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  1. They fund a lot locally, with https://www.bissellpetfoundation.org/empty-the-shelters/ and nationally, with sponsoring the Puppy Bowl, before the Super Bowl, with pet adoptions..... I guess they do that, than sponsoring a Sports Team, .....they have their niche...and a very nice one, in my opinion....It also works well with their product line....if you have a pet and go out and buy a vacuum, what brand are you going to buy?
  2. After the "Open House", I learned that they are going for Michigan State Housing Affordable money. They plan to rent to subsidized housing people at the 40% to 60% pay bracket. They are planning on 14, 2 bedroom and 8, one bedroom units, varying between 600 to 900 square feet. They are also planning on an elevator, and some handicapped units. They are planning on 19 parking spots, with no extra charge for them, with 9 or 10 in the basement, and bicycle parking. They are planning to be on the March 28th planning board meeting docket.
  3. 200 Madison, corner of Madison and Cherry.....Former Church. The new owners are proposing a 22 unit apartment conversion for the Church. They are planning on parking on the ground level of newer school side for 8 or 9 cars. Out front, they are planning on a new parking lot, and parking in the back of the Church. The new owners have a LLC called Madison Lofts.
  4. I read where they want to have no parking at bus stops. This should increase the flow of traffic, because who wants to sit behind a bus? I had a car going into my lane the other day, on Wealthy Street, going around a bus.....The only problem, is if I didn't hit the brakes, it would have been a head on! 28th street needs bus pull over lanes at bus stops, while I am on this subject. It's too busy of a street not to have them! Now, if we could only train the bus drivers to not block the road, while stopped at a bus stop.....They tend to angle in and block the road, so they can pull out into traffic easily, but that is illegal, to block a traffic lane... I wonder if City Hall read this....
  5. The Wild Bunch lot apparently has been sold, there is a sign posted, looking for retail tenants...
  6. 200 Madison up for auction December 4, 2018 https://bid.lastbidrealestate.com/properties/1341029#YXVjdGlvbltpZF09MzMxMiZhdWN0aW9uW2xvY2F0aW9uXT1hbGwmYXVjdGlvbltzdGF0dXNdPXVwY29taW5nJmF1Y3Rpb25bdHlwZV09YWxsJmZpbHRlcj1mb3ItYXVjdGlvbiZmaXJzdD10cnVlJmZvcm1hdD1ncmlkJmlkPTEzNDEwMjkmbGltaXQ9MzAmbG90W2NhdGVnb3J5XT1hbGwmbG90W2xvY2F0aW9uXT1hbGwmbG90W21pbGVfcmFkaXVzXT0yNSZtaWxlX3JhZGl1cz0yNSZvZmZzZXQ9MiZwYWdlPTE.
  7. Number 19 Cross Town Bus is now free....Michigan Street-Bridge street https://www.ridetherapid.org/ride/routes/19
  8. Yes, and they also have to get re-elected too. Don't want to rock the boat too much! Instead of the stick, they should encourage companies like Zip Car with a carrot to come to GR, with free parking spaces, and maybe even no city taxes for a couple of years....
  9. In my opinion, it will stand out like a sore thumb. A modern looking building in a historic neighborhood? I am wondering who the tenants will be? Also, Mobile GR Commission, just added the metered parking spots in that area.
  10. These new meter locations, are mostly on the main streets, which people will park free on side streets, further making problems for resident parking. If you look at the Eastown location, it is deserted with car parking til 5 pm, when it is free, along Wealthy Street. When the rates were 25 cents per hour a couple of years ago, to one dollar an hour today, shoppers and bar goers, tend to find cheaper parking, in free private lots and side streets.... If they extend that time, like what they did in Downtown Detroit til 10pm, there will be bigger problems. What I am thinking, the City Council is pushing for resident parking only, in certain areas where there is problems. But their enforcement times, are during the day, where the problem is at night, when residents come home after their 9-5 job. And who wants to pay $55 a year, and not guaranteed a parking space, when the city causes the problem, with meters and too little or costly parking space projects, like along Michigan Street....
  11. We need Zipcar, or another car rental service, in Grand Rapids, if you go carless, for those trips that are not on the bus line, or even a day at the beach. I know several people that don't have cars, and ride around on scooters, motorcycles, and mopeds, which is another alternative, than a bicycle or bus.... In a ramp or parking lot, like at GRCC, there are spots where cars will not fit, like inside corner places, or odd spots, that could be utiliticised. If you look at other congested cities, like San Francisco, NYC, and oversea's, they are a big part of the urban scene. There are at least 4 places where scooters, motorcycles, and mopeds can park free in the downtown area.
  12. Studio $900 – 975 1 Bedroom $1,100 – 1,575 2 Bedrooms $2,575 – 3,050 Don't forget the parking fees... From Apartments.com......... Unassigned Covered Parking$125
  13. The problem with the Q-Line, besides all the parking on the tracks, which all the parkers have to obey, or get towed, is the length of it, it only goes to New Town, and people like my daughter, who lives in Brush Park, across the street from the New Red Wings stadium, it ends too short into downtown, so she just walks it. Putting the tracks in the middle of Woodward would have been smarter, no parking problems, and could have had a Q-Line only lane. Also, bicyclist would not have to deal with the rails, which will crash a bike. Ridership will increase, when the new/rehabbed apartment complexes in New Town get occupied and there is a one rate for the Q-Line and the connected People Mover, which they don't have now. Also, there needs to be a reasonable and safe parking lot at the end of the Q-Line, so students and workers can park and ride, for a good price. Also, why do city busses use the same route. That cuts into the ridership in a big way..... The Q-line is expected to extend North to 8 mile, and when that happens, and when city busses don't use the same route, making a dedicated lane for the Q-line so there is less delays, it will get more ridership.
  14. I am one of those Heritage Hill types! And, if it wasn't for us, Heritage Hill would be a parking lot for the hospitals and downtown....Just look what happened to the near West side where the Y is and that parking lot next to it. Look what happened on the near north side. There used to be low income housing there, that the city tore down. Now, the city is screaming there is no low income housing....I wonder why???? Now, for renters....They have NO vested interest for their neighborhood. If they they don't like it, they get a U-Haul, and move to a nicer area. They are the laziest people, they can't spread salt that is supplied, or shovel their walk for the old people living in the building. My 20 year old neighbor girl was beotching about shoveling snow around her car, while I shoveled the shared driveway all winter long, and they didn't do it once! Don't tell me about renters....blocking the driveway, parking in the driveway.....even caught one renter washing his car with my water in the driveway! This proposal brings back the time after WW2, when a lot of the houses got split up, and ruined. Landlords came in and sucked the place dry, with very little maintenance, and when renters got better paying jobs and married, had a family, they moved to the burbs, leaving the apartments to lower income people, yes, white people, then after the riots, they moved out to worse types that the slumlords were forced to rent to.......Get your history right.... Then, young people like me, came in, and fixed up the houses, I fixed up three of them....Now, City Hall bought this report from outsiders to fix the housing problem. They want a free ride to cover up their mistakes! It ain't going to happen, if they don't want a recall or want to be re-elected. When a majority of the neighborhood goes from owners living there to just plain rentals, the area goes downhill fast! Learn from history, and don't make the same mistakes.....
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