  7. Just what we need, more flat roof boxes! Of course, I count 16 parking spaces for 3 buildings.....but it's right on the bus line!
  8. Our great little store is opening up on 10/28! The first 50 people will get a $10 gift card! You have to come at 8am, and see all the wonderful Section 8 people from the Stuyvesant Apartments in line, that will frequent this store, since there is not a single store within walking distance..... You will love the renovations that they done, the glass in the front windows, etc.... What do people expect from a place that is next door to a place that doesn't cut their grass, weed their garden out front, or even pick up their trash by their dumpsters! At least this is an improvement that was there before, with no trashy peeling paper billboards for beer and liquor out front, trash everywhere in the parking lot, broken and or scattered liquor bottles everywhere in the neighborhood and the park across the street, bums coming up from the missions, and drinking in public, asking you for change and a stench that hits you like a brick wall when you walk in the door!....this is an improvement hopefully for the better....and yes, better than yet another apartment building with very limited parking.... How many of you rode your bike all this week, and not a car???? I would love to put 40 cars on your street every night.... This is my opinion of the new store, and hope to meet all you in line tomorrow!
  9. After walking around downtown at Festival, what needs to happen, is to convert Ellis's surface lots into ramps......That would solve all of downtown"s parking woes.
  10. What I think what happened, is a number of things.....The first is financing....I think the banks are running scared right now, with the number of new units being built. The second, is price of rents, what I heard, they were charging for a micro unit, $1000 a month, while larger rental units in the area are going for around $850. The third thing is that the new building had too many units (71) for the lot size, the plans I saw, didn't include inside room for bike racks, no parking for the store, except metered parking out front that goes from 9 to 5, and limited private parking for the tenants. There are just so many open spots in the streets around the property, and how many renters do not have cars? It would be like NYC, with competition for open spaces for blocks, if this was built. I do wish there was a quality grocery going in there, yes, I am glad the old owners of Clarks, with their nasty old outside posters of beer and wine will be gone, that trash in the area that I pick up, is at a all time low, , that their inside of the store looked like only beer coolers and a wall of bottles of liquor, and a nasty smell that hits you like a brick wall, when you walk into the place. Don't even remind me of the bums that show up, and drink either in the parking lot, or the park across the street, throwing their bottles on the ground, and doing other things, when done. I think this option is better than the first two, but I can think of better ones, but I am not the decision maker here. The owners of the property is. There is smart progress, and there is stupid progress, What do you want your neighborhood to have?
  11. Just heard in the Heritage Herald, the Heritage Hill neighborhood paper, that Clarks, is going to become a Dollar General......The existing building will be modified, with it's front windows replaced, and a new roof line on it. The 71 micro unit apartment plan was scraped.
  12. Aren't they going to build on those lots south of Fulton? There goes all those extra parking spaces! I do not know how all the new buildings downtown, will have enough parking....So, downtown will not grow....
  13. I have always found free parking right downtown! Europe has solved it's very tight parking problems with scooters, bicycles, mass transit, car parking outside city centers.....You can get at least 6 scooters in one car parking place! Also, not many people know, Grand Rapids traffic patterns with mainly 25 mph speed limits, is very conducive to scooters. Of course, with most city leaders think mass transit and bicycles are the way to go, because of their spending millions on buses, and bike lanes. Not too many people want to ride on a bus, wait for buses, slow bus rides that tend to stop at every corner, and the sharing of rides with others with nasty habits and smells! Of course, unless you are going or coming on a bus route, transfers are a pain, and riding the bus, sometimes takes hours, if it goes to where you want to go. Bicycles are really not too traffic friendly, being too slow, takes very good health to peddle, (especially uphill), city planning with extended street curbs, car parkers, not looking when opening car doors, and other hazards. Yes, we can learn from other US cities, but we have to look at the rest of the world, also, with their solutions
  14. Morris

    Wealthy Street Needed Renovations

    I heard from the bartender at the Elk, the Wild bunch plans on rebuilding it.....hopefully better than the boarded up window treatment! I could be a nice building all fixed up.... The Elk had some water and roof damage to the kitchen, but it was minor.