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  1. After walking around downtown at Festival, what needs to happen, is to convert Ellis's surface lots into ramps......That would solve all of downtown"s parking woes.
  2. What I think what happened, is a number of things.....The first is financing....I think the banks are running scared right now, with the number of new units being built. The second, is price of rents, what I heard, they were charging for a micro unit, $1000 a month, while larger rental units in the area are going for around $850. The third thing is that the new building had too many units (71) for the lot size, the plans I saw, didn't include inside room for bike racks, no parking for the store, except metered parking out front that goes from 9 to 5, and limited private parking for the tenants. There are just so many open spots in the streets around the property, and how many renters do not have cars? It would be like NYC, with competition for open spaces for blocks, if this was built. I do wish there was a quality grocery going in there, yes, I am glad the old owners of Clarks, with their nasty old outside posters of beer and wine will be gone, that trash in the area that I pick up, is at a all time low, , that their inside of the store looked like only beer coolers and a wall of bottles of liquor, and a nasty smell that hits you like a brick wall, when you walk into the place. Don't even remind me of the bums that show up, and drink either in the parking lot, or the park across the street, throwing their bottles on the ground, and doing other things, when done. I think this option is better than the first two, but I can think of better ones, but I am not the decision maker here. The owners of the property is. There is smart progress, and there is stupid progress, What do you want your neighborhood to have?
  3. Just heard in the Heritage Herald, the Heritage Hill neighborhood paper, that Clarks, is going to become a Dollar General......The existing building will be modified, with it's front windows replaced, and a new roof line on it. The 71 micro unit apartment plan was scraped.
  4. Aren't they going to build on those lots south of Fulton? There goes all those extra parking spaces! I do not know how all the new buildings downtown, will have enough parking....So, downtown will not grow....
  5. I have always found free parking right downtown! Europe has solved it's very tight parking problems with scooters, bicycles, mass transit, car parking outside city centers.....You can get at least 6 scooters in one car parking place! Also, not many people know, Grand Rapids traffic patterns with mainly 25 mph speed limits, is very conducive to scooters. Of course, with most city leaders think mass transit and bicycles are the way to go, because of their spending millions on buses, and bike lanes. Not too many people want to ride on a bus, wait for buses, slow bus rides that tend to stop at every corner, and the sharing of rides with others with nasty habits and smells! Of course, unless you are going or coming on a bus route, transfers are a pain, and riding the bus, sometimes takes hours, if it goes to where you want to go. Bicycles are really not too traffic friendly, being too slow, takes very good health to peddle, (especially uphill), city planning with extended street curbs, car parkers, not looking when opening car doors, and other hazards. Yes, we can learn from other US cities, but we have to look at the rest of the world, also, with their solutions
  6. Wealthy Street Needed Renovations

    I heard from the bartender at the Elk, the Wild bunch plans on rebuilding it.....hopefully better than the boarded up window treatment! I could be a nice building all fixed up.... The Elk had some water and roof damage to the kitchen, but it was minor.
  7. I have always found free parking right downtown! Maybe you should get one!
  8. The Grand River?! You mean GR has a River?

    Until you solve the homeless problem, green spaces will attract them, even the little parks, like across from Clarks, have a problem with street people. So, I think parks are way on the back burner with City Hall. They would rather sell their parking lots, like everyone else in town, for new developments, not green space. The only new green space, I can think of, is the park on Pleasant and Madison. It was a parking lot for Social Services, until they moved.
  9. Interesting article about which units are getting rented, parking, the amount of units getting built, and the possible discounting of prices of the new rentals....and from the bankers that have the purse strings! It's all up to the financiers, to see how long this building boom will last.
  10. 1415 Lake Drive - Kingsley Bldg - Redevelopment

    This is what Mr Ruis, planning commission chairperson, states his position about onsite parking at the December 8 Planning commission meeting... "Mr. Ruis stated for the record that his preference is to eliminate parking minimums everywhere."
  11. Wealthy Street Needed Renovations

    The sign has been there for a while, the landlord is trying to rent out the back part of the building.....The renovations have been slow, because of no outside building permits were pulled, and redoing work done....
  12. If I was going to start a new restaurant/bar, and invest at least 3/4 of a million, in interior work, a new kitchen, I would make sure there is enough parking, patrons are finicky, if they can't find parking, they will go to the next place down the road. A lot of restaurant customers have problems with walking a block away, in the snow, and ice, because of age and health issues. A solution with this stretch of Michigan Street, is to make it a two lane street, with parking on both sides. This will hopefully slow down the traffic from freeway speeds they are now, put in a traffic light at Grand Ave., so the residents have a chance to make left hand turns. It will just like the nightmare Cherry and Wealthy Street areas of restaurants, with people wanting to back into parking spots, with 20 cars behind them! Of course the city traffic engineers will have to have put in those bike lanes for that hill, and have bumped out curbs, so the bikes will have to cut into traffic, to avoid them, going 2 mph up the hill. Then, put in those fancy crosswalk signs that drivers think are stop signs, it will slow down traffic!
  13. Across Cherry, behind the Pregnancy Resource center
  14. The way permit parking is now, is it is enforced from only 9 to 5, and no assigned parking, everybody in the area with a permit can park anywhere. Also, at $50 a year, permits are not free, and more than half the residents have to approve it, in a three block area. Where they draw up the area, and who does it, I think the city has approval on that, and there will be some fighting going on with that. Across Michigan, are a couple of side streets, that have limited open parking spaces already, and the VFW Hall, does not like to share their parking on Grand Street, in front of their place and their own lot is a tow away zone.....So, a real parking battle is shaping up for that area. I will not be surprised that Dukes and Ferra's put out tow away signs in their lots, in the future, as parking gets tighter. Bob's already has it, and I bet more to come, so, bar hoppers will have to be careful where they park! Did the 649 Michigan project get approved today? Anyone went and have a report?